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Visiting Grandma
Geometry and Measurement, Level 1
Problem Jane is going to see her Grandma in 6 days from now. If today is 23 April what day will she see her Grandma? What is this problem about? This problem is an exercise in addition applied to dates. It might be best to wait for an opportunity to use this problem type. If there is a big event coming up such as a school trip or an important anniversary, then use this problem in that context. The extension is harder in that it requires knowledge of both the number of days in the week and the number of days in April. If this is to be used, then it would be appropriate to use a date that is correct for the year. So avoid rd rd Monday 23 April if the year in which you are using the problem, the 23 April falls on a Sunday. Relevant Achievement Objectives

Measurement AO1: order and compare objects or events by length, area, volume and capacity, weight (mass), turn (angle), temperature, and time by direct comparison, and/or counting whole numbers of units.

Specific Learning Outcomes The students will be able to:

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use a calendar to tell days of the week devise and use problem solving strategies to explore situations mathematically


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Calendar for April or any month to suit your focus Copymaster of the problem Copymaster of the problem (Mori)

Teaching Sequence 1. 2. 3. 4. This problem could be introduced in relation to daily news board where the students identified the current day and date. Give each of the students (or pair of students) a copy of the calendar for April (or month to suit). Ask them to point to certain dates to reinforce their use of the calendar. Pose the problem. As the students solve the problem focus their thinking on the calendar. How many days are there in April? rd What day is the 23 ? Show me how you found that out. How many Mondays are there in April? Share solutions.


Extension to the problem

Jane is going to see her Grandma in 8 days from now. If today is Monday 23 April what day will she see her Grandma? Variation 1: Jane is going to see her Grandma in 7 days from now. If Jane sees her Grandma on 18th April what day is it now? Variation 2: Jane is going to see her Grandma on 26 April. If today is 23 April, how many sleeps is it before she will she see her Grandma?
Other contexts for the problem
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Excursion in the Easter holidays


The question can be answered by using arithmetic applied to the dates or by using a calendar. Adding 6 to 23 to rd give the answer as the 29th April solves the original problem. Equivalently the students can count on 6 from 23 April on a calendar to find the same answer.

23 + 8 = 31 but there are only 30 days in April, so the visit falls on the 1 May. Now 7 days from Monday is a st Monday so 8 days from a Monday is a Tuesday. So Jane gets to see her Grandma on Tuesday 1 May. Variation 1: 7 days before the 18 April is the 11 April. Variation 2: There are three nights between the 23 April and the 26 April
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