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THEE = = THOU = = THY = = THINE = = YE

NEVER use you except when addressing someone superior to you~~such as the Queen or a noble! In Elizabethan times, such a mista e might ha!e cost you your head!! Thou is used instead o" you as the sub#ect in a sentence$ %&'( )R% ) *N)VE! +,ou are no good!Thee is used instead o" you as the ob#ect in a sentence$ I .&)/% 0IVE I% %' %&EE1 +I shall gi!e it to you1Thy is used instead o" the word your$ thy house, thy dog, thy boo 1 Thine is used be"ore words beginning with a !owel$ thine apple1 Ye is used instead o" saying all of you$ ,e all shalt come1

.ome o" our contractions that we use today are dont and wont and cant1 %he Elizabethans had some di""erent ones that we no longer use2 here are some o" them$ Twould3 It would Twill3 It will Ist3 Is it

Tis3 It is

%he peasants and simple people used the word ! a lot and in sentences that started with the word I "

I stepped me to the ale house1 I goes me to me neighbor4s house1 I hope me to ha!e a good day1 %he peasants would also say !t#in$s instead o" I t#in$"

5ethin s thou art a clamperton! 5ethin s me nows the lad1 5ethin s 6air 5istress 7rown art a shrew!!

HE%%O = = &OO'(YE
&ere are some o" the greetings the Elizabethans used matched with the sort o" phrases we would use today$ 0ood 5orrow, 5istress 8atterson1 0od ye good den, 5istress 9ol"e1 &ow now, 9ench: 'ut upon thee, sirrah: 6are ye well1 .a!e thee, 0entlewoman1 &eigh ho! <ome thee hither! &ow sayest thou!: &ow now: 0ood morning, 5rs1 8atterson1 &a!e a good day, 5rs1 9ol"e1 &ey girl! 9hat;s happening: 0et lost, 5ister! I hope e!erything goes well, sir1 0od bless and eep you, miss1 &ey! <ome o!er here! &ow4s e!erything going "or you:

Elizabethans /'VE= to thin up cle!er and terrible things to call each other1 %hey thought it was a measure o" a man4s wit +brains, intelligence-1 %he better a man was at name3calling, the wittier or smarter he must be1 &ere are some examples$ N'%I<E &'9 I5)0IN)%I'N )N= I5)0E. 9ERE %&EIR )55(NI%I'N!

day brained +dumbdried cows tongue +disgustingclamperton +dummyprattler +phonya pox on thee +I hope you get smallpox!-

greasy tallow +slic knave +dishonestrapscallion +rascalshandy +empty > headedsnudge +spoilsport, cheaps ate-

abbey blubber$ a "at lazy person, i1e1 a typical mon to the anti 3 <atholic Elizabethan in 8rotestant England1 runagate: a renegade who has been chased through city gates2 or in other words, he4s been ?chased out o" town1@ changeling: the idea here is that the "airies would steal beauti"ul children and lea!e stupid, ugly ones in their place1 %here"ore the "airies must ha!e ta en a beauti"ul child and le"t stupid, ugly you in its place!

'ot# == Hat# == Art

I art I be +I do%hou dost %hese are the main !erbs that thy used di""erently &e doth +I ha!e&e hath +I am.he doth %hou hath .he hath %hou art &e art .he art

*#ras!s == E+,r!ssions
%oday we start many sentences with such terms and expressions as$ well, golly, darn, my goodness, good night, gee whiz, shuc s1 %hese express our "eelings about what we4re about to say1 &ere are some o" the expressions the Elizabethans used to start their sentences$ Prithee.8lease! I beg o" you! /isten to me! I Faith.I swear it on the 7ible! &onest! Fie on thee!.=rop dead! .hame on you! =arn you! Bless the mark!,uc ! %hat4s disgusting! %ight on! Isn4t that the truth! 6or sure! ,ou bet! "arry& 'uoth (I 9ell, well! Now how about that! #hou art cupshot!..,ou4re acting crazy! Inkhorn terms!6ancy tal ! ,ou4re o!erdoing it! *hat hath thee wrought!. 'h no! 9hat ha!e you done now!: non..ure! .ure! ,ou bet! .ome timeA1maybe1 9ait a sec1 I marvel much!.9hat! I am surprised! Egads! No idding! By my $ay!.7y my "aith! ,ou4!e got to be idding! No #o e: +ark on that!..<an you belie!e it: 9ow! Beshrew me. =arn it! .tupid me!!! las'h no! =arn it! .huc s! "ark thee this!/oo at that! #would be $olly!. %hat4s crazy! Forsooth..'h no! %his is terrible! )ot a whit...7ig deal1 I could care less! By my troth. I swear it! )ayno ye.yes


'ther than ?5r1, 5rs1, 5iss, and 5s1@ 9e don4t do much with the title today1 7(% %&E E/IB)7E%&)N. =I=!!! 9e mostly use names2 the always called a person something$ 5adamA1used with any grown woman except a peasant lady .irrahAused to address any man 5istressAused with any woman /assA1a young lady or woman without gray hair <ousinAused with any good "riend 0a""erA0rand"ather 0ammerA0randmother 0entlemanA1any man who is not a peasant 0entlewomanAany woman who is not a peasant 5asterA1any man who is not a peasant 6air =amselA1an attracti!e young lady o" the upper class 0oodmanAused with peasant men 0oodwi"eAused with peasant women 9enchAa young peasant girl2 a ser!ant girl 5agistraA1%eacher

,our 9orshipA1used to show respect to someone abo!e you such as a minister, o""icial, the mayor, etc1

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