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1. Which of the next elements is a characteristic of a vector?

Its file size is always the same and is independent of its dimensions. It is an image that was broken apart It is the way that was broken It can be exported to ACC 2. Which of the next shapes does no exist in flash?

3. What type of frame tells us that one object will change his properties? ID Keyframe Frame label Empty Frame 4. Over which object can we use the break apart command? Vector graphic Text created in flash Vector Animation 5. What action stops all sounds in our animation? Stop Stop_all Stop_all_sounds Stopallsounds 6. Select what we can use on the images to reduce the file size of the flash file. Use symbols for the images Divide the document in scenes Decrease the jpeg quality for a bmp image when publishing Animate the images 7. In which symbol we can use over state? Movie clip Instance Graahic Button 8. What happen if I double click on the symbol of an instance? The symbol for edition is open Nothing A standard application is open to modify images It ask us if we are sure of editing the symbol 9. What does accessibility of the content is flash implies? Alternatives for the user so that he can have the right player for flash

The possibility of locking some content in flash Alternatives to see the content in flash To have the right version of the macromedia suite 10. How we can notice an error in a tween? A discontinued line appears between the frames We cannot know if there is a mistake The shape sparks in the timeline We see an error in the screen 11. Select two types of symbols that can be created in flash Vector Animated clip Bitmap Button 12. What type of object is the one that lets us program actions? Buttons symbols SWF files Sounds Colors Tween animation 13. How can we modify the height of an object without affecting its width? Free transform tool Subselection tool Transformation panel Animation Behavior panel 14. What can we change in the properties of the document? Title, description, size Frame, rate, type of file, audio configuration Background color, author, creation date Author, description 15. What do we need at the end of the time line to create a tween animation? Empty frame Mark Keyframe Frame 16. It fills the empty frames of an animation, it puts an object in the first frame in a position and in the last frame it puts the same object but in different position. What kind of tween is this? Movement guide Shape tween Transition Motion Tween 17. Choose the text property that can be modified through the property inspector Saturation Tone Legibility options Key words

18. Which type of audio files can we use in flash? Select two RAR WAV RA MP3

RM 19. How can we publish a flash document that can be executed in any PC even if it does not have flash installed? Publish the document like projector Publish the document for the last flash version Publish the html and swf files Publish the html document to detect the flash version 20. We want to animate text so that we can show letter by letter of the text gradually. How can we get this effect? Tween animation Active area text Using mask Using scenario limits 21. What should we consider to know if the content is relevant to the purpose of a web site? Select two. Education of the visitor Objectives of the client Computing knowledge of the visitor Educational level of the visitor Accessibility of the web site. Marital status of the visitor Age of the visitor Objectives of the web site 22. What type of format is not available for flash publishing? SWF MOV HTML WMV 23. We added sound to a flash file. Where do we change the options of the sound for our flash file? Property inspector Publish settings Sound options Audio Compression Sound objects options 24. Which two elements influence in the amount of elements to be included in a web site? Connection speed Technology used by the server Operative system Screen resolution 25. You are about to apply a motion tween to a graphic. Organize the correct options to fulfill this animation 1. go to file, import import scenery (1) 2. Explore to localize and select the graphic (2) 3. Convert the graphic in a movie clip symbol (3) 4. Go to frame number 20 and insert a key frame (5) 5. Select a keyframe in the time line where the image will start to be reproduced (4) 6. Select motion in animate in the property inspector (7) 7. Select edit, time line, insert image 8. Select frames 1 to 20 (6) 26. In witch part of the flash interface can we find the anti alias option? Readbility panel Publish settings Publish Property inspector 27. Which of the next sentences are true about copyrighting of web material? Select two. All images must have a copyright symbol in order to be protected

All images are protected from the moment they are created Images must be registered to be protected Images do not have to have a symbol to be protected 28. An images needs to be animated so that if follows a previously established trajectory. What do we need to do this? Guide layer Shape tween Easing in Easing Out 29. We want to create an animation in flash that simulates the way a person walks. How we can do this? Movement tween Shape tween Way tween Frame animation 30. How we can use the invisible buttons? Use them to make link in a image like an image map To hide mouse actions To fill forms There are not invisible buttons 31. What type of content will start to be played before the SWF file has been downloaded completely? Progresive Streaming Event Property inspector 32. Which of the next definitions is the one that corresponds to tone? Is the same as color None of the color and property that make different from others Is one of the main attributes to the perception of the colors Consist in the substitution of one background for another thorough computer. 33. We want to test our animation in a local way to know how long it takes to load the file if we have a 56 k connection. Where can we do this test? Modify > Download simulation Control > Test movie Control > Test scene View > Download simulation, in the test movie menu bar

34. What file is generated when we test an animation in flash? HTML SWF None Exe 35. Which of the next objects is an instance? Imported graphic to the scenery Images in the library Movie clip Button 36. To what kind of objects can we apply a shape tween? Symbol Graphic Button Vector

37. Which of the next elements is a vector? Image Text created from flash Animation Imported images from fireworks 38. What is the type of file that can be executed only in a Mac when we publish a document in flash? SEF DOC HQX EXE 39. What two concepts are clear examples of priority guidelines of accessibility with W3C? Provide alternative text to elements that are not text Using only safe colors for the web Identify headlines in column and rows in a table Make all links related to the root

40. What type of images file may have transparency? TIFF GIF JPEG EPS 41. Which two elements influence in the amount of elements to be included in a web site? Millons Thousands 200 16 42. What design concept is represented in the next images?

Symmetry 43. Which of the next options can be changed into a symbol? Animations Word file Frame Graphics Vector 44. What happened when we import an image to the scenery in flash? The image is added in the scenery The image cannot be imported to the scenery Flash ask to change the format of the image to GIF The image is added to the library and scenery 45. Which two activities are done when defining a project? Establish objectives of the client

Product Sketches Identify the audience of the web site Consider the profile of the people who enter the web site

46. Which tool is the one we show on the image?

Pencil Lasso Eraser Color 47. Which is the file type where we can publish if we have quicktime installed? MOV TIF WAV HQX HTML 48. What kind of text is the one we write in the document window in flash? Alias Estatic Dynamic Input text What design concept can we see in the next images?

Symmetry Asymmetry Tone Take out of focus 49. Which of the next images is used to draw a vector?

50. What action in flash lets us play a file in a particular scene and frame? Gotoand play Stop Unloadmovienum

Unloadmovie 51. Select the options that are false when we talk about symbols? Select 2 Reduced file size Shape tween Better consistency Share objects in flash Global edition Tween animation Security in the document 52. Which element from the ones below can we find in the library of the document? Components Symbols Behaviors BMP graphics 53. What is the standard frames per second rate in flash? 24 fps 2 fps 5 fps 12 fps 54. What is the command to convert an object into a symbol? Edit- make symbol Symbol transform in symbol Modify Transform in symbol F7 55. What is the purpose of a flow diagram when elaborating project. Select two answers. Describe the content of each page Show links between pages Show the hierarchy of the pages Test the usably and performance of the web site