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1. - 16. sorularda, cmlede bo braklan yerlere uygun den szck ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.


In a 'chemical reaction' operation, different chemical elements ---- changes to one another to produce new compounds.. A) call off


Since most immunosuppressive drugs work by dampening the entire immune system, they leave the patient ---- to short-term problems like infections.. A) reliable B) detrimental C) indifferent D) susceptible E) deficient 6.

B) bring about C) put out D) turn over E) throw away In non-literate societies, valuable information about the past is often enshrined in oral tradition poems, hymns or sayings ---- from generation to generation by word of mouth.. A) taken off B) handed down C) thrown up D) kept off E) rooted out 7. In 1998, 16 per cent of the worlds coral reefs ----by bleaching caused by El Nino, but half of those reefs ---- signs of recovery, especially in protected areas where it is illegal to harvest coral. . A) have been killed / showed B) were killed / are showing C) had been killed / would have shown


Many scientists believe that our sanitized surroundings are ---- allergic disorders in children, which have doubled in the last decade.. A) extracting B) fulfilling C) unifying D) ensuring E) fostering


In cancer care, Britain still compares ---with other similar countries in five-year survival rates after diagnosis.. A) vainly B) unfavourably C) unreservedly D) consciously E) infrequently 8.

D) have been killed / show E) could be killed / had shown In a clever experiment carried out during the 1980s, a team of psychologists at Cornell University ---- that being in a happy mood ---- people generate more creative solutions to problems.. A) have found / will help


Psychologists say that there is a genetic ---- to will power, but that upbringing may also have an effect.. A) attachment B) component C) description D) reaction E) selection

B) had found / helped C) are to find / would help D) found / helps E) would find / has helped


Mount Etna, which is one of the worlds largest active volcanoes, ---- by the ancient Romans ----the home of Vulcan, the mythological god of fire.. A) would be thought / being B) has been thought / having to be C) is thought / to have been D) was thought / to be E) had been thought / having been

13. In immunodeficiency disorders, the immune system doesnt function adequately, ---- infections are more common, recur more frequently and last longer than usual.. A) so B) but C) even if D) although E) as if

10. The official Lincoln Heritage Trail passes ---- west-central and southern Illinois ---about 1, 100 miles, visiting many of the major sites in Abraham Lincolns life along the way.. A) down / beneath B) by / below C) through / for D) into / upon E) along / at 11. Estonia, which was created ---- World War I, enjoyed only two short decades of independence before it once again became a part ---- its powerful neighbour, the Soviet Union.. A) from / at B) during / for C) after / of D) on / in E) around / within 12. Lung cancer is the most common cause of death ---- cancer ---- both men and women.. A) about / with B) from / in C) with / for D) in / over E) through / about

14. ---- influencing how we think, digital technology is altering how we feel and how we behave.. A) Despite B) Besides C) Whereas D) As if E) Owing to 15. ---- doctors advise their patients to eat well and exercise for their health, they should be telling them to sleep well.. A) Even B) Because C) Just as D) Although E) As if 16. Lead was used for centuries to make the pipes ---- water flowed from reservoirs to houses and public buildings such as baths. . A) through which B) with which C) on which D) at which E) of which

17. - 21. sorularda, aadaki parada numaralanm yerlere uygun den szck ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.


. A) Under B) At

Barcelona, the self-confident and progressive capital of Catalunya in Spain, vibrates with life. A thriving port and prosperous commercial centre of 3 million people, the city offers numerous possibilities, and (17) ---- in a lengthy visit you will likely only scrape the surface. It boasts some superb museums (18) ---outstanding modernist architecture. This is most (19) ---- expressed in Antoni Gaudis extraordinary church of the Sagrada Familia. From early morning to long (20) ---- midnight, the world-famous boulevard that is the Ramblas, is choked with people shopping, chatting in cafs or watching the street performers. (21) ---sunny afternoons, the citys beaches attract thousands of sunbathers, cyclists and diners.

C) By D) To E) On


. A) yet B) since C) rather D) even E) such


. A) in case of B) as well as C) as long as D) as good as E) on behalf of


. A) perfectly B) permanently C) freshly D) crucially E) selectively


. A) just B) before C) after D) ever E) never

22. - 26. sorularda, aadaki parada numaralanm yerlere uygun den szck ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.


. A) By B) From

No single country owns Antarctica. (22) ---,countries wishing to have a say in how the Antarctic (both the continent itself and the surrounding Southern Ocean) is governed (23) ---, and agree to abide by, the Antarctic Treaty. However, prior to the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959, several countries had made claims to parts of Antarctica, some of which overlapped. The Treaty does not (24) ---- these claims; Article IV of the Treaty states in part, No acts or activities taking place while the present Treaty is in force shall constitute a basis for asserting, supporting or denying a claim to territorial sovereignty in Antarctica. (25) ---avoiding the claims issue in this way, it was possible to produce a treaty that many parties could sign. Unfortunately, this means that (26) --- many countries follow the spirit of cooperation of the Treaty, there are still disputes over territory that remain unresolved and come up from time to time.

C) About D) Along E) Without 26. . A) as B) while C) if D) until E) before 27. - 36. sorularda, verilen cmleyi uygun ekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.


. A) Instead B) For example C) At least D) In short E) Similarly

27. A team of medical researchers were granted financial support to explore ----.. A) whether there was a connection between autism and a newly discovered class of nerve cells in the brain called mirror neurons B) although these observations must be taken into account in any final explanation of autism C) that the most conspicuous feature of this disorder has been a withdrawal from social interaction D) when further investigations also supported the existence of mirror neurons E) if they have continued to investigate mirror neurons in different species 28. ----, the jaw should be held in place with the teeth together and immobile.. A) As many jaw fractures can be repaired surgically B) Just as antibiotics are usually given to a person with a jaw fracture C) Even though fractures can cause internal bleeding D) If a jaw fracture is suspected E) While a blow powerful enough to fracture the jaw may cause bleeding within the skull


. A) were to sign B) had to sign C) must sign D) may sign E) used to sign


. A) jeopardize B) withdraw C) underestimate D) recognize E) deteriorate

29. It is difficult to be precise about how big the Internet is ----.. A) until research had shown the spread of its use B) because it isnt managed by one person or organization C) if there were any doubts at all about its impact D) so that millions of people throughout the world had used it E) though a survey was to be carried out last year 30. Successful tragedies, ----, do not leave the spectator depressed.. A) in case the chief characters were famous and noble B) though they involve suffering and sadness C) because drama is an ancient literary form D) since it must be recognized E) even if we adopted these terms 31. In view of scientific evidence, it has been suggested ----.. A) while the size and shape of storms change quickly and often B) whether life began under certain environmental conditions C) since the upper half of the atmosphere has unusual weather conditions D) so far as the atmosphere guards us from rays which could be harmful E) that Earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old 32. ----, but they do not exclude his simultaneous evolution in other parts of the world.. A) Several teams have carried out extensive studies B B) Recent archaeological findings establish the earliest modern man in Africa C) Some scientists and archaeologists support the theory that humans evolved in several places D) Archaeological excavations always reveal surprising facts about the past E) Besides scientists, archaeologists are also concerned with the origin of man

33. ---- how words in a language have changed overtime.. A) Linguistic studies revealed some years ago B) Tribal diversity in Africa demonstrates C) A group of linguists were involved in a special study D) Historical linguists commonly study E) The researchers were impressed 34. Even after a drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ----.. A) such drugs are occasionally studied first in a small number of healthy volunteers B) comprehensive premarketing studies detected adverse reactions about once in every 1,000 doses C) many drugs are rejected at this stage, too D) the manufacturer must conduct post marketing surveillance and report any previously undetected adverse drug reactions E) it was 3 years before the drug came onto the market 35. Whereas there are undoubted social benefits to increasing home ownership, ---.. A) the mortgage companies that finance home buyers can go bankrupt B) there are some economic problems associated with it C) more and more people prefer to buy homes than rent D) the existing laws make it financially more attractive to purchase E) incentives to rent houses still remain at historically low levels

36. ---- as they are today.. A) Satellites are providing clear photographs B) The fluctuating magnetic field lies deep in the centre of Earth C) Several other bodies in the solar system generate their own magnetic fields D) Earth's magnetic poles have not always been oriented E) Many intriguing explanations are being put forward 37. - 42. sorularda, verilen ngilizce cmleye anlamca en yakn Trke cmleyi, Trke cmleye anlamca en yakn ngilizce cmleyi bulunuz.

38. It is no surprise that the workers who produce goods for export in developing countries are paid very little by advanced-country standards.. A) Gelimekte olan lkelerde ihracat iin mal reten iilerin gelimi lke standartlarna gre ok az cretle geinmesi aslnda hi de artc deildir. B) hracat iin mal reten, gelimekte olan lkelerde iilerin aldklar cretin gelimi lkelerdekinden olduka az olmas artc deildir. C) Gelimekte olan lkelerde ihracat iin mal reten iilere gelimi lke standartlarna gre ok az cret denmesi artc deildir. D) Gelimi lkelere ihra edilen mallarn gelimekte olan lkelerdeki iiler tarafndan az bir cret karl retilmesi artc deildir. E) Gelimekte olan lkelerdeki iilere ihracat iin mal rettiklerinde gelimi lke standartlarna gre dk bir cret denmesi hi de artc deildir. 39. Studies that have been carried out in recent times, designed to discover whether there is a relationship between class size and levels of achievement, have reached conflicting results.. A) Yakn tarihte, snf bykl ile baar oranlar arasndaki ilikiyi kefeden almalar yaplm ve kesin sonular elde edilmitir. B) Snf bykl ile baar seviyesi arasnda kayda deer bir iliki olup olmadn kefetmek zere yakn tarihte baz almalar yaplm, ancak elikili sonular elde edilmitir. C) Snf bykl ile baar seviyeleri arasnda bir iliki olup olmadn kefetmek iin yaplan yakn tarihteki almalar elikili sonulara ulamtr. D) Yakn tarihte snf bykl ile baar oran arasndaki ilikiyi kefetmek zere yaplm olan baz nemli almalar, eitli sonulara ulamtr. E) Yeni almalar, snf bykl ile baar oranlar arasnda bir iliki olduunu kefetmekle birlikte baz nemli sonular da ortaya karmtr.

37. The foreign trade deficit, called the soft spot of the Turkish economy, is continuing to narrow ahead of market expectations.. A) D ticaret a piyasa beklentilerinin tesinde daralmay srdrse de Trk ekonomisinin zayf noktas olarak tanmlanmaktan kurtulamyor. B) Trk ekonomisinin zayf noktas olarak adlandrlan d ticaret a piyasa beklentilerinin tesinde daralmaya devam ediyor. C) D ticaret ann Trk ekonomisinin zayf noktas olduu dnlyor, ancak piyasa beklentilerinin tesinde daralmaya devam ediyor. D) Piyasa beklentilerinin tesinde daralmaya devam eden d ticaret a hl Trk ekonomisinin zayf noktas olarak tanmlanyor. E) Trk ekonomisinin zayf noktas olarak adlandrlan d ticaret a gitgide daralmasna ramen piyasa beklentilerinin nne geemiyor.

40. Baz psikolojik almalar, okula ilk balayan ocuklarn, bir arkadalaryla beraber giderlerse daha iyi uyum salayacaklarn ne srmektedir.. A) The psychological study has established that, when children start school they should go with a friend, otherwise they will have trouble in adjusting. B) According to several psychological studies, children entering school for the first time need to go with a friend, then they adjust easily. C) Some psychological studies suggest that children entering school for the first time adjust better if they go with a friend. D) The psychologists report explains why children should have a friend with them when they start school so they can settle in more easily. E) These psychological studies all demonstrate that children starting school need to have a friend with them or they have trouble settling in. 41. Bilgisayar program, belirli grevleri yerine getirmek zere bilgisayar ynlendiren bir programlama dilindeki eksiksiz yaplandrlm komutlar dizisidir.. A) It is the complete structured sequence of instructions in a programming language that directs a computer programme to carry out specific tasks. B) A computer programme carries out specific tasks through a complete structured sequence of instructions in a programming language. C) Both computer programmes and programming languages are known to carry out specific tasks according to a complete structured sequence of instructions. D) A computer programme, which provides a computer with the means necessary to carry out specific tasks, consists of a complete structured sequences of instructions. E) A computer programme is a complete structured sequence of instructions in a programming language which directs a computer to carry out specific tasks.

42. Kadnlarla altm srede, kampa ulamadan nce ounun mutsuz olduunu ve bazlarnn da kt muamele grdn fark ettim.. A) Before I arrived at the camp, where the women worked, I had discovered that many of them had been unhappy and some were maltreated. B) I discovered that many of the women were unhappy and maltreated before they arrived at the camp during the course of their work. C) I discovered after working with the women that many of them were unhappy and maltreated before they arrived at the camp. D) Throughout my study with the women, I was to discover that many had been unhappy while some were maltreated before they arrived at the camp. E) While working with the women, I discovered that many of them were unhappy and some were maltreated before they arrived at the camp.

43. - 46. sorular aadaki paraya gre cevaplaynz.

44. It is stated in the passage that ----.. A) some countries have been more successful in producing more neutral and less ideological history textbooks than others B) in many nations, debates over the content and format of history textbooks continue to generate considerable political conflict C) nations attempt to provide future generations with particular values that will ensure the continuation of existing structures D) history textbooks have become more politicized after the emergence of nation states to preserve national identity E) many educational systems throughout the world include history in their curriculum to enhance political literacy 45. According to the passage, regardless of how impartially they are written, history textbooks ----.. A) need to teach both the past and the future B) serve a purpose other than intended C) are the best options for cultural transmission D) affect ideologically the youth more than adults E) can never be completely objective and neutral 46. It can be inferred from the passage that the author ----.. A) is in favour of using history textbooks to inform people about international relations B) sets out to emphasize the use of history textbooks to instil national values in the young generation C) is of the opinion that textbooks on history are easy to write D) believes in the necessity of locally produced history textbooks to bring about world peace E) is trying to persuade the reader of the importance of understanding history

History is one of thefew school subjects commonly mandated in education systems throughout theworld. Furthermore, the use of history textbooks to support student learning isan almost universally accepted practice. However, the widespread international presence of the humble history textbook should not disguise its ideological andcultural potency. Indeed, essential to understanding the power and importance of history textbooks is to appreciate that in any given culture they typically exist as the keepers of ideas, values and knowledge. No matter how neutral history textbooks may appear, they are ideologically important, because they often seek to inject the youth with a hared set of values, national ethos andan incontrovertible sense of political orthodoxy. Textbooks stand as cultural artefacts that embody a range of issues associated with ideology, politics and values which in themselves function at a variety of different levels of power,status and influence. Embedded in history textbooks are narratives and stories that nation states choose to tell about themselves and their relations withother nations. Typically, they represent a core of cultural knowledge which future generations are expected both to assimilate and support.

43. According to the passage, history textbooks ----.. A) are now being rewritten with a more international and universal outlook to rectify past misunderstandings between nations B) are now being rewritten with a more international and universal outlook to rectify past misunderstandings between nations C) should be written in a neutral and unbiased way so that future generations can have a healthy understanding of history D) not only have educational, but also ideological functions, serving to transmit a nation states values E) consist of baseless stories and narratives rather than historical facts that are more important for a nation states survival

47. - 50. sorular aadaki paraya gre cevaplaynz.

49. It is suggested in the passage that the first majorform of genetic therapy raises problems because----.. A) using technology in this process impairs the organic nature of the gene B) it is difficult to apply the normal gene into a fertilized egg C) it is ethically controversial D) the clinical tests have produced some unexpected results E) its application to transgenic animals has been opposed by some researchers 50. According to the passage, gene replacementtherapy ----.. A) is a cure under development, especially for hereditary genetic diseases B) is a dream in the medical world, which can hardly be achieved C) is fully beneficial for a variety of diseases D) has already been tried and very good results obtained E) has been used by the physicians successfully for a long time

Gene replacement therapy is being developed forseveral genetic diseases. Because many difficulties are inherent in treating most serious genetic diseases, scientists have dreamed of developing actual cures. Today, genetic engineering is bringing these dreams closer to reality. Such therapy could take two main forms. One approach would be to introduce copies of a normal gene into a fertilized egg, using modifications of the technology already used to produce transgenic animals. In some transgenic animals the introduced gene can remain stable from generation to generation, constituting atrue 'genetic cure.' However, this approach raises such complex ethical problems that it is not being actively pursued at this time. A second strategy to introduce the normal gene into only some body cells (somatic cell gene therapy) is receiving increased attention today. The rationale is that, although a particular gene may be present in all cells, it is expressed only in some. Expression of the normalallele in only the cells that require it may be sufficient to give a normal pheno type. Although this approach presents a number of technical obstacles, which must be overcome, gene therapies for a number of genetic diseases are undergoing development or are being tested on patients in clinical trials.

47. According to the passage, somatic cell genetherapy ----.. A) is regarded by physicians ethically applicable B) is cheaper and more practical C) leads to a number of complications D) has been practised over decades E) is related to body cells 48. One understands from the passage that clinicaltrials for gene therapies ----.. A) have given little hope B) are still underway C) have been much costly D) cannot be carried on due to ethical problems E) have been going on for several decades

51. - 54. sorular aadaki paraya gre cevaplaynz.

52. According to the passage, people with disabilities----.. A) have failed to appreciate the special care services made available to them B) have always been provided with opportunities to make a good living C) have long been prevented from enjoying the same rights as the other members of society D) would never manage to lead a comfortable life E) have for centuries been regarded, throughout Europe, as a burden to society 53. As the passage indicates, it is now clear that ----.. A) there is a wide gap between the public and legal views on disability B) the disabled everywhere in Europe have been granted extra rights and privileges C) the disability groups are demanding even more rights D) the understanding of disability in Europe has undergone considerable change E) Europeans have recently adopted a rather prejudiced attitude towards the rights of people with disabilities 54. The passage emphasizes that ----.. A) potential capabilities of the disabled people had long been underestimated or ignored B) future steps require consciouslydeveloped policies for the rehabilitation of the disabled C) people with disabilities deserve somewhat more attention than those without D) the new disability policy in Europe will be useless E) a change in attitude towards the disabled is the result of the new employment policies in Europe

The last decade has seen not able changes indisability policy in Europe. Changed assumptions about the concept of disability have been reflected in the adoption of new national and pan-European legislation. As a consequence, the policy which has sought to separate and segregate people with disabilities in 'special schools', labour markets, residential accommodation and transport has, to some degree, and in some countries, been reconsidered. Attempts have been made to developan integrated approach, opening up jobs, servicesand housing to all people irrespective of their abilityor disability. A key element of this new approach has been the recognition that segregation and exclusionis not a necessary consequence of a physical orintellectual impairment, but the result of conscious policy choices based on false assumptions about the abilities of the people with disabilities. The new approach recognizes the role which discrimination plays in disadvantaging people with disabilities and, conversely, how legislation seeks to combatelements of disability discrimination and create sequality of opportunity for people with disabilities.

51. We understand from the passage that the new approach to disability ----.. A) maintains the segregational policies common everywhere in Europe B) opposes the segregation of the disabled from society C) equates physical or intellectual impairment with inferiority D) has not sought a legal basis for its activities E) aims to provide a the rapeutic environment for the disabled by placing them in special institutions

55. - 58. sorular aadaki paraya gre cevaplaynz.

56. It can be inferred from the passage that the author ----.. A) believes that dialectology as a science has not fully developed despite scholarly efforts B) believes in the advantages of the theory of dialect geography originally developed for Europe C) has doubts about the applicability of the European view of dialects for the US D) offers the settlement histories as the best explanation for the emergence of dialects E) strongly believes in the idea that American English can best be classified in terms of regions 57. According to the passage, ----.. A) the popular ideas of most Americans on the subject of dialects are not shared by mainstream linguists B) linguists who have carried out research on American dialects have been educated in Europe C) factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, and social class seldom play a role in dialectal differences D) geography has little bearing on dialect boundaries because of migration E) Henry Smith thinks that the relatively new and mobile settlement patterns in the US are a great influence on dialects 58. According to the passage, ----.. A) scholars have a unified theory of dialect geography B) European settlement patterns do not share the same history as those in the US C) there is a need to compare the various regions in the US in terms of dialect differences D) the critics who assert that social factors are equally valid are mistaken E) the Western dialect is no longer in use in its Native California

Americans tend to think that varieties of English are more determined by region than by any other factor, such as age, ethnicity, gender and social class. The linguist Henry Smith, for instance, maintained that each region of American English is highly distinctive. Scholars who have investigated the matter have been influenced by the theory of dialect geography formulated in the 19th century by European dialectologists. As a result, investigations have presumed the idea of long-settled and stable regions an idea appropriate for Europe but less suitable to the more recent and fluid settlement patterns of the US. Even so, American English dialects are conventionally treated under four headings: North, Coastal South, Midland, and West. The Northern dialect stretches from New England to New York and was shaped by migration from the 17th century colonial settlements. The Coastal Southern dialect centres on the Atlantic port cities of the states of Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia, formed in a time of plantation and ranch agriculture. The Midland dialect is spoken between North and South Midlands according to some dialectologists while others emphasize its affiliation with its neighbours and describe it as Lower North and Upper South. Finally, the Western dialect is used in the area that covers California and the Pacific Northwest.

55. As it is clearly stated in the passage, there is an assumption that ----.. A) the Midland dialect cannot be classified B) the four-way division of American English is made according to occupational considerations C) social factors such as ethnicity hardly ever contribute to the classification of dialects D) Americans classify dialects according to regional factors E) the Coastal Southern dialect is affiliated with Upper South and Lower North

59. - 62. sorular aadaki paraya gre cevaplaynz.

61. It is pointed out in the passage that all organisms----.. A) know exactly how mountain slopes provide the best conditions for survival B) usually have their habitat in places where there isnt much exposure to sunlight C) are affected most adversely when the climate of their environment keeps on changing D) fully adapt to the conditions of the microclimate in which they live E) are perfectly able to cope with the physical conditions of an arid geography 62. It is explained in the passage that the rain shadows of mountains are dry because ----.. A) air mass that moves over them is warm and has almost no moisture for precipitation B) they differ enormously from each other in terms of elevation and steepness C) they are fully exposed to prevailing winds and, therefore, have no chance of precipitation D) their microclimatic conditions vary enormously and are therefore not suitable for rainfall E) they are far from any coast that would provide them with moisture and cool air

Moisture is removed from humid air by mountains, which force the air to rise. As it gains altitude, the air cools, clouds form, and precipitation occurs, primarilyon the windward slopes of the mountains. As the air mass moves down on the other side of the mountain, it is warmed, thereby lessening the chance of precipitation of any remaining moisture. This situationexists on the west coast of North America, where precipitation falls on the western slopes of mountains that are close to the coast. The dry lands on the sides of the mountains away from the prevailing wind arecalled 'rain shadows.' Generally, differences inelevation, in the steepness and direction of slopes, and in exposure to sunlight and prevailing winds mayproduce local variations in climate known as'microclimates, ' which can be quite different from their overall surroundings. For an organism, the microclimate of its habitat is of primary importance, because that is the climate an organism actually experiences and knows how to cope with.

59. As pointed out in the passage, microclimates ----.. A) can best be observed along the west coast of America where precipitation is high B) occur as a result of differences in the geographical features and conditions of an area C) show a great deal of variety in the North American dry lands known as \'rain shadow\' D) create a secure environment for organisms that prefer to live in areas with adequate precipitation E) are not affected by prevailing winds because of the steepness and direction of mountain slopes 60. It is clear from the passage that mountains ----.. A) with steep slopes are most suitable for the formation of rain shadows B) do not receive any amount of precipitation on their windward slopes C) form an obstacle for prevailing winds to cause local variations in climate D) always provide a large variety of habitat for all kinds of organisms E) play an important role in the change of moist air into precipitation

63. - 67. sorularda, karlkl konumann bo braklan ksmn tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz.

65. Sue : Is your computer reasonably modern? Wendy : ---Sue : Then its terribly out of date! With computers there are new things happening all the time. Wendy : That may be. But Im comfortable with mine and have no intention of changing it.. A) I suppose so. Ive never really thought about it. B) Are you trying to sell me a new one? C) Probably not. Its a bit slow, though, and that can be annoying. D) Oh, yes. Ive had it about six years, thats all E) I dont know. But its been giving me a lot of trouble lately. 66. James : Are you planning to attend any of the plays at the Shakespeare festival this year? Allie : ---James : One critic, Harold Bloom, says that its because he teaches us more about ourselves than any other writer. Allie : That could be the reason.. A) Id like to, but Im not sure Ill have time. Why do you ask? B) No, but did you know that he wasnt really respected by the public during his own lifetime? It was only a hundred years later that he was taken seriously. C) Im planning to see all of them. In fact, Ive already bought a season ticket. D) Do you know, Shakespeares really not my favourite thing. E) Yes, of course. I wonder what it is that makes his plays so popular, year after year.

63. Hector :- This article talks about a double-blind test for new medication. Val :- ---Hector :- Well, it refers to a type of scientific testing in which neither the subjects nor the experimenters know the make up of the test and control group during the actual course of the experiments. Val :- I guess thats the best way to prevent anyone affecting the outcome of the experiment.. A) Ive already read it. B) Did you enjoy reading it? C) What kind of medication? D) I think all medication should be thoroughly tested before doctors prescribe it. E) What does that mean? 64. Karen:- The one-child-only ruling for couples in China must have brought family life to an end. Jennifer:- ---Karen:- Just think about it. There are no brothers and sisters, so there are no aunts and uncles, and no cousins. Jennifer:- Yes; youre right. I hadnt thought about the implications.. A) Why not? B) I dont see why. C) And a good thing too. D) Was the population really growing very fast? E) They can play with the neighbours children.

67. Anna : Are you in favour of what they now call educational play? Alan : ---Anna : I do agree. A child that dislikes school is not likely ever to be successful there.. A) How can children learn all they have to learn if they waste so much time playing? B) What exactly is that? C) Yes, I suppose so. As long as its not overdone. D) No. I dont believe in letting children have too much of their own way. E) Yes, I am. It is important to make learning pleasurable. 68. - 71. sorularda, verilen cmleye anlamca en yakn cmleyi bulunuz.

69. Until recently people felt that Nigerian ministers were being too optimistic, but there is now no question that the countrys financial position is growing steadily stronger.. A) It is now clear that Nigerias economy is in a strong upward cycle but previously people doubted the hopeful attitude of Nigerian ministers B) Nigerian ministers today have no apprehensions about their countrys financial status, as it is plain that it is constantly getting better. C) In the past, even though Nigerias economic status was constantly improving, people were often mistrustful of its ministers confident views. D) Though Nigerian ministers were previously sceptical of positive ideas about their countrys financial status, it has become obvious that its economy is advancing day by day. E) Today we see that Nigeria is progressing economically, but in the recent past, this was not the case and economists were wary of the optimistic views of its leaders. 70. Though management may not realize it, a very large proportion of the success of this company is due to the loyalty and hard work of its workers.. A) Whether or not management is aware of it, this company owes its success, to a very large extent, to the industry and loyalty of its staff. B) Whatever management may say, the success of this company depends more than anything else on the dedication of those who work here. C) Management should be made to recognize that the role of the staff is of first importance in the companys success. D) As management realizes full well, it is the workers in the factory who make it so successful. E) The workers in this company, with their hard work and devotion, contribute more to the success of the company than management does.

68. Clinton is said to be charismatic because he seems to embody the virtue of caring when he speaks.. A) Because people are very impressed by what Clinton says, they admire him and think that he has a great deal of charisma. B) Because, through his speech, Clinton can move people, they believe that charisma is a distinctive quality of his character. C) Since in addressing people Clinton appears to be genuinely concerned, it is said that he has charisma. D) People are always very concerned when Clinton addresses them, and so they regard him as a very charismatic person. E) When Clinton addresses people, he arouses their feelings so much that they admire him for his charismatic personality.

71. Libya is almost all desert with the exception of the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, which traditionally have had little in common.. A) Libya is so covered by desert that it has only the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, which are totally different from each other. B) If one leaves out Tripoli and Benghazi, cities historically almost competely unlike each other, nearly all of Libya is covered by desert. C) Libyas cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, which do not share a common tradition, are not affected by the desert which completely covers the country. D) Since Libyas cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, which have little shared tradition, are situated on the coast, the rest of the country is completely covered by desert. E) Because Libya is covered by desert, its cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, which do not have a common historical heritage, are situated by the sea. 72. - 75. sorularda, bo braklan yere, parada anlam btnln salamak iin getirilebilecek cmleyi bulunuz.

73. Traditionally, the study of planet formation has proved frustrating, as astronomers have never been sure whether their theories apply to other planetary systems. ----. Now, however, the observations of debris discs around stars of different masses and ages are helping to place our solar system in context.. A) Some discs look like gigantic versions of the rings of Saturn B) Most of the discs, however, could not be seen directly C) What the recent images show is wonderfully unexpected D) This is because the solar system is the only known example of a planetary system E) The dust particles probably result from collisions among asteroids 74. Well into the 1860s the American West remained divided from the East by the harsh nature of the countrys interior. --- . Their aim was to build a railroad across the formidable mountainous lands of the Sierra Nevada. They were ridiculed on all sides, but the ambitious enterprise eventually succeeded. . A) Their high-flying goal comes with similarly steep challenges

72. A patient with Korsakoffs syndrome reports that he spent the weekend at the beach, when in fact he was in the hospital. ----. However, he neither notices his amnesia nor questions his own story;concerning his own past he doesnt know that he doesnt know.. A) His memory is impaired but he has replaced his lost history with a story B) Such sincere claims cannot be argued away C) There is no point in trying to contradict such an assertion D) Similarly, a patient with Antons syndrome will deny his own blindness E) Actually, the syndrome is a very rare one

B) Top engineers had agreed that the Sierra Nevada could not be crossed by road or rail C) Naturally, politicians were not in favour of uniting East and West D) Then four merchants began raising money to fund a seemingly impossible project E) The high peaks of the Sierra Nevada were acknowledged as being impassable

75. Most researchers believe sleep has some sort of critical maintenance or restorative effect on neural tissue. ----. It has been found that in some birds, therefore, only half the brain rests at once.The other half stays alert, and the eye it controls stays open against potential risk.. A) No one is sure why animals sleep B) Humans are frequently subjected to situations where they need to decide when and how much to sleep

77. (I) In the past century US life-expectancy climbed from forty-seven to seventyseven. (II) Similar rises happened in almost every country. (III) And this process shows no sign of stopping. (IV) Such a pill could give us an extra twenty years of life. (V) According to the United Nations, by 2050 global life expectancy will have increased by another ten years. . A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 78. (I) Modern Bergama is a sleepy agricultural market town in the midst of a well-watered plain. (II) There has been a town here since Trojan times. (III) Of Bergamas four main tourist attractions, only the museum is in the centre of the town. (IV) However, it was during the period between Alexander the Great and the Roman domination that Bergama, then called Pergamum, enjoyed its greatest prosperity. (V) At that time, it became one of the Middle Easts richest and most powerful small kingdoms.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV

C) But this unconscious state has a cost: it makes animals vulnerable to predators D) The first two or three hours of deep sleep seem to be the most vital for humans E) The list includes pigeons, ducks, domestic chickens and a few other birds 76. - 80. sorularda, cmleler srasyla okunduunda parann anlam btnln bozan cmleyi bulunuz.

76. (I) Nyos is a crater lake formed by a volcanic eruption roughly five centuries ago. (II) In these lakes the gas saturates the bottom water. (III) It is one of many such lakes, found the world over in volcanic chains.(IV) It is, however, one of only two lakes known to have exploded. (V) And when it exploded a jet ofgasladen water rose 80 meters high and carbon dioxide filled the air.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

E) V

79. (I) Administrative law first came into use in Turkey with the introduction of continental European legal thinking in the 19th century. (II) The most influential model was that of French administrative law. (III) This model developed in the 1890s as a result of the growing influence of Western academic institutions, namely the Law and Political Science Schools in Istanbul. (IV) The model was further developed when a system of administrative courts, modelled on a French pattern, was established by the Republic in 1927. (V) Unlike the German and French Constitutions, the Turkish Constitution does not merely characterize the Republic as a social state.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 80. (I) Caviar has held a place at the top of Russian menus under czarist, communist, and post-Soviet regimes alike. (II) Until the Russian economic crisis of 1998, even people with modest incomes could afford half a pound or so a month. (III) Caviar has always been treasured in Russia, where people believe that it provides relief from grief and despair. (IV) In Eastern Europe, caviar fetches as much as $700 a pound. (V) It is also prized for medical reasons since it contains lipids, vitamins, and albumen.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

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