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Name: Marina.

Surname: Rus Garca Group: 9

Hello everybody, I am going to explain the topic about the health. In the first dispositive appears the index with the different parts that I divided my work. The first point is what health is, the second point is healthy habits, the third point is types of diseases, the fourth point is risks of health, the fifth point is prevention of infections, the sixth point is the conclusion and the seventh point is the bibliography. Now I am going to explain you the term of health (explico el trmino) is very important to have a good health in order to get well-being. In this diapositive appear some healthy habits: The first is feeding, the second is rest ( is very important to rest eight hours a day), the third is correct position ( also is important to have a correct position of the body, when we walk or we are sit), the forth habit is do sport ( is better begin do sport when we are little) and the fifth habit is to have a good hygiene ( we have to brush our theet, have a shower, clean our nails and brush our haireveryday) The next point is types of diseases. There are four kinds of diseases The first is acute diseases: These appear quickly and last just a short time. This is the case of the flu, pharyngitis or constipation. (I have to add that constipation is not costipado this word means estreido because costipado is having a cold). The second is chronic diseases: These are pronounced whit slowness, little by little, and last long time. Some, even, do not disappear. For example sugar diabetes. The third is infectious diseases: microbes. These are caused by virus or

Of these, most frequently is the bacteria, although some

microscopes fungi or protozoos also can cause diseases. And the fourth is no infectious diseases: these are caused by other causes, like accidents, inadequate feeding, poisonings, etc. For example: chickenpox

The next point is risks in our health. There are 3 risks for our health. One of them is the tobacco. Tobacco is a substance that can produce hurts in the respiratory system and circulatory system; in addition, this can produce some types of basinger. The most frequent is the lung basinger. Other is alcohol. Alcohol is a substance that is extended in our society; this can suppose a serious risk for the health. This can produce a hurts in our liver and alcoholism. And finally drugs. Drugs are substances that change the brain functioning, change the behavior and the mood. These make disorders in our organism, make addition and can produce the death. The last point is prevention of infections, is more important to have and god habits for prevent these infections. The most important are: Clean our hands before touch the aliments that after we will eat. Clean the aliments. Cook completely the aliments, providing that these are crude Be careful with the pets. Clean and desinfect the wounds. Clean well the home. Prevent share glasses or possesors.