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All Rights Reserved & C !"right Michelle Manders Channelled in # hannes$urg% S uth A&rica n '( A!ril )''* This transcri!t has $een !u$lished &ree & charge $" I+ ,ner Michelle Manders and +alace & +eace in su!! rt & !e !le see-ing clarit"% healing and !eace. There& re% ,e a!!reciate the /a, & Integrit" $eing h n ured and as- that n !ers n% gr u!% rganisati n% r an" $ d" & an" s rt under an" circumstance alter an" !art & this d cument r !u$lish it in !art r in &ull & r !ers nal &inancial gain. 0 u are ,elc me t !u$lish an e1cer!t ,ith the lin- t the d ,nl ada$le &ull transcri!t n ,,,.!alace &! Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channelling Being and a similar process facilitated with you, which is just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the live channelling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, iming ! Purpose.

" am #uthumi and " come forward upon the rays of $ove, $ight and wisdom to greet you and bring to you blessings of new life during this incredible time of awakening. %reetings Beloved ones. &aster is a window of opportunity for all of humanity to bid the old farewell and make way for a new way to unfold. 'pril in itself is a month of restructuring the self and reassessing one(s foundations. his allows one to notice what maintenance work needs to be carried out and why. $iving life detached from self creates an emptiness that is difficult to e)plain. %enerally people abuse drugs, food, alcohol, se), gambling etc to try and fill the emptiness within, and because they have no idea what the initial cause was, the empty feeling never goes away. *ne absolutely must at least understand what the original cause was in order to permanently heal the gaping wound and fill the emptiness. his is the time of old wounds emerging to remind you to feel, to help you remember what it was like to be your authentic self. he &aster period offers you the opportunity to look through the window of your past and be reborn, healed and at one with yourself. +o amount of pills or potions will heal your pain. ,ntil you have the courage to face the demon within that stokes the fire of pain you will never feel complete. Pain is often used as a reminder of what it feels like to feel. -umanity has become so accustomed to feeling pain that many seem to believe that peace, happiness and harmony has become a lu)ury accessible to only an elite few. .ince when did %od(s blessings become e)clusive/ 0aster 1esus brought many valuable teachings when he journeyed amongst humanity, yet many of the messages have either been forgotten or misinterpreted. +ow is the time to study his teachings and remember, as well as acknowledge and give thanks for all -e e)perienced and taught in order to support all humanity in the journey to full enlightenment, and eventually ascension as -e e)perienced when -e resurrected.

0ichelle 0anders 2 'll 3ights 3eserved

Do you realise how much of your self has died over the years/ Do you realise how many people sell their soul each day because they no longer have the stamina to fight their pain and overwhelming darkness. You have been through this in one way or another, and many of you have moved through your darkness and have found light in your life. -owever, there are still millions who have not. 's you journey and find your way so will many more begin to, and continue to awaken. -ow does one die to the old in order to be reborn you ask/ "t is simple, .,33&+D&34 %ive yourself permission to stop worrying, to forgive, let go, forget and move forward. Continuous focusing on the past keeps the gaping wound in a vicious cycle of inflammation. "n order to heal one must feel the original feeling, and so the courage to let go is found. Practically, get rid of everything that binds you to a negative memory and e)perience in your past. By physically removing this you are consciously creating a space for something new to replace it. his is an e)tremely cathartic e)perience and should be carried out a minimum of twice per year to rid the self of old baggage. "f you find the past too painful to look at, you must realise that not ever will you be free of your past, and that your subconscious will always influence your behaviour in any area of your life related to your specific issue. he conscious and subconscious need to be worked with together in order for the process of healing to be complete. he egg represents ones aura and the protective shield of %od(s love protecting and shielding you from darkness and negativity. &ndless pain, fear, worries, and stress break this shield down, and unless one asks for protection daily, one can be left vulnerable to all sorts of negativity. By healing your pain you rebuild this shield and rekindle the flame of passion in your relationship to %od. his gives birth to newfound faith, positivity, hope and opportunity. Die to the old in order to live in the now. -and your pain over, trade your numbness in for feeling and know that the pain of remembering is temporary, whereas the pain of denial, because of fear, is permanent and affects everything you think, do and say consciously and unconsciously. 53ise from the dead6 beloved ones and feel the warmth of a new day and a new life embracing you. 'ccept the new being you are creating and be grateful for this time of degeneration and regeneration. 7eel the support and love of .pirit ever present, guiding, protecting and supporting your every effort. #now that you are loved deeply and that all will be well in your world. " am #uthumi, $ord of $ove, $ight and 8isdom and " greet and bless you in $ove. 'donai. Activities23uesti ns4 8hat addiction9s are you currently struggling with/ 7ear, pain, food, gambling, drugs, se), alcohol, shopping, negative thoughts, worry, gossip, drama etc/ 8hat triggers your addictive behaviour and when did it start/ 8hat was happening in your life when your addictive behaviour started/ 8hat is the first thing you do when your addiction is triggered/ 8hat can you do instead of satisfying your addiction/ $ook at what gives you enjoyment to replace the knee:jerk reaction of reaching out to your addiction e.g. putting on some
0ichelle 0anders 2 'll 3ights 3eserved

music you love and dancing to it, going for a ;uick walk or swim, watering your garden, writing, drawing, watching a humorous movie etc 8hat does your addiction do for you/ 8hat satisfaction does it give you/ -ow long does the feeling of relief and satisfaction last/ -ow do you feel about yourself when you have given in to your addiction/ 8hat are the repercussions of giving in to your addiction in relation to others or your life circumstances in general/ Can you get help to support you through giving up your addiction/ 8rite down what you imagine your life would be like with the addiction gone. 're you willing to face whatever lead to your addictive behaviour/ 're you willing to surrender to the truth of your situation and take action to change it/ Do you fully accept and realise that if you don(t face the wound that triggered your addiction9s that it will always be there/ -ow badly do you want to e)perience a better ;uality of life/ 8hat is the very first small thing you can safely do for yourself right now to get the ball rolling in the direction of your healing/ ".e put your credit cards away, or even better, cut them up, stock your pantry with healthy food, read inspirational books, join a health club or weight loss programme, tell someone you trust about your addiction, stay away from negative people and environments, consciously choose not to get involved in gossip by rather focussing on addressing and healing your life etc You do not have to do this alone. here is support available. 're you willing to allow it in to your life and instead of feeling pain to remind yourself you are alive, e)change it for positive feelings and e)periences/

"f you have access to 7acebook, you can join our Palace of Peace %roup for guidance and support from the community. You cal also join 'ttitude 0ini:Course .upport %roup, .tress 0ini:Course .upport %roup, or visit our website for more teachings and messages such as this one to help you along. *ur new 8hy 8eight/ 7acebook %roup incorporating our 50anders 0ethod6 created by .ean 0anders who has been a Personal rainer since <===, and .piritual and +utritional 'dvisor, assisted by 0ichelle 0anders, will be active from the >?th of 'pril <=><.
Copyright +otice : 8e ask that you honour the $aws of rust and "ntegrity and acknowledge that none of this information may be used for monetary gain, be altered, translated, reproduced, digitally recorded or deleted in part or whole or built upon in any way whatsoever. he Palace of Peace has assigned translators for the channellings and may not be translated by anyone other than these people. Please contact us if you would like this channelling in another language, or if you would like to translate this material into your language. his information remains the sole intellectual property of 0ichelle 0anders at all times.

0ichelle 0anders 2 'll 3ights 3eserved