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Research Methods in the Humanities This module aims to equip students studying humanities subjects with those research

skills and methods essential for post-graduate research. When provided as part of the MA Migration and ntercultural !elations" this module should reflect broadly upon different national cultures. The syllabus comprises four main elements# handling primary sources $written te%ts" visual te%ts" archives" oral&' bibliographical processes and materials' framing the research question' and developing" managing and writing the thesis. n addition the unit will e%plore interpretative" conceptual and methodological issues which emerge in relation to specific practical research e%ercises which will form the focus for discussions. Indicative (i.e. not Exhaustive) Reading List A) Preparing extended work (dissertations theses etc) Allison" (" The Student's Guide to Preparing Dissertations and Theses $)ondon# *ogan +age" ,--.& Wayne /. (ooth" 0regory 0. /olomb $/ontributor&" 1oseph M. Williams" William /. (ooth" The Craft of Research : From Planning to Reporting $/hicago 2+& +reece" ! A" 3tarting !esearch# An ntroduction to Academic !esearch and 4issertation Writing $)ondon# +inter +ublishers" ,--5& Turabian" *ate )." A Manual for Writers of Term Papers Theses and Dissertations 6th !ev edn $/hicago" /hicago 2+" ,--6& Walliman" 7. 3. !." !our Research Pro"ect: A Step#$%#Step Guide for the First#Time Researcher $3age +ublications" 8999& Watson" 0" Writing a Theses: A Guide to &ong 'ssa%s and dissertations $)ondon# )ongman" ,-:.& ;erubavel" <" The Cloc()or( Muse: A Practical Guide to Writing Theses and Dissertations /ambridge" MA# =arvard 2niversity +ress" ,---&

!) "arious Research Methods <rnest Ackermann and *aren =artman" Searching * Researching on the +nternet * the World Wide We, 3econd <dition $>ranklin" (eedle and Associates& (arber ! 1." The 'mperor's Mirror: -nderstanding Cultures Through Primar% Sources $Tuscon# Ari?ona 2niversity +ress" ,--:& (arr" !ebecca" ed.. .and,oo( of Reading Research @ol. 8 $7ew Aork# )ongman" ,--,& (lack" T." 4oing Buantitative !esearch in the 3ocial 3ciences $7ewbury +ark# 3age" $,---& (rooks" +./." Research in archi/es: The use of unpu,lished sources $/hicago# 2niversity of /hicago +ress" ,-6-&. A. (rundage" Going to the Sources: A Guide to .istorical Research and Writing 8nd edition $=arlan 4avidson" ,--.& (ryman" A." 0ualit% and 0uantit% in Social Research $)ondon# !outledge" ,-::& (uss = M C *adar M $eds& Wor(ing in Women's Archi/es $)aurier 2 +" 899,&

/ramer" 4." Fundamental Statistics for Social Research $)ondon# !outledge" ,--:& 4ey" ." 0ualitati/e Data Anal%sis $7ewbury +ark# 3age" ,--8& >lick" 2we" An +ntroduction to 0ualitati/e Research $D%ford# D2+" ,--:& >loud !." An +ntroduction to 0uantitati/e Methods for .istorians $)ondon# Methuen ,-.-& =iggs <." Ma(ing Sense of the Census" )ondon $=M3D (ooks" ,-:-& an =odder" EThe interpretation of documents and material cultureF in 7orman 4en?in and Avonna )incoln" eds." .and,oo( of 0ualitati/e Research $7ewbury +ark# 3age" ,--.& =ollway" W. C T. 1efferson " Doing 0ualitati/e Research Differentl% $7ewbury +ark# 3age" 8999& 0ilbert" 7. ed." Researching Social &ife $7ewbury +ark# 3age" ,--G& 0laser" ( and 3trauss" A." The Disco/er% of Grounded Theor% $ Aldine" $,-6.& 1arausch *.=. C =ardy" *.A." 0uantitati/e Methods for .istorians : a guide to research data and Statistics $/hapel =ill 7/" 2+7/" ,--,& 1enkins 4." 1ral .istor%: ,asic techni2ues $Winnepeg" ,-.5& M. 1. )ewis" !oger )loyd-1ones. -sing Computers in .istor%: A Practical Guide $)ondon# !outledge" ,--6&. Mann" /. C >. 3tewart" +nternet Communication and 0ualitati/e Research $7ewbury +ark# 3age" 8999& Thomas Mann" The 13ford Guide to &i,rar% Research $D2+& Dppenheim" A.7." 0uestionnaire Design +nter/ie)ing and Attitude Measurement $)ondon# +inter" ,--8&. +erks" !." 1ral .istor%: tal(ing a,out the past $)ondon" ,--H& +ortelli" A." Dral histor% as genre4 +n Alessandro Portelli The $attle of 5alle Giulia: 1ral histor% and the art of dialogue $Madison" W .# 2niversity of Wisconsin" ,--.& 3apsford" !. and 1upp" @." Data Collection and Anal%sis $3age" ,--6& 3apsford" !." Sur/e% Research $D%ford# D2+" ,---& 3ilverman" 4." Doing 0ualitati/e Research $)ondon# 3age" 8999&. 3trauss" A. and /orbin" 1. $asics of 0ualitati/e Research" 8nd edition $D%ford# D2+" ,--:&

Pro#$ems and perspectives in Migration %tudies This module provides a broad-sweep overview of migration history" politics and sociology in the conte%t of <uropean and American development between these dates $,699-presentI&. The emphasis on this module will be to provide students with a wide-ranging knowledge of the migration in this period. t can focus on historical content" ranging across both time and space" locating particularly interesting themes and perspectives from different countries and cultures. Reading List &enera$ works 4. (aines" 'migration from 'urope 6768#69:; $(asingstoke" ,--,& >.M. (inders and 4. M. !eimers" All the <ations -nder .ea/en: An 'thnic and Racial .istor% of <e) !or( Cit% $7ew Aork" ,--H&. ). 4innerstein" 'thnic Americans: a .istor% of immigration $7ew Aork" ,---& 1. (odnar" The Transplanted: A .istor% of +mmigrants in -r,an America $(loomington" ,-:H&. /. <rickson" 'migration from 'urope 6768#696= $)ondon" ,-.6&. 4. =oerder and ).+. Moch" 'uropean Migrations: Glo,al and &ocal Perspecti/es $(oston" ,--6&. M.A. 1ones" American +mmigration $/hicago" ,-69&. M.A. 1ones" Destination America $)ondon",-.6& 1. )ucassen and ). )ucassen $eds.&" Migration Migration .istor% .istor%: 1ld Paradigms and <er) Perspecti/es $(ern" (erlin" >rankfurt" 7ew Aork" +aris" @ienna" ,--.&. +. Taylor" Distant Magnet: 'uropean 'migration to the -nited States of America $)ondon" ,-.,&. (. Thomas" Migration and 'conomic Gro)th: a Stud% of Great $ritain and the Atlantic 'conom% $/ambridge" ,-68&. Letters as a source (examp$e #i#$iograph') >it?patrick" 4. 1ceans of Consolation: Personal Accounts of +rish Migrants to Australia $/ork# /ork 2+" ,--5&. =ouston" /.1. and W.1. 3myth" +rish 'migration and Canadian Settlement: Patterns &in(s and &etters $Toronto# Tornto 2+" ,--9&. Mc/arthy" A." JE n +rospect of a =appier >uture#F +ersonal )etters and rish WomenFs Migration to 7ew Kealand" ,:59-,-8H"L in A Distant Shore: +rish Migration and <e) >ealand Settlement " ed. )yndon >raser $Dtago# 2niversity of Dtago +ress" 8999& Mc/arthy" A." JE=ow 4ifferent t s >rom =ome#F /omparisons (etween 7ew Kealand and reland as !eflected in +ersonal )etters"L in The +rish in <e) >ealand: .istorical Conte3ts and Perspecti/es " ed. (rad +atterson $Wellington# 3tout !esearch /entre for 7ew Kealand 3tudies" 8998& Mc/arthy" A." J+ersonal )etters and the Drganisation of rish Migration to and from 7ew Kealand" ,:59-,-8H"L +rish .istorical Studies" GG" no. ,G, $May 899G&

Miller" *.A." 'migrants and '3iles: +reland and the +rish '3odus to <orth America $7ew Aork and D%ford# D2+" ,-:H& *.A. Miller" A. 3hrier" (.4. (oling and 4.7. 4oyle" +rish +mmigrants in the &and of Canaan: &etters and Memoirs from Colonial and Re/olutionar% America 6?@8#6768 $7ew Aork and D%ford# D2+" 899G& DF>arrell" +." &etters from +rish Australia 67A8#69A9 $3ydney# 7ew 3outh Wales 2niversity +ress" ,-:5&

M7(. <ach of these listings will need to be supplemented by material drawn from different national research cultures in order to e%pose students to a variety of approaches and perspectives. These listings are" therefore" indicativeN.