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Second quarter

ThinkThink-TacTac-Toe Homework Rules

In order to receive full credit, all of the following must be complete!

Complete boxes 11-5 EVERY WEEK. WEEK Box 5 should be documented on the reading log for EVERY night for at least 15 min. You may choose to read more nights. Box 6 is a bonus box! Have an adult helper initial all your homework pages completed. **For this weeks Spelling List, Challenge Words, and Phonics Principal please see the newsletter.
1. Written Response
Writing Journal- Choose one of this weeks journal writing activities on the calendar to complete. OR Respond to reading by: Letter to Teacher- Write a letter to Mrs. Gordon or Ms. Jones about a book you read this week. You may tell what the book was mostly about, details about the characters, places, or events, or tell important facts you learned. We might even write you back!

2. Word Wall Words Use this weeks word wall words to complete ONE of the following activities:
Ransom Words- make your words by cutting out letters in a newspaper or magazine and glue them onto paper. Rainbow Words- write your words in three different colors. ABC Order- Write your words (including challenge words) in alphabetical order, forwards AND backwards.

3. Math Math WorksheetsComplete the math worksheets.

Remember to write neatly and that you should have 6-8 sentences.

4. Phonics Principal Using this weeks Phonics Principal, think of 5 words that follow the principal and complete ONE of the following activities:
Phonics List- Make a list of words that follow this weeks phonics principal. Use a highlighter or crayon to trace over the phonics principal in the word. (example: boot, moon, soon) Picture Clues- Draw a picture for each word you chose showing its meaning. Label your picture with the word. Rhyme Time- Write a rhyming word for each word you choose.

5. Reading You chose 2 books to read this week- a leveled book and a nonfiction book. Read each night for 15 minutes. Record the book you read each night on the reading log. You may also read books from home.

***6. Extra Practice

Kids Newsroom- Visit our website to access this quarters extra choices. Follow the instructions online and be sure to bring in a visual (a picture or a printout with labels) to present to the class. Super Speed Math- Go to our class website to access the SuperSpeed Math activities. Record your time each time and try and go beyond your time each time.

Complete and turn in all homework on Monday.