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MACBETH Scene 1 Theres an exceedingly strong storm. It bangs, crashes and rattles.

Three hags with backs hoped like question marks nest together. W1: When shall we three meet again in thunder, lightening or rain? W2: When the hurly burlys done, when the battles lost and won! (huddle and swirl scarily) W3: Where the place? W1: Upon the heath W2: And there to meet Macbeth. (Witches exit twirling their cloaks.) Narrator: Had the witches been real or was this fantastic imaginings made out of shadows of the roc s. !et their words are real " a battle was being fought and there was a man called Macbeth. BATTLE Wounded soldier: My lord, Macbeth has won the battle for #cotland against the $orwegians. His sword ne%er stopped slashing the enemy . Narrator: $ews comes that the treacherous thane of &awdor has been captured. King : ' command you to go pronounce the death of the traitor and greet Macbeth (.What he has lost Macbeth has won.

Scene 2 ! Witc"es# $rediction

Narrator) Macbeth and *an+uo are strolling across the damp, misty moors. #uddenly they stop, confused and worried. Mac%et") (banging a drum)What is this? A dar shadow? They come across witches huddled together in a group. !ne raises a cranky, wrinkly "inger. 1st Witc") All hail Macbeth. Hail to thee, ,hane of -lamis! Ban&uo thumps drum. 2nd Witc") All hail Macbeth. Hail to thee, ,hane of &awdor! #rums stop. 3rd Witc": All hail Macbeth. ,hou shalt be ing hereafter! Mac%et") What do you mean? Ban&uo: .$oking) #ounds li e good news to me! Mac%et") (worried/ Where did you get this news? ' am ,hane of -lamis ( not &awdor! How could ' be ing? Witches disappear into mist.

Scene 3 ! Murder o'


Narrator) A messenger arri%es at Macbeths castle with a letter. 0ady Macbeth reads it o%er and o%er while pacing up and down her room. A ser%ant enters with an important message. Ser(ant) My lady (. 1ing 2uncan arri%es tonight to pay us a royal %isit. Lad) Mac%et": What e3cellent news! ,ell the itchens to prepare a ban+uet and ma e the best chambers ready. %er&ant hurries o"". Lad) Mac%et": #o, the ing is coming. ,his is our only chance, wed better not mess it up. ,he +uestion is does that cowardly husband of mine ha%e the courage to ma e our dreams come true? Narrator: A short time later, Macbeth arri%es home and is greeted by his wife. Lad) Mac%et": 0isten! ' ha%e a plan! 2o you want to be ing or dont you? ,onight the ing arri%es and we wont get a chance li e this again. Mac%et") $o (. Why tonight? ( 0ets thin about this another time ( Lad) Mac%et": (walking o"") !ou 4ust lea%e the details to me( Narrator) 1ing 2uncan arri%es at Macbeths castle with his two sons, Malcolm and 2onalbaine and the royal party. uncan) My lady! How nice it is to see you again. Lad) Mac%et": ,han you your ma4esty. We are delighted to ha%e you as our guest. We hope you will en4oy the ban+uet we are preparing for you. ('ll walk o"" together) Narrator: After the ban+uet, the ing is tired and retires to his bedchamber. Mac%et": (head in hands/ ' cant do it (. ' cant ill my ing(. ' should be protecting him, not illing him. Scene 3 continued Lad) Mac%et": (angrily) 2o you want to be ing or dont you? 'f you dont act now, youll regret it! Mac%et") *ut what if it goes wrong? Lad) Mac%et") 't wont (. 'f you dont mess it up! 'll drug the guards. !ou use their daggers to ill him and then put the daggers bac in their hands.

Mac%et") ("eeling happier) #o e%eryone will thin they%e done it! Alright ( 'll do it! (acbeth exits. )e "inds the guards asleep, enters #uncans chamber and stabs him while he sleeps. )e returns to his chambers still clutching the daggers. Mac%et") '%e done it, '%e done it! *ut loo at my hands! Lad) Mac%et") Why did you bring the daggers bac ? !ou should ha%e left them with the guards! Here gi%e them to me. (%he grabs the daggers and returns to wipe the blood on the guards clothes and put them in their hands.) Lad) Mac%et") .returning to (acbeth/ My hands are of your colour, but ' shame to wear a heart so white. (rubs hands together) A little water clears us of this deed. *nocking at the door startles them and they "lee. Narrator: Macduff arri%es at Macbeths castle and disco%ers that 2uncan is dead. Macdu'') .shouting) Murder! Murder! ,he ing is dead. (+&eryone comes out o" their rooms, rubbing sleep "rom their eyes) Mac%et") (pretending to ha&e $ust woken up/ Whats going on? Macdu'': #ee for yourself! ' went to wa e the ing and found him murdered! Hes been stabbed in his sleep. (acbeth slips away. Lad) Mac%et") What? 'n our house? Scene 3 continued onal%aine) .tear"ully) *ut (. *ut ( who did it? Macdu'': ,he bodyguard, by the loo of it Mac%et": (returning/ And they ha%e paid for their crimes. When ' saw them lying there, stained with guilt, ' illed them. E(er)one stares at "i* in astonis"*ent. Mac%et": My anger and grief o%ercame me!

Lad) Mac%et") (squealing and "ainting to distract attention "rom (acbeth) 5h! Help me! Ban&uo: .rushing to her side/ 0oo to the lady! Narrator: As lady Macbeth is carried to her bed, Malcolm ta es his younger brother 2onalbaine aside. Malcol*: .whispers) 2onalbaine we ha%e to get out of here. onal%aine) why? ,he murderers are dead. Malcol*) !ou dont really thin it was them, do you? ,hey would ne%er ha%e done such a thing! onal%aine: .shocked) !ou mean it was someone else! *ut who? Malcol*: 'm not sure. *ut whoe%er it was, ' dont thin they%e finished. Well be ne3t. We must lea%e immediately. Narrator) ,he 6 princes lea%e immediately. Malcolm flees to 0ondon, while 2onalbaine heads for 'reland. !utside the castle (adu"" and ,ord -oss discuss what has happened . Lord +oss: 'ts a shady business and no mista e. Whats the latest news? Macdu'') Well, the finger points to the princes. ,hey%e run away. 7eople are saying they illed 2uncan so they could ta e the throne and then fled when they lost their ner%e. Lord +oss: ' suppose Macbeth is ne3t in line? Macdu'') 'ts all settled. Hes being crowned ing tomorrow.
Scene , Narrator: Macbeth and his +ueen are to ha%e a ban+uet to celebrate their crowning. Macbeth in%ites *an+uo and his son 8leance. *ut little do they now that Macbeth has gi%en orders to ill them. (.anquo and /leance on horseback riding towards the palaceBan&uo: What was that noise? .leance: 7robably 4ust deer. %uddenly, three o" (acbeths e&il men $umped out "rom behind a tree and pushed .anquo to the "loor. They each reached "or their sharp daggers. .leance: $o! dad///leance $umps on a guard.

Ban&uo: 9un for your life and sa%e yourself. 0i%e to a%enge my death. (/leance exits) Narrator: Meanwhile at the ban+uet there was laughter and 4oy until Macbeth spots a messenger at the door. Mac%et": Ha%e you done the deed? Mess: !es his throat has been cut open. Mac%et": -reat, but what about 8leance? Mess: 'm sorry but he escaped. Narrator: As Macbeth returns to his seat he sees the head of *an+uo on his plate. Mac%et": -et away " it wasnt me. Lad) Mac%et": &alm down : theres nobody there. Mac%et": &ant you see him? " hes there in *an+uos seat. +oss: 's there something wrong? Lad) M: !es, ' thin you should lea%e, my husband is not well. ('ll guests lea&e) Narrator: 0ady Macbeth was furious and ordered her husband to go to bed immediately.

Scene 0 Setting ! t"e cold1 *ist)1 *oor 2"ere Mac%et" is loo3ing 'or t"e 2itc"es. Narrator: Macbeth decides he must go to %isit the witches again to hear more. Whole Class: Double, double toil and trouble etc. W1: We are here, Macbeth. We now what you ha%e come for. W2: Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth! *eware Macduff. W3: Macbeth! Macbeth! 0augh to scorn. ,he power of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth.

3 2itc"es: Macbeth shall ne%er be destroyed until -reat *irnham wood wal s to 2unsinane Hill. Mac%et": 4laughing) #o, 'm safe, why should ' be worries " thatll ne%er happen! (The witches &anish)

Scene 5 ! Macdu''#s 'a*il) are *urdered. Narrator: Macbeth fears Macduff nows too much so he sends for two bra%e guards he can trust. Mac%et": ' hope ' can trust you. Macduff and his family are traitors. We need to get rid of them. Ma e sure no one sees you and dont lea%e anyone ali%e. The two guards $ump on their horses and gallop away to (acdu""s house. 0uards knock on door. 6uard 1: Were here to see 0ady Macduff. Ser(ant: 'm sorry shes busy putting the children to bed and will be going to bed shortly herself. The two guards barge into the house, knocking the ser&ant out o" the way. 6uard 2: ,ell us where her sleeping +uarters are or else.

The terri"ied ser&ant points the way. 0uards kill (acdu""s wi"e and children Narrator: Meanwhile, bac in ;ngland where Macduff has fled( Lord +oss: My lord ' ha%e bad news to you. !our wife and children ha%e been murdered. Macdu'': My wife?.....((((My babies? +oss: Macbeths men bro e into your castle, 'm so sorry. Macdu'': ((enacingly) ,he re%enge begins. 'll ill him!

Scene 7: Narrator: 0ady Mc*eth wal s through the hallway wearing her nightgown and carrying a candle. #he has her eyes wide open but shes still asleep. octor: #he 4ust wrings her hands again and again and says strange things(.ssh listen. (puts his "ingers to his lips.) Ser(ant: #he does this all the time. 'ts %ery strange. 'ts li e shes washing her hands. ' wonder why. r: #shh she spea s. Lad) M: 5ut damned spot! 5ut ' say! ( -ubbing her hands. %he cries out in a hollow scream.) Who would ha%e thought the old man to ha%e had to much blood in him? My hands still smell of blood. ;%en the perfumes of Arabia wont sweeten by bloody hand. Ser(ant: #he has spo en what she must not. r: ' dont now what shes tal ing about, it must be something terrible . The queen dri"ts away like a light "eather down the hall lea&ing shadows in the eerie hall.

LM: ,o bed, to bed. Whats done can ne%er be undone. ,o bed, to bed. . )er &oice trailing away.)

Scene 8:

Macdu'' 3ills Mac%et"

Narrator: Macduff and Malcolm and <=,=== soldiers go to ill Macbeth. Malcolm has ordered his men to cut down the branches of -reat *irnham Wood as a disguise. Malcol*: At my command we will throw down our branches and attac . Narrator: As Macbeths men saw the trees coming towards the castle, the heard( Malcol*: ,hrow down your branches. Attac ! Narrator: Macbeth ran to the drawbridge where he saw Macduff. Macdu'': 'm here to ta e my re%enge. Mac%et": $o man born of woman can ill me. Macdu'': But ' was cut from my mothers body. Are you ready to surrender? Mac%et": ' will ne%er surrender. (acdu"" raises his sword and cuts (acbeths head o"". Macdu'': >ictory! We won!