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Children learn best by observing the behavior of adults and copying it. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Children learn in the best way, observing the behavior of adults. Children will be

observers and will mimic every behavior ' model ' if the model behavior has features such as talent, intelligence, power, beauty or popularity of interest by observers. Of course, I as a teacher, strongly agree and also have a lot of experience on the characteristics mentioned above. It is indirectly very closely related to the teaching and learning process. Among the implications associated with the way learning children against teachers or adults is against the teaching and learning of the first is as a teacher. Is important for us to give all pupils the opportunity to observe and emulate a wide variety of models showing the desired behavior. As such, we must ensure that our own can show behavioral can be emulated as well as inform the students about the effect of an immoral behavioral, violate the norms of society and law, such exploitation and manipulation, etc. Secondly, I as a teacher have to ensure and to provide a conducive social environment so that modeling can occur. hings li!e giving incentives, strengthening and moral support should be provided to students on an ongoing basis to promote the occurrence of good behavior among students. In addition, the presentation of teaching teacher should be organi"ed and be able to attract the interest and attention of students and should be used as a model to be followed by them I as a teacher will always ready with communication s!ills so that every time a demonstration session learning in the classroom, it is understandable and can be followed by students to easily and accurately. #or example, if I teach ways to produce drawings, the teacher must explain the first steps so that it can be followed by students is easy. In addition, teachers can also bring teaching aids or examples with respect to what is learned in the classroom so that students can see directly and thus a better understanding of what is taught by the teacher. As a teacher will also invite a student to become an example to other students on the basis of his good or even to ma!e a demonstration of her wor! the best. eachers also inculcate moral values and always use psychology and simulated during the teaching and learning. It is seen to create toward more proactive and productive. #or example, teachers can ma!e activities such as $ui""es, pu""les, story%telling and as! various $uestions that challenged the minds of cognitive s!ills to students so that they can grow on an

ongoing basis.

hrough this activity, the students will next be able to figure out diver

visuali"e and ideas new and brilliant in accordance with their level.

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