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BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Explain Business? Explain the characteristics of Business? What is Business? Explain the Function of Business?

Explain Role and significance of Business? Explain classification of Business activities? Explain Business Environment? Explain Importance of Business Environment? Explain Internal Business Environment? Explain WTO? Explain important agreement signed by WTO? Explain favorable impact and unfavorable impact of WTO on Indian Economy? What is Business environment? Explain the limitations of Business Environment? Explain External Business Environment? Explain the following concepts: Business Business Environment Commerce Industry Social Environment Political Environment Economic Environment Construction Industry Genetic Industry Regulatory Environment Short Notes Maurya Empire Mughal Empire

Maratha Empire British Rule Globalization Liberalization Privatization FDI Co-op and rural Market Explain Co-operation? Explain Features of Co-operation? Explain Co-operation? Explain objectives of Co-operation? Explain Rural Marketing? Explain features of Rural marketing in India? Explain scope of Rural Marketing in India? Explain attractiveness of Rural market? Explain factors contributing to the growth of Rural marketing? Explain problems of Rural Marketing? Explain methods of motivating Rural consumers? Explain difference between Rural and Urban Marketing? Explain Profile of Rural Consumers?

Explain the Concepts? White Revolution Demographic Environment Rural Environment Consumer Behaviour Opinion Leaders Technological factors Economic factors Political factors Rural v/s Urban customers Myths in Rural marketing Rural marketing Rural House hold pattern. Co-operation. NABARD Urban markets Principal of cooperation Marketing

INTERNATIONAL MARKETING Explain International marketing? Explain the features of International marketing Explain WTO? Explain functions of WTO? Explain MNC? Explain the characteristics of MNC? Explain packaging? Explain the Importance of packaging? Explain the Concepts?

FDI Domestic Marketing Trading Blocs Tariff Barriers Non- Tariff Barriers Indian Institute of Packaging Trade Barriers Marketing ENTERPRENEURSHIP Q1) Explain the following Concepts:1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Industrial entrepreneur Manager Motivated entrepreneur Corporate entrepreneur Innovation Q2) Case Study:

Section II Q3) Explain Women entrepreneur? Q4) Explain Entrepreneur? Explain Characteristics of an entrepreneur? Q5) Explain the barriers to Entrepreneurship? Q6) Explain Intrapreneur? Explain features of Intrapreneurial environment? Q7) Short Notes:1) Entrepreneurship 2) First generation entrepreneur