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Page 2 Venezuela says unrest a coup plot National Post (f/k/a The Financial Post) (Canada) Fe ruary 1!" 2#1! Friday 2$ of %!& '(C)*+NT,

National Post (f/k/a The Financial Post) (Canada) February 1!" 2#1! Friday National +dition

Venezuela says unrest a coup plot

BYLINE: -lasdair .a/erstock and 0annah ,trange" The 'aily Telegraph" 1ith Files Fro2 .loo2 erg Ne3s SECTION: 1(45'6 7n Caracas 7n 5ondon6 Pg8 -1# LENGTH: %29 3ords D TELINE: Caracas6 5ondon Venezuelan troops fanned out across the capital" Caracas" and other 2a:or cities on Thursday after President N!colas "a#uro ordered 2ilitary action against unrest that he 3arned 3as part of a ;fascist; coup plot8 Piles of urning ru ish sat s2oking along the capital<s 2ain a/enue as troops 2o/ed to secure the city follo3ing an out reak of street /iolence in 3hich three people 3ere killed on 1ednesday8 ,oldiers surrounded go/ern2ent uildings and di/erted traffic 3hile riot troops guarded entrances to the shuttered su 3ay syste2 as residents picked their 3ay through roken glass8 *r8 *aduro ordered the arrest of an opposition leader and a for2er 2ilitary chief as he clai2ed ;fascist; forces financed fro2 the )nited ,tates 3ere plotting against his go/ern2ent8 0e clai2ed the ci/il unrest 3as part of a plan y ;far right; opponents ;to ring us to a dog fight" set our people at 3ar" one against another; adding= ;There 3ill e no coup d<>tat in Venezuela" you can rest assured8; 0e 3arned that anyone 3ho perpetrated acts of /iolence or protested 3ithout per2ission 3ould e arrested8 (n 1ednesday" three people 3ere shot dead and dozens in:ured 3hen long re3ing anger o/er the country<s deepening econo2ic and security 3oes erupted into /iolence during ri/al protests y go/ern2ent supporters and opponents8 Troops used tear gas to disperse protesters as go/ern2ent uildings 3ere /andalized and cars set on fire8 ,o2e opposition protesters hurled stones and urned tires in the streets8 Pro?go/ern2ent de2onstrators" dressed in re/olutionary red" chanted slogans acking *r8 *aduro<s ;econo2ic 3ar; against the pri/ate interests he la2es for the country<s 3oes8 -t one point unidentified gun2en fired into a cro3d of de2onstrators outside the attorney?general<s office8 )nder the slogan ;The +@it"; 2eaning the departure of *r8 *aduro fro2 po3er" opposition groups ha/e een staging protests for the past t3o 3eeks o/er the country<s cri2e" corruption" ra2pant inflation and shortages of asic goods8 5eopoldo 5opez" the opposition leader 3ho faces an arrest 3arrant on charges of ho2icide and conspiracy" said the go/ern2ent had instigated the loodshed in order to discredit his peaceful 2o/e2ent8 The opposition la2es ar2ed pro?go/ern2ent 2ilitant groups kno3n as ;colecti/os; for attacking their

Page & Venezuela says unrest a coup plot National Post (f/k/a The Financial Post) (Canada) Fe ruary 1!" 2#1! Friday 2arches8 (ne of those killed on 1ednesday 3as a 3ell?kno3n colecti/o leader fro2 Aanuary 2&" an i2po/erished hillside arrio in Caracas that is a key re/olutionary stronghold8 The unrest ears o2inous si2ilarities to e/ents leading up to the coup in -pril 2##2 that riefly unseated 0ugo Cha/ez" *r8 *aduro<s predecessor and the fire rand architect of the 1$?year?old leftist re/olution in the country 3ith the 3orld<s largest oil reser/es8 *r8 *aduro raised the spectre of the 2##2 coup in his tele/ised address8 - si2ilar plot 3as no3 under 3ay" he said" adding that a group of 2## to &## opposition protesters had reached the gates of the presidential palace8 *r8 *aduro" a for2er us dri/er" has la2ed inflation and shortages that helped spark protests on an econo2ic 3ar 3aged y the ;parasitic ourgeoisie8; 0e sent regulators acked y 2ilitary troops to 2ore than 1"### electronics" furniture and toy stores to cut prices in No/e2 er8 *r8 *aduro 3as elected in -pril y the narro3est 2argin in !$ years" after President 0ugo Cha/ez died of cancer8 0e pledged to reduce cri2e and deepen the socialist re/olution started y his predecessor in 1BBB8 There 3ere fears of further confrontations Thursday after ca inet 2inisters called for a fresh pro? go/ern2ent protest in Caracas and *r8 5opez pro2ised that the opposition 3ould continue to take to the streets8 ;1e 3on<t retreat and 3e can<t retreat ecause this is a out our future" a out our children" a out 2illions of people"; he said8 The go/ern2ent appears to ha/e the full support of the 2ilitary" 2aking a coup i2possi le" Cregory 1eeks" a political science professor at the )ni/ersity of North Carolina at Charlotte" said y phone8 ;4egi2e change is really pre2ature to talk a out"; he said8 7n the Chacao district of Caracas" the scene of so2e of the 3orst /iolence" Aose .oli/ar" a $2?year?old construction 3orker" said he feared 3hat 3as to co2e8 ;+/ery 2an for hi2self is the situation here in Venezuela"; he said8 ;No one kno3s 3hat is going to happen" so 3e ha/e to prepare for the 3orst8; LO D$D TE: Fe ruary 1!" 2#1! L NG% GE: +NC57,0 G& 'HIC: Francisco 4odriguez" -FP" Cetty 72ages6 - protester 3alks o/er shields of police2en during a de2onstration against the go/ern2ent in Caracas on 1ednesday86 DOC%"ENT$TY'E: Colu2n '%BLIC TION$TY'E: Ne3spaper

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