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SiteExpresso is a website builder and similar to Weebly it will allow a customer to quickly build their website using different templates. Unlike some of the other builders, SiteExpresso has predefined text blocks customers can use to fill the content of their site.

Key Points

SiteExpresso is only available on Linux hosting plans. SiteExpresso can only be installed on one domain per account. SiteExpresso creates .htaccess redirect for the domain. # Begin rewrite stanza # RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [nc] RewriteRule ^(.*)$1 [R=301,nc] # End Rewrite stanza # ErrorDocument 401

SiteExpresso allows up to 7 pages (Home, Products, Services, About, Image Gallery, Testimonials and Contact). A link to an external blog can be created as an 8th page. Order of pages cannot be changed. Each page is published separately.

Getting Started
Getting Around SiteExpresso When first logging in to SiteExpresso the customer will see a menu bar at the top of the page with 4 drop-down menus for building their site (Home, Layouts, Colors and Styles) along with a Preview button that allows the customer to preview their website and a link Website Manager allowing the customer to see their website statistics.

Home (drop-down menu) The Home drop-down menu allows the customer to select which page they will be editing or add a new page. One page of each type can be created and the page names cannot be changed.

Layouts (drop-down menu) The Layouts drop-down menu allows the customer to select which structure the page will have. The location of the images and text are determined by the layout that is chosen. There are currently 3 different page layouts from which to select. A different page layout can be selected at anytime without destroying the content.

Colors (drop-down menu) The Colors drop-down menu is how the color of the page is determined. Combining the different styles and colors allows the design of the page to be unique. The color can be changed at anytime.

Styles (drop-down menu) The Styles drop-down menu is how the style of the page is determined. Combining the different styles and colors allows the design of the page to be unique. The style can be changed at anytime.

Preview (button) The Preview & Publish button allows the customer to view what the website will look like once

published. There is also a Mobile tab showing what the site will look like on a smartphone.

If the site is ready to be uploaded then click the Publish button. If the site needs additional editing then click the Return to Site Editor button.

Website Manager (Link) The Website Manager link allows the customer to monitor their web traffic and update their business contact information. The web traffic can be viewed by week or month.

When the customer selects the domain SiteExpresso is installed on a CName Record is created .htaccess File RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [nc] RewriteRule ^(.*)$1 [R=301,nc]

Additional Support
Removing the SiteExpresso installation from a domaain If a customer no longer wishes to use SiteExpresso on a domain, then log in to the SiteExpresso settings and select the domain from the drop down menu.

The domain SiteExpresso was originally installed on will be reset back to the default settings.

Knowledgebase Article You can access the knowledgebase article for more detailed support and walkthroughs. Use the appropriate property's domain name in place of "fatcow" if giving the information to the customer.

Give it up for Team Expresso!

Minimized cropping issues in 'Featured product/service' when users choose less than 3 items Introduced ability to mirror or reverse a hero image Introduced ability to reset elements on a page Redesigned the Contact Us page Applied patches to AWS Site Expresso servers

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