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AIRTRACER FLEX is a flexible configuration that allows transport aircraft such as the C-130 to carry SIGINT mission system equipment, but also still be used for the transport role, should it be required. Antennas are permanently installed while the crew cabin is used in a roll-on/roll-off fashion.


Allows aircraft to perform multiple-roles Roll-on/Roll-off Self-contained crew cabin Ability to remove classified mission system equipment during A/C maintenance Redundancy between systems and aircraft Sound Proof Climate control



The AIRTRACER Airborne SIGINT system is supported by a training and simulation system that enables airborne SIGINT operators to be trained on the ground. Software simulators generate realistic signal scenarios and the operators perform life-like missions.

The AIRTRACER Airborne Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) System is used for strategic and tactical gathering of emissions in the Radar and Communications frequency bands. AIRTRACER can be installed on a high-performance, long endurance aircraft such as the Saab 2000 or on any suitable aircraft. A roll-on/roll-off version called AIRTRACER Flex allows the Mission System Equipment to be installed on larger transport aircraft.

Realistic Training Environment Mission simulation Simulated signal environment Low operating cost Single instructor for 6 students Individual programs tailored for students



C omplete solution including antennas and mission system equipment Integrated Tasking and Reporting System (TRS) for ESM/ELINT and COMINT gathering State-of-the-art wide band digital receivers and processing Consolidated Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) view on digital map SIGINT data base with merged data

Passive airborne intercept using the extended radio horizon Establish situational awareness including emitter location and classification Analyse Radar deployment Analyse Command and Control networks SIGINT mission planning, recording and post-mission analysis Technical Analysis for creation of threat libraries Intelligence reports tailored for specific target areas

Specifications subject to change without notice

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SATCOM and data link solutions Interoperability with other systems Self Protection System (SPS)






The Radar and Communications signal environment increases in density as new technologies emerge. Extracting intelligence using an airborne SIGINT system such as AIRTRACER, places high demands on processing abilities. Large amounts of data need to be evaluated, filtered and stored in-real time. This requires many processes to be performed automatically. Flying at high altitude, AIRTRACER covers a much larger area than conventional ground based sensors can. The coverage is only limited by the radio horizon which at an altitude of 30,000 feet is around 390 km for emitters on the ground. Intercept range towards airborne targets could be further depending on the frequency of operation and the antennas used by the emitter. The AIRTRACER airborne SIGINT system provides a solution for these requirements in an integrated manner and the output results in a consolidated Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) view that includes results from ESM/ELINT and COMINT sensors.

The AIRTRACER airborne SIGINT system addresses all the aspects of the intelligence cycle. Request from Leadership Reporting and Dissemination




EXTERNAL INTERNAL Lavatory Rest area Multi Function Consoles Folding seat Auxiliary fuel tank Electronic Warfare equipment Mission equipment racks Galley Cargo compartment

The cycle is supported by a SIGINT Analysis and Control Centre (SACC) which forms the ground segment of AIRTRACER. The mission planning, mission control, mission updates, postmission analysis and compilation of SIGINT reports are performed at the SACC and reported to other intelligence agencies.

SPS ELINT Antennas COMINT Antennas Wide Band Datalink


Operational applications such as Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C), Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), Mult-Mission Aircraft (MMA) and dedicated SIGINT aircraft each place their own unique requirements on SIGINT systems. The AIRTRACER family of systems has been designed with scalability in mind and this allows different configurations to be offered for each of the applications.
AIRTRACER is used for dedicated SIGINT roles and includes

The advantage of having a moving platform is that geo-location can be performed from a single sensor by taking measurements over time. Co-operative geo-location can also be performed by tasking different aircraft to perform measurements on the same emitter at the same time and then exchanging the results via the Tasking and Reporting System. Over a period of time, the COMINT and ELINT gathering will increase the knowledge of networks and the workload of operators will change from time consuming intelligence tasks to surveillance of known targets. The changes in the behavior of known emitters will be detected rapidly thus giving more time for decision making and actions.

additional channels and increased recording capabilities which enables extended off-line analysis to be performed. mission aircraft or for dedicated SIGINT roles.

PERFORMANCE DATA ESM/ELINT Frequency Coverage: ELINT Receiver: ELINT Antennas: COMINT Frequency Coverage: COMINT Direction Finder: COMINT Tuners: COMINT Analysis: Recording: PARAMETERS 0.5 to 18 (40GHz) Digital Receiver, BW=500MHz Quadrant, Inteferometric or high gain Spinning DF 2 to 3000MHz Ultra-fast, wide band scanning up to 200 GHz/sec Multiple wide- and narrow band channels Demodulation, decoding and analysis of digital transmission modes COMINT: Wide band recording, narrow band recording including voice ELINT: Intrapulse, pulse, emitter tracks Mission data including EoB

AIRTRACER Compact can be installed as an add-on to special AIRTRACER Lite can be installed on smaller aircraft or as an

add-on to special mission aircraft where SIGINT can be used to support the classification of targets. equipment is installed in a roll-in/roll-out crew cabin thereby allowing the aircraft to also perform other roles such as transport.

AIRTRACER Flex is a configuration where the mission system

The airborne segment makes use of Multi-Function Consoles MFCs) that allows the resources for each mission to be scaled. This means that if more COMINT operators are required, the number of ESM/ELINT operators can be scaled down for that specific mission and vice versa. The SACC ground segment can be scaled to match each of the different applications of the airborne segments.