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International makeover for iconic Carlsberg brand

Carlsberg Group has today launched a new brand proposition for its flagship Carlsberg brand, which is supported by a range of new marketing initiatives and innovations. This is being rolled out, at the same time, across over 140 markets and will be visible from packaging through to point-of-sale and other marketing communications. New positioning The new positioning of the Carlsberg brand celebrates Carlsberg's heritage and values, while connecting with today's active, adventurous generation of beer drinkers. The proposition encourages consumers 'to step up and do the right thing', rewarding themselves with a Carlsberg for their deeds, and carries the tagline "That calls for a Carlsberg". As Khalil Younes, Senior Vice President of Global, Sales, Marketing and Innovation, comments: Carlsberg is a fantastic brand, but the brand has even more potential that can be cultivated. Now, we also want to add essence to our brand. It is time we take Carlsberg to the next level." New innovations With a rich heritage in scientific discovery, Carlsberg is always looking to improve the quality of its beer. As part of this, a new strain of barley, Null-LOX barley, has been developed and is being rolled out across Carlsberg's markets. "Carlsberg is produced using only natural products and we are continually trying to improve them. Null-LOX barley, allows beer to stay fresher longer and provides better foaming characteristics. These benefits are further enhanced when combined with Carlsberg's new fastacting strain of yeast (234). Your fresh Carlsberg just got fresher," adds Younes. New, modernised identity Carlsberg brand's visual identity has been updated and modernised so as to build on its trusted heritage while looking to the future and increasing its appeal to today's young adult consumers. The visual identity supports Carlsberg's new brand positioning and has been executed through four design principles bold, authentic, modern and approachable.

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The Danish Royal crown has been made more simple and distinctive and allows Carlsberg to continue to tell the story of its authenticity and premium quality. The dominant green has been used since 1904 and has been made more vibrant, while the antique gold has been replaced by a more sophisticated alloy of gold and silver. In addition to these refinements, the brand's logo now carries three elements together for the first time - which will help reiterate the brand's position as an authentic, high quality, natural product- the Brewer's Star, the Hop Leaf and the inclusion of 'Copenhagen 1847,' the city where and date when Carlsberg was first brewed. However, the core elements remain the same and are still as distinctive and recognisable as ever. As Younes adds: "Few beer brands have a logo that's strong and distinctive enough to live independently. Most beer brands have to rely on embellishment and decoration, but the Carlsberg logo can boldly stand on its own and it still looks as fresh and modern as if it were designed yesterday. The Art Nouveau-style Carlsberg logo was designed by top Danish designer Thorvald Bindesbll in 1904 and has lasted more than 100 years and will likely last the next 100 years." New pack graphics and a new bottle The new packaging, carrying the modernised visual identity, is now being rolled out across over 140 markets. After the success of the Carlsberg 'Profile' bottle in various markets, Carlsberg is now establishing this embossed bottle, with a new neck-shape label, as the key bottle design across all bottle sizes. The launch of the 'Profile' bottle will help deliver a far more iconic and consistent look & feel to Carlsberg's packaging around the globe. New marketing communications To support this relaunch, a new set of creative communications has been produced, ranging from television advertising, print and digital media through to point of sales materials and will be visible as from today. The Carlsberg brand has its own new, proprietary modern musical score which will also be used across all applications and channels. "And this is taking place across 140 markets at the same time. It is a truly global initiative and a very exciting one," concludes Younes. "Once this roll out is complete, all packaging and associated marketing communications will not only reflect the brand's new positioning but will provide us with a uniform, distinctive and appealing look & feel across all our markets."

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