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Name: Year:
Achieved this level Not quite completed this level

Level 2
Water Propulsion Swim 25m in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke

Level 3
Sculling water Swim 50m freestyle Swim 25m breaststroke, backstroke, survival backstroke

Level 4
Egg beater kick with sculling Swim 100m continuously any stroke including: a) Swim 50m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke b) Swim 25m survival stroke

Level 5
Swim 200m continuously any stroke including a) reestyle breathing bilateral b) Swim with head u! for rescue during breaststroke c)"odify lifesaving backstroke with different kicks # swim both sides sidestroke

Level 6
Swim $00m continuously any stroke Strong freestyle stroke% catch u! # strong backstroke stroke%arm !ower, whi! kick in breaststroke &verall strong swimmer all styles

Level 7
'emonstrate range of advanced strokes over long distances with correct techni(ue eg )00m *ron+e "edallion ,in under -min), .00m /ross 0wards /om!etitive !erformance is outstanding

Level 8
'emonstrate outstanding refined strokes under intense !ressure1 ,Swim )00m in under 2 min) /an analyse swim stroke !erformance and design # im!lement training !lan to im!rove !erformance1

Survival Skills Sculling water in dee! end on back 3ecover ob4ects in shallow water 5ses flotation device for 1min to assist swim

Swim # scull in clothing 5min in dee! end loat using aids

Swim # scull in dee! end 10min including: 5se 6 ' correctly 'emonstrates stride7slide, com!act dive entries 'efensive 6osition in shallow water

Swim # scull to 10min, simulate esca!e techni(ue, survival sculling including: 8E96 !osition it a 6 ' correctly in dee! water

Swim # scull under water # on to! over $00m 'emonstrate signals for hel! Swim survival strokes without floatation device 'efensive # esca!e :echni(ues

Swim over long distance as in *ron+e "edallion

0s in 39SS 0ward for *ron+e /ross

Rescue Skills 3each 3escue Surface 'ive

Surface dive, retrieve ob4ect from dee! water :hrow rescue with kickboard 6erforms '30*/

:hrow rescue with ro!e .m ;ade rescue 0ccom!anied 3escue 5nderstands E03

:hrow rescue with ro!e 10m :ow 3escue in shallow water <m!lements E03 'emonstrates search # rescue in shallow S!inal in4ury%rollover

:hrow # rescue in dee! water any ob4ect in $0sec 0ccom!anied 3escue in dee! water 5nderstands /63 S!inal in4ury%vice gri! 6erforms resuscitation /63 %1 and 2 man 'emonstrates search # rescue in dee! water :ow rescue in dee! water S!inal in4ury rescue in dee! water

6erforms # teaches resuscitation /63 %1 and 2 man efficiently 'emonstrates search # rescue in any setting :ow rescue in any setting S!inal in4ury rescue any setting

Combining Skills 5nderstands Safe ;ater 6ractices

6redict flight !ath of rescue ob4ect <dentify safest rescue <dentifies self !reservation

/ombine swim strokes for rescue /over rescue distance (uickly

*e able to handle basic initiative 5se a!!ro!riate e(ui!ment in rescue

:urns in butterfly, ad4ust skills for racing events 0da!t survival techni(ue # rescue skills in o!en environment

'esign # im!lement training !rograms for swimming strokes 6lan # im!lement a rescue of more than one !erson in a variety of settings1

'esign # im!lement an advanced rescue in dee! water, which re(uires medical attention /ritically analyse value of skills in swimming 'evelo! # im!lement a learning !rogram for dee! water rescues