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Checklist of documents to be furnished by RA for obtaining Emigration Clearance from the Protector of Emigrants for the workers recruited

by them after obtaining the deployment permission from Protector of Emigrants. CHECK LIST FOR DOCUMENTS TO BE FURNISHED BY REGISTERED AGENT FOR EMIGRATION CLEARANCE: 1. 2. Request letter in their official letter head duly signed by the Registration Certificate (RC) holder i.e. Proprietor, Managing Director & Managing Partner. Indemnity Bond for Rs.100/- comprising : (a) Declaration of method of selection of workers; (b) Declaration of genuineness of documents and accuracy of translation of documents; (c) Declaration of responsibility as to adherence of terms and conditions of employment; (d) Declaration of responsibility of pre-departure counseling, issuing of employment contract to the workers and repatriation; (e) Declaration of maintenance of records as prescribed; and (f) List of candidates for Emigration Clearance comprising following details:

i) Passport Number / Issue Date /Expiry Date/Place of Issue; ii) Visa Number / Issue Date/Expiry Date; iii) Insurance Company Name/ Policy number/ Period; and iv) Token number. 3. Self attested copy of Valid Registration Certificate. 4. Self attested copy of Deployment Permission for various employers as per (Electronic approval) demand submitted. 5. Self attested copy of Demand letter for Recruitment of Man Power by the Foreign Employer 6. Self attested copy of Power of Attorney and Specimen Contract of employment between the Employee and the Foreign Employer 7. Self attested copy of Passport for the candidate proposed. 8. Original (or) self attested copy of visa for the candidates proposed. 9. Self attested copy of print outs of Token Number issued in the name of candidates proposed for Emigration Clearance obtained after Registration of the application in 10. Self attested copy of employment contract duly signed by the candidate as evidence of acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contract by him. 11. Self attested copy of translation in English of the Visa document by authorized translating agency. 12. Self attested copy of prescribed insurance for the candidates proposed covering the period of contract (minimum 02 years maximum 03 year) (Pravashi Bhartiya Bhima Yojana - PBBY obtained from designated Insurance companies)

13. Challan towards payment of Emigration Fees (manual mode) or e-receipt of payment of Emigration fees online in (Documents in Sl. No. 7 to 12 should be arranged serially candidate wise/token number wise). Note: In the case of Emigration clearance for Malaysia, additionally the original calling visa letter issued by the Malaysia immigration authorities or copies attested by the consulate General of Malaysia authorities should be furnished. (Refer circular No: EMI/13003/09/2012-13/POE(C) dated 29-09-2012.


Signature of RC holder