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Place The company should consider China as the top market to enter in since the said country is forecasted to improve its technology and flow of information. (Russell) For example, Baidu, Chinas largest search company and Tencent, its largest internet firm have plans of expansion in the country. Companies such as those previously mentioned can complement the products of Electronic Visions. Another country to focus on is Japan, with its rising number of internet users. In addition, Japan recently had economic policy changes which contributed to the increase in business opportunities. In 2013, Japans foreign exchange hit 348 billion trades daily. The said country is forecasted to exhibit continued growth in 2014. (Interconnections)According to Inside Retail Asia, in-store technology demand for electronics such as tablets, apps and QR codes are said to increase in 2014 for East Asia. (Inside Retail Asia) Electronic Visions should mainly target urbanized areas where there is a need for technology as opposed to provinces wherein electricity is not always available. The company should sell in IT malls, small stand-alone shops and through online shops. (Inside Retail Asia) B. Price Since the company is entering East Asia for the first time, prices must be kept low. There must also be products that suit the different social classes because different people have different preferences. The companys products must reach all kinds of users and this can be done by having varied prices and terms of payment. In China, the high-end users have a preference for foreign brands so the price must be suitable to the upper classs buying power. (IHS Pressroom) C. Product The companys products must be of good quality so that it will gain loyal customers. Moreover, its products must have different variations. For example, its tablets should have multiple sizes like 7, 8 and 10 inches because these are the sizes its competitors have. (Sherr)In Taiwan, the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission is very particular about the prices of consumer products so the company must not charge too high prices or they will be fined. (Ribeiro)The after-sales must be very accommodating because customers want to learn more about the product and questions must be addressed. South Korea is one country that is very particular about its language so Electronic Visions products must be adapted to suit the country. The labelling of its products as well as the packaging must be suited for Korean users. (The Economist) D. Promotion In Korea, girl groups and boy bands are very influential so the company should use popular icons like T-ara and Girls Generation as ambassadors. Electronic Visions should collaborate with musicians to carry their brand logo so that awareness of the brand can be spread. Furthermore,

(Marketing Mag)technology have been integrated in the curriculum. It is only after brand awareness that the people be fed with technical information about the companys products. In addition, Korean variety shows and dramas could be an avenue for promotion since these shows have a huge fan base not only in Korea but also in neighbouring countries like China and Thailand.

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