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Student Learning Skills Assessment Record

Used with permission from Bayside Secondary School

Name:__________________________ __________________
Legend: E: Excellent G: !mpro"ement

Course:_____________ Teacher:
This sheet will be handed in and become part of your portfolio

ood S: Satisfactory N: Needs

1.1 #o ! attend class regularly and on time$ 1.2 #o ! always &ring appropriate materials and resources to class$ 1. #o ! su&mit my own original wor% and follow the academic honesty guidelines$ 1.4 #o ! complete and su&mit wor% on the due date$ 1.! #o ! act appropriately in class$ 1." #o ! care for and appropriately use classroom materials and e-uipment$ #$erall

4.1 #o ! ta%e different roles when participating in a group$ '() #o ! complete my share of the wor% when wor%ing in a group$ 4. *m ! open to others+ ideas, "alues and traditions$ 4.4 #o ! maintain relationships with others in the group through positi"e communication$ 4.! #o ! wor% with others to resol"e conflicts, pro&lem sol"e and negotiate with others$ 4." #o ! share information, resources and my %nowledge with the group$ 4.% #o ! as% -uestions of others to promote critical thin%ing and decision. ma%ing$ #$erall

2.1 #o ! create a plan to complete wor%$ 2.2 #o ! follow the plan that ! created to complete wor%$ 2. #o ! prioriti/e my wor% &efore starting$ 2.4 #o ! plan how ! will wor% outside of class &y using my agenda$ 2.! #o ! use my time well to achie"e my goals$ 2." #o ! identify what is needed to start the tas%$ 2.% #o ! gather resources to do the tas%$ 2.' #o ! 0udge which resources are &est for the tas%$ 2.* #o ! use the &est resources to complete the tas%$ #$erall

!.1 #o ! explore new ideas to further my learning$ !.2 #o ! respond to challenges and ta%e ris%s when ! learn$ !. #o ! see% additional and necessary information to further my learning$ !.4 #o ! ad"ocate appropriately for my rights$ !.! #o ! ad"ocate appropriately for the rights of others$ #$erall

".1 #o ! set learning and achie"ement goals for myself$ ".2 #o ! 0udge my progress towards reaching my goals$ ". #o ! as% for help when !+m ha"ing difficulty$ ".4 #o ! 0udge my own strengths, needs and interests$ ".! #o ! see% and ta%e ad"antage of new learning opportunities$ "." #o ! perse"ere with tas%s that are challenging$ #$erall

+ndependent ,ork
.1 #o ! 0udge my plan and change it if it+s not wor%ing$ .2 #o ! use class time appropriately to complete tas%s$ . #o ! follow instructions on my own$ #$erall