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Adjectives Describing People and Personal Qualities Vocabulary Word List

A D able dainty idiotic abnormal decisive idle absent-minded deep illogical above average deferential imaginative adventurous deft immature affectionate delicate immodest agile demonic impatient agreeable dependent imperturbable alert delightful impetuous amazing demure impractical ambitious depressed impressionable amiable devoted impressive amusing dextrous impulsive analytical diligent inactive angelic direct incisive apathetic dirty incompetent apprehensive disagreeable inconsiderate ardent discerning inconsistent artificial discreet independent artistic disruptive indiscreet assertive distant indolent attentive distraught indefatigable average distrustful industrious awesome dowdy inexperienced awful dramatic insensitive B dreary inspiring balanced drowsy intelligent beautiful drugged interesting below average drunk intolerant beneficent dull inventive blue dutiful irascible blunt E irritable boisterous eager irritating brave earnest ! bright easy-going jocular brilliant efficient jovial buff egotistical joyous C elfin judgmental callous emotional " candid energetic keen cantankerous enterprising kind capable enthusiastic L careful evasive lame careless evenlazy

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# Q ' naive quarrelsome tactful nasty querulous tactless natural quick talented naughty quicktesty negative tempered thinking nervous quiet thoughtful noisy % thoughtless normal realistic timid nosy reassuring tired numb reclusive tolerant $ reliable touchy obliging reluctant tranquil obnoxious resentful ( old-fashioned reserved ugly one-sided resigned unaffected orderly resourceful unbalanced ostentatious respected uncertain outgoing respectful uncooperative outspoken responsible undependable P restless unemotional passionate revered unfriendly passive ridiculous unguarded paternal & unhelpful paternalistic sad unimaginative patient sassy unmotivated peaceful saucy unpleasant peevish sedate unpopular pensive self-assured unreliable persevering selfish unsophisticated persnickety sensible unstable petulant sensitive unsure picky sentimental unthinking plain serene unwilling plainserious V speaking sharp venal playful short-tempered versatile pleasant shrewd vigilant plucky shy W polite silly warm popular sincere warmhearted positive sleepy wary powerful slight watchful practical sloppy weak prejudiced slothful well-behaved

caustic tempered cautious exacting charming excellent childish excitable childlike experienced cheerful ) chic fabulous churlish fastidious circumspect ferocious civil fervent clean fiery clever flabby clumsy flaky coherent flashy cold frank competent friendly composed funny conceited fussy condescending * confident generous confused gentle conscientious gloomy considerate glutinous content good cool grave cool-headed great cooperative groggy cordial grouchy courageous guarded cowardly + crabby hateful crafty hearty cranky helpful crass hesitant critical hot-headed cruel hypercritical curious hysterical cynical

lean leery lethargic level-headed listless lithe lively local logical long-winded lovable love-lorn lovely M maternal mature mean meddlesome mercurial methodical meticulous mild miserable modest moronic morose motivated musical

pretty proficient proud provocative prudent punctual

slovenly well-developed slow well-intentioned smart well-respected snazzy well-rounded sneering willing snobby wonderful somber , sober volcanic sophisticated vulnerable soulful soulless zealous sour spirited spiteful stable staid steady stern stoic striking strong stupid sturdy subtle sullen sulky supercilious superficial surly suspicious sweet

DES !"#"$% &E'&(E)S *&&E*!*$ E #ody She)s of medium height+ She)s a woman of average height+ She)s quite tall+ She)s a woman of average height+

She)s a woman of below average height+ She)s not very tall+ ,- She)s short+. /e)s slim+ /e)s of medium build+ /e)s well-built+ /e)s rather plump ,0not slim.+ /e)s broad-shouldered+ /e)s quite muscular+ /e)s a bit overweight+ ,- /e)s fat+. omplexion /e)s dark ,0with dark hair and dark skin.+ /e)s fair ,0with blond hair and pale skin.+ /air She)s got long blonde curly hair+ ,0/er hair is long1 blonde and curly+. red She)s got She)s got ,*lso suntanned1 olive-skinned1 pale-skinned+. wavy hair+ ,0/er hair is red and wavy+. straight

hair+ ,0/er hair is short and straight+. spiky hair+ ,0/er hair is dark and spiky+. short She)s got dark She)s got shoulder-length hair+ /e)s blond+ ,0/e)s got blonde hair+. * blonde 0 a blonde woman+ /e)s got a receding hairline+ - /e)s going bald+ - /e)s bald ,0he)s got no hair.+ /airstyle2 neat1 untidy1 with plaits3braids1 have a fringe1 swept back1 in a bun1 in a pony-tail1 etc+ Eyes big brown small 4ore or less She)s got eyes+ /e)s got long eyelashes+ blue bushy 3 thin eyebrows+ She)s tallish+ ,- She)s more or less tall+. /e)s got greenish eyes+ ,- ")m not sure if his eyes are green +. 'ther features /e has a moustache 3 a beard 3 a goatee+ * mole1 a scar1 side-burns1 freckles1 etc+ She wears glasses+ *ge

5nshaven1 clean-shaven+ /e)s in his early forties+ ,- &robably between 67 and 689 also in his mid sixties1 in his late twenties+. She)s thirty-something+ ,- She)s between thirty and forty +. :our opinion /e)s quite handsome; good-looking ; attractive+ /e)s not particularly attractive+ ,- " think he)s ugly+. )ace &.ape

Square 'val !ound <riangular /eart-shaped

&kin/)ace/Co0ple1ion , omplexion is the natural appearance and color of the skin1 especially of the face9 e+g+ 4ary has a soft1 creamy complexion+

=reckled2 sprinkled or covered with light brown spots !osy2 pink-cheeked9 fair complexion that glows with a hint of pink !uddy2 skin that has a healthy reddish tint9 may have the appearance of sunburn <anned2 skin with a healthy golden-brown tint >rinkled2 full of or covered with lines or loose folds of skin9 often associated with age 'ther skin-related adjectives2 pale1 spotless1 silky1 smooth1 creamy1 baby-soft1 glowing1 paper-thin or translucent ,as with a very old person.9 rough1 callused1 dry

Eyes %eneral

#rown-eyed mother1 bright-eyed sister1 wide-eyed child

Eye expressions2

Adj2 eyes2 piercing1 mesmerizing1 sad1 sorrowful1 tear-filled1 gentle1 sympathetic1 warm1 compassionate1 expressive1 twinkling1 lively1 dancing1 laughing

Eye Shape and Size

(arge1 small1 almond-shaped1 round1 slanted1 squinty1 crinkly


<hin lips1 full lips1 pouting lips1 pursed lips ,puckered up1 like when someone is concentrating. (augh1 smile1 beam1 grin1 frown1 grimace1 scowl

+air <exture3*ppearance

wavy1 curly1 straight1 spiky1 stiff1 buzzed1 shaved1 parted1 neatly-combed1 tamed1 long1 short1 cropped

/air Styles

braids1 ponytail1 pigtails1 bun1 twist1 bob1 ringlets1 flip1 bangs1 buzz layered1 feathered1 chopped1 gelled1 spiked1 slicked down

(ots of hair

thick1 full1 lustrous1 bushy1 coarse1 wiry ,stiff.

(ittle hair

thin1 scraggly1 fine1 baby-fine1 wispy1 limp1 flat1 balding1 bald1 bald spot1 receding hairline ,gradual loss of hair at the front of the head.

<reated hair

permed1 dyed1 bleached1 highlighted1 weaved

/air colors

black1 brunette1 brown1 chestnut-brown1 honey-blond1 blond1 golden-blond1 ash-blond1 auburn1 red1 strawberry-blond1 gray1 silver1 white1 salt-and-pepper

)acial +air

#eard1 goatee1 mustache1 sideburns =ive o?clock shadow2 new beard growth1 shadowy in appearance1 that can be seen late in the day on the jaw1 chin1 or cheek area ,also known as stubble. *djectives2 bearded1 unshaven1 clean-shaven1 trimmed1 neatly-trimmed

=abric2 denim1 twill1 wool1 cotton1 tweed1 polyester1 corduroy1 fleece1 spandex1 leather #ottoms2 jeans1 cargo pants1 flat-front pants1 pleated pants1 slacks1 trousers1 overalls1 sweatpants1 crop pants1 capris1 skirt1 culottes1 shorts1 board shorts <ops2 sport shirt1 dress shirt1 polo shirt1 button-down shirt1 tank top1 blouse1 longsleeve1 short-sleeve1 sleeveless1 collared1 <-shirt1 sweatshirt1 hoodie1 pullover1 sweater1 cardigan

'ther clothing2 dress1 uniform1 costume1 pajamas1 bathrobe1 robe1 vest1 jacket1 blazer1 coat1 socks1 stockings1 gloves1 hat1 cap1 shoes1 boots1 slippers1 sandals1 flip-flops1 heels1 pumps

&entence &tarters Describing

Smartly dressed in ,name of garment.1 she+++ asually attired in ,name of garment.1 @oleneA Simply clad in ,name of garment.1 4ark+++ Dennis sports a ,name of garment.A