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Senator Alis Kennedy, CD, OMC, Ph.D.

Alis Kennedy is a multi-lingual woman born in Montral. Alis is a volunteer Senator with the Mtis Nation of Ontario; she is an advisor, onsultant, edu ator, fa ilitator, !resenter, veteran "#$% and an a tive member of the &Aboriginal 'eteran Au htones( and the &)oyal #anadian *egion(. She is a founding member of the Aboriginal Students Advisory #oun il at a +oronto #ommunity #ollege and a member of the Aboriginal ,du ation Advisory #oun il at a +oronto -niversity. She is the re i!ient of the Ontario Medal for .ood #iti/enshi! "OM#% for her outstanding ontributions to her ommunity and to this !rovin e. Alis has been volunteering for over 01 years in three ontinents. She retired from the O2S on 3anuary 04, 5640 and will ontinue to volunteer. On 7ednesday, $e ember 48, 5644 at the Ontario *egislature, Mtis Nation of Ontario "MNO% Senator $r. Alis Kennedy was !resented with the Ontario Medal for .ood #iti/enshi! "OM#% from *ieutenant .overnor $avid Onley. +he Ontario Medal for .ood #iti/enshi! re ogni/es !eo!le who have made e9 e!tional long-term ontributions to the :uality of life in Ontario. One of Senator Kennedy;s many a hievements was her !arti i!ation, as a ommer ially li ensed !ilot, in a video entitled< =7omen in S ien e.= 2rodu ed by >or? -niversity, the video en ouraged young women to !ursue areers in s ien e and was viewed by all Ontario high s hool students in the mid 4@A6s. Senator Kennedy was re ogni/ed for over 01 years of volunteering in three ontinents and four ountries. Ber ontributions to MNO and others organisations were also highlighted. Ber time as volunteer in luded months wor?ing on some !roCe ts on a fulltime basis, as was the ase when she was in 2eru and South Afri a. One of the !roCe ts where she volunteered on a full-time basis was with an organi/ation in Afri a that edu ated South Afri ans and tourists about the !light of heetahs. +his !roCe t also involved wor?ing with the endangered big ats. Senator Kennedy was sele ted to re!resent all the OM# re i!ients in a res!onse to the OM# #hair;s toast. 2rior to this, she was one of the two re i!ients interviewed by #ity+'. +hroughout these eremonies and events, she made everyone aware of her Mtis identity. &D !roudly wore my Mtis flagEsash, whi h D beaded myself( said Senator Kennedy. She indi ated she wore this item to honour a !ast OM# re i!ient the late MNO Senator Belen Fradley, &D ada!ted the sash design from a !attern reated by Senator Fradley,( e9!lained Senator Kennedy, &$r. Olive $i ?ason, who served on the first Foard the MNO #ultural #ommission was also a !ast OM# re i!ient.(

#om!iled by *awren e Far?well #oordinator of Metis Beritage and Bistory )esear h *ouis )iel Dnstitute