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Certified Proxy Administrator V3.03

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6,!9TI#: :#* 0 An administrator created a PI: for the Proxy9; front panel< disabled the built-in administrative account and introduced policy-based admin auttiohration< and secured die serial port. After this (as done< all the PI:s< pass(ords and policy settin s (ere lost. 3hat options are available to re ain access to the appliance= >choose all that apply? >a? 8eturn Proxy9; appliance to Blue Coat to restore a default 9;C9 ima e >b? 8estore the factory settin s by pressin and holdin a reset button for @ seconds< confi ure the appliance ane( or restore its confi uraoon from a bac5up >c? Try out all 00000 combinations of PI: for the front panel until you find the ri ht one >d? 8emove the hard dis5 from the Proxy9;< connect it as an external 9AT A dis5 to any 3indo(s or Ainux computerB clear the admin entry in the CetcC psss(d file on that dis5. Put the hard dis5 bac5 in Proxy9;< start it up and reset the admin%s pass(ord. A. a only B. a 7 b only C. a 7 c only .. a 7 d only !. All of the above Ans(er* B

6,!9TI#: :#* D The Connect )TTP method is reserved for use (ith a proxy that can dynamically s(itch to bein a tunnel e. . 99A tunnelin ? A. True B. 2alse Ans(er* A

6,!9TI#: :#* 3 2or(ard proxy of 99A allo(s applyin policies to encrypted 99A data. A. True B. 2alse Ans(er* B

6,!9TI#: :#* " The Proxy9; ives you the ability to (rite policies throu h. A. the raphical visual Policy Eana er andCor the command-line interface B. Visual Policy Eana er only C. the raphical visual Policy Eana er< the command-line interface andCor imported text file Ans(er* C

6,!9TI#: :#* @ 3hich is :#T a support- related site for Blue Coat products= A. http* B. http* C. http*CCdo( .. http*CC( Ans(er* .

6,!9TI#: :#* F 3hich Proxy9; technolo y uses the ;aca processin pipeline similar to the one sho(n in the picture=

A. Blue Coat 8eporter B. EAC)@ C. BC32 .. Proxy9; 9ervices Ans(er* B

6,!9TI#: :#* G 3hich of the follo(in Authentication 8ealms are supported by Blue Coat in 9;#9 @.3= >Choose all that apply? >a? I3A >b? 8A.I,9

>C? A.AP >d? TACAC9H A. a< b 7 d only B. b< c 7 d only C. a< b 7c only .. All of the above Ans(er* C

6,!9TI#: :#* I 3hat are the possible confi urable options (hen confi urin destination address in proxy services= >Choose all that apply? >a? All >b? Any >c? !xplicit >d? Transparent A. a< c 7 d only B. a< b 7 c only C. b< c 7d only .. All of the above Ans(er* A

6,!9TI#: :#* J 3hat are the types of challen es that can be authenticated by Proxy9;= >choose all that apply? >a? Administrator attempts to access Eana ement console >b? user attempts to access the internet >c? Administrator attempts to access 9; via 99) >d? ,ser attempts to access a CI29 file server A. All of the above B. b< c 7d only C. a< c 7 d only .. a< b 7 c only Ans(er* A

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