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ALL-Good morning,Good morning,Good morning!!! ALL-We would like to present to you...... ALL-The Malaysian Unique and Un elie!

a le Li"estyles ALL-Ladies and gentlemen, ALL-#oys and girls, ALL-$oin us "or a %ourney, A-A "light to reality &-'ap,some people say #-(eality ites)*u+h!, ALL-'et,it-s true! ALL-True,it-s true! #)solo,-.o please,oh please ALL-#ear with us till the last #-&o/ it-s the Malaysian reality ALL-That we shall now re!eal &-*pen any tra!aller-s maga/ine ALL-And pronto!0ind MALA'.1A-Malaysia! #-'ou-ll see road wide smiles #)solo,-*" the numerous praises A)solo,-&ontinuous &ompliment ALL-*" *ur A2&-3atural green paradise #2&-.waying +o+onut trees A2#-And pretty warm ladies with "irgure looking good... 4wow5 ALL-#ut in reality,we ha!e our !ery own unique ALL-Un elie!a le and sometimes ALL-6isgusting li"estyles &-And now our "irst stop.7The 8a it o" Throwing (u ish into Malaysian (i!ers7 #)solo,-7Uh,hello 1nspe+tor Ma/lan.This is Alee/a here.&an you +ome o!er to .ungai 9ahang:7 #)solo,-7What-s up,Lee/a:Anything "ishy going on up there:7 #)solo,-7Well,we ha!e "ound something strange "loating here!7 &-1t-s an alien!A-1t-s a U0*!#-1t-s a "ridge! ALL-A "ridge:::: ALL-A "ridge in .ungai 9ahang: ALL-*ur on+e +lean and "resh ri!ers A-3ow they are huge ru ish dumps A2#-0rom toilet tissues to human "ae+es, A2&-.teering wheels to old T;s, A-+orpses #-steel eds &-and e!en worse,ALLaeroplane wre+kage A-3e<t +omes our se+ond unique li"estyles= ALL-7The 9u li+ Toilets 6ilemma7 A2&-0lush!#)solo,-#oom! &-7Wel+ome to Malaysian aromati+ pu li+ toilets,Aloha!7 #-7*nly >? +ents "or that sweet,nauseating e<perien+e!7 A-7What:1 do not know you ha!e petai and %ering air "resheners in here.7 ALL-9etai and %ering:Are those the latest "ragran+es "rom Greek:Well,no!They are "rom Grik!Grik,9erak! #)solo,-We are "or +leanliness A)solo,-7@eep our toilet +lean7 &)solo,-76ont throw the sanitary napkin into the toilet

owl7 ALL-#ut we ne!er pra+tise them &-They always end up as slogans ALL-look at our A-ugly,dirty and smelly pu li+ toilets #2&-Another Malaysian disgra+e"ul s+ene! A-The smell makes you si+k and di//y #2&-'ou "eel like !omiting and "ainting A2#-The !ery moment you step in &-1nstanly you "eel like %umping out! ALL-Third,another Malaysian rare li"estyles=7The 6umping #a ies Mania.7 &-#a ies A-#a ies #-#a ies ALL-&ute,+uddly,gentle and +hu y A)solo,-*h!What a pity,these inno+ent A-#ut punished a ies &-6umped around like some kind o" ru ish A-1n the dust in #-1n the toilet &-At the lane A-*n the train ALL-And some e!en in the drain A)solo,-7Mummy,mummy why did the mothers throw their a ies e!erywhere:7 &)solo,-7&o/ they didn-t want the a ies. A)solo,-7Why is that so: ALL-That-s another Malaysian darkest side! #-We ha!e told you the truth &-The whole truth, A-And nothing ut the truth ALL-.o,dont you "eel horri le,terri le and un eara le: &-6ont you "eel like +hoking us to death: A-*r yelling out,ALL-7.hut up!7 ALL-We assure you that #-With the Malaysian edu+ational system A2#-That stresses on moral !alues and etiquettes like &-6illigen+e! #-9oliteness! A-.haring! &-Lo!ing! #@indness! A-8onesty! A-'ou +an e<pe+t #-Today-s youngsters and our "uture Malaysians &-To e more +aring and more responsi le +iti/ens A-We will gi!e our est A2#-To make Malaysia ALL-A +leaner,sa"er and etter #2&-9la+e to li!e in ALL-7Ask not what the +ountry +an gi!e you ut ask what you +an gi!e to your +ountry7 #-0or that, A2&-We must eat the odds and e the est)the est, A2#-As a people,as a nation #2&-Let-s li!e as one A-United,undi!ided, &-As the saying goes= ALL-7All "or one and one "or all A2&-Together we mo!e on with "ull spirit and /est! ALL-Malaysia +an do it,yeah!

Text 2

What a$out the sago worms. 'u-s+ &ot our cu, of tea+ 2ey+They are delicious And nutritious Our famous 1arawa- Be- La,is 6an $e e<,orted to the rest of the world, you -now (indi)idual* 1o definedC"" 1o refineC"" 1o di)ineC"" the range is totally out of the world+ Malaysians, we must ha)e a sense of fairness, a common sense a,,roach to the world Peo,le will share if they ha)e their fair share" They will listen if they are listened to 1o we must create a nation where there is a fair ashare for all" And we, must listen, discuss and hold onto our shared $elief of $eing truly one Malaysia"

In thunder and lightning, here we come Ladies and gentlemen, we the children of today Present to you A Better Tomorrow!" Malaysia is a multi # racial country" A country that $elongs to all Malaysians with a shared history and a $elief in a shared future" %#&#I#T#' (indi)idual* %nity+ Only a fi)e # letter word, yet the foundation of multi # racial Malaysia" A cultural melting ,ot (%dah ma-ai, nuan. Wa /ia- ,ah liaw.* A uni0ue heritage of different races (1elamat 2ari Raya+ 3ong 4i 5a 6ai+ 3ayu 3uru 3erai &yamai+ 7iwali 8arti-ah* A harmonious $lend unli-e any in the world" Malaysia, Truly Asia" We!)e dances from /oget to nga/at All swaying $eautiful to our ang-long In our $a/u -urung, cheongsam and sari We ha)e Malaysians who ha)e made us ,roud 7atu- 9immy 6hoo,(the chea,est ,air cost RM:;;;+*Really.+ 7atu- Bernard 6handran # the fashion designer e<traordinaire+ 7atu- A=har Mansor # the $ra)e seafaring ad)enturer 7atu- 1iti &urhali=a # the talented song$ird 7atu- Michelle 'eoh # the Bond girl+ Malaysians lo)e their food the menu for $rea-fast, lunch and dinner will $e as )aried as it!s ,eo,le" Po,iah(grou, >*char -uey tiaw(grou, ?* roti canai(grou, :* nasi lema-(grou, @* and teh tari7on!t forhet ther -ing of the fruits # the durian+ Eeeee+(grou, > A ?* &ice la+(grou, : A @*

5rom $ulloc- carts to 3en # ? steam locomoti)es, monorails, and (,ause* $elie)e it or not+ RMD"DD air tic-ets to Bali &ow, e)eryone can fly" Tra)eling has $ecome a $ree=e Our famous Petronas Twin Towers Estill the tallest twin towers in the worldF Wah+ A sym$ol of our as,irations" 6y$ers,ace has $ecome an im,ortant ,latform 5or ,eo,le to get what they want It!s the ,referred choice among the younger generation" (li-e us+* Blogging is now $ecoming a trend I ha)e a $log (indi)idual* I ha)e a $log too+ (indi)idual* Mine!s multi,ly (indi)idual*

Mine!s $logger (indi)idual* We all ha)e $logs+ 2ey+ E)en our ,oliticians ha)e $logs+ The internet cannot $e neglected" What will ha,,en if we do. (3rou,* It will $e li-e lea)ing our swords $ehind in $attle" (3rou,* Into the final frontier, 2ere we come With our handsome ang-asawan (ohh"""""* A small ste, for 7r" 1yei-h Mus=affar A giant lea, for all Malaysians 2e is the sym$ol of the ,ossi$le If he can do it so can we" The ,eo,le are our greatest assets and -ey to our future success The sha,e of our country will $e largely determined $y how we deal with the changes $rought a$out $y glo$alisation" We must ensure that the $enefits are shared" We must e0ui, Malaysians $etter for this new wolrd" We see- a nation that is truly one nation" One in which all Malaysians can share" In the world of s,orts we!)e our fair share of /oys and tears" Agony of defeat, glory of success we!)e made of ,resence felt in more ways than one" &icole Ann 7a)id, s0uashing her ri)als 7aniel Bego, Bryan Lomas, ma-ing wa)es where)er they go" With her s-ill and de<terity 1halin Gul-ifly will $owl you o)er (1ti-e+ 'es+* Lee 6hong Wei, ruling the courts the world o)er Our Malaysian s,orts stars # a $eacon of ho,e and ins,iration

Our tourist s,ot are among the $est in the world" 1i,adan # a ha)en for di)ers Penang # Pearl of the Orient Malacca # 2istorical 6ity Terengganu # home to the leather $ac- turtles 1arawa- # Land of the horn$ills 6ome one, come all if you will" Mulu 6a)es and Bina$alu are World 2eritage 1ites We the ,resent generation Must ensure that our flora and fauna And our rich $iodi)ersity must remain intact We must safeguard it for our future generations" As young women reaching out to women e)erywhere, Remind oursel)es of the many im,ortant roles we ,lay in society We can succeed if we want and are assets to our country 2a)e you heard of the saying, HBehind e)ery successful man is a woman.H And the hand that roc-s the cradle rules the world"! I am woman+ 2ear me roar+ We, the youths of Malaysia want a country founded on security, ,eace and ,ros,erity %,holding the ,rinci,les of our Ru-un &egara" We want forward # thin-ing Malaysians to meet the challenges of glo$alisation" Let us all wor- together hand in hand to create a $etter tomorrow One )oice, one ho,e, one nation One Malaysia+