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Definition: subject pronouns are words that replace proper nouns. They are used to avoid repetition.

1st person 2nd person 3rd person

Singular I =(the speaker) You (the listener) He =(a male talked about) She=( a female talked about) It=( an thing or animal talked about)

Plural We= (the speakers) You= (the listeners) They=(a group talked about)

EXAMPLES: -I am a teacher. = I am a teacher (no change). -You are a doctor (singular). = You are a doctor (no change). John is a mechanic. = He is a mechanic. Betty is a waitress. = She is a waitress. The door is open. = It is open. Lorena and I are happy. = We are happy. You and Luis are clients. = You are clients. -Ines and Ana are from Brazil. = They are from Brazil. Jose and Manuel are from Mexico. = They are from Mexico. Carmen and Martin are from Uruguay. = They are from Uruguay. Exercises. Complete the sentences. Use you, he, she, it, we, you, or they. Substitute the word in parenthesis. Example: ____ is a nurse. (Sandra). = She is a nurse. a)_______ are good students.(Francisco and Sandra) c) ________ are good dancers.(Linda and you) e) _______ is clean. (the house)

b)________ is a lawyer. (Fred) d)________ is very friendly.(Adriana) f) ______ are outgoing.(Cristina and I)


Personal pronoun I You(singular) He She It We You (plural) they

Possessive adjective My Your His Her Its Our Your their

Examples I have a cell phone. My cell phone is Nokia. You have a car. Your car is Toyota. He has a laptop. His laptop is Compaq. She has a bra. Her bra is Victorias secret. It has food. Its food is Wishkas. We have a nice TV set. Our TV set is Sony Bravia. You have English books. Your books are from Cambridge. They have nice blouses. Their blouses are Adidas.

Their blouses

Exercises. Complete the sentences using my, your, his, her, its, your, their.

a) Sofia is very outgoing. ____vacations were good. b ) My room is hot. ____ window is small. c) Ana and Karen are friendly. ____parties are nice. d) Nathaly and you play soccer. ___games are amazing. e) I live in a big city. _____ house is pretty. f ) Alfred is friendly. ____friends love him. g) You are disorganized. ____clothes are on the floor. h) Cristina has a big problem: _____boyfriend is not faithful.

Complete the conversation with the word in the box:







John: Hi Anne. How are you? Anne: Just __________, thanks. John: Anne, this is my ___________. His _________ is Frederico. Anne: _________ to meet you Frederico. Fred: Glad to meet you to Anne. Please, __________ me Fred. Anne: OK. Hows ______________ Fred? Fred: Great!