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Forum Title: Online Learning Chairperson : Good morning ladies and gentleman.

Our issue for today is Online Learning. First of all, I would like to introdu e our panels for today. First of all, I would like to introdu e our panels for today. !ight on my left is "iss Chong #oan $ey, a student from I%G& G'(', $eside her is %rofessor Lee (ian )ee from the *epartment of "odern Language +ni,ersity of "alaya. 't the end of the orner is the ,ery e-perien e ounselor, *r .ri a Lee. #el ome to our forum for today, Ladies and gentlemen, for further detail a/out this topi , I would like to seek an information from the first panel ne-t to me, "iss Chong #oan $ey. 's one of the student, when do u know a/out online learning and why you hoose online learning as one of your way to study0 Student :Thank you miss chairperson. A very good morning to all the panelist and the audience. Im so glad to be one o the guests here. As !hat miss chairperson has said "ust no!# Im irst year student at I$%& %A'A and Im taking (athematics education. I kne! this kind o learning since I !as in secondary school. )o!ever it is not !idely used as !e must depends only on te*t book and teachers guide. The reason !hy I choose online learning is irstly it is a le*ible !ay. +hy, It is because it !ork !hen it make sense or me. I can use it !henever either at night# evening or morning. +ith the online learning I am not tied to the class schedule. Sometimes# the class timetable is too pack that make students eel so stressed about it. The pack and tight schedule can cause the student cannot per orm !ell in their study due to atigue condition. So by using the online !ebsite learning or an addition# I can lessen my !ork load. -esides going to campus# I also used to sur internet to study. I can go or it !henever I !ant to and at any place I like as long as there is internet connection. Furthermore I can improve my time management. It is because I dont have to !ait or a bus to go to the campus in order to see my lecturers. I also can communicate directly !ith my lecturers

through the !eb cam although at home. I can even ask .uestions and opinions to them. It is really a convenient !ay to study as long as !e have good intention and passions to succeed. Aside rom time management aspects# I become more control o my learning process !ith some online courses. I can even learn on my o!n page and also choosing the sub"ects that I !ant to learn. Other than that by having this kind o technologies# I can make riends all over the !orld. I can share ideas and in ormation !ith my riends rom other universities o other countries. -y doing this my kno!ledge !ill be !iden and get to kno! their country too. From this# I also can learn more learning skills and improve my communication skills. /hairperson : 0e*t !e move to our counselor# 1r 2rica Lee# maybe she !ould like to share her precious e*perience !ith all o us. -ased on your e*perience# !hat are the advantages about online learning, /ounselor : Online learning or !ith other !ord 23learning mean is a term that encompasses all orm o Technology32nhanced Learning 4T2L5 or very speci ic types o T2L such as online or !eb3based learning. In my opinion# online learning is the other !ays o student to study or to get the in ormation i they cant attend the class. From this# student can attend a course at anytime rom any!ay. That means# the student can attend the class rom any!here in the !orld that has internet access. So# they can still get the in ormation about courses. -esides that# online classrooms also provide chat rooms and ne!sgroups or meetings. From this# it helps the student to share in ormation and give opinion in certain topic. For e*ample# !hen student aces problem in study# they can get the in ormation rom this online group discussion. Advantage o online learning is the course material is accessible 67 hour a day 8 days a !eek. From this material# students have the ability to read# discuss# e*plain and comment. 9sing the internet to attend class# research in ormation and communication !ith other students teaches skills in using

technologies that !ill be critical to !orkers in the 6:st century business community that !orks !ith colleagues globally and across time ;ones. Chairperson : #e ha,e listened to students opinion a/out online learning, now, I would like to post ne-t 1uestion to %rofessor Lee (ian )ee. %rofessor Lee, may you share with all the audien e for today, why you strongly re ommended your students to do online learning0 Lecturer : Thank you to miss chairperson. Online learning is other option or students to improve their kno!ledge. As a lecturer# I also encourage my students to learn 2nglish by online. For instance# I suggest them to sur (yLine !ebsite. For your in ormation# this !ebsite provides additional resources or learning in 2nglish or academic and pro essional purposes. -esides that# it also provide a plat orm or sel 3access interactive learning. The learning process !ill be more attractive and interesting instead o learning in class. There are many activities provided in this !ebsite. The most attractive is the student orum site. This is a place or sharing o e*perience and ideas as students in a university. They can e*press their vie!s and opinions on academic and non3academic issues# seek assistance or they can communicate !ith other ello! students. Chairperson : #ell, from what %rof Lee mentioned 2ust now, for e,ery good thing there must /e a /ad thing on it. 3he same thing goes for online learning. #hat do you think a/out the negati,e impa t of Online Learning *r.0 /ounselor : The disadvantage o online learning is lack o interaction you !ill get !ith classmates and instructor. For e*ample# in the class# students have chances to speak in class presentation and discussion .
They can give and share their o!n opinion clearly. -ut in online

learning# student "ust sit in ront o the laptop# type their opinions and !ait or the ans!er. The second disadvantage is missing out non3verbal communication. As !e kno!# non3verbal communication








communication is also kno!n as body language !hich re er to# among other things# gestures people make !hile speaking# eye contacts and the !ay they stands. In online learning students "ust can communicate as actual !ords. Lastly# In order to succeed at online learning# you have to have some speci ic skills. 'ou have to be sel 3motivated# responsible or your o!n learning and have good time management skills. I you don<t have those skills# traditional classes may be a better choice or you. Chairperson : %rof Lee, ould you please tell us what is the different /etween student who pra ti e online learning and who are not0 Lecturer : There are di erent bet!een the students !ho practice online learning and !ho are not. For my students !ho are practice online learning# they have improved a lot. Thats !hy I ask all o my students practice online learning. This is compulsory or them and e*tra credits !ill be given. I !ould like to advise all o the students to take this opportunity to improve their kno!ledge not only in 2nglish but in all ields o study. $lease use the technology or good purposes that !ill give bene its to you# especially in your study Chairperson : $a k to "iss, where do you heard a/out this online learning and how it gi,e impa ts to your a ademi a hie,ement0 Student : I !as introduced about online learning through my riends. They shared !ith me all the online learning !ebsites such as +ikipedia# $ortal $endidikan 9tusan# (ylin2 and so on. Furthermore# my lecturers
also advise us to ind additional in ormation through the !ebsites that

are linked to our sub"ects. Since the lecturers also using technology so they give the links !here !e should re er to. The !ebsites help us to gain more kno!ledge by sur ing internet. This additional in ormation is important because the contents I get rom the

re erence books# lecture notes and te*t book are not enough. There are too many assignments I have to do. )o!ever all o them are grouping activities. Sometimes# my riends and I share the online !eb learning !henever and !herever !e !ant to. discussion# !e !ill discuss !hat !e In this group ind and !e gathered all

together. +e !ill make hard copy or each o us. Finally !e can use it as our re erences in our preparation to!ards inal e*amination. (y parent and amily also supported me in this !ay o learning. As I cannot access internet at home due to no !ireless connection# my parents bought a broadband or me. So rom the sources# no! I can easily continue using online learning. Thats all rom me. Thank you. Chairperson : 4Congratulation, "iss Chong. )ow we know that online learning is pro,en to /oost e,eryone knowledge5. Finally we ha,e ome to the end of our forum for today where we ha,e shared a lot of knowledge whi h we dont e,en know /efore. Online learning is /uild up with the modern te hnology nowadays. $esides the good things there is also /ad thing. 6o it is e,eryone right to hoose. For the last word from me, I would like to thank again to all ladies and gentlemen for today and also to our panels. ' /illion thank I dedi ate to e,eryone for heering up this forum for today. 6ee you again for ne-t week on the other issue.