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True History of Great Congress PoliticiansPlease read. It will take your 5 mins but you will come to know who are ruling our Country IN I!.. The Nehru"Gandhi dynasty starts with the #ughal man named Ghiyasuddin Gha$i. He was the City %otwal i.e. &olice officer of elhi &rior to the u&rising of '(5)* under the #ughal rule. !fter ca&turing elhi in '(5)* in the year of the mutiny* the +ritish were slaughtering all #ughals e,erywhere. The +ritish made a thorough search and killed e,ery #ughal so that there were no future claimant to the throne of elhi. The Hindus on the other hand were not targeted by the +ritish unless isolated Hindus were found to be siding with the #ughals* due to &ast associations. Therefore* it became customary for many #ohammedans to ado&t Hindu names. -o* the man Ghiyasuddin Gha$i .the word means kafir"killer/ ado&ted a Hindu name Gangadhar Nehru and thus sa,ed his life by the subterfuge. Ghiyasuddin Gha$i a&&arently used to reside on the bank of a canal .or Nehr/ near the 0ed 1ort. Thus* he ado&ted the name 2Nehru3 as the family name. Through out the world* we do not find any descendant other than that of Gangadhar* ha,ing the surname Nehru. The '4th ,olume of the 56ncyclo&edia of Indian 7ar of Inde&endence8 .I-+N9('":;'" 4)<5"=/ by #.%. -ingh states it elaborately. The Go,ernment of India ha,e been hiding this fact. City %otwal was an im&ortant &ost like today3s Commissioner of Police. It a&&ears from #ughal records that there was no Hindu %otwal em&loyed. It was e>tremely unlikely for a Hindu to be hired for that &ost. Com&ulsorily only #ohammedans of foreign ancestry were hired for such im&ortant &osts. ?awaharlal Nehru@s second sister %rishna Hutheesing also mentions in her memoirs that her grandfather was the city %otwal of elhi &rior to '(5)3s u&rising when +ahadur -hah Aafar was still the sultan of elhi. ?awaharlal Nehru* in his autobiogra&hy* states that he ha,e seen a &icture of his grandfather which &ortrays him like a #ughal nobleman. In that &icture it a&&ears that he was ha,ing long B ,ery thick beard* wearing a #uslim ca& and was ha,ing two swords in his hands. ?awaharlal Nehru also states in his autobiogra&hy that on their way to !gra .a seat of #ughal influence/ from elhi* the members of his grand father3s family were detained by the +ritish. The reason for the detention was their #ughal features. They howe,er &leaded that they were %ashmiri Pandits and thus got away. The Crdu literature of the '=th century* es&ecially the works of %hwaDa Hasan Ni$ami* are full of the miseries that the #ughals and #ohammedans ha,e to face then. They also