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Regd no-10908015 Roll no-A-78 Introduction of Apple

Apple, Inc. is an electronics and software company based in California, USA. Originally known as Apple Computer, the company is familiar to most people as innovators of the personal computer as it is known today. Apple Computer had introduced many of the now commonplace features of personal computers, including the !UI, the mouse, the floppy disk drive, and color graphics. Apple Computer"s #acintosh line of $C"s had brought numerous software and hardware components within reach of the average home consumer, often in a stylish case and with an emphasis on usability. %he restructured company, now called simply Apple, designs, markets, and sells not only personal computers but also consumer electronics in the form of portable media players and smart phones. Apple also sells intangible goods in the form of software, music, and video. %he Apple Store chain operates over &'( branches worldwide, where the devices and software and sold and serviced. Although Apple does distribute software for the #icrosoft )indows operating system, this is limited to it"s *uick%ime media player and i%unes connectivity suite for the i$od. #ost of Apple"s software revenue comes in the form of optional software for the OS + operating system, e,clusive to Apple"s own #acintosh computers. -owever, software and even computer sales are now only a small part of Apple"s operations. %he i$od media player is today Apple"s main source of revenue, including sales of the player itself and of music and video downloads via the i%unes music store. %he recently introduced i$hone is e,pected to outsell it"s production .uota, thus making the device both e,clusive and e,pensive. Apple %/, introduced in #arch 0((1, is a controversial device that is not e,pected to bring much income to Apple,

rather, to help secure Apple"s foothold in the content distribution market. Other Apple hardware devices, such as the +serve web and file server and the Apple Cinema display, are not intended for home use and make up a negligible portion of Apple"s income. Apple Computer first introduced it"s products at a local computer club in early &213. )ithin half a year the company had grown to having &( retail outlets selling it"s Apple I computer kits. %he following year, Apple Computer released the Apple II, it"s first fully assembled machine. )ith color graphics, audio capabilities, and fully documented hardware specs that encouraged third party accessories, the Apple II became the most popular computer of all time, selling for over &' years. 4uring this time, the 5isa and #acintosh were introduced, the later which would supersede the Apple II and become the basis for the first Apple laptop. After several years of technical failures and unsuccessful products, the late &22("s saw Apple reinventing itself with new company goals. %he company settled it"s outstanding lawsuits with #icrosoft, and in &226 Apple Computer launched the i#ac, a throwback to the Apple II both in design and application. %he i$od media player was introduced in late 0((&, with the i%unes music service following in early 0((0. %he release of these two products is now seen as a critical turning point in the history of Apple Computer, marking a return to high profits and brand recognition. %he i$od line was e,panded to include ever tinier models, including the i$od #ini, the flash based i$od 7ano, and eventually the screen less i$od Shuffle. %he i$od inspired interest in Apple Computer"s merchandise led to the company restructuring itself once again, dropping the word 8computer8 from it"s name to reflect it"s new focus on consumer electronics and media distribution. %he Apple %/ and i$hone devices are direct fruits of the new company focus.

Merchandise Mix of Apple


Apple's so-called "Jesus tablet" was everything that everyone didn't need on its launch in January 2010. Less than a year later, Apple had invented a new ar!et and intentionally spawned hundreds o" poor- an copycats. #ubbed "the oversi$ed i%hone" with a &.'in screen, Apple's lean-bac! device would be the saviour o" the edia industry. (esearch group )artner last onth "orecast that tablet co puters will see an e*plosion in sales over the ne*t "our years, selling +0, as any units as %-s by 201. / and Apple's i%ad will still have al ost hal" the ar!et by the .


5ess than half a decade after the i$od, Apple was already the biggest name in digital music. After months of rumour and anticipation, 9obs, in 9anuary 0((1, unveiled what would .uickly become Apple"s killer product. %he phone was a hit with techies and non techies alike. A typically fervent Stephen :ry reviewed the i$hone four months after its launch. 8;eauty. Charm. 4elight. <,citement. Ooh. Aah. )ow= 5et me at it,8 he wrote in the !uardian. )ith the fifth incarnation unveiled earlier this week, the e,citement has not yet dissipated. Ipad nano

Steve 9obs discontinued the i$od mini at the height of its popularity in September 0(('. -is indefatigable drive for design and efficiency saw it replaced with the much smaller nano. Apple reinvented the nano in September 0(&( with its si,th iteration. At 0&.&g the new nano was &'g lighter than its predecessor and half the height

I$od classic

I$ods shuffle

Assortment of Ipad

0wo ca eras "or 1ace0i e and 2# video recording. 0he dual-core A. chip. 10-hour battery li"e.1 3ver 200 new so"tware "eatures in i34 .. And i-loud. All in a re ar!ably thin, light design. 0here5s so uch to i%ad, it5s a a$ing there5s so little o" it.

Technology so advanced, youll forget its even there

6hen you pic! up i%ad, it beco es an e*tension o" you. 0hat5s the idea behind its innovative design. 7t5s 8ust 0.9: inch thin and weighs as little as 1.99 pounds, so it "eels co pletely co "ortable in your hands. 2 And it a!es sur"ing the web, chec!ing e ail, watching ovies, and reading boo!s so natural, you5ll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

Dual-core A5 chips. Its fast, times two.

0wo power"ul cores in one A. chip ean i%ad can do twice the wor! at once. ;ultitas!ing is s ooth, apps load <uic!ly, and anything you touch responds instantly. And with up to nine ti es the graphics per"or ance o" the "irst-generation i%ad, everything on i%ad 2 is even ore "luid and realistic, "ro ga e play to scrolling through your photo library.

Instant On.Touch and go.

%ic! up your i%ad, press the 2o e button, and it wa!es "ro sleep instantly. 0hat5s because i%ad "eatures "ast, e""icient, and reliable "lash storage that lets you access data <uic!ly. 4o everything e""ortlessly springs to li"e.

attery life !eeps on going. "o you can, too.

=ven with such a thin, light design, i%ad has an incredible 10-hour battery li"e.10hat5s enough 8uice "or one "light across the ocean, or one oviewatching all-nighter, or a wee!5s co ute across town. >ecause i%ad hardware and so"tware are ade "or each other, the power-e""icient A. chip wor!s with the i34 so"tware to !eep battery li"e "ro "ading away.

Two cameras. And a #ig hello to $aceTime for i%ad.

?ou5ll see two ca eras on i%ad @ one on the "ront and one on the bac!. 0hey ay be tiny, but they5re a big deal. 0hey5re designed "or 1ace0i e video calling, and they wor! together so you can tal! to your "avorite people and see the s ile and laugh bac! at you. 9 0he "ront ca era puts you and your "riend "ace-to-"ace. 4witch to the bac! ca era during your video call to share where you are, who you5re with, or what5s going on around you. 6hen you5re not using 1ace0i e, let the bac! ca era roll i" you see so ething ovie-worthy. 7t5s 2#, so whatever you shoot is a iniasterpiece. And you can ta!e wac!y snapshots in %hoto >ooth. 7t5s the ost "un a "ace can have.

I%ad "mart &over. Designed for i%ad. And vice versa.

7%ad 2 and the i%ad 4 art -over are ade "or each other. Literally. 6e designed the i%ad 4 art -over to wor! side-by-side with i%ad @ and on top and underneath it, too. 4 art agnetic technology built into each really pulls the together. 0he i%ad 4 art -over "alls per"ectly into place and stays put to protect your i%ad screen, yet doesn5t add bul! to its thin, light design. 3pen the 4 art -over and your i%ad wa!es up instantly. -lose it and your i%ad goes to sleep auto atically. And here5s another s art partA 7t trans"or s into the per"ect ovie-watching, ga e-playing, web-sur"ing stand. 7t co es in 10 bright colors @ including "ive in rich, aniline-dyed 7talian leather. -hoose your "avorite, and your i%ad will be s art all around.

iO". The worlds most advanced mo#ile operating system.

i34 is the operating syste "or i%ad. And it lets you see and do everything 8ust by touching the screen. 7t includes all the power"ul, innovative, and "un built-in apps you use every day, any ti es a day. 7t5s the plat"or "or which ore than 1:0,000 other a a$ing i%ad apps have been created to ta!e advantage o" the large ;ulti-0ouch screen. And now with over 200 new "eatures in i34 . @ including Bewsstand, i;essage, and Notification @ i34 is yet another reason no other device co es close to i%ad. Learn ore about i34

I&loud. 'our content. On all your devices.

i-loud stores your usic, photos, docu ents, and ore and wirelessly pushes the to all your devices.+ 4o i" you buy a song, ta!e a photo, or edit a calendar event on your i%ad, i-loud a!es sure it appears on your ;ac, i%hone, and i%od touch, too. ?ou don5t have to do a thing.

()D-#ac!lit display.The view is ama*ing.

i%ad is one big, beauti"ul display @ &.' inches o" high-resolution photos, ovies, web pages, boo!s, and ore. L=# bac!lighting a!es everything you see re ar!ably crisp, vivid, and bright. =ven in places with low light, li!e an airplane. And there5s no wrong way to hold i%ad. 7t5s designed to show o"" everything in portrait and landscape, so with every turn Ceven upside downD, the display ad8usts to "it. >ecause it uses a display technology called 7%4 Cin-plane switchingD, it has a wide, 1'EF viewing angle. 2old it up to so eone across the roo , or share it with so eone sitting ne*t to you, and everyone gets a brilliant view.

;ulti-0ouch. =verything5s at your "ingertips

6ith i%ad, you use your "ingers to do everything. And than!s to ;ulti-0ouch technology, everything youdo @ sur"ing the web, typing e ail, reading

boo!s, swiping through photos, and switching between apps @ is easier and a lot ore "un. 6hen your "ingers touch the display, it senses the using electrical "ields. 0hen it instantly trans"or s your taps, swipes, pinches, and "lic!s into li"eli!e actions. Just li!e that.

+i-$i and ,-. Two great ways to stay connected.

=very i%ad is built with advanced E02.11n wireless technology. 7t auto atically "inds 6i-1i networ!s, which you can 8oin with a "ew taps. 7%ad is also available with 9) connectivity on either A0G0 or Heri$on 6ireless networ!s. 4o i" you5re so ewhere without 6i-1i, such as outdoors on a ca ping trip or on the road, you can still sur" the web, chec! e ail, or get directions.

-yro, accelerometer, and compass. I%ad !nows your every move.

6ith the built-in accelero eter, you can rotate i%ad to portrait or landscape, or even upside down, and whatever you5re watching, reading, or seeing ad8usts to "it the display. And now the accelero eter, three-a*is gyroscope, and co pass all wor! together. 0hey sense which direction i%ad is heading and how it5s oving. 4o ga es, aps, and other apps !now your every twist, turn, tilt, and 9+0. 7t5s an epic win "or ga ing. And it5s 8ust the beginning o" better-than-ever i%ad apps.


roadcast live to your .DT/ and spea!ers.

All the great stu"" on your i%ad @ your usic, photos, and videos @ can strea wirelessly to your 2#0H and spea!ers via Apple 0H or Air%layenabled spea!ers over a 6i-1i networ!. 6ith 8ust a tap on the Air%lay icon, you can blast so e tunes, have a ovie night, show o"" so e photos, or watch ?ou0ube. And go big.

Air%rint.%rint everything wirelessly.

%rint your e ail, photos, web pages, and docu ents right "ro your i%ad over 6i-1i. 0here5s no so"tware to download, no drivers to install, and no cables to connect. 6ith 8ust a "ew taps, you can go "ro viewing so ething on the i%ad screen to holding a printed copy.

alance sheet of Apple

%eriod )nding


-urrent Assets -ash And -ash =<uivalents 4hort 0er 7nvest ents &,E1.,000 1+,19',000 19,'91,000 ''+,000 :,.2&,000

Bet (eceivables 7nventory 3ther -urrent Assets

Total &urrent Assets Long 0er 7nvest ents

11,455,222 ..,+1E,000

%roperty %lant and =<uip ent )oodwill 7ntangible Assets Accu ulated A orti$ation 3ther Assets #e"erred Long 0er Asset -harges

',''',000 E&+,000 9,.9+,000 9,..+,000 -

Total Assets


(ia#ilities -urrent Liabilities Accounts %ayable 4hortI-urrent Long 0er 3ther -urrent Liabilities #ebt 29,E'&,000 :,0&1,000

Total &urrent (ia#ilities Long 0er #ebt

07,472,222 10,100,000

3ther Liabilities #e"erred Long 0er ;inority 7nterest Begative )oodwill Liability -harges

1,+E+,000 -

Total (ia#ilities


"toc!holders8 )9uity ;isc 4toc!s 3ptions 6arrants (edee able %re"erred 4toc! %re"erred 4toc! -o on 4toc! 19,991,000 +2,E:1,000 ::9,000

(etained =arnings 0reasury 4toc! -apital 4urplus 3ther 4toc!holder =<uity

Total "toc!holder )9uity


:et Tangi#le Assets


4a sung =lectronics -o. Ltd has 8ust been na ed as the nu ber one consu er electronics brand in the worldJ and is an ac!nowledged leader in the digital convergence revolution. 4ince its inception in 1&+&, 4a sung

has success"ully transitioned "ro an analogue driven product line to a cutting-edge and award-winning digital innovator that is currently the world's nu ber one anu"acturer o" -#;A obile phones, L-# and -(0 onitors, #(A; e ory chips and icrowave ovens. 6ith worldwide electronic product sales o" KL49+.& billion, over '.,000 e ployees and a global networ! in :' countries, 4a sung is truly a global giant and has been recogni$ed as one o" the world's top 100 >rands by >usiness6ee! aga$ine.

Assortment of "amsung ta#

Samsung has once again rocked the mobile market with the new varieties of version in to the Galaxy family. The company has been launching many good models and the later versions of he mobiles. The Samsung Galaxy Tab family includes the alter versions, that has been announced by the company. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 G, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1and the Samsung Galaxy Tab !." are the latest one in the list that are new to the family. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 G price in #ndia is not known. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 price in #ndia is not yet announced. The Samsung Galaxy Tab !." price in #ndia is to be announced soon. The Samsung Galaxy Tab new versions are having great features. The most important feature of the mobiles is that, the mobiles are available in much thinner versions. The big display of the mobiles is once again one more important feature of the mobiles. $amera facilities of the models are very nice and which allows the user to capture nice snaps. #nternet and

multimedia facilities are well integrated in to the mobile. Good battery back up facility is also provided in the mobile.

alance sheet of "amsung

Assets Current Assets Cash Net Recei%a&'es In%entories Other Current Assets Tota' Current Assets Net Fi,e- Assets Other Noncurrent Assets Tota' Assets Lia&i'ities an- Shareho'-er/s E0uit1 Current Lia&i'ities Accounts Pa1a&'e Short-Ter2 De&t Other Current Lia&i'ities Tota' Current Lia&i'ities Lon3-Ter2 De&t Other Noncurrent Lia&i'ities 1#!))"$* ----#0!1#.$) !"#"$1 ((! )($0 11!*)*$0 11!))+$( +#! +)$) -.+!11($0 11*!*.+$# Dec 10 Dec 10

Tota' Lia&i'ities Shareho'-er/s E0uit1 Preferre- Stoc4 E0uit1 Co22on Stoc4 E0uit1 Tota' E0uit1 Shares Outstan-in3 52i'$6


10.$" "*!"1($) "*! 1*$0 1#*$"

Comparison of Apple iPad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


GALAXY TAB 10.1 iOS 4.3 9.7-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD 1024 x 768

GALAXY TAB 8.9 Android 3.0 10.1-inch PLS LCD 1280 x 800

Display Resolution Height Width Thickness

241.2mm 185.7mm 8.8mm 601 grams 1Ghz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor

256.6mm 172.9mm 8.6mm 595 grams 1Ghz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor



Storage microSD card slot Front camera

16GB / 32GB / 64GB

16GB / 32GB / 64GB

no 0.3MP VGA 0.7MP Fixed-Focus 720p video 802.11 a/b/g/n UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA 850, 900, 1900, 2100 GSM/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 USB 2.0 (Host with Adapter) 2.1 + EDR 25Wh (~6750mAh @ 3.7V) $499 (16GB) $599 (32GB) $699 (64GB) Currently available Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Digital Compass, Ambient Light Sensor

yes, up to 32GB 2.0MP

Rear camera Wi-Fi

3.0MP Auto-Focus with LED Flash (720p) 802.11 a/b/g/n

Network USB Bluetooth Battery

HSPA+ 21Mbps850/900/1900/2100 EDGE/GPRS850/900/1800/1900 USB 2.0 (Host with Adapter) 2.1 + EDR 6800mAh $499 (16GB) $599 (32GB) $??? (64GB) June 8

Price (Wi-Fi only) Availability


Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Digital Compas Ambient Light Sensor

the Apple iPad makes a great second computer. Pair it with a high-powered desktop and you'll have a setup that gives you what you need: both power

and portability. You can have a desktop in your home office with a huge screen and no real constraints for heavy lifting -- gaming, video encoding, that sort of thing -- and an iPad for thing like Facebook and email when you're in the living room. Plus it won't get too hot to hold in your lap, and you won't have to keep it plugged in. It is also a good solution for someone who does a bit of traveling, either for pleasure or work. This would be a great computer to take on vacation; you can keep up with your friends and maybe look in at the office, or keep yourself entertained on rainy days with a movie or two. And with its small size and light weight it won't double the size of your suitcase. The iPad not a good option for someone who only wants to own one computer. It just doesn't do quite enough. On the other side of the coin, it's too big to replace your iPod. If you have been paying attention to the battle between Samsung and Apple, you might have noticed that Samsung has been rather quiet about the lawsuits Apple has filed against the consumer giant. Apple has filed in multiple countries including Germany where the court ruled against Samsung and banned the direct sale of the new Galaxy Tab !. tablet in the country. The court said the design too closely resembles Apple"s #. Samsung quic$ly appealed the decision, of course. The court"s decision seems to have triggered a new attitude at Samsung. That new attitude is angry and now they are not being so quiet, or as %ee &ounghee, head of global mar$eting for mobile communications for Samsung said '(e"ll be pursuing our rights for this in a more aggressive way from now on). Samsung has filed it"s own lawsuits against Apple claiming they are infringing on patents that they hold in wireless technology. The legal battle has spread to ! countries from the *S to of course, Germany. The difficult part of this battle is that Apple is a huge customer for Samsung since they are the largest memory storage manufacturer and other products such as %+, screens that are a part of Apple products. If you compare the S

and the Apple i-hone ., it"s easy to see why Apple has pic$ed this fight but, is there more to this battle/ I thin$ so. If you map out the digital media landscape you will notice that Apple has yet to truly capture one area, the living room. Samsung on the other hand not only resides in your living room, but, they have your $itchen and even your laundry room. +ombine this with wireless tablets and phones enabled to run multi0media apps, games, music and movies and Samsung is positioned to be the single most dominant factor in the industry. (ith (i1i connections between these devices, housewives can get a notification on their T2 from the dryer telling them the clothes are dry or operating your microwave from your phone so dinner is ready by the time you get home. If Samsung were to ma$e some strategic acquisitions and $ey partners in the content distribution space they could very well become a more compelling consumer value proposition down the road. I $now there is a love affair with Apple but a solid consumer proposition that extends across multiple areas of your life can be cause for divorce from even the li$es of Apple. If Apple delivers a 3# inch Ipad into living rooms in the near future, you will see this battle heat up even more.