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Biography Reading Enrichment Unit

Title of Unit Explore Biographies- Black

History Month
English Language Arts Time
4 Weeks
Developed By Lakita Reese
Resources Biography Book Report Organizer; Glogster EDU; Glogster EDU Video Tutorials;
EasyBib for Elementary tudents; Bibliography !orksheet for Grades "# $# %
!dentify Desired Results "#tage $%
Content #tandards
ELACC6W10: !rite routinely o&er e'tended time frames (time for resear)h# refle)tion# and re&ision*
and shorter time frames (a single sitting or a day*+
ELACC6L2: Demonstrate )ommand of the )on&entions of standard English )apitalization# pun)tuation#
and spelling ,hen ,riting+b+ pell )orre)tly+
ELACC6SL1: Engage effe)ti&ely in a range of )ollaborati&e dis)ussions (one-on-one# in groups# and
tea)her-led* ,ith di&erse partners on grade % topi)s# te'ts# and issues# building on others. ideas and
e'pressing their o,n )learly+
ELACC6SL5: /n)lude multimedia )omponents (e+g+# graphi)s# images# musi)# sound* and &isual
displays in presentations to )larify information+
ELACC6W80 Gather rele&ant information from multiple print and digital sour)es; assess the )redibility
of ea)h sour)e; and 1uote or paraphrase the data and )on)lusions of others ,hile a&oiding plagiarism
and pro&iding basi) bibliographi) information for sour)es+
ELACC6SL4: 2resentation of 3no,ledge and /deas0 2resent )laims and findings# se1uen)ing ideas
logi)ally and using pertinent des)riptions# fa)ts# and details to a))entuate main ideas or themes; use
appropriate eye )onta)t# ade1uate &olume# and )lear pronun)iation+
Understandings Essential &uestions
'verarching Understanding
!hat is a biography4
5o, )an biographies help us
understand the past and the present4
!hy should you )ite resour)es ,hen
)reating a pro6e)t4
tudents ,ill understand that biographies are
non-fi)tion books that gi&e real life a))ounts
of a person.s life+
Biographies help us understand the past and
the present+
/t is important to )ite resour)es in order to not
infringe on )opyright la,s and gi&e )redit to
the author or )reator of a ,ork+
Students ill kno!
Students ill "e a"le to!
The definition of a biography+
!orks 7ited8Bibliography
7opyright la,
Read a biography and ,rite daily refle)tions in
a 6ournal+
Use proper spelling# pun)tuation# and
)apitalization in daily ,riting+
7reate a multimedia pro6e)t using Glogster to
synthesize learning and present kno,ledge
gained about a person.s life in a Biography+
7ite multimedia resour)es and )reate a
bibliography to pre&ent plagiarizing+
Assessment Evidence "#tage +%
,erformance Tas* Description
tudents ,ill )reate a multimedia presentation using Glogster EDU to sho, the kno,ledge they ha&e
gained from reading their sele)ted biography+ tudents must use the images# &ideo files# audio files and
te't in their Glogster presentation+ They must also )ite all resour)es that they used in a bibliography at
the end of the presentation+ tudents ,ill use the follo,ing rubri) to guide their ,ork on )ompleting the
'ther Evidence
Daily 6ournal entries (rubri)*
Biography Book Report Organizer
Learning ,lan "#tage -%
Segment I Introduction to Biograpie!
"a# 1:
/ntrodu)e ,hat biographies are+ E'plain to students that biographies are non-fi)tion books that des)ribe
the life of real life people+
9fter e'plaining ,hat biographies are ask students if they ha&e e&er read a biography4 9sk students to
share ,hi)h biographies they ha&e read or heard about+ /f students do not ha&e any biographies to
share# pro)eed to the ne't step and sho, a short 2rezi presentation displaying pi)tures of &arious
biographies that ha&e been ,ritten+
E'plain to the students that for the ne't fe, ,eeks ,e ,ill be reading and dis)ussing biographies of
famous 9fri)an-9meri)ans to )elebrate Bla)k 5istory :onth+
To begin the unit# e'plain to students that they learn about the life of :arian 9nderson by reading the
book: The Voice That Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights by
Russell ;reeman+
Before Reading0 9sk students ha&e they heard of :arian 9nderson or kno, ,hat she is kno,n for4
E'plain to students that :arian 9nderson ,as a famous 9fri)an-9meri)an singer during the 7i&il Rights
period+ Briefly dis)uss the 7i&il Rights period and e'plain that this period in 9meri)an history ,hen
segregation and une1ual rights bet,een bla)ks and ,hites e'isted+
"a# 2$6
During Reading0 Ea)h day# the instru)tor ,ill read aloud for <=->= minutes+ 9fter ea)h reading session#
students ,ill be re1uired to keep a daily 6ournal ,here they ,rite about :arian 9nderson.s life# the time
period that she li&ed in and pro&ide their opinions and thoughts )on)erning segregation+ :arian
9nderson.s musi) ,ill be played softly as students. re)ord their refle)tions in their 6ournals+
"a# %
9fter Reading0 9fter reading the book as a )lass# designate a ?@ournal hareA day ,ere students ha&e
the opportunity to share some of their thoughts and opinions on the book and :arian 9nderson.s life+
Segment II &eading Biograpie!
"a#! 8$12
TE2 B: 9fter students ha&e learned ,hat biographies are and ho, fun they are to read# e'plain to
students that o&er the ne't fe, days they ,ill ha&e the opportunity to )hoose a biography of a famous
9fri)an-9meri)an person they are interested in learning more about+ E'plain also that after they ha&e
sele)ted and read about their famous person# they ,ill )reate a )ollage to e'plain that person.s life
using a ,eb <+= presentation tool )alled Glogster+
To gi&e students an idea of ,hat they ,ill )reate and to build interest in the pro6e)t# sho, a sample
Glogster )ollage presentation+
TE2 <0 )hedule a day to for students to &isit the library to allo, them to sele)t a biography of their
TE2 >0 9fter students ha&e sele)ted a biography of their )hoi)e# s)hedule time for students to read
their biography throughout the ,eek+ 2ro&ide a Biography Book Report Organizer for students to re)ord
information about their sele)ted person as they read the book+ et a deadline for students to )omplete
the reading of their sele)ted book and the )ompletion of the Biography Book Report Organizer by the
end of the ,eek+
Segment III $ Biograp# Co''age (ro)ect *!ing +'og!ter
"a#! 1,$1%
TE2 B0 9fter students ha&e read their books on their sele)ted person# inform them that they ,ill begin
)reating their Glogster )ollage presentation+ This presentation ,ill be presented to the )lass to allo,
other students to learn about their sele)ted person+
TE2 < (B day*0 Before students begin ,orking on their presentation# demonstrate to students ho, to
)reate a Glogster )ollage+ Use the e'ample of :arian 9nderson.s life to )reate the sample Glogster
)ollage+ 9sk for students. input and ideas as you )reate the )ollage in Glogster+ /n addition# ,hile
)reating the sample )ollage# demonstrate and e'plain to students ho, to )ite resour)es found on the
/nternet+ E'plain that they ,ill ha&e to re)ord and )ite their resour)es as they )reate their Glogster
TE2 > (< days*0 2ro&ide indi&idual laptops or utilize an a&ailable )omputer lab for students to use to
begin finding resour)es to in)lude in their Glogster presentation+ 9sk that students find at least fi&e
pi)tures# B &ideo )lip# B sound )lip+ En)ourage students to find multimedia that relates to the information
that they re)orded on their Biography Book Report Organizer0 B+ Reason the person is famous <+
/mportant 7hara)teristi)s >+ /mportant 7ontributions "+ E'perien)es that made this person important+
$+Things you admire about this person+
2ro&ide a !orks 7ited !orksheet for students to re)ord ,here they retrie&ed their multimedia files+ /n
addition# sho, students ,here to sa&e their multimedia files on the )omputer+
2ro&ide a list of ,ebsite resour)es for students to use to find multimedia resour)es+
TE2 " (<-> days*0 9fter students ha&e had time to find and sa&e multimedia resour)es on their
sele)ted person# they ,ill begin )reating their Glogster 2resentation+ (Before )ompleting this step#
students must )reate a Glogster a))ount at http088edu+glogster+)om+ The instru)tor must pro&ide
students ,ith the ?Edu)ator 7odeA ,ithin the Glogster dashboard in order for students to register+
/nstru)tors )an also add students by &ie,ing the follo,ing tutorials0 9dding a 7lass# 9dding tudents*+
CThese features are a&ailable for a ?;ree >B day TrialA or ,ith an upgraded a))ount+
Gi&e students <-> days to )omplete their Glogster presentation+ 2ro&ide a rubri) of the pro6e)t
assignment to guide students as they )omplete the pro6e)t+
Segment I- $ (re!entation!
"a#! 18$20
2ro&ide time for students to present their Glogster presentations to the )lass+
#ro$% Wiggins& 'rant and () Mc *ighe) +,--./) Understanding by Design& Association 0or Super1ision
and 2urriculu$ 3e1elop$ent
4SB5 6 7-.8,97-:,:-. +ppk/