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Press Release August 18 2004 Available on our website http://www.smit-textile.



SMIT TEXTILE awarded for Product Innovation

SMIT TEXTILEs newest weaving machines have been honoured by the prestigious 2004 Innovation Award recognized by the Textile World magazine to the industry leaders that have developed and are producing technologies that make a difference in plants around the world SMIT TEXTILE is proud to announce the success recognized to its design concept for the development of the newest rapier GS900 and air jet JS900 weaving machines by the prestigious Textile World magazine. The award, published in the June 04 issue of Textile World and in the website, is assigned among the textile machines newly presented to celebrate the best the textile industry has to offer...looking at recent developments in textile technology available from around the globe. Textile Worlds Innovation Award is better known for recognizing a textile manufacturer that has demonstrated commitment to research and selective investment in applied technology, a company meeting challenges beyond product and process invention... specifies the magazine ... not just in ideas, but also in the form of real products. The assigned award concerns the design concept of the new SMIT TEXTILEs products, distinguished by modularity and flexibility of configuration, getting the best technological advantages by the extension of each experienced optimal feature to all SMIT TEXTILEs product range. This design concept allows to offer to the market weaving machines with the best ratio performance / operating cost. The Textile Worlds award motivation mentions: SMIT has developed a common platform for its diversified series of weaving machines... Using this platform, the company claims, its GS900 and JS900 machines offer great technological advantages.... For SMIT TEXTILE the Innovation Award 2004 is the second achievement for the product development. Previously, its G6300 weaving machine was awarded as technology breakthrough from ITMA 99 in Paris. This series of recognition confirm the effectiveness of the SMIT TEXTILE product strategy and the soundness of technical and commercial proposals to customers. The new generation of rapier weaving machines GS900 and air jet weaving machine JS900 and the successful G6300 series, including the terry version G6300 F, all come from the experience and broad know-how acquired by SMIT TEXTILE R&D in fifty years of successful product development, now boosted to the latest technological advances.

Press Release August 18 2004 Available on our website


The Textile worlds slogan: Innovation is, and always will be, at the center of a thriving textile industry is perfectly compliant with the SMIT TEXTILEs mission and product development strategy: to create new opportunities for the win-win co-operation between SMIT TEXTILE and its customers.

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