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ISO Records are the documents design to confirming all the requirements of the ISO standards in organization. ISO Audit Checklist is an important document that verifies ISO Records as per ISO Standard requirements. ISO audit checklist helps organization as well as ISO consultants to verify that implemented ISO management system satisfied all the requirements of the respected ISO standards, which will help in easy and quick ISO certification. ISO checklists reduce time required for implementation as well as ISO certification. It also reduces number of external auditing while certification. Audit report management happens inside all kinds of companies - personal firms, in public owned businesses and non-profit-making organizations. All of them got to prepare their monetary report that successively must be audited

Types of audit There are 3 types

1. Process audits 2. Product audits 3. System audits

1. Process audits
Evaluation of the content and effectiveness of specific processes and work activities To confirm the process parameters and improve capability of the process To ensure the realization of process quality characteristics To ensure improvement of process control during service provision

2. Product audit
To identify opportunities for improvement to establish the quality level of units before final inspection and testing To establish the capability of the inspection function To determine the usefulness of inspection/tests To obtain additional neutral assessment of products level of quality

To obtain additional assurance that specified quality requirements are met

3. System audits
Evaluation all the elements of the quality system in order to Verify usefulness, suitability and effectiveness Verify adequate ISO documentation Verify compliance with requirements Determine weak points

The Audit Process Model

INPUTS Internal Audit Knowledge and Skills




Computers, Software and IIA Standards

Internal Audit Practices and Procedures

Analyses, Appraisals, Recommendations, Counsel and Information

Time and Money

Promote the Effective use of Internal Control

Supporting the Organization in the Discharge of their Responsibilities

Reputation for Integrity and Fairness

Purpose of audits
Registration / certification audit Verify that the organization's QMS meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000 Internal audit Identify opportunities for improvement Maintain ISO 9001 certification

Objectives of the internal audit

To verify conformance to applicable standards To verify conformance to documented procedures To verify effectiveness of the processes in the system To identify opportunities to improve the system

Benefits of an effective audit process

Reduced operating costs through better efficiency Improved customer satisfaction Improved morale Reduced barriers between departments Survival through continual improvement

How to Audit prime Management

Management Commitment Client Focus Quality Policy Quality Objectives Quality Management System coming up with Responsibility and Authority Management Representative Internal Communication Management Review General


The ISO auditor training Company, Global Manager Group offers ISO Internal Auditor Training Certification Course for various ISO standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Audit checklist, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, HSE and BRC. ISO internal auditor training certification course is offered in three ways. First, is At client place, any organization want to get ISO internal auditor training for their entire team can go for such course which helped them to implement best ISO system and verify it with the requirements of the respected ISO standards.

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