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PRODUCT SHEET: CA Automation Point 11.

CA Automation Point 11.4

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CA Automation Point provides the automated management of todays computing platforms by monitoring system messaging, initializing automation based on defined company policies and initiating time sensitive follow-up through comprehensive notification and escalation.

Business value
CA Automation Point helps improve productivity by providing console consolidation for sessions connected to remote systems including: z/OS MCS consoles, VTAM and CA Remote Console, iSeries (AS/S400), Telnet, SSH, UNIX, and Linux. Since all such sessions can be viewed and managed remotely, CA Automation Point can be used to implement a true automated data center limiting human resource requirements thus helping to reduce overhead cost outlay. With its ability to initiate and automate an IPL/IML process, CA Automation Point can help reduce the system downtime of your business-critical systems. It can also facilitate failover from your sites primary systems to backup systems in a disaster recovery situation, reducing business critical downtime that could affect a companys immediate revenue stream.

Product overview
With cross system platform management being the industry norm today, a system operator needs to be able to efciently monitor and react to events originating in either the distributed and/or the mainframe system. CA Automation Point is an event monitoring, system automation, and staff notication application. It monitors mainframe systems, distributed systems, and devices throughout your enterprise, enabling event correlation among the many varied systems that constitute your corporate computing environment. Rules and scripting capabilities enable you to automate the systems that you monitor. A policy-based notication component enables you to automatically notify key staff members about critical events that require human decision making and intervention.

CA Automation Point

Figure A
CA Automation Point 11.4

By using CA Automation Point to automate cross-platform management and dene and enforce data center policies across the enterprise, you can resolve most problems with minimal human interaction.

Features and benefits

CA Automation Point has adopted key features that are designed to simplify your use and administration and leverage industry standards to help enable your staff to maintain it more effectively and quickly. Platform support: Server: Provides the reliability of supporting the most current MS server versions and potentially reducing the support of cost of older server versions within your environment. Remote viewer: Allows for deployment across Windows desktop operating systems within a company enabling cost efcient utilization of existing and new OS offerings. Web Services API for remote access: Web Services is an industry standard and it provides remote access to Automation Point. These Web Services can be used by either other CA Technologies products or customers to reach out to CA Automation Point and provides the ability to perform operations on CA Automation Point notications, on host sessions being monitored, and on messages within those sessions.

CA Automation Point

Connectivity: TN5250 communication protocol support: AS400 connections in a hybrid platform environment. Support of this native protocol improves communication reliability, enhancing accuracy of data access and utilization. Manage up to 64 total sessions on a single server: computing power growth continues, consolidation of more systems into a single CA Automation Point server allows for reduction in software and human resource investment. Single sign-on: workstation without the need to re-authenticate. Provides time saving and ease of use for end users that have already been authenticated via Active Directory. Ease of use: Session layouts: Users of the CA Automation Point Desktop and Remote Viewer will be able to save the current layout of session windows. Such layouts can be named, so a user can maintain multiple layouts for quick and easy restoration allowing for cross-staff ease of use. Import/export facility enhancements: Conguration settings (session denitions, remote viewing options, paging options, and many more) can be exported from one CA Automation Point server machine and imported into another CA Automation Point server machine. Streamlines the process of staging a new CA Automation Point server, when required due to change in hardware or OS software upgrades, by allowing the ability to clone the conguration settings of an existing CA Automation Point server, eliminating the unnecessary manual conguration and potential errors by the systems manager. Notication enhancements: View all contacts: Enables end users to be able to see contact information, but ensures they cannot make any changes by mistake. So for example, operations staff can more easily select a contact from the complete list of available contacts to send a notication. View all notifications: Allows end users to see all notications in the database. In the past, end users were limited to viewing only notications they were associated with. This allows administrators or operations staff to see all notications so the notications can be monitored and managed. Answer all notifications: Allows end users to respond to any outstanding notication. This allows someone who is not part of the escalation group to respond to a notication. So for example, if the operations staff has resolved a problem, they could respond to a notication request to prevent any further notication escalations.

Delivery approach
CA Services provides a portfolio of mainframe services delivered through CA Technologies internal staff and a network of established partners chosen to help you achieve a successful

CA Automation Point

deployment and get the desired business results as quickly as possible. Our standard service offerings are designed to speed deployment and accelerate the learning curve for your staff. CA Technologies eld-proven mainframe best practices and training help you lower risk, improve use/adoption and ultimately align the product conguration to your business requirements.

The CA Technologies advantage

By using CA Automation Point to automate cross-platform management and dene and enforce data center policies across the enterprise, you can resolve most problems with minimal human interaction. This increases the efciency of IT operations, and provides you the ability to redirect human capital toward value added activities. CA Automation Point can assist you to manage risk, costs, improve service, align IT processes with business needs and move you a step closer to realizing a fully autonomic computing environment. CA Automation Point helps reduce the potential for human error and improves user productivity and system resource utilization by offering a comprehensive solution for automating the resolution to problem conditions. Through its inherent management capabilities, you can better align IT with business needs, achieve cost savings, and improve operational user efciencies. CA Automation Point is a key component of next-generation mainframe management strategy. CA Technologies has over 35 years of recognized expertise in robust, reliable, scalable, and secure enterprise-class IT management software. CA Process Automation for System z is a key component of the CA Technologies initiative to change the way the mainframe is managed forever by helping you maximize the value of CA Technologies mainframe products and by providing a simplied experience and innovative solutions that deliver value quickly and exibly.

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