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OBLIGATION OF BANKER 1) Obligations to honour the cheques: The banker is required to make payment to the customer when the

customer makes a demand. The banker is under legal obligations to honour the cheques of the customer as and when they are presented for payment. If the banker fails to meet his obligation, he will be responsible for any loss suffered by the customer due to non- payment of cheque. However, this obligation of the banker arises on the fulfillment of certain conditions like,
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the customer must have sufficient funds in the account the funds should be free from any lien the cheque should fulfill all the legal requirements, etc.

) Obligation to !aintain secrec" o# account: !nother obligation of the banker is that he should maintain the secrecy of his customer"s account. If the information of customer"s account is disclosed, he may suffer loss. #ut the banker can disclose the state of affairs of customer"s account under certain circumstances where Tournier $rinciples can be implemented.