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1. Private respondent Angelina Mejia Lopez (plaintiff below) filed a petition for APPOIN M!N A" "OL! A#MINI" $A $I% O& 'ON()*AL PA$ N!$"+IP O& P$OP!$ I!", &O$&!I )$!, ! '.,- against defendant Alberto Lopez and petitioner I.elda $el/0io. 1. In t2e petition, private3respondent alleged t2at so.eti.e in 1456, defendant Lopez, w2o islegall7 .arried to t2e private respondent, abandoned t2e latter and t2eir fo/r legiti.ate02ildren8 t2at 2e arrogated /nto 2i.self f/ll and e90l/sive 0ontrol and ad.inistration of t2e0onj/gal properties, spending and /sing t2e sa.e for 2is sole gain and benefit to t2e totale90l/sion of t2e private respondent and t2eir fo/r 02ildren8 t2at defendant Lopez, after abandoning 2is fa.il7, .aintained an illi0it relations2ip and 0o2abited wit2 2erein petitioner sin0e 14:5. ;. A Motion to #is.iss t2e Petition was filed b7 2erein petitioner on t2e gro/nd t2at privaterespondent 2as no 0a/se of a0tion against 2er. <. $espondent (/dge den7ing petitioner $el/0io=s Motion to #is.iss on t2e gro/nd t2at s2e is i.pleaded as a ne0essar7 or indispensable part7 be0a/se so.e of t2e s/bje0tproperties are registered in 2er na.e and defendant Lopez, or solel7 in 2er na.e. >. M$ denied. 'A li?ewise denied. +en0e t2is petition. ISSUE: @2et2er petitioner=s in0l/sion as part7 defendant is essential in t2e pro0eedings for a0o.plete adj/di0ation of t2e 0ontrovers7. HELD: NO 2e first 0a/se of a0tion is for j/di0ial appoint.ent of respondent as ad.inistratri9 of t2e 0onj/gal partners2ip or absol/te 0o../nit7 propert7 arising fro. 2er .arriage to Alberto (. Lopez.Petitioner is a 0o.plete stranger to t2is 0a/se of a0tion. 2e ad.inistration of t2e propert7 of t2e.arriage is entirel7 between t2e., to t2e e90l/sion of all ot2er persons. $espondent allegest2at Alberto (. Lopez is 2er 2/sband. 2erefore, 2er first 0a/se of a0tion is against Alberto (.Lopez. 2ere is no rig2t3d/t7 relation between petitioner and respondent t2at 0an possibl7s/pport a 0a/se of a0tion. 2e se0ond 0a/se of a0tion is for an a00o/nting b7 respondent 2/sband.2e a00o/nting of 0onj/gal partners2ip arises fro. or is an in0ident of .arriage. Petitioner 2as not2ing to do wit2 t2e.arriage between respondent Alberto (. Lopez. +en0e, no 0a/se of a0tion 0an e9ist against petitioner ont2is gro/nd. 2e t2ird 0a/se of a0tion is essentiall7 for forfeit/re of Alberto (. Lopez= s2are in propert7 0o3owned b7 2i. and petitioner. It does not involve t2e iss/e of validit7 of t2e 0o3owners2ip between Alberto (.Lopez and petitioner. 2e respondent also so/g2t s/pport. "/pport 0annot be 0o.pelled fro. a stranger. &inall7, as to t2e .oral da.ages, respondent=s 0lai. for .oral da.ages is against Alberto (. Lopez, not petitioner.If petitioner is not a real part7 in interest, s2e 0annot be an indispensable part7. An indispensable part7 is one wit2o/t w2o. t2ere 0an be no final deter.ination of an a0tion. Petitioner=s parti0ipation in "pe0ial Pro0eedings M3;5;A is not indispensable. 'ertainl7, t2e trial 0o/rt 0an

iss/e a j/dg.ent ordering Alberto (. Lopez to .a?e an a00o/nting of 2is 0onj/gal partners2ip wit2 respondent, and give s/pport to respondent and t2eir 02ildren, and dissolve Alberto (. Lopez= 0onj/gal partners2ip wit2 respondent, andforfeit Alberto (. Lopez= s2are in propert7 0o3owned b7 2i. and petitioner. "/02 j/dg.ent wo/ld beperfe0tl7 valid and enfor0eable against Alberto (. Lopez. Nor 0an petitioner be a ne0essar7 part7 in "pe0ial Pro0eedings M3;5;A. A ne0essar7 part7 asone w2o is not indispensable b/t w2o o/g2t to be joined as part7 if 0o.plete relief is to bea00orded t2ose alread7 parties, or for a 0o.plete deter.ination or settle.ent of t2e 0lai. s/bje0tof t2e a0tion. In t2e 0onte9t of 2er petition in t2e lower 0o/rt, respondent wo/ld be a00orded0o.plete relief if Alberto (. Lopez were ordered to a00o/nt for 2is alleged 0onj/gal partners2ippropert7 wit2 respondent, give s/pport to respondent and 2er 02ildren, t/rn over 2is s2are in t2e0o3owners2ip wit2 petitioner and dissolve 2is 0onj/gal partners2ip or absol/te 0o../nit7propert7 wit2 respondent. @+!$!&O$!, t2e 'o/rt *$AN " t2e petition and $!B!$"!" t2e de0ision of t2e 'o/rt of Appeals. 2e 'o/rt #I"MI""!" "pe0ial Pro0eedings M3;5;A of t2e $egional rial 'o/rt, Ma?ati,Cran02 1<1 as against petitioner.