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AP Style Quiz 1 1. The American Revolution is a/an historic event. a an AP Stylebook entry: "a, an" 2. Doctor/Dr.

r. Roberts is a well-respecte physician. !octor !r. AP Stylebook entry: "abbreviations an acronyms" ". The # am/a.m. meetin$ is man atory. am a.m. AP Stylebook entry: "abbreviations an acronyms" %. &et's meet at (") *atermelon Rd./Road. R . Roa AP Stylebook entry: "abbreviations an acronyms" (. The $irl is 15/fifteen years ol . 1( +i+teen AP Stylebook entry: "a$es" ,. Apple -alley, Minn./MN, is &arry.s hometown. /inn. /0 AP Stylebook entry: "/innesota" an "state names" 1. The 2.S. army/Army le American +orces into 3ra4. army Army AP Stylebook entry: "Army" #. *e $reete ambassador/Ambassador 5ohnson upon his arrival. ambassa or Ambassa or AP Stylebook entry: "ambassa or" an "titles"

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6. The 0ew Testament is part o+ the bible/ ible. bible 7ible AP Stylebook entry: "7ible" 1). The television station broadcast/broadcasted the public service announcement yester ay. broa cast broa caste AP Stylebook entry: "broa cast" AP S!"#$ Q%&' 2 1. The +eature story shoul have inclu e a by(line/byline. by-line byline AP Stylebook entry: "bylines" 8. 3 ha 5 cents/).*5 in my pocket. ( cents 9.)( AP Stylebook entry: "cents" ". /ark watches +,-eel of .ortune+/,-eel of .ortune every ni$ht. "*heel o+ :ortune" *heel o+ :ortune AP Stylebook entry: "composition titles" %. *e visite the wil li+e habitat at ;ul+ States /or0.//or0oration. <orp. <orporation AP Stylebook entry: "corporation" (. An erson an Rockwall counties//ounties contain lar$e metropolitan areas. counties <ounties AP Stylebook entry: "county" ,. *ith care+ul plannin$, we were able to avoi both crisis/crises. crisis crises AP Stylebook entry: "crisis, crises"

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1. /artha place a and(Aid/band(aid on her au$hter.s knee. 7an -Ai ban -ai AP Stylebook entry: "7an -Ai " an "tra emark" #. Police steppe in to brea1 u0/brea1(u0 the +i$ht. break up break-up 6. AP Stylebook entry: "break up =v.>, breakup =n. an a ?.>" @e miscalculate the affect/effect o+ his actions. a++ect e++ect AP Stylebook entry: "a++ect, e++ect" 1). The chil is my de0endant/de0endent. epen ant epen ent AP Stylebook entry: " epen ent =n. an a ?.>"

AP S!"#$ Q%&' 2 1. The *hartons travele nort-/Nort- on 3nterstate ,(. north 0orth AP Stylebook entry: " irections an re$ions" 8. /ark has bri3-t4s disease/ ri3-t4s disease. bri$ht's isease 7ri$ht's isease AP Stylebook entry: " iseases" ". There are seven continents on eart-/$art-. earth Aarth

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AP Stylebook entry: "earth" %. 5ohn Turner is the $ditor(in(/-ief/editor(in(c-ief o+ the ma$aBine. A itor-in-<hie+ e itor-in-chie+ AP Stylebook entry: "e itor-in-chie+" (. Aither they or he is/are $oin$. is are AP Stylebook entry: "either...or, neither...nor" ,. Sen an email/e(mail announcin$ the meetin$ time an place. email e-mail AP Stylebook entry: "email" 1. *e took steps to insure/ensure accuracy. insure ensure AP Stylebook entry: "ensure, insure, assure" #. *e evelope a .AQ/fa5 *eb pa$e. :AC +a4 AP Stylebook entry: ":AC" 6. The store is furt-er/fart-er own the roa . +urther +arther AP Stylebook entry: "+arther, +urther" 1). &et's post the fliers/flyers aroun the buil in$ so all stu ents can see them. +liers +lyers AP Stylebook entry: "+lier, +lyer" AP S!"#$ Q%&' 6 1. @e wrote a full len3t-/full(len3t- story. +ull len$th +ull-len$th

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AP Stylebook entry: "+ull-" 8. /akin$ its/-er lan +all near 0ew Drleans, @urricane Eatrina cause 91( billion in ama$es. its her AP Stylebook entry: "hurricane" ". /y uncle lives in Sprin$+iel , &llinois/&ll. 3llinois 3ll. AP Stylebook entry: "3llinois" an "state names" %. @e opene the oor an ran in/into the room. in into AP Stylebook entry: "in, into" (. The &nternet/internet is a ecentraliBe , worl wi e network o+ computers. 3nternet internet AP Stylebook entry: "3nternet" ,. 5ohn Smith, %.S. /ircuit 7ud3e/%.S. circuit 8ud3e, has been marrie +or 1% years. 2.S. <ircuit 5u $e 2.S. circuit ?u $e AP Stylebook entry: "?u $e" 1. @ave you ever been to Eansas <ity, 9ansas/9an.F Eansas Ean. AP Stylebook entry: "Eansas" an "state names" #. Sonya lays/lies on the beach +or two hours each ay. lays lies AP Stylebook entry: "lay, lie" 6. The -ermont le3islature/#e3islature approve the amen ment. le$islature &e$islature AP Stylebook entry: "le$islature"

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1). <ome to the meetin$ in business(li1e/businessli1e attire. business-like businesslike AP Stylebook entry: "-like"

AP S!"#$ 5 1. /ary ances li1e/as a ballerina. like as AP Stylebook entry: "like, as" 8. The house is in li:eable/li:able con ition. liveable livable AP Stylebook entry: "livable" ". 7etty an Sue are lon3 time/lon3time +rien s. lon$ time lon$time AP Stylebook entry: "lon$ time, lon$time" %. *e live near the badly(dama3ed/badly dama3ed islan . ba ly- ama$e ba ly ama$e AP Stylebook entry: "-ly" (. Presi ent 7ush appeare on the cover o+ !ime/+!ime+ ma$aBine. Time "Time" AP Stylebook entry: "ma$aBine names" an "composition titles" ,. Television an ra io are i++erent media/mediums. me ia me iums AP Stylebook entry: "me ia"

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1. *e visite the &incoln memorial/Memorial. memorial /emorial AP Stylebook entry: "monuments" #. They were marrie in 7an./7anuary 1666. 5an. 5anuary AP Stylebook entry: "months" 6. iPo s use MP2/m02 +iles. /P" mp" AP Stylebook entry: "/P"" 1). @e rea s t-e/!-e 0ew Gork Times on Sun ays. the The AP Stylebook entry: "newspaper names"

AP S!"#$ ; 1. *e arrive at noon/12 noon. noon 18 noon AP Stylebook entry: "noon" 8. Gou can +in the in+ormation on(line/online. on-line online AP Stylebook entry: "online" ". The or$aniBation raise more t-an/o:er 9()) urin$ last week's +un raiser. more than over AP Stylebook entry: "over" 6. Persons/Peo0le o+ all a$es are welcome to atten . Persons People AP Stylebook entry: "people, persons"

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(. Dnly 8) </0ercent o+ our membership atten e the meetin$. H percent AP Stylebook entry: "percent" ,. *e all know that Mot-er Nature/mot-er nature can be cruel. /other 0ature mother nature AP Stylebook entry: "/other 0ature" an "personi+ications" 1. These 0ianoes/0ianos are +or sale. pianoes pianos AP Stylebook entry: "piano, pianos" #. The book is your=s/yours. your's yours AP Stylebook entry: "possessives" 6. @e wrote a bio$raphy o+ 7esus=s/7esus= li+e. 5esus's 5esus' AP Stylebook entry: "possessives" 1).2S< 0resident/President Steven 7. Sample has increase enrollment ramatically. presi ent Presi ent AP Stylebook entry: "presi ent" an "titles"

AP S!"#$ > 1. The Ple $e o+ Alle$iance contains a re+erence to ?od/3od. ;o $o

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AP Stylebook entry: "reli$ious re+erences" an "$o s an $o


8. *e are reluctant/reticent to publish that in+ormation be+ore it's con+irme . reluctant reticent AP Stylebook entry: "reluctant, reticent" ". They walke side(by(side/side by side. si e-by-si e si e by si e AP Stylebook entry: "si e by si e, si e-by-si e" %. The state/State o+ Alabama re4uires motorists to have proo+ o+ insurance. state State AP Stylebook entry: "state" 5. !een(a3ers/!eena3ers nee a ult supervision while in the park. Teen-a$ers Teena$ers AP Stylebook entry: "teen, teena$er =n.>, teena$e =a ?.>" ,. /y o++ice phone number is 2*5(/@2*5A "%#-(1,,. 8)( =8)(> AP Stylebook entry: "telephone numbers" 1. That pro uct is ma e in the %SA/%.S.A. 2SA 2.S.A. AP Stylebook entry: "2SA" #. /ar$aret 7ell is the :ice(0resident/:ice 0resident o+ the company. vice-presi ent vice presi ent AP Stylebook entry: "vice" an "vice presi ent" B. ,-o=s/,-ose thereF *ho's *hose AP Stylebook entry: "who's, whose"

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1). The pro$ram bene+its people C-o/t-at are homeless. who that AP Stylebook entry: "that =con?unction>" an "who, whom"

AP S!"#$ D 1. ,-o/,-om o you wish to seeF *ho *hom AP Stylebook entry: "who, whom" 8. 3n an a ress, o not put a comma between the state name an '&P/'i0 co e. I3P Iip AP Stylebook entry: "I3P co e" ". Turnin$ in the paper late will not be all ri3-t/alri3-t. all ri$ht alri$ht AP Stylebook entry: "all ri$ht =a v.>" %. The <ali+ornia an 0ew 5ersey assemblies/Assemblies recently met to consi er $un control le$islation. assemblies Assemblies AP Stylebook entry: "assembly" (. The @alloween /eet an ;reet was a bazaar/bizarre event. baBaar biBarre AP Stylebook entry: "biBarre" ,. The or$aniBation's board of directors/ oard of Directors meets bimonthly. boar o+ irectors 7oar o+ !irectors AP Stylebook entry: "boar o+ irectors, boar o+ trustees" >. /an:ass//an:as the area +or a $oo place to set up a picnic. <anvass <anvas

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AP Stylebook entry: "canvas, canvass" #. *hen you iscuss a person's moral 4ualities, you are re+errin$ to his c-aracter/re0utation. character reputation AP Stylebook entry: "character, reputation" 6.@elen now lives in 0ew Gork /ity/city. <ity city AP Stylebook entry: "city" 1). /ark an Thomas are coCor1ers/co(Cor1ers. coworkers co-workers AP Stylebook entry: "co-"

AP S!"#$ Q%&' B 1. This $ol -lea+ bowl ates back to the 1>**s/1>**4s. 11))s 11))'s AP Stylebook entry: " eca es" an "years" 8. /ary wants to be a dietician/dietitian +or a lar$e hospital system. ietician ietitian AP Stylebook entry: " ietitian" ". This kitten's personality is i++erent t-an/from the others. than +rom AP Stylebook entry: " i++erent" %. The +our stu ents looke at eac- ot-er/one anot-er. each other one another AP Stylebook entry: "each other, one another"

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(. <arlos immi3rated/emi3rated +rom <uba. immi$rate emi$rate AP Stylebook entry: "emi$rate, immi$rate" ,. *e took !a to inner +or .at-er4s Day/.at-ers Day. :ather's !ay :athers !ay AP Stylebook entry: ":ather's !ay" 1. Dne o+ our $uests was .irst #ady/first lady &aura 7ush. :irst &a y +irst la y AP Stylebook entry: "+irst la y" #. The ?ob position is now full(time/full time. +ull-time +ull time AP Stylebook entry: "+ull time, +ull-time" 6. &et this be our last 3oodbye/3oodby. $oo bye $oo by AP Stylebook entry: "$oo bye" 1). The ban4uet honore the ?o:ernor/3o:ernor. ;overnor $overnor AP Stylebook entry: "$overnor" an "titles"

AP S!"#$ 1* 1. The $roup o+ pro+essors is implementin$ t-eir/its new aca emic plan. their its AP Stylebook entry: "$roup" 8. A company website's -ome 0a3e/-ome0a3e must be easy to navi$ate. home pa$e homepa$e AP Stylebook entry: "home pa$e"

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". She lives at 126 ,est 22rd St. / 126 ,. 22rd St. 18% *est 8"r St. 18% *. 8"r St. AP Stylebook entry: "a resses"

%. The three +rien s eci e to keep the iscussion betCeen / amon3 themselves. between amon$ AP Stylebook entry: "amon$, between" 5. Any one / Anyone o+ the stu ents may come to the lecture. Any one Anyone AP Stylebook entry: "anybo y, any bo y, anyone, any one" ,. She +elt bad / badly when she ha the +lu. ba ba ly AP Stylebook entry: "ba , ba ly" 1. 3 can4t -ardly / can -ardly hear you. can't har ly can har ly AP Stylebook entry: "can't har ly" #. As a citizen / resident o+ *ichita, the woman vote in the mayoral race. citiBen resi ent AP Stylebook entry: "citiBen, resi ent, sub?ect, national, native" 6. The two top +ootball recruits were coe5ual / co(e5ual. coe4ual co-e4ual AP Stylebook entry: "co-" 1). The Atlanta, <harleston an Ralei$h /ity /ouncils / city councils vote on the proposal. city councils <ity <ouncils AP Stylebook entry: "city council"

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AP S!"#$ 11 1. /y two dau3-ters(in(laC / dau3-ter(in(laCs were busy shoppin$. au$hters-in-law au$hter-in-laws AP Stylebook entry: " au$hter-in-law, au$hters-in-law" 8. /y +avorite rink is Dr. Pe00er / Dr Pe00er. !r Pepper !r. Pepper AP Stylebook =8)1)> entry: "!r Pepper" ". She is doCn(to(eart- / doCn(to($art-. own-to-earth own-to-Aarth AP Stylebook entry: "earth" %. 2pon fart-er / furt-er review o+ your application, we've eci e to o++er you the ?ob. +arther +urther AP Stylebook entry: "+arther, +urther" 5. #ess / .eCer than 1) people applie +or the ?ob. :ewer &ess AP Stylebook entry: "+ewer, less" ,. @e was her fiance / fiancee. +iance +iancee AP Stylebook entry: "+iance =man>, +iancee =woman> 1. She i Cell / 3ood on the test. well $oo AP Stylebook entry: "$oo , well"

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#. She complaine about bein$ -arrassed / -arassed. harrasse harasse AP Stylebook entry: "harass, harassment" 6. *hat is the -oldu0 / -old u0 with the eliveryF hol up hol up AP Stylebook entry: "hol up =v.>, hol up =n. an a ?.> 1). Dur company's intranet / &ntranet makes the eJchan$e o+ internal +iles an in+ormation easier +or our employees. intranet 3ntranet AP Stylebook entry: "intranet" AP S!"#$ 12 1. /artin &uther 9in3E 7r. / 9in3 7r. was a phenomenal speaker. Ein$, 5r. Ein$ 5r. AP Stylebook entry: "?unior, senior" 8. @e has lain / layed in the sun +or the past three hours. lain laye AP Stylebook entry: "lay, lie" ". The midsemester / mid(semester eJams were 4uickly approachin$. mi semester mi -semester AP Stylebook entry: "mi -" %. She $rew more t-an / o:er " inches this summer. more than over AP Stylebook entry: "over" (. A fi:e(year(old / 5(year(old $irl won the contest. +ive-year-ol (-year-ol AP Stylebook entry: "a$es" an "numerals"

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;. F:er allE / F:erallE the stu ents i well on their pro?ects. Dver all, Dverall, AP Stylebook entry: "overall" 1. The 0eo0le / 0eo0les o+ A+rica speak many i++erent lan$ua$es. people peoples AP Stylebook entry: "people" #. /ore than 8( 0ercent / < o+ colle$e stu ents skip class. percent H AP Stylebook entry: "percent" 6. The test was in QGA / Q(and(A +ormat. C-an -A CKA AP Stylebook entry: "C-an -A" 1). The restaurateur / restauranteur rives a $reen car, which matches the color o+ his restaurant's lo$o. restaurateur restauranteur AP Stylebook entry: "restaurateur"

AP S!"#$ Q%&' 12 1. The coals continue to smolder / smoulder. smol er smoul er AP Stylebook entry: "smol er" 8. She sneake L snuck into her room late. sneake snuck

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AP Stylebook entry: "sneake " ". The stationary L stationery ha her name on it. stationary stationery AP Stylebook entry: "stationary, stationery" %. The store's telephone number is #))-(((-(((( L =#))> (((-((((. #))-(((-(((( =#))> (((-(((( AP Stylebook entry: "telephone numbers" (. The team that L which arrives +irst will present its i eas +irst. that which AP Stylebook entry: "that, which" ,. The 2S L 2.S. team won a $ol me al. 2S 2.S. AP Stylebook entry: "2.S." 1. The *eb site L website was recently up ate . *eb site website AP Stylebook entry: "website" an "*eb" #. @e has a bachelor's e$ree, bachelors e$ree. bachelor's bachelors AP Stylebook entry: "aca emic e$rees" 6. The epartment o+ An$ineerin$Len$ineerin$ is known +or its tou$h curriculum. An$ineerin$ en$ineerin$ AP Stylebook entry: "aca emic epartments" 1). She went to acceptLeJcept the awar . accept eJcept AP Stylebook entry: "accept, eJcept"

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AP S!"#$ 16 1. @e was the pro$ram's ad:isor/ad:iser. a visor a viser AP Stylebook entry: "a viser" 8. Skippin$ the assi$nment affected/effected his overall $ra e. a++ecte e++ecte AP Stylebook entry: "a++ect, e++ect" ". @e was a part o+ the aby 7aby 7oomer baby boomer oomer/baby boomer $eneration.

AP Stylebook entry: "baby boomer" %. They walke bac1Cards/bac1Card care+ully. backwar s backwar AP Stylebook entry: "backwar " (. The town has a popular bed(and(brea1fast/bed and brea1fast. be -an -break+ast be an break+ast AP Stylebook entry: "be -an -break+ast" ,. She has blond/blonde hair. blon blon e AP Stylebook entry: "blon , blon e" 1. The army +ire the cannon/canon. cannon canon AP Stylebook entry: "cannon, canon" #. The 2.S. /a0ital//a0itol is locate in *ashin$ton, !.<. <apital <apitol AP Stylebook entry: "<apitol"

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6. The paintin$ ates back to the nint-/Bt- century. ninth 6th AP Stylebook entry: "century" 1). The character is intro uce in /-a0ter D//-a0ter ei3-t. <hapter # <hapter ei$ht AP Stylebook entry: "chapters"

AP S!"#$ Q%&' 15 1. The priBe was two com0lementary/com0limentary meals at the local iner. complementary complimentary AP Stylebook entry: "complementary, complimentary" 8. The boy's mom 0ersuaded/con:inced him to stu y har er. persua e convince AP Stylebook entry: "convince, persua e" 2. !-e 0asser(bys/0assers(by stare at the wreck. passer-bys passers-by passerby, passersby %. She is 6(feet(D(inc-es/6 feet D inc-es tall. %-+eet-#-inches % +eet # inches AP Stylebook entry: " imensions" (. She was not discreet/discrete enou$h in the meetin$. iscreet iscrete

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AP Stylebook entry: " iscreet, iscrete" ,. The house went on the market +or );5*E***/);5* t-ousand. 9,(),))) 9,() thousan AP Stylebook entry: " ollars" 1. She emi3rated/immi3rated to the 2nite States. emi$rate immi$rate AP Stylebook entry: "emi$rateLimmi$rate" #. The torna o ama$e was Cides0read/Cide(s0read. wi esprea wi e-sprea AP Stylebook entry: "wi e-" B. Re0resentati:e/Re0. 7en :uller spoke at the luncheon. Representative Rep. AP Stylebook entry: "le$islative titles" 1). Rain was forecast/forecasted every ay last week. +orecast +orecaste AP Stylebook entry: "+orecast"

AP S!"#$ 1; 1. She eci e to fore3o/for3o purchasin$ the ress. +ore$o +or$o AP Stylebook entry: "+ore$o, +or$o" 8. The stu ent was +rom /arietta, ?A/?a. ;A ;a. AP Stylebook entry: ";eor$ia" an "state abbreviations" ". 3 +eel 3ood/Cell to ay. $oo well

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AP Stylebook entry: "$oo , well" %. /ahlia 5ackson was a +amous 3os0el/?os0el sin$er. $ospel ;ospel AP Stylebook entry: ";ospel=s>, $ospel" 5. ?o:ernor/?o:. 7ob Riley has a lot o+ supporters. ;overnor ;ov. AP Stylebook entry: "$overnor" an "titles" ,. The 3ray/3rey car was parke ille$ally. $ray $rey AP Stylebook entry: "$ray" 1. <ompany revenues ran$e +rom )1* to )12 million/)1* million to )12 million. 91) to 918 million 91) million to 918 million AP Stylebook entry: "ran$es" #. The en5uiry/in5uiry was ma e throu$h the website. en4uiry in4uiry AP Stylebook entry: "in4uire, in4uiry" 6. @e was +rom 9ansas /ity/9ansas /ityE Mo. Eansas <ity Eansas <ity, /o. AP Stylebook entry: "Eansas <ity" 1). The $overnor hel a 0ress conference/neCs conference. press con+erence news con+erence AP Stylebook entry: "press con+erence"

AP S!"#$ Q%&' 1> 1. She was fully(informed/fully informed be+ore makin$ her ecision. +ully-in+orme +ully in+orme

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AP Stylebook entry: "-ly" 8. The 0ew Gork <ity fire de0artment/.ire De0artment respon s 4uickly. +ire epartment :ire !epartment AP Stylebook entry: "$overnmental bo ies" ". A blaBer can be +oun in the mensCear/men4s Cear epartment. menswear men's wear AP Stylebook entry: "menswear" %. The Appalachian Mountains/mountains be$in in Alabama. /ountains mountains AP Stylebook entry: "mountains" (. The car was travelin$ ") miles 0er -our/m0-. miles per hour mph AP Stylebook entry: "mph" ,. The stu ents are +rom Asheville, N././N/. 0.<. 0< AP Stylebook entry: "0orth <arolina" 1. The computer was offline/off(line. o++line o++-line AP Stylebook entry: "o++line" #. She +ell off of/off the short le $e. o++ o+ o++ AP Stylebook entry: "o++ o+"

6. The stu ent +elt F9/o1ay about the test. DE okay

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AP Stylebook entry: "DE, DE' , Dk'in$, Dks" 1). 3t was 0ourin3/0orin3 outsi e. pourin$ porin$ AP Stylebook entry: "pourin$, porin$"

AP S!"#$ Please note: Throu$h the +ollowin$ eJamples, italics are use to hi$hli$ht the wor or phrase in 4uestion, an not to in icate that the wor or phrase shoul be italiciBe .

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abbre:iations These titles are capitaliBe an abbreviate be+ore a name: !r. ;ov. &t. ;ov. Rep. Sen. =Sens.> an all military titles =;en., A m., <ol., /a?., <apt., Pvt., P+c, etc.> Pro+essor is never abbreviate an only capitaliBe i+ part o+ a title, e.$. 5oe Smith, the Au$ene 5ones Pro+essor o+ <hemistry, ... 2nite States an 2nite 0ations -- spell out on +irst re+erence, then abbreviate 2.S. an 2.0. as nouns on secon an subse4uent re+erences. Abbreviate always when use as a ?ectives. The 2nite States contribution to the 2.0 <limate :un is lar$er than that o+ any other nation. The 2.S. ambassa or sai she will not protest the meetin$ at the 2nite 0ations. 7ut a 2.0. spokeswoman sai ... academic de3rees bachelor o+ arts =7.A.>=a bachelor.s>

bachelor o+ ivinity =7.!.> bachelor o+ laws =&&.7> bachelor o+ science =7.S.> octor o+ law =5.!.> =a octorate> octor o+ laws =&.&.!.> octor o+ me icine =/.!.>

octor o+ philosophy =Ph.!.> master o+ arts =/.A.> =a master.s> master o+ public policy =/.P.P.> master o+ science =/.S.>

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academic de0artments Aca emic epartments are in lowercase =the music epartment, the physics epartment> eJcept when the sub?ect in 4uestion is a proper noun =the An$lish epartment, the ;erman epartment>. !epartment names use in an o++icial sense are uppercase =e.$., !uke's !epartment o+ <hemistry, the !epartment o+ /usic>. The same is true +or institutes, centers, schools, etc.

academic titles

<apitaliBe titles be+ore a name.

!uke 2niversity Presi ent Richar @. 7ro hea Trinity <olle$e !ean &aurie &. Patton &owercase a+ter a name or when use alone. Richar @. 7ro hea , the presi ent o+ !uke 2niversity &aurie Patton, ean o+ Trinity <olle$e AJceptions are names o+ chaire pro+essorships. Alice /ary 7al win Pro+essor o+ @istory *illiam @. <ha+e an *illiam @. <ha+e, Alice /ary 7al win Pro+essor o+ @istory !octor, /.!., Ph.!. affectE effect A++ect, the noun, escribes an emotion, an is use mainly in psycholo$y. AP style says to avoi usin$ "a++ect" as a noun. The patient showe little a++ect.

A++ect, the verb, means to in+luence.

@is illness a++ecte his $ra es.

A++ect, the noun, means result or outcome.

@is illness ha an e++ect on his $ra es.

A++ect, the verb, means to brin$ about, to create.

The epartment chair e++ecte bi$ chan$es. alumnusE etc. An alumnus is a male $ra uate, an alumna a +emale $ra uate. Alumni are both male $ra uates an male an +emale $ra uates combine . Alumnae are +emale $ra uates.

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The same en in$s apply +or emeritus, meanin$ a retire +aculty member. American &ndians The AP Stylebook su$$ests that this usa$e is pre+erable to 0ative Americans, since the ancestors o+ American 3n ians mi$rate to 0orth America +rom Asia. amon3E betCeen

7etween intro uces two items, amon$ more than two.

The applicant ha to eci e amon$ !uke, @arvar an Princeton. The applicant ha to choose between !uke an Princeton. Pronouns +ollowin$ these prepositions are in the ob?ective case. The choice was between us an them. ca0italization Avoi unnecessary capitals. <apitaliBe: proper nouns: 5ames 7. !uke proper names: !uke 2niversity, the Ano River popular names: the 7ull <ity, the Trian$le titles =see Aca emic Titles, above, an Titles, below>: M!ear Dl !ukeN 2niversity, by itsel+, meanin$ !uke, is never capitaliBe . Presi ent 7ro hea escribe the university.s master plan.

caratE caretE 1arat A carat is a measure o+ wei$ht o+ precious stones. A caret is a proo+rea er.s symbol, in icatin$ where wor s or letters are to be inserte . A karat is a measure o+ the portion o+ pure $ol in an alloy. collecti:e nouns 0ouns an proper nouns enotin$ units =class, choir, committee, +raternity, orchestra, team, !uke, /icroso+t> are sin$ular an take sin$ular verbs an pronouns. The Arts K Sciences <ouncil a ?ourne +or the summer. 3t meets a$ain in September. The team is on a roa trip. 3t plays toni$ht in Atlanta. @owever, team names an ban names take plural verbs an pronouns. The 7eatles remain the worl 's most in+luential ban . The 7lue !evils won last ni$ht. They ominate on e+ense.

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commas in a series 2se a comma a+ter each item in a series eJcept be+ore the con?unction =unless the last item inclu es a con?unction.>

AJample: Stu ents eat lunch at the <ambri $e 3nn, the Alpine Atrium an the Perk.
com0oseE com0rise

<ompose, in the passive voice, means to be ma e up o+.

!uke 2niversity is compose o+ nine schools.

<omprise, best use only in the active voice, means to contain or inclu e.
!uke 2niversity comprises nine schools. com0ound nouns *hen in oubt whether a noun is open =hal+ note, hal+ brother>, close =hal+back, hal+tone>, or hyphenate =hal+-moon, hal+-li+e>, consult a ictionary. =Also see Pre+iJes, below.> Some eJamples: A+ro-American bookkeepin$ ecision maker +irst-$ra er hal+-century 3talian-American key o+ :-sharp mi -Atlantic northeast oversi$ht 4uasi corporation vice presi ent dean=s list Always lowercaseO attorney $eneral coal minin$ ecision makin$ :rench <ana ian hal+- ollar key o+ 7 minor key o+ ; ma?or mi summer notebook, teJtbook policymaker sel+-knowle $e vice provost blue $reen crosswalk eJ-presi ent +ull moon hea ache, toothache key o+ 7-+lat &atin American near miss one-hal+, one-ei$hth presi ent-elect vice chairman A+rican-American

AJample: @e ma e the ean.s list three strai$ht semesters.

discE dis1 isc ?ockey computer isk or iskette laser isc +loppy isk vi eo isc

disinterestedE uninterested in interest. due to

!isintereste means impartial, unintereste means lackin$

!ue is an a ?ective that +ollows the verb to be or mo i+ies a particular noun.

The cancellation was ue to snow. <ancellations ue to snow isrupte the semester. 3t shoul not be use in a verbial phrases to mean because o+.

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3nstea o+: !ue to snow, classes were cancele . 2se: 7ecause o+ snow, classes were cancele . Du1e=s unitsE official names !ivinity School !uke 2niversity @ealth System =lowercase "health system" i+ on its own> P=!uke /e icine is an umbrella term that re+ers to all o+ the component entities -- !uke 2niversity @ealth System, !uke 2niversity School o+ /e icine, !uke 2niversity School o+ 0ursin$, etc. !uke 2niversity @ealth System re+ers D0&G to the clinical entities -- !uke 2niversity @ospital, !uke Ralei$h @ospital, outpatient clinics an +acilities, etc.> The :u4ua School o+ 7usiness 0icholas School o+ the Anvironment San+or School o+ Public Policy School o+ /e icine ;ra uate School Pratt School o+ An$ineerin$ School o+ &aw School o+ 0ursin$ Arts K Sciences an Trinity <olle$e

2n er$ra uate women who atten e !uke between 16") an 1618 were stu ents in the *oman.s <olle$e, not the *omen.s <olle$e. See also: Schools an class years, below. forei3n Cords and 0-rases italiciBe :

:orei$n wor s an phrases +oun in a stan ar An$lish ictionary are not

al-Cai a olce vita ?iha troika +ait accompli kibitB mah-?on$$ tsunami hacien a mea culpa

0ouns that in ;erman woul be capitaliBe are in An$lish lowercase: oppel$Qn$er or oppel$an$er, scha en+reu e, weltschmerB. full timeE 0art time @yphenate the a ?ective, not the noun.

:ull-time employees work +ull time. Part-time employees work part time. fundraisin3E fundraiser Dne wor in all cases.

The <ampai$n +or !uke was a +un raisin$ e++ort. :un raisin$ is important to the university.s +uture.

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-andica0E disability han icappe .

Please re+er to people with isabilities or isable rather than to the

-e or s-eE -is or -er 2sin$ he or she an his or her to be +air to both $en ers can be awkwar . 3t is o+ten simpler to make the noun plural. 3nstea o+: A stu ent $ets $oo $ra es when he or she stu ies har . 2se: Stu ents $et $oo $ra es when they stu y har . -istoricE -istory a: a historic moment a history pro+essor -o0efully This a verb means in a hope+ul manner. *hen the h in these wor s is pronounce , the in e+inite article shoul be

The stu ents waite hope+ully +or tickets. 3t shoul not be use to mean it is hope . 3nstea o+: @ope+ully, tickets woul be available. 2se: They hope tickets woul be available. -urricanes All hurricanes take an in e+inite pronoun.

@urricane :ran hit !urham in 166,. 3t =not she> cause eJtensive +loo in$. -y0-enation <ompoun mo i+iers be+ore nouns are hyphenate .

The trustees approve a lon$-term strate$ic plan.

AJceptions: <ompoun s with very an with a verbs en in$ in Rly.

A ! is a very low $ra e. A ! is not an easily +or$otten $ra e.

<ompoun mo i+iers a+ter the verb to be are hyphenate .

The strate$ic plan is to be a lon$-term ocument.


3mpact is a noun.

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The team.s losin$ recor ha an impact on atten ance. 3ts use as a verb meanin$ a++ect or in+luence is common, but shoul be avoi e . 3nstea o+: The team.s losin$ recor impacte atten ance. 2se: The team.s losin$ recor a++ecte atten ance. im0lyE infer Speakers an writers imply, listeners an rea ers in+er.

institutes The seven !uke 2niversity institutes an their a++iliate centers contribute problem-+ocuse , inter isciplinary research an e ucation, an $enerate knowle $e in the service o+ society throu$h initiation an +acilitation o+ collaborations an pro$rammin$. /ore in+ormation is at http:LLinter isciplinary. uke.e uLinstitutesLin eJ.php !uke ;lobal @ealth 3nstitute, !uke 3nstitute +or 7rain Sciences, 3nstitute +or ;enome Sciences an Policy, 5ohn @ope :ranklin @umanities 3nstitute, Eenan 3nstitute +or Athics, 0icholas 3nstitute +or Anvironmental Policy Solutions, Social Science Research 3nstitute &nternetE ,ebE etc. recommen e : The +ollowin$ capitaliBations, spellin$s an hyphenations are

app avatar blo$ cellphone click-throu$hs crow sourcin$ !uke on !eman !uke To ay e-commerce e7ay email e-rea er =Ein le, 0ook> ;3: $eota$$in$, $eolocation;oo$le, ;oo$lin$, ;oo$le hashta$ 3nternet =The 0et is acceptable> iPa , iPhone, iPo =iPo 0ano, iPo Touch, etc.> iTunes 2 5P; mashup microblo$$in$ "D++ice @ours" online P!: smartphone to teJt, teJt messa$e, teJte , teJtin$ Tumblr Twitter =n.>, tweet =n., v.> -oice over 3nternet Protocol =-o3P on secon re+erence> *eb, website =or *orl *i e *eb> wiki, *ikipe ia *orkin$S!uke GouTube =also, !uke's channel on GouTube>

&ranE &ra5 3ran is not an Arab nation. 3ts people are Persian, ABerbai?ani, Eur ish an other ethnic $roups. The principal lan$ua$e is :arsi, an 3n o-Auropean lan$ua$e, also known as Persian, that is written with Arabic characters. 0inety percent o+ 3ranians are Shiite /uslims, 1) percent Sunni /uslims. 3ra4 is an Arab nation. The principal lan$ua$e is 3ra4i, a ialect o+ Arabic. SiJty-+ive percent o+ 3ra4is are Shiite /uslims, ") percent Sunni /uslims. The Eur s, Sunni /uslims who speak a ialect o+ :arsi, are a lar$e minority in both countries.

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italicsE 5uotation mar1s to su$$est irony or special usa$e:

3n $eneral, o not use italics or 4uotation marks +or emphasis or

Some stu ents 4uestione whether the paintin$ shoul be consi ere Mart.N
3n particular, o not use italics or 4uotation marks aroun clichTs or +i$ures o+ speech:

The tuition increase will have an impact on the university.s Mbottom line.N
0icknames are enclose in 4uotation marks. @arol MSpikeN Goh, +ormer chairman o+ !uke.s 7oar o+ Trustees. 9martE ,al(MartE HeClett(Pac1ardE Pac1ard ellE etc. *hen in oubt about the spellin$ an punctuation o+ company names, check with the press relations epartment at corporate hea 4uarters. Aven o++icial websites may contain errors. layE lie &ay =past tense: lai O past participle: lai O present participle: layin$> is an action verb meanin$ to put or placeO it takes a irect ob?ect. The stu ent lays own his pencil. The stu ent lai @e has lai own his pencil.

own his pencil.

@e is layin$ own his pencil.

&ie =past tense: layO past participle: lainO present participle: lyin$> means to be or stay at rest horiBontally. 3t cannot take an ob?ect.
The pencil lies on the esk. The pencil lay on the esk. The pencil has lain on the esk. The pencil is lyin$ on the esk. lessE feCer be counte . 3n $eneral, less re+ers to thin$s that can be measure , +ewer to thin$s that can

The stu ent ha less +ree time, even thou$h he took +ewer classes. li1eE as

&ike is a preposition that re4uires an ob?ect.

She plays e+ense like a pro.

As is a con?unction that intro uces a clause.

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She plays e+ense as the coach tau$ht her. local 0laces Research Trian$le Park, then RTP in subse4uent re+erences.

the Trian$le, an ei$ht-county re$ion in the Pie mont o+ 0orth <arolina consistin$ o+ <hatham, !urham, :ranklin, @arnett, 5ohnston, Dran$e, Person, *ake. mont-sE seasons /onths are uppercase, seasons are lowercase. Abbreviate all months with a ate eJcept /arch, April, /ay, 5une, 5uly. /ay 1(. 5uly %. :eb. 1". !ec. 8(. 3t was the summer o+ 161(. *e worke har all winter. Mo-ammed 3slam. mountE mountains Pre+erre over /uhamma , /ahomet or other spellin$s +or the +oun er o+

/ount is spelle out, mountain is capitaliBe as part o+ a proper name.

/ount /itchell is in the 7lack /ountains. mmE m0!o not use perio sO abbreviate in all uses.

The *hite &ecture @all has 1,mm an "(mm +ilm pro?ectors. =0ote: 0o space is use .> The campus spee limit is 8( mph. numbers Spell out whole numbers below 1), use +i$ures +or 1) an above.

The epartment has 1( +aculty an two a ministrative assistants. AJceptions: A$es: She has a son, 5ohn, 1. She has a 1-year-ol son, 5ohn. !imensions: The photo$raph is , inches by 6 inches. The sophomore is , +eet (. @e is a ,-+oot-( sophomore. Percenta$es: Dnly % percent o+ un er$ra uates o not return +or their sophomore year. Time: The class starts at 6 a.m. =0ot: 6:)) a.m. or 6 A./.> Try to avoi startin$ a sentence with a +i$ure. Seventy stu ents enrolle in the class.

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Rewrite: There are 1) stu ents enrolle in the class. only /ake sure that only mo i+ies what you want it to mo i+y.

@e only stu ies on weeken s means that on Satur ay an Sun ay he oes nothin$ but stu y. @e stu ies only on weeken s means that he oesn.t stu y /on ay throu$h :ri ay. 0ossessi:es AJample: Sin$ular nouns a an apostrophe an an s.

the team.s recor .

AJceptions: appearance. sake, conscience. sake, $oo ness. sake The AP Stylebook lists as eJceptions sin$ular nouns en in$ in s an +ollowe by wor s be$innin$ with s: the witness. story, but the witness.s recollection the hostess. soirTe. but the hostess.s party Plural nouns a an apostrophe:

the stu ents. $ra es AJceptions: Plural wor s use escriptively. The 7lue !evils coach a writers $ui e 0ames en in$ in s, a <harles. o$ 5esus. mother Achilles. heel :or names en in$ in B an J, a 7erlioB.s opera /arJ.s writin$s UeroJ.s pro+its an apostrophe: <hamei es. sta++ /oses. law Auripe es. plays an apostrophe an an s:

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0refiIes most nouns, verbs, a ?ectives, an a verbs +orme with the +ollowin$ pre+iJes are close =e.$., anteroom, neoclassical>: ante =ante iluvian> anti =antihero> bi =biseJual> bio =bio iversity> co =coauthor, cooperate> counter =countero++ensive> eJtra =eJtracurricular> in+ra =in+rastructure> inter =intercolle$iate> intra =intras4ua > macro =macroeconomics>meta =meta ata> micro =micromana$e> mi =mi century>=but: mi -Atlantic> mini =minibus> multi =multistory> neo =neoclassical> non =nonviolent, nonpro+it> over =overvalue > post =post octoral> pre =prearran$e > pro =proconsul> =but: pro-choice, pro-li+e, pro-American> proto =prototype> pseu o =pseu oscience> re =reunite, reeJamine> semi =semiannual, semicon uctor> socio =socioeconomic> sub =substan ar > super =supere$o, superimpose> supra =supraorbital> trans =transoceanic> ultra =ultraconservative> un =unenthusiastic> un er =un er+un e > ran3es 2se this +orm: 9( million to 91) million, not 9(-1) million (,))) to 1),))), not (-1),))) reli3ions An$licanism =An$lican> 7aptist <hurch =7aptist>7u hism =7u hist> <atholicism =<atholic> <hurch o+ <hrist, Scientist =<hristian Scientist> <hurch o+ 5esus <hrist o+ &atter- ay Saints =/ormon> :rien s ;eneral <on+erence, :rien s 2nite /eetin$ =Cuaker> @in uism =@in u> 3slam =/uslim> 5u aism =5ew> Aastern Drtho oJ churches =;reek Drtho oJ <hurch, Russian Drtho oJ <hurch> Protestantism =Protestant> Reli$ious Society o+ :rien s =Cuaker> Roman <atholicism =Roman <atholic> Seventh- ay A ventist <hurch Shiism =Shiite> Shintoism =Shintoist> Sunnism =Sunni> Taoism =Taoist> 2nite /etho ist <hurch =/etho ist> reli3ious -olidays Ash *e nes ay Aaster @anukkah &ent Rama an Gom Eippur Saint Please use the +ollowin$ spellin$s: <hristmas =an <hristmastime> ;oo :ri ay @oly *eek Passover Rosh @ashana

Abbreviate in place names an the names o+ saints:

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St. Paul, /inn.O St. 5ohn.s 0ew+oun lan O St. <hristopher AJceptions: Saint 5ohn, 0ew 7runswickO Sault Ste. /arie, /ich. ScotE ScotsE Scottis-E ScotcScots are the people o+ Scotlan . Scottish mo i+ies someone or somethin$ +rom Scotlan . Scotch is a type o+ whiskey. *hen the two wor s are use to$ether they are spelle Scotch whisky. statesE names of The +ollowin$ states are never abbreviate in con?unction with the name o+ a city, town, villa$e or military base: Alaska 3owa TeJas @awaii /aine 2tah 3 aho Dhio A Scot is a native o+ Scotlan .

Put a comma between the city an state name, an another comma a+ter the state name, unless it en s a sentence. Reynol s Price was born in /acon, 0.<., an $ra uate +rom !uke in 16((. 3+ the abbreviate state name en s the sentence, use only one perio . Sen. Richar 7urr atten e colle$e in *inston-Salem, 0.<. The abbreviations o+ the remainin$ states are: Ala. <ali+. !el. /ich. /o. Dkla. R.3. :la. 3n . &a. 0.@. 0.G. 0.<. -a. *is. t-atE C-icby commas>. AriB. <olo. / . /inn. /ont. Dre. S.<. ;a. Ean. 0eb. 0.5. Tenn. *ash. *yo. Ark. <onn. /ass. /iss. 0.!. Pa. S.!. 3ll. Ey. 0ev. 0./. -t. *.-a.

That intro uces clauses essential to the meanin$ o+ a sentence =an never set o++

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!uke is the university that 5ames 7. !uke +oun e .

*hich intro uces nonessential clauses =always set o++ by commas>.

!uke, which was +oun e by 5ames 7. !uke, is locate in !urham, 0.<. time element 3n eJternal news releases, use the ay o+ the week, not Mto ay.N

Presi ent Richar @. 7ro hea announce *e nes ay ... titles of boo1sE mo:iesE 0laysE etc. Put 4uotation marks aroun the titles o+ books, movies, operas, plays, poems, son$s, television pro$rams an works o+ art. <apitaliBe the +irst an last wor s an all nouns, pronouns, a ?ectives, verbs, a verbs an subor inatin$ con?unctions =i+, because, as, that, etc.>. &owercase e+inite an in e+inite articles, coor inatin$ con?unctions =an , but, or, +or, nor> an prepositions. M&et 2s 0ow Praise :amous /enN MThe /arria$e o+ :i$aroN MD e on a ;recian 2rnN M*ho *ants to 7e a /illionaireN AJceptions: The 7ible, the Eoran, the Torah, Re+erence books, irectories, ictionaries, encyclope ias, etc. Ancyclope ia 7ritannica American @erita$e !ictionary o+ the An$lish &an$ua$e 7ooks 3n Print 0ames o+ newspapers, ?ournals or ma$aBines o not take 4uotation marks an are not italiciBe . =0ote:MtheN may or may not be part o+ a paper.s name. <heck each publication to be sure. *ebsites are a $oo source.> The @eral -Sun The 0ew Gork Times The 0ew Gorker The 0ews K Dbserver 0ew Gork !aily 0ews Science 0ature M3t @appene Dne 0i$htN M!eath o+ a SalesmanN M5ust Dne o+ Those Thin$sN MA oration o+ the /a$iN

2.S. 0ews =with a space> was +ormerly 2.S.0ews K *orl Report =no space>. 3ts website is

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trademar1s Ace 7an a$e Scotch Tape Span eJ

The +ollowin$ wor s are tra emarks: AstroTur+ Seein$-Aye o$ Styro+oam 7an -Ai Sheetrock -elcro

UeroJ =never use as a verb> The +ollowin$ are $eneric: Aspirin nylon pin$pon$ =unless re+errin$ to the table tennis e4uipment ma e by Pin$-Pon$> rayon thermos =unless re+errin$ to the vacuum bottle ma e by Thermos> yo-yo =*hen in oubt, try typin$ the wor into a search en$ine win ow. Tra emarks o+ten have websites, e.$.,, www.span C-oE C-om cellophane escalator

*ho re+ers to the sub?ect o+ a sentence, clause or phrase.

The stu ents who worke with tutors $ot hi$h $ra es.

*hom re+ers to the ob?ect o+ a verb or preposition.

The stu ents whom the tutors helpe $ot hi$h $ra es. AN!&( 3n AP Style, you shoul hyphenate all wor s be$innin$ with Manti,N eJcept the +ollowin$ ones. All o+ the below wor s have speci+ic meanin$s o+ their own. Antibiotic AnticlimaJ Anti ote Anti$en Antiknock Antibo y Anti epressant Anti+reeBe Antihistamine Antimatter

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Antimony Antiparticle =An similar terms in physics such as antiproton> Antipasto Antiphon Antipollution Antiseptic Antithesis Antitrust Antiperspirant Antiphony Antipsychotic Antiserum AntitoJin Antitussive

This approach has been a opte in the interests o+ rea ability an easily remembere consistency. 3n *ebster.s 0ew *orl <olle$e !ictionary, it is Manti-lock.N 7ut you shoul also note that the AP Stylebook has the +ollowin$ wor s as eJceptions to the *ebster.s spellin$. Anti-abortion Anti-bias Anti-labor AP Style /a0italE /a0itol AP Style hol s that capital is a seat o+ $overnment, usually bein$ a city. <apital can also be use in a +inancial sense to escribe money, e4uipment, or property in a business o+ corporation amon$ other uses. :or eJample, *ashin$ton !.<. is the capital o+ the 2nite States. 3 nee a lot o+ capital to start my new business. Anti-aircra+t Anti-in+lation Anti-social Anti-war

A capitol, on the other han , is buil in$ where le$islators meet to have le$islative sessions. AP Style re4uires McapitolN to be capitaliBe when re+errin$ to the buil in$ in *ashin$ton where the 2.S. <on$ress meets. 3t states that this same practice shoul be +ollowe when re+errin$ to state capitol buil in$s. :or eJample, The +ilibuster was hel in the Senate <hamber o+ the <apitol buil in$. The /assachusetts <apitol is in 7oston.

/om0lement :s. /om0liment <omplement an compliment are amon$ the ranks o+ other homophones such as there, their, an an to, too, an two. They are wor s that, espite soun in$ i entical, actually have i++erent meanin$s. <omplement an compliment are especially tricky, however, because they are lon$ wor s an their only

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spellin$ i++erence is one little vowel tucke in the mi le. Dne wor is spelle with an MeN an the other is spelle with an Mi.N The +ollowin$ escriptions are consistent with both the AP Stylebook an the <hica$o /anual o+ Style on the i++erences between complement an compliment. /om0lement A complement is a both a noun an a verb enotin$ completeness or the process o+ supplementin$ somethin$. *hen use as a noun, a complement is somethin$ that completes or brin$s to per+ection. *hen use as a verb, to complement means to supplement a e4uately or to complete. :or eJample, That shirt is a per+ect complement +or those pants. =0oun> That shirt really complements your eyes. =-erb> !ressin$ is an eJpecte complement o+ sala . =0oun>

/om0liment A compliment can also be both a noun an a verb. *hen use as a noun, a complement is a +latterin$ or praisin$ remark. *hen use as a verb, to compliment means to praise or to eJpress esteem. :or eJample, !ric1s A $oo way to remember the i++erence between these two wor s is to remember that M3N make compliments to other people. M3N make compliments about people.s clothes an compliment has an MiN in it. AP Style /om0anyE /om0anies AP Style rules hol that you shoul use M<o.N or M<os.N when a business uses either wor at the en o+ its proper name. :or eJample, :or /otor <o. American 7roa castin$ <os. Gour +rien $ave me a nice compliment yester ay. =0oun> Gou +rien complimente my hair yester ay. =-erb>

3+ McompanyN or McompaniesN appears alone in secon re+erence, spell out the +ull wor . The +orms +or possessive are seen in the eJamples below, :or /otor <o..s inventory American 7roa castin$ <os.. pro+its

AP Style /or0oration AP Style hol s that a corporation is an entity that is treate as a person in the eyes o+ the law. 3t is able to own property, incur ebts, sue, an be sue . Gou shoul abbreviate McorporationN as M<orp.N when a company or $overnment a$ency uses the wor at the en o+ its name. :or eJample,

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the :e eral !eposit 3nsurance <orp.

S0ell out McorporationN when it occurs elsewhere in a name. :or eJample, the <orporation +or Public 7roa castin$

S0ell out an loCercase McorporationN whenever it stan s alone. The +orm +or possessives can be seen in the eJample below, ;eneral /otors <orp..s 4uarterly pro+its

AP Style Decimal %nits 2se a perio an numerals to in icate ecimal amounts. !ecimaliBation shoul not eJcee two places in teJtual material unless there are special circumstances. :or amounts less than 1, use the numeral Bero be+ore the ecimal points. :or eJample, ).)(

*hen the ecimal is 1 or less, the type o+ measurement shoul be sin$ular. :or eJample, )."( meter ).(( s4uare +eet ).1( mile

AP Style $mi3rate :s. &mmi3rate AP Style hol s that someone who leaves a country emi$rates +rom it. Someone who comes into a country is someone who immi$rates. This i ea is also applie to the wor s emi$rant an immi$rant. :or eJample, /y $ran parents immi$rate to the 2nite States. /y $ran parents emi$rate +rom 0orway.

3n these sentences, my $ran parents are immi$rants here in the 2nite States, but back in 0orway, they are emi$rants. AP Style $Itra Do & %se a Hy0-en Cit- $ItraJ AP Style hol s that you shoul not use a hyphen with MeJtraN when it means Moutsi e o+N unless the pre+iJ is +ollowe by a wor be$innin$ with MaN or a capitaliBe wor . :or eJample, wor s like the +ollowin$ o not use hyphens, AJtrale$al AJtraterrestrial AJtramarital AJtraterritorial

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A hyphen shoul +ollow MeJtraN when it is part o+ a compoun mo i+ier escribin$ a con ition beyon the usual siBe, eJtent, or e$ree. :or eJample, wor s like the +ollowin$ re4uire hyphens, AJtra-base hit AJtra-lar$e or er o+ +ries AP Style .eCerE #ess AP Style hol s to the tra itional istinction between M+ewerN an Mless.N This rule states that, in $eneral, you shoul use M+ewerN +or in ivi ual items, an MlessN +or bulk or 4uantity. 7elow are a +ew eJamples, *ron$: The tren is towar more machines an less people. =People in this sense re+ers to in ivi uals.> *ron$: She was +ewer than ,) years ol . =Gears in this sense re+ers to a perio o+ time, not in ivi ual year.> Ri$ht: :ewer than 1) applicants applie . =3n ivi uals>. Ri$ht: 3 ha less than 9() in my pocket. =An amount.> -butRi$ht: 3 ha +ewer than () 91 bills in my pocket. =3n ivi ual items.> AP Style .ractions @ol to these rules when usin$ AP Style :ractions in your writin$. Spell out amounts less than 1 in stories, usin$ hyphens between the wor s. :or eJample, This recipe calls +or two-thir s o+ a cup. Are you sureF 3 thou$ht 3 ha rea +our-+i+ths. 3 nee a siBe twenty-seven-siJty-+ourths rill bit. AJtra- ry rink AJtra-blan +lavor

2se +i$ures +or precise amounts lar$er than 1, convertin$ to ecimals whenever practical. *hen usin$ +ractional characters, you shoul remember that most newspaper type +onts can set only 1L#, 1L%, "L#, 1L8, (L#, "L%, an 1L# as one unit. :or miJe numbers, use 1 1L8, 8 (L#, etc., with a +ull space between the whole number an the +raction. Dther +ractions re4uire a hyphen an in ivi ual +i$ures, with a space between the whole number an the +raction. :or eJample, 1 "-1, 8 1-" ( 6-1)

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3n tabular material, use +i$ures eJclusively, convertin$ to ecimals i+ the amounts involve eJtensive use o+ +ractions that cannot be eJpresse as a sin$le character. AP Style HomicideE MurderE Manslau3-ter AP Style states that Mhomici eN is a le$al term +or slayin$ or killin$. M/ur erN is malicious, preme itate homici e. Some states e+ine certain homici es as mur er i+ the killin$ occurs in the course o+ arme robbery, rape, etc. ;enerally speakin$, Mmanslau$hterN is homici e without malice or preme itation. A Mhomici eN shoul not be escribe as Mmur erN unless a person has been convicte o+ that char$e. Do not say that a victim was Mmur ere N until someone has been convicte in court. 3nstea , say that a victim was Mkille N or Mslain.N !o not write that MUN was char$e with Mmur erin$ G.N 2se the +ormal char$e R mur er R an , i+ not alrea y in the story, speci+y the nature o+ the killin$ R shootin$, stabbin$, beatin$, poisonin$, rownin$, etc. :or eJample, /r. 5ones was char$e with the mur er in the stabbin$ o+ his $irl+rien .

@ere are a +ew more eJamples, An o++icer pulle over 86-year-ol 5ohn *hite, who was arreste an char$e with mur er, accor in$ to An rew 5ohnson, the county sheri++.s spokesman. The ,,-year-ol amateur photo$rapher has plea e not $uilty to +our counts o+ +irst- e$ree mur er +or the slayin$ o+ +our women. The killin$s occurre between 1611 an 1616. Prosecutors say A ams rape , torture , an robbe some o+ them be+ore killin$ them. <ook <ounty Sheri++ 5ames 5ones says a shootin$ that le+t a man in?ure appears to be a mur er-suici e.

AP Style &nE &nto ,-at is t-e difference betCeen KinL and KintoJL &n in icates location. :or eJample, @e was in the room. The killer was in the house.

&nto in icates motion. :or eJample, She walke into the room. The killer walke into the kitchen.

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,-en to %se a Hy0-en ,it- K&nL (in Prece e MinN with a hyphen. :or eJample, in( 0o hyphens are use when MinN means Mnot.N :or eJample, inaccurate insu++erable break-in walk-in rive-in cave-in write-in sit-in

Dther uses without a hyphen inboun in+i$htin$ in oor inpatient =n., a ?.> in+iel inboar

There are a +ew combinations that o take a hyphen, however. :or eJample, in- epth in-house in-$roup in-law

3+ you are ever in oubt on whether or not to use a hyphen, +ollow *ebster.s 0ew *orl <olle$e !ictionary. ,-en Somet-in3 is KinL *hen employe to in icate that somethin$ is in vo$ue, use 4uotations mark only i+ +ollowe by a noun. :or eJample, -but Raccoon coats are in a$ain. 3t was the MinN thin$ to o back then.

&nasmuc- as AP Style hol s that this is two wor s. AP Style MillionsE illionsE !rillions

2se +i$ures with million, billion, or trillion in all eJcept casual uses. :or eJample, 3. like to make a billion ollars.

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-but The nation has 1 million citiBens. 3 nee 9# billion. The $overnment ran a e+icit o+ more than 91 trillion.

!o not $o beyon two ecimal places. :or eJample, 1.(1 million people 1,(%6,#66 people 98(, billion 98,8"%,8"6,)))

!ecimals are pre+erre where practical. :or eJample, -not 1 1L8 million 1.( million

!o not miJ millions an billion in the same +i$ure. :or eJample, -not 8 billion ()) million 8.( billion

!o not rop the wor million or billion into the +irst +i$ure o+ a ran$e. :or eJample, -not @e is worth 9% to 9( million. @e is worth 9% million to 9( million.

2nless that is, o+ course, you actually mean 9%. 0ote that a hyphen is not use to ?oin the +i$ures an the wor MmillionN or Mbillion,N even in this type o+ phrase, The presi ent submitte a 9")) billion bu $et.

3n hea lines, abbreviate only millions, billions. :or eJample, 9(/ lawsuit, 911.%7 e+icit

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AP Style Mont-s Do & ca0italize mont-s in AP StyleJ 3n AP Style you shoul capitaliBe the names o+ months in all o+ their uses. Mont- Abbre:iations AP Style *hen a month is use with a speci+ic ate, abbre:iate only 5an., :eb., Au$., Sept., Dct., 0ov., an !ec. All other months s-ould alCays be com0letely s0elled out. Also, all months shoul be spelle out when they stan alone or are alone with a year. :or eJample, The play will be shown be$innin$ on 5uly 11. =Appears with ate but is not a month that is abbreviate > The last ay o+ the play is Au$. 1(. =Appears with ate an is abbreviate > /y birth ay is in September. =Appears alone an is spelle out> September 161( was a very col month. =Appears alone with a year an is spelle out>

Punctuatin3 Mont-s *hen a phrase lists only a month an year, o not separate the two with commas. *hen a phrase lists a month, ay, an year, set o++ the year with commas. :or eJample, September 161( was a very col month. :eb. 18 is &incoln.s birth ay. &incoln was born on :eb. 18, 1#)6. @e alle$e it was *e nes ay, 5an. (, when the crime was committe . =Set o++ by commas>

:or use with tabular material, use the +ollowin$ three-letter +orms without perio s, 5an 5un Dct :eb 5ul 0ov /ar Au$ !ec Apr Sep

AP Style NoonE Midni3-t AP Style states that a M18N shoul not be place in +ront o+ noon or mi ni$ht. :or instance, sentences shoul be written as +ollows, <orrect: *e met +or lunch at noon. *ron$: *e met +or lunch at 18:)) noon. <orrect: Aatin$ inner at mi ni$ht is +ar too late. *ron$: Aatin$ inner at 18:)) mi ni$ht it +ar too late.

AP Style also notes that mi ni$ht is part o+ the ay that is en in$, not the one that is be$innin$. :or eJample, The invasion took place on Au$ust 81 at mi ni$ht.

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3n this eJample, the mi ni$ht that is happenin$ is at the en o+ Au$ust 81 st, not the be$innin$ o+ Au$ust 88n . Re+erence this with <hica$o stylin$ on use o+ mi ni$ht. AP Style Numbers 3n $eneral you shoul spell out numbers one throu$h nine in AP Style. <onsi er the +ollowin$ eJamples o+ AP Style numbers, The <hica$o *hite SoJ +inishe secon . She ha siJ months le+t o+ her pre$nancy.

Gou shoul use +i$ures +or 1) or above an whenever prece in$ a unit o+ measure or re+errin$ to a$es o+ people, animals, events or thin$s. Also use +i$ures in all tabular matter, an in statistical an se4uential +orms. %se .i3ures .or Academic course numbersM <alculus 8 An$lish 1)1

AddressesM 1,)) Pennsylvania Avenue

Spell out numbere streets nine an un er. :or eJample, The a ress is ( SiJth St. ;o to the restaurant at 1()) "8n St.

See also AP Style Addresses. A3esM A ,-year-ol boy An #-year-ol car A %-year-ol house

2se hyphens +or a$es eJpresse as a ?ectives be+ore a noun or as substitutes +or a noun. :or eJample, -but Also, -butThe boy, (, has a sister, 1). The woman is in her ")s. The race is +or "-year-ol s. She is a ")-somethin$. The boy is ( years ol The (-year-ol boy

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Thirty-somethin$ to start a sentence.

See also AP Style A3es. PlanesE s-i0sE and s0acecraft desi3nationsM 7-8 bomber CA8 -ikin$ 8 Cueen AliBabeth 8 Apollo 6

=!o not use hyphens.> An eJception to spellin$ out numbers +or planes, ships, etc. is MAir :orce Dne,N the presi ent.s plane. 2se Roman numerals i+ they are part o+ the o++icial esi$nation. :or eJample, Titan 3 Titan 33 oatsE S-i0sE and AP Style S0acecraft Desi3nations.

See also AP Style Aircraft NamesE AP Style /enturiesM 2se +i$ures +or numbers 1) or hi$her. 81st century

Spell out +or numbers nine an lower. +i+th century

0ote, McenturyN is lowercase. :or proper names, +ollow the or$aniBation.s usa$e, 8)th <entury :oJ Twentieth <entury :un

/ourt DecisionsM The Supreme <ourt rule (-%. A (-% ecision.

The wor s MtoN is not nee e , eJcept in 4uotations. AJample, MThe court rules ( to %.N

DatesE "earsE DecadesM :eb. #, 8))( <lass o+ .66 The 16%)s

:or the Sept. 11, 8))1 terrorist attacks, 6L11 is acceptable in all re+erences.

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DecimalsE Percenta3esE and .ractions ,it- Numbers #ar3er !-an 1M 1.8 ma$nitu e 4uake ".1 percent interest " V laps % percenta$e points

!ecimaliBation shoul not eJcee two places in most teJt material. An eJception is bloo alcohol content, which is eJpress in three ecimals. :or eJample, .)(,

:or amounts less than 1, prece e the ecimal with a Bero. :or eJample, The cost o+ livin$ rose ).)( percent.

*hen the ecimal is 1 or less, the type o+ measurement shoul be sin$ular. :or eJample, )."( meter ).1( kilometer ).(( cubic +eet

Spell out +ractions less than 1, usin$ hyphens between the wor s. :or eJample, two-thir s three-+i+ths

3n 4uotations, use +i$ures +or +ractions. :or eJample, M@e was " V secon s behin with 8 laps to $o.N

See also AP Style Decimal %nitsE AP Style .ractionsE and AP Style Percent. DimensionsM @e is ( +eet , inches tall. The (-+oot-, man is here =MinchN is un erstoo > The (-+oot man The basketball team si$ne a 1-+ooter. The car is 11 +eet lon$, , +eet wi e, an ( +eet hi$h. The ru$ is 6 +eet by 18 +eet. The 6-by-18 ru$. A 6-inch snow+all.

AJception: a two-by-+our. Spell out the noun, which re+ers to any len$th o+ buil in$ lumber 8 inches thick by % inches wi e. See also AP Style Dimensions. DistancesM She walke ( miles. @e misse a 1)-+oot ?ump shot.

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?olf /lubsM "-woo 1-iron "-hybri =note hyphen>

Hi3-Cay destinationsM 3nterstate ( 2.S. @i$hway 1 state Route 1A Route ,, =!o not abbreviate MRouteN an

o not hyphenate.>

See also AP Style Hi3-Cay Desi3nations Mat-ematical %sa3eM /ultiply by % !ivi e by , @e a e 8 an 8 but $ot (.

Military Ran1sM 2se as titles with names, military terms, an weapons. Petty D++icer 8n <lass Alan /arkow 1st S$t. !avi Triplett /1, ri+le 6 mm pistol =note the space> ,th :leet

3n military ranks, spell out the +i$ure when it is use a+ter the name or without a name. :or eJample, Smith was a secon lieutenant. The $oal is to make +irst ser$eant.

See also AP Style Military %nits. MillionsE illionsE !rillions DollarsM

2se a +i$ure-wor combination. 1 million people, not one million 98 billion, not two billion

Also note no hyphen linkin$ numerals an the wor million, billion, or trillion. See also AP Style MillionsE Monetary %nitsM ( cents 9( bill # euros % poun s illionsE !rillions Dollars.

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See also AP Style /ents FddsE Pro0ortionsE and RatiosM 6-1 lon$shot " parts cement to 1 part water a 1-% chance, but one chance in three ettin3 FddsE AP Style Pro0ortionsE and AP Style Ratios.

See also AP Style Ran1M

@e was my 0o. 1 choice. resses.

0ote abbreviation +or M0umber.N !o not this abbreviation in names o+ schools or in street a :or eJample, Public School 16

There is one eJception, M0o. 1) !ownin$ St.,N which is the resi ence o+ 7ritain.s prime minister. Sc-ool ?radesM 2se +i$ures +or $ra es 1) an above. 1)th $ra e 18th $ra e

Spell out +or +irst thou$h ninth $ra es. +ourth $ra e +i+th-$ra er =note hyphen>

Se5uential Desi3nationsM Pa$e 1, Pa$e 8)A /a$nitu e , earth4uake <hapter 8 Act ", Scene %, but thir act, +ourth scene ;ame 1, but best o+ seven They were out o+ siBes % an (. Rooms " an % &ine 1, but +irst line

See also AP Style Act NumbersE AP Style /-a0tersE AP Style $art-5ua1esE AP Style #ine NumbersE AP Style Pa3e NumbersE an AP Style Scene Numbers. Political DistrictsM *ar 6 "r <on$ressional !istrict 6th Precinct (th 2.S. <ircuit <ourt o+ Appeals AP Style Political Di:isions.

See also AP Style /on3ressional Districts an Reci0esM 8 tablespoons to 1 cup o+ milk

See also AP Style Reci0es

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S0eedsM 1 mph win s o+ ( to 1) mph win s o+ 1 to 6 knots

S0orts scoresE Standin3sE and StandardsM 3n ;ol+ " up, but a "-up lea , le "-8 a ,-1-8 recor =siJ wins, one loss, two ties> par " ( han icap (-un er-par ,1 he was ( un er par =or M( un erN with MparN un erstoo > The ;iants e+eate the &ions 1%-1 =0o comma between the team an the score>.

3n narrative, spell out nine an un er eJcept +or yar lines in +ootball an in ivi ual an team statistical per+ormances. The ball was on the (-yar line. Seventh hole Three-point play, but a "-point shot

3n statistical per+ormances, hyphenate as a mo i+ier. @e @e @e @e @e @e complete # o+ 18 passes. ma e ( o+ , =shots is un erstoo >. was (-+or-18 passin$. ha a "-+or-( ay. was "-+or-(. went "-+or-( =battin$, shootin$, passin$, etc., is un erstoo >.

!em0eraturesM 2se +i$ures, eJcept Bero. 3t was # e$rees below Bero or minus #. The temperature roppe +rom "# to # in two hours.

See also AP Style !em0eratures. !imesM 2se +i$ures +or time o+ ay eJcept +or noon an mi ni$ht. 1 p.m. 1):") a.m. ( o.clock ") minutes 8) secon s a winnin$ time o+ 8:11." =two hours, 11 minutes, " secon s> # hours

Spell out numbers less than 1) stan in$ alone an in mo i+iers.

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3.ll be there in +ive minutes. An ei$ht-hour ay.

@e score with two secon s le+t. The two-minute warnin$. &s Noon AM or PMJ

See also AP Style !imesE AP Style !ime Se5uencesE an NotesM -but The bill was e+eate by a two-vote mar$in. The bill was e+eate by a vote o+ , to %.

S0ell outM At the start o+ a sentence: :i+ty years was a lon$ time to wait. Twenty to ") cars were involve in the acci ent.

The only eJception is years. 166( was a very $oo year.

See also AP Style "ears. 3n in e+inite an casual uses: Thanks a millionW Dne at a time Dne ay we will know !ollar store @e walke a 4uarter o+ a mile. A thousan clowns An eleventh-hour ecision

3n +anci+ul usa$e or proper names: <hica$o Seven 7i$ Three automakers The :our Tops :ab :our :inal :our

3n +ormal lan$ua$e, rhetorical 4uotations, an +i$ures o+ speech: M:ourscore an seven years a$oXN Twelve Apostles Ten <omman ments @i$h-+ive !ay Dne

3n +ractions less than one that are not use as mo i+iers: re uce by one-thir

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he ma e three-+ourth o+ his shots.

Roman NumeralsM Roman 0umerals may be use +or wars an to establish personal se4uence +or people an animals. *orl *as 3 Ein$ ;eor$e 0ative !ancer 33 Pope 5ohn Paul 33

Also +or certain le$islative acts =Title 3U>. Dtherwise, use sparin$ly. AJcept in +ormal re+erence, pro +ootball Super 7owls shoul be i enti+ie by the year, rather than the Roman numerals. 16,6 Super 7owl, not Super 7owl 333

FrdinalsM 0umbers use to in icate or er =+irst, secon , 1)th, 8(th, etc.> are calle or inal numbers. Spell out +irst throu$h ninth. +ourth $ra e the :irst Amen ment +irst base he was secon in line

2se +i$ures startin$ with 1)th. /ardinal NumbersM 0umbers use in countin$ or showin$ how many =8, %), ,81, etc.> are calle car inal numbers. The +ollowin$ separate entries a itional $ui ance +or car inal numbers. AP Style AP Style AP Style AP Style AP Style AP Style AP Style AP Style AP Style AP Style AP Style AP Style AP Style AP Style Amen ments to the <onstitution <hannel <ourt 0ames !eca es Alection Returns :leet :ormula &atitu e an &on$itu e /ile Parallels Proportions Serial 0umbers Telephones 0umbers *ei$hts

Some other punctuation an usa$e eJample +or AP Style 0umbers, " ounces %-+oot-lon$ %-+oot-+ence

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-or -but

MThe senator.s speech laste 1# 1L8 minutes,N she sai . !<-1) but 1%17 the 16#)s, but the Y#)s the @ouse vote 8")-8)( =+ewer than 1,))) votes>. 5immy <arter outpolle ;eral :or %),#81,868 to "6,1%,,1(1 =more than 1,))) votes>. <arter outpolle :or 1) votes to 8 votes in &ittle 5unction =to avoi con+usion with ratio> 0o. " choice, but Public School " a pay increase o+ 18-1( percent

a pay increase o+ between 18 an 1( percent

+rom 918 million to 91% million 1 in % voters @e walke % miles.

a ratio o+ 8-to-1, a 8-to-1 ratio seven houses 1 miles apart minus 1), Bero, ,) e$rees

Ft-er %sesM :or uses not covere by these listin$s, spell out whole numbers below 1), an use +i$ures +or 1) an above. They ha three sons an two au$hters. They ha a +leet o+ 1) station wa$ons an two buses.

&n a SeriesM Apply the stan ar $ui elines: They ha 11 o$s, +ive cats, an 6) $erbils. They ha +ive +our-room houses, 1) three-room houses, an 18 1)-room houses.

AP Style Fn AP Style hol s that you shoul not use MonN be+ore a ate or ay o+ the week when its absence woul not lea to con+usion, eJcept at the be$innin$ o+ a sentence. :or eJample, -but Dn !ec. 81, the committee will meet to iscuss the issue. The con+erence call will be hel /on ay. The presi ent will be inau$urate 5an. 8).

2se MonN to avoi an awkwar ?uJtaposition o+ a ate an a proper name. :or eJample, Steve met Susie on /on ay.

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She tol 5ohnson on Thurs ay that the appointment was cancelle .

2se MonN also to avoi any su$$estion that a ate is the ob?ect o+ a transitive verb. The eJample, The Senate kille on Tues ay a bi to raise the ebt ceilin$. The @ouse postpone on Thurs ay bu $et talks

AP Style Percent Dne wor . 3t takes a sin$ular verb when stan in$ alone or when a sin$ular wor +ollows an Mo+N construction. :or eJample, The pro+essor sai ,) percent was a +ailin$ $ra e. @e sai 1) percent o+ the membership was there.

3t takes a plural verb when a plural wor +ollows an Mo+N construction. :or eJample, @e sai () percent o+ the members were there.

2se +i$ures +or percent an percenta$es. :or eJample, ( percent 8.( percent =use ecimal points, not +ractions> 1) percent % percenta$e points

:or a ran$e, M18 to 1( percent,N or Mbetween 18 an 1( percent.N :or amounts less than 1 percent, prece e the ecimal with a Bero. :or eJample, 0ationwi e in+lation rose ).1 percent last year.

AP Style Quotations in t-e NeCs AP Style hol s that you shoul ne:er alter 4uotations even to correct minor $rammatical errors or wor usa$e. <asual minor ton$ue slips may be remove by usin$ ellipses but even that shoul be one with eJtreme caution. 3+ there is a 4uestion about a irect, either on.t use it or ask the speaker to clari+y. 3+ a person in unavailable +or comment, etail attempts to reach that person. :or eJample,

Eate was out o+ the country on business. 5ohnson i not return phone messa$es le+t at the o++ice.

!o not use substan ar spellin$s such as M$onnaN or MwannaN in attempts to convey re$ional ialects or in+ormal pronunciations, eJcept to help a esire touch or to convey an emphasis by the speaker. :ollow basic writin$ style an use abbreviations where appropriate, as in M0o. 1, NSt.,N M;ov.,N MSen.,N an M9".N

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.ull :s. Partial Quotes 3n $eneral, avoi +ra$mentary 4uotes. 3+ a speaker.s wor s are clear an concise, +avor the +ull 4uote. 3+ cumbersome lan$ua$e can be paraphrase +airly, use an in irect construction, reservin$ 4uotation marks +or sensitive or controversial passa$es that must be i enti+ie speci+ically as comin$ +rom the speaker.

AP STG&A C23I A0S*AR EAG: AP C23I 1 1. a 8. !r. ". a.m. %. Roa (. 1( ,. /inn 1. Army #. Ambassa or 6. 7ible 1). broa cast C23I % 1. +ull-len$th 8. its ". 3ll. %. <orp. (. counties ,. crises 1. 7an -Ai #. break up 6. e++ect 1). epen ent C23I ( 1. like 8. livable ". lon$time #. :AC 6. +arther 1). +liers C23I , 1. noon 8. online ". more than ,. email 1. ensure C23I 8 1. byline 8. ( cents ". M*heel o+ :ortuneN C23I " 1. north 8. 7ri$ht.s isease ". Aarth %. e itor-in-chie+ (. is

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%. into (. 3nternet ,. 2.S. circuit ?u $e 1. Ean. #. lies 6. &e$islature 1). businesslike

%. ba ly ama$e (. Time ,. me ia 1. /emorial #. 5anuary 6. /P" 1). The

%. People (. Percent ,. /other 0ature 1. pianos #. yours 6. 5esus. 1). Presi ent

AP C23I 1 1. ;o 8. reluctant ". si e by si e %. state (. Teena$ers ,. 8)(1. 2SA #. vice presi ent 6. *ho.s 1). who C23I 1) 1. its 8. homepa$e ". 18% *. 8"r St. %. amon$

C23I # 1. *hom 8. I3P ". all ri$ht %. assemblies (. biBarre ,. boar o+ irectors 1. <anvass #. character 6. <ity 1). co-workers C23I 11 1. au$hters-in-law 8. !r Pepper ". own-to-earth %. +urther 1). $overnor

C23I 6 1. 11))s 8. ietitian ". +rom %. one another (. emi$rate ,. :ather.s !ay 1. +irst la y #. +ull-time 6. $oo bye

C23I 18 1. Ein$ 5r. 8. lain ". mi semester %. more than

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(. Any one ,. ba 1. can har ly #. resi ent 6. coe4ual 1). city councils

(. +ewer ,. +iance 1. well #. harasse 6. hol up 1). intranet

(. (-year-ol ,. Dverall, 1. peoples #. percent 6. C-an -A 1). restaurateur

AP C23I 1" 1. smol er 8. sneake ". stationery %. #))-(((-((( (. that ,. 2.S. 1. website #. bachelor.s 6. en$ineerin$ 1). accept C23I 1, 1. +or$o 8. ;a. ". $oo %. $ospel 6. ninth

C23I 1% 1. a viser 8. a++ecte ". baby boomer %. backwar (. be -an -break+ast ,. blon 1. cannon #. <apitol 6. Rep. 1). <hapter # C23I 11 1. +ully in+orme 8. :ire !epartment ". menswear %. /ountains

C23I 1( 1. complimentary 8. persua e ". passers-by %. % +eet # inches (. iscreet ,. 9 ,(), ))) 1. immi$rate #. wi esprea

1). +orecast

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(. ;ov. ,. $ray ,. 0.<.

(. mph

1. 91) million to 918 million #. in4uiry 6. Eansas <ity, /o. 1). news con+erence

1. o++line #. o++ 6. DE 1). pourin$

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