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Elements of Romanticism Art & Romantic elements

Standard: (3.33, 4.9) Students will develop strategies to analyze, interpret, and appreciate a variety of texts. Students will learn that reading comprehension strategies are flexible and can be used to analyze more than just the traditional text. Lesson Objective: Students will use their knowledge of the elements of Romanticism to analyze and interpret a few paintings from the American Age of Romanticism. Activator: Spend a couple of minutes writing down the elements of Romanticism that you remember; after a minute or two students can discuss with a partner to try to remember all ten elements. Mini Lesson: I show the students Thomas Coles The Oxbow. Together, we discuss the elements of Romanticism seen in the image. They must use specific examples from what they see in the image. The students will write down what we say while analyzing as a group. Learning Activities: The students are given Albert Bierstadts painting Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Thomas Coles The Voyage of Life: Childhood, or Albert Bierstadts Sunset at Yosemite Valley. They must analyze the painting (with a partner) and write a paragraph about the elements of Romanticism they find within they painting. In the paragraph, they must use specific examples to show how it is a Romantic painting. Checking for Understanding: Randomly call on students (cold calling) to determine if they can say at least one thought/ connection to the painting and Romanticism.

Checking for Understanding: Before the task begins, a student restates the task they are expected to perform. I will walk around the room as students are discussing with one another to check and be sure they understand how to analyze a painting for the elements they are familiar with.

Wrap Up: The students finish their paragraphs and turn them in. They can offer a few thoughts for the rest of class if they want to (not a required presentation). Homework: Work on vocabulary story.

Formative Assessment: Reading the paragraphs written by the pairs will show their understanding of the painting, understanding of elements of Romanticism, and ability to make connections between the painting and Romanticism. Summative Assessment: N/A

Differentiation Strategies Used/Accommodations Made: While they work in pairs, I will walk around and assist those that need assisting. For IEP and 504 students (depending on level), the students will be assigned 2 or 3 elements of Romanticism to find within the painting. They will know what they are looking for; thus, they can write what the connection is, rather than spend all the time trying to find all the elements of Romanticism. Materials and resources needed: ! Smart board ! Copies of The Oxbow ! Several copies of the four paintings ! Paper ! Smart board camera

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What images do you see in Coles painting? What elements of Romanticism do you see right away? What do you think Cole's purpose in depicting this scene? What do you like about the painting? Why?