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The cloud promises Security. Cloud computing has the ability to transform IT, bu t its success depends on security.

In virtual environments, information is more fluid, agile, and portable, creating greater flexibility and convenience. This i ncreased flexibility has raised concern about data security and the ability to e nsure compliance and trust as the traditional physical boundaries that define an d protect information are transforming. RSA's information-centric approach to se curity helps organizations realize the full benefits of virtualization, maximizi ng the advantages of virtualization without compromising security or compliance. RSA, alongside VMware , is helping organizations extend virtualization into envir onments containing sensitive data and beyond, leveraging the dynamic attributes of virtual technologies to create new security abilities, further reducing risk. Whether moving to virtual business applications with VMware vSphere or to the v irtual desktop with VMware View, RSA solutions will significantly reduce securit y risk from data center to desktop to cloud.