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AND DIDNT LIKE BLACK PEOPLE. ) I have decided to write a short series on this subject, because the affects Racism White Supremacy are far and extensive. As Jews we are to be a light unto the nations, a beacon of light that promotes justice and mercy into the world, we must come together to acknowledge and defeat this EVIL creation of Gog and Magog. The Prophecy says out from Sion shall the Torah forth, and the word of YHWH from Jerusalem, Yeshayahu/Is 2,3 and yet many would like to pretend that RWS doesnt exist and believe if wed ignore it, itll go away. This notion is not only illogical, but far from being affective and extremely far from truth. Before I begin, Id like to state what Racism is or what it isnt. Racism isnt prejudice, hatred, discrimination or inequality, but it operates by using all of these to fulfill a purpose. Racism is White Supremacy, a Global System that was created by people who classify themselves as being White, for the sole purpose dedicated to mistreating those who are not members of that Race. For the sake of biblical truth and my position, I yield to the teachings of our TaNaKh as all Jews should. According to our TaNaKh (Hebrew Bible), there is no such people on earth known as a classification of colors or ethnic groups, we are NOT Blacks, Hispanics, Latinos, etc., but non-Whites have been classified as such. I shall reiterate, our TaNakh doesnt teach any such thing as racism, instead it teaches nationhood/spirituality, which is NOT exclusive of a particular type of spirituality. Our Torah tells us that there are only 70 nations of mankind on the planet or in the known universe, NOT races. Bereshtith 10,1-32 The TaNaKh demonstrates that people are identified by those nations, through both their cultural attire and spiritualities, and we should continue to teach ourselves, families and children the same. Historically speaking, there is no other people in the known universe who have organized themselves into a Race except for those who have classified themselves as the White Race, for the sole purpose dedicated to mistreating those who are not members of that Race. As I have mentioned above, RWS operates through the classification of people (based on color), developed for the sole purpose of world domination through the dedication of practicing INJUSTICE (oppressing, dominating and subjugating) all people whom they (White Supremacists) classify as Non-White people. RWS, domination is found within the nine major areas of human activities (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war). I am NOT making a proclamation that all White people are racist, but that in the system of RWS, which conditions, educate, propagandizes and perpetuate White Supremacy through, all areas of human activities (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion and war), it is designed to award those whom they classify as White people, benefits of being White. This benefit it is often termed White privilege. So, in some form or another, consciously or not, people who are classified as White people, participate in the maintenance of this evil system. Being that religion is one of the nine major human activities, it is by no surprise and that racism has crept its way into Judaism, which allowed for Racism White Supremacist views to be projected and interpolated into the manuscripts of our great Torah sages and masters. It doesnt matter if the various European translators of our manuscripts consciously or otherwise mistranslated the words of the great and mighty men who feared heaven, whats more important is the detrimental results it has had on many White and non-White Jews, from various parts of the world. These gross mistranslations of RaMBaM, as we shall explore has negatively affected the decisions of many non-White people from embracing halakhic Judaism and other non-White Jews from making teshuvah towards the same. RWS, has also allowed for people who hate Jews to make additional false accusations against our sages, and pious teachers, in which those racist connotations in those translations have resulted in marring their spotless reputation (has wshalom).

A grave sin is committed, erroneous instructions are given, for it snowballs in a domino effect, when people including Jews who are oblivious to these facts and unwittingly repeat false accusations about our Torah masters or other Jews for that matter, for the Torah admonishes us to watch our tongues and actions. It is the duty for ALL JEWS everywhere to fight for justice and to replace RWS with JUSTICE. We are not to stand idly by and watch the reputation of our Torah Masters and our sages come to disgrace, and most importantly, we are not to allow any fellow Jew be victimized by those who practice RWS due to being misinformed or otherwise. This note will demonstrate that even RaMBaM has become a victim of RWS, because his words as with some of our sages, were misrepresented by people who have promulgated racist ideas, through instructions and the dissemination of inaccurate translations of his works. I shall begin by using the most cited excerpt of RaMBaMs Moreh Nevukhim (A Guide for The Perplexed) that most accusers refer to when making their fallacious claims. Such are the extreme Turks that wander about in the north, the KUSHITES who live in the south, and those in our country who are like these. I consider these as irrational beings, and not as human beings; they are below mankind, but above monkeys, since they have the form and shape of man, and a mental faculty above that of the monkey. Chapter 51 Whats truly appalling is that, there are at least two other version of this particular work by RaMBaM that chose to use racially defining words like blacks and Negroes, in place of the mistranslated word Kushites. The word Kushi or Kushite in biblical context, is the name of a nation from Hams son Kush Bereshith /Gen 10,6. Notwithstanding, the term Kush is now used in the context of Racism when used by these translators to mean black or Negroes. Moreover, RaMBaM never used the term Kush in the passage in question. However, lets examine what RaMBaM truly wrote: "" , Al-Turk al-matujalin fi al-samaal (the Turks who wander around the North) ' " "wal-Sudaan al-matujalin fi al-janub (the Sudanese who wander around the South)." Moreh Nevukhim 51 It is obvious, that RaMBaM wasn't making comments about Black people in general, but about particular groups of people who live in a particular region, and anyone who are like them, that dont possess culture, morals or education. In this case, he was talking both about some wandering Turks in the North and wondering Sudanese in the south, which had no known religion or written language or civilization (lacking culture). Why and how these translators came up with words like Kushites, Blacks or Negroes in place of Sudanese is perfectly clear. All English versions are unanimous translating the word Al-Turk as Turks instead of Whites, there is no good reason that they should have done the same for the word 'wal-Sudaan (Sudanese). Nonetheless, lets assume that we can equate the word Sudanese as Blacks, Negroes, or Kushite, then one would conclude that RaMBaM was talking about Black people, then by the same logic, one must conclude that he was also talking about White people, for he mentions the Turks along with the Sudanese as being just above monkeys. Clearly, it was a gross mistranslation and misrepresentation of RaMBaMs words, which was taken totally out of context, to fulfill a sinister agenda. We can all see the murder, the slander and sins that Racism can produce, especially within Jewish

communities everywhere. The Torah warns against slandering fellow Jews, and sadly many of us are guilty of this. I pray that all Jews would come together to rescue many translated passages that promotes racially inspired myths, which brings on serious implications onto our sages and Torah masters, and ultimately causes unnecessary mistreatment towards non-White Jews and other potential converts or Baale Teshuvah. Id like to see all Jews to take a stand against racism everywhere, and pledge to replace it with justice. Shalom uvrakha.