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Hai,,,ohayou gozaimasu..let m intriduce my self my name is Fithri Wahyuni Putri.I'm from Indonesia. Do you know it?

there are so many beautiful place in my country. Let's remember that one of Arashi Member ever had been in Indonesia, Aiba-san.He went to two zoos in Indonesia Gembira loka and safari park (But I've never been there hehehe:) Im from a small city called Bukittinggi. It's also beautiful place. Many tourist from other countries have gone there. But right now, I'm staying in Bandung, because I countinue my study at one state university in this City. I like watching japanese dorama. why? because the story is really unique not only about love between girls and boys,,but they are about strugle, friendship, hope, mystery, comedy, about teacher and students, parents and children, family and many more. And it made me watceh Japanese dorama more and more and more. Japanese dorama that I really watched was Code blue, because it was related to my major ( I am a nursing student) and then I tried to find other dramas more and more. Some day I copied a dorama from my friend called Yamada Taro Momogatari. She tells me about the plot. Hmmm....I think I ever heard about this drama but not in Japenese version. It was Taiwan version although I hadn't watched it. And then I just copied it but I just watched it part by part not whole the drama. And in my holiday I decide to spend it by watching more dramas,,at that time I had Gokusen-2.Hm..I have had the second one,but not the first one. I'm sure that it is related between the first season and the second season,and at that time I was courious with Ikemen PAradise. I had watched the Taiwan version but The japanese version I hadn't watched,I was little bit annoyed after knowing that Korean had made their own version. than I watched Gokusen1 and Ikemen paradise. the cast are MAtsumoto JUn, at that time I hadn't been interested in arashi..and then I watched Ikemen paradise one of the cast was Oguri shun, yeah I got suprised that Oguri shun had film gokusen1 with MAtsujun..then I watched Matsujun next drama that the soundtrack was love rainbow (I don't remember the title, sorry. And this drama was so funny,,and the soundtrack was cozy, and then I downloaded. And I courious about Matsujun's and oguri's acting in Hanadan..I had known this drama for along time,,but I was not interested in this because I had watched the Taiwan version first (before like japanese drama. I used to watched Taiwan dramas,,but after watching hanadan 1,hanadan return, and hanadan the movie,,they are really entertaining. and then because the theme song of this dorama were sung by arashi, I began to listen to their song,,and start to be interested to them and looking for the information about them and about the members..and in fact yamada taro monogatari drama which I get from my friend was acted by 2 arashi members hahaha and the theme song was also sung by arashi. and then I started to watched their dorama, variety shows and follow some arashi lover comunity in of them is niji no kakera. I realized that is really difficult to get arashi's variety show with english let me join this comunity,,I will not upload it in streaming site and will not sell it.and I have watched some of arashi members' drama: yoiko no mikata, kisarazu cats eye, the quiz show, yamada taro monogatarai, ryosei no kizuna, freeter ie o.., kazooku game, my girl, smile, maou, uta no onisan, kaibutsu-kun, nazodi, kagi no kakata heya,and many more. My favourite members are Sakurai-san and Ohno-san. It's difficult for me to decide who is my "ichiban" between them. Sakurai-san looks smart and some time looks "baka" too. and ohno-san is a silent boy I think. he speak less in their bangumi..but when he speaks it'll be make everyone is suprised,and he is a talented and unique man..hahaha hi like fishing so much and his drawing is good to. But I like the other members too. They have their own positive point. And that's all about my apllication member. I'm sorry for my not good english,and I do hope I can join this comunity,,thanks in advance for accepting me. buy the way I haven't eat my breakfast..I just ate some crackers,,have a nice day Thankyou