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Skills Objectives


Grammar Objectives


Vocabulary LL-CB -weather (CB Ex:1a-pg.6,/ Revising the present (Ex: 4a, 4b, 4c, 5, 6-pg.7, WB Ex: 1,2-pg.4, 1,2,3- simple and present Ex: 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 5c- pg.9). pg.6), continuous as well as question words, -modifiers (CB Ex: 3a-pg.9), LL-WB -Learning the difference Ex: 3, 4-pg.4, 6,7-pg.7 -holiday activities (CB Ex: between state and 1b-pg.10,/ WB Ex: 1,2 pg.8) action verbs, FOG Unit 26 Ex.2 pg 261, ex. 5, -linkers (CB Ex: 7a-pg.13,/ 6,7 pg. 262, 263,264 WB Ex: 2-pg.9) -Revising linkers (and, Unit 27 Ex: 2, 3, 4, 5 Listening but, also etc.). -Arrange topics of a Gist (Ex: 3b-pg.6, 3a-pg.10, listening text in a 4a-pg.11), chronological order, Detailed& specific information ( CB Ex:3apg.6, 3b-pg.11, 4a-pg.11) -Define, describe and practise different types of extreme weather and adventure holidays Speaking -Exchange information Fluency (CB Ex:7-pg.7, 1to complete a chart, pg.8), talk about personal topics backed by Accuracy (CB Ex:6-pg.9) reasons Accurately produce intonation patterns in language of agreeing and disagreeing (short forms) -Practising reading sub-skills (skimming and scanning), Pronunciation (CB Ex:5a, 5b- pg.11)

Reading Gist (CB Ex: 1b-pg.6, 2bpg.8) Detailed information (CB Ex: 2a-pg.8, 2a-pg.10, 6pg.12 ) Writing How to write a guidebook entry about Saudi Arabia. (CB Ex: 8-pg.13, WB Ex: 3a, 3b- pg.9 ) Omission CB Ex: 1,2,3 and 4 on pg.12 in LL

-Practising writing subskills: (process writing in the context of a composition about weather in their country).

2 -Learning about and practising personality adjectives, linkers as time expressions,

Vocabulary -Personality adjectives (CB Ex: 4a, 4b-pg.14, 2-pg.18, WB Ex: 1-pg.10, 3-pg.12, 1pg.14), -Linkers as time expressions (CB Ex: 6, WB Ex:2 pg.15), Listening -Intensive listening (CB Ex: 3b-pg.14, 4b pg.18) -Listening for gist (CB Ex: 3a-pg.10, 4a-pg.18, 1apg.20), -Detailed& specific information (CB Ex:3apg.14, 8a-pg.17, 5a-pg.19, 1b-pg.20),

-Revising the past simple

Past Simple LL-CB Ex: 5a, 5b, 5c, 6, 7a-pg.15 G1-pg.128 LL-WB Ex:2-pg.10 FOG Unit 21 Ex: 1- pg.201, 2,3pg.202, 4,5- pg.204

-Practising listening sub-skills (intensive, gist and detailed information),

Past Continuous LL-CB -Recycling and Practising Ex: 4a, 4b, 4c-pg.17, G2-2Past Continuous alone pg.129. and then in comparison with the Past Simple, Past Continuous vs. Past Continuous LL-CB Ex: 5-pg.17, G3-3,4 pg. 129 LL-WB Ex: 7a, 7b-pg.13

Speaking Practising speaking Fluency (CB Ex:8a, 8csub-skills (fluency and pg.15, 1,3a,3b-pg.16, accuracy), 8b,8c-pg.17 ) Accuracy (CB Ex: 7b, 8bpg.15), Pronunciation (CB Ex: 6a, 6b- pg.17), -Learning about Reading practising Practising reading sub- Gist (CB Ex: 1b-pg.14, 2b- expressions skills (skimming and pg.16), scanning and working out meaning from Detailed information (CB context), Ex: 2-pg.14, 2a-pg.16, 4pg.21), Working out meaning from context (CB Ex: 2c), Writing Practising writing skills How to keep a learning (free writing in the diary; paragraph level (CB context of keeping a Ex: 7-pg.21, WB Ex: 3learning diary). pg.15).

LL-CB and Ex:7a,7b-pg.15 time

Vocabulary Articles -Learning about and -Media (CB Ex:1a-pg.22,/ practising vocabulary WB Ex: 1-pg.16) LL-CB connected to media, -Revising and practising Ex: 4, 5a, 5b, 5c-pg.23. nouns for people and -Nouns for people & articles objects, TV objects (CB Ex: 5a-pg.24, LL-WB programmes, WB Ex:1-pg.18), Ex: 6-pg.17 -TV programmes (CB Ex: 5a-pg.29). Listening listening Gist (CB Ex: 3b-pg.22, 2bpg.26, 2a-pg.28 ), FOG Unit 25 Ex.2 pg 244, ex. 3pg. 245

-Practising sub-skills,

Relative Pronouns

Detailed& specific LL-CB information ( CB Ex:3a- -Learning and practising EX: 6a, 6b, 7, 8-pg.25 pg.22, 3b-pg.11, 2a-pg.26, relative pronouns. 4a,4b-pg.26, 2b-pg.28/ WB LL-WB Ex: 4-pg.6, 5-pg.7 ), EX: 5,6-pg.19 Speaking -Practising speaking Fluency (CB Ex:1,2a-pg.24, Making Suggestions sub-skills (fluency- 1-pg.26, 4-pg.24), accuracyLL-CB pronunciation), Accuracy (CB Ex:9-pg.26) -Learning and practising EX: 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d-pg.27 the language of making Pronunciation/Sentence suggestions. LL-WB stress (CB Ex: 3a, 3b, 3c,3dEx: 3a,3b-pg.20 pg. 26) FOG Reading -Practising reading Gist (CB Ex: 2a-pg.22, 3aUnit 19 Ex: 1-pg.176, 2,3sub-skills (skimming pg.24, 6a-pg.29) pg.177, 4,5-pg.178 and scanning, working Detailed information(Ex: out referencing and 2b-pg.22 ,2a-pg.10,6inferencing), pg.12) Inferencing (CB Ex:6bpg.29) Working out referencing (CB Ex: 3b-pg.24) Writing -Practising writing How to write a TV skills: a TV programme programme review (CB Ex: review. 7, 8a, 8b, 8c, 9 and 10pg.29, WB Ex: 4- pg.21)

4 -Learning practising connected words,

-Practising sub-skills,

Vocabulary about and -Medical words (CB vocabulary Ex:1a,1b-pg.32, 1,2cto medical pg.34, WB Ex:1- pg.22, 1- -Revising and practising pg.24 ) Present perfect in affirmative, negative, Listening question forms listening Gist (CB Ex: 3a-pg.33, 2a,4a-pg.36) Detailed& specific information (CB Ex:3bpg.33, 2a, 2b, 4b-pg.36)

Present Perfect LL-CB Ex: 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d, 5 -pg.33, G1- pg.132, G1- pg.133 LL-WB Ex: 2, 3- pg. 22, 9- pg. 25,

Present Since)



LL-CB -Learning and practising Ex: 3a, 3b, 3c, 4-pg.35, G3present perfect with for pg.133 Speaking and since. -Practising speaking Fluency (CB Ex:1b, 6-pg.33, LL-WB sub-skills (fluency- 1-pg.34, 1, 6-pg.38, 7Ex: 2,3- pg. 24 accuracypg.38) pronunciation), Accuracy (CB Ex: 5a, 5bpg.35, 7a, 7b,8- pg. 37Conjunctions pg.123) LL-CB Pronunciation (Intonation) (CB Ex:3a,3b,3c-pg.36) -Learning and practising Ex: 5b- pg.36 the language of giving Reading advice and reasons LL-WB -Practising reading Gist (CB Ex: 2-pg.32, 2a- including should, Ex: 5- pg.26 sub-skills (skimming pg.34) because, to, so that and and scanning, working in order to. out referencing and Detailed information (CB inferencing), Ex: 3a, 2b, 2c-pg.34) Guessing meaning of unknown words (CB Ex:1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d, 5, 6 pg.38)

Writing -Practising writing: a How to write a summary summary, a thank you (CB Ex: 6a- pg.35, ) e-mail. How to write a thank you e-mail (CB Ex: 8, 9, 10a, 10b, 11, 12- pg.39, WB Ex: 3,4,5- pg.27)

5 -Learning about and practising vocabulary connected to landscapes, adjectives, linkers, animals, expressions of time, noun& verbs, volcanoes,

Vocabulary -Landscapes (CB Ex:1a,1bpg.40, WB Ex: 5- pg.29 ) -Adjectives (CB Ex: 6-pg.40) -Linkers (CB Ex: 9a, 9bpg.47) -Animals (CB Ex: 1a, 1bpg.42) -Expressions of time (CB Ex: 1- pg.46 -Noun & Verbs (CB Ex: 5a, 5b-pg.42, WB Ex: 8- pg.31) -Volcanoes (CB Ex: 6-pg.47) Listening

Comparative& Superlatives LL-CB -Revising and practising Ex: 4, 5a, 5b,-pg.41, G1, G2, Comparatives & G3- pg.135 Superlatives and extended it with less and LL-WB least Ex: 8, 9- pg.29 FOG Comparatives Unit 40 Ex: 1,2-pg.416, 3pg.417, 4- pg.418, 5pg.419 Superlatives Unit 43 Ex: 1 -pg.441, 2pg.442, 3,4- pg.443, 5pg.444

-Practising sub-skills,

listening -Gist (CB Ex: 3b- pg.41, 2pg.44) -Detailed& specific information (CB Ex:3apg.41, 3a, 3b, 4a -pg.44, 3c- pg.46) Speaking

-Practising speaking sub-skills (fluencyaccuracypronunciation),

-Fluency (CB Ex: 3c, 6pg.41, 1b, 4- pg.42, 1- -Revising and practising pg.34, 7a, 7b, 8- pg.45, 6 - quantifiers including two pg.47) new words few and little. -Accuracy (CB Ex: 9a, 9bpg.43) -Pronunciation (Weak Forms) (CB Ex:5a,5b,5c-pg.45) Reading

Expressions of Quantity LL-CB Ex: 6-pg.42, 7,8- pg.43, G3:4 pg.135 LL-WB Ex: 2, 3- pg. 30 FOG Unit 25 Ex: 4,5 -pg.245, 6,7 - pg.246

-Practising reading -Gist (CB Ex: 2a- pg.40, 2a, sub-skills (skimming 3-pg.42, 7-pg.47) and scanning), -Detailed information (CB Ex: 2b- pg.40, 2b-pg.42)

Writing -Practising writing: a How to write a comparative essay. comparative essay (CB Ex: 7, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10- pg.47, WB Ex: 2,3- pg.33)

Vocabulary -Learning about and -Ages (CB Ex:4- pg.49, V1practising vocabulary pg.137 ) connected to ages, negative adjectives, -Negative Adjectives (CB reading text, Ex: 4a -pg.51, V2- pg.137) -Vocabulary for reading text (CB Ex: 2a- pg.50, V3,4- 137) Listening -Practising sub-skills, listening -Gist (CB Ex: 7b- pg.51, 2bpg.52)

Modals of Prediction LL-CB -Learning and practising Ex: 5a, 5b, 5c-pg.49, G1: 1, will, might, may for 2- pg.137 predictions LL-WB Ex: 2- pg.34 FOG Unit 31 (will): Ex: 1, 2, 3, 4pg.314, 315 Unit 32 (may, might) Ex: 1, 2, 3, 4- pg. 322, 323

-Detailed& specific LL-CB information (CB Ex:3apg.48, 3b -pg.49,7a, 8- -Learning and practising Ex: 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b-pg.51, pg.51, 2a,3a- pg.52) the first conditional. G2: 3,4- pg.137 Speaking -Practising speaking -Fluency (Ex: 6b- pg.49, 3sub-skills (fluency- pg.50, 1, 2c- pg.52, 6b, 7a, accuracy7b, - pg.53, 5a -pg.55) pronunciation), -Accuracy (Ex: 6a- pg.49, 6b, 9- pg.51) -Pronunciation (Ex: 4a, 4b, LL-CB 4c- pg.53) - Revising and practising Ex: 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4bword order and pg.54 Contraction punctuation. (CB Ex: 8- pg.51) LL-WB Ex: 5- pg.39 Linking (CB Ex:4a,4b,4c-pg.53) FOG Ex: 1- pg.135 Reading LL-CB -Gist (Ex: 2a- pg.48, 2b, 2c- - Revising and practising Ex: 9- pg.55 pg.50) linkers LL-WB -Detailed information (Ex: Ex: 3- pg.39 2b- pg.48, 2d-pg.50, 5bpg.55) Writing How to write an article (Ex: 7a, 7b, 8, 9, 10a, 10bpg.55, WB Ex: 3- pg.39) LL-WB Ex: 7, 8a- pg.37

-Practising reading sub-skills (skimming and scanning, working out referencing and inferencing),

-Practising writing skills: a TV programme review.

-learning and practising the vocabulary connected with science and crime and finding how science is used to Reading solve crime Gist (CB Ex: 2a-pg.58)

Vocabulary science, crime and invention (CB Ex:1-pg.58, 1-pg.60, 1a-pg.62 / WB Ex: 1,2-pg.40, 1-pg.42)

-Practising the use of LL-CB must, have to, had to and Ex:6a,7a,7b-pg.59, 5a,5bcould pg.61 LL-WB Ex: 3,4-pg.40 6-pg.43 LL-CB Ex: 4a-pg.61 LL-WB Ex: 2 pg.42 FOG Unit 39 Ex.1,2-pg. 398, 3pg.399 5,7-pg.401 Unit 18 Ex:4,5-pg.171

Practising nouns, -practising reading Specific information (CB adjectives and verbs with sub-skills (skimming Ex: 2b-pg.58, 2a,2b,3-pg.60 prepositions and scanning) WB Ex: 6, 7,8-pg.41) Listening Gist (Ex: 4a-pg.59) Detailed & specific -practising listening information ( CB Ex: 2,3sub-skills (skimming pg.62/ WB Ex: 4a-pg.42, and scanning) 4b-pg.43 ) Speaking Fluency (CB Ex:6-pg.61) Accuracy (CB Ex:8a,8b-practising speaking pg.59) sub-skills (fluency and accuracy) Writing -describing charts (CB Ex:6,7,8,9a,9b-pg.65) -developing writing skills for describing Omission charts (controlled Ex: 1,,3,4 and 5 on pg.64 in writing) Language Leader

Vocabulary -learning and sleep (CB Ex:1-pg.66, 1a- -practising the use of LL-CB practising the pg.68 / WB Ex: 1a,1b- adjectives with ing/ed Ex: 4a,4b,4c,4d-pg.68 vocabulary connected pg.46, 1-pg.50) LL-WB forms with sleep Ex: 1-pg.48 Reading LL-CB Gist (CB Ex: 2-pg.66, 2-learning gerunds and Ex:4a,4b,4c,5a-pg.67 pg.68) infinitives -practising reading LL-CB sub-skills (skimming Specific information (CB and scanning) Ex: 3a,3b-pg.68, 1,2a,2b- - learning be going to for Ex: 5a,5b,5c-pg.69 pg.70/ WB Ex: 2-pg.46) future intentions FOG Unit 28 Ex.1-pg.276, 2,3Listening pg.277, 4,5-pg.278, 6,7,8Specific information (CB pg.279 Ex: 3a,3b,3c-pg.67 and Unit 30 Ex:1,2,3,4,5-practising listening 3a,3b,4a-pg.71/ WB Ex5,6pg.303-306 sub-skill (scanning) pg.48,49 ) Speaking Fluency (CB Ex:6-pg.67, 7a,7b-pg.69, 7a,7b,7c-practising speaking pg.71) sub-skills (fluency and accuracy) Writing writing a story (CB Ex:5,6,7,8a,8b,9a,9b,10-developing writing pg.73) skills for writing a story with time Omission expressions Ex: 1,2,3a,3b,3c,4a,4bpg.72 in Language Leader

-sharing information Pre-reading activity about work and sharing information about industry work and industry (CB Ex: 1- pg.74,1a-pg.76)

-learning compound LL-CB nouns (CB / WB Ex: 2a,2c-pg.77 LL-WB Ex: 1,2-pg.54

Vocabulary work and industry(CB EX: LL-CB -learning the use of used -learning and Ex: 4-pg.75/ WB Ex: 1,3Ex: 5a, 5b, 5c, 6-pg.75 to practising the pg.52/ 1,2-pg.56) LL-WB vocabulary connected Ex: 7a,7b-pg.53 with work and Reading industry Gist (CB Ex: 2a-pg.74) LL-CB -learning present simple Ex: 3a,3b,3c,3d,4-pg77 -practising reading Specific information (CB passive LL-WB sub-skills (skimming Ex: 2b-pg.74 /1b,1c,1dEx:6-pg.55 and scanning) pg.76 / WB Ex: 6, 7,8pg.41) Listening Gist (CB Ex: 2a-pg.74) -practising listening Specific information (CB sub-skills (skimming Ex: 2b-pg.74/1b,1c,1dand scanning) pg.76/ WB Ex: 6, 7,8pg.41) Speaking Fluency (CB Ex:5b-pg.77) -practising speaking Accuracy (CB Ex:8-pg.75) sub-skills (fluency and accuracy) Writing describing a process (CB Ex:5,6a,6b,7,8-pg.81 / WB -developing writing Ex:2,3a,3b-pg.57) skills for writing a description of a Omission process Ex:1,2a,2b,2c,3,4a,4bpg.80 in Language Leader


-sharing information Pre-reading activity -learning present about global affairs sharing information about progressive for future LL-CB global affairs(CB Ex: 1a- arrangements Ex: 5-pg.85 pg.84) LL-WB Ex: 2,3a-pg.58 Vocabulary -learning and global affairs (CB Ex.4aLL-CB practising the pg.85 / WB Ex.1-pg.58, 1- -learning past simple 5a,5b,6a,6b,7-pg.86-87 Ex: passive vocabulary connected pg.60) 2,3-pg.60) with people and LL-WB organisation Ex: 2,3-pg.6 Reading -learning the use of Gist (CB Ex: 2a-pg.58) LL-CB adverbs for emphasis -practising reading Ex:3a,3b-pg.88 sub-skills (skimming Specific information (CB and scanning) Ex: 2b-pg.58, 2a,2b,3-pg.60 / WB Ex: 6, 7,8-pg.41) Listening Gist (CB Ex: 3a-pg.85, 2apg.89) -practising listening sub-skills (skimming Specific information ( CB and scanning) Ex: 3b-pg85, 2b-pg.89 / WB 5a,5b,6a,6b,7-pg.61) Speaking Fluency (CB Ex:8-pg.87) -practising speaking Accuracy (CB Ex:7a-pg.85) sub-skills (fluency and accuracy) Writing writing an essay (CB Ex:7,8a,8b,9a,9b,10a,10b,1 1,12a,12b-pg.91) -developing writing skills for writing an Omission essay on a given topic Ex:1,2,3a,3b,3c,4a,4b,5,6pg.90 in Language Leader


sharing information Pre-reading activity -learning present perfect about global warming sharing information about continuous global warming(CB Ex: 1(1)pg.92) Vocabulary -learning and global warming (CB practising the Ex.1(2)-pg.92, 1b-pg.94 / -learning the phrasal verbs vocabulary connected WB Ex.1-pg.64, 1-pg.66) with global warming Reading Specific information (CB -practising reading Ex:2a,2b-pg.92, 2a,2b,2csub-skills (scanning) pg.94-95 / WB Ex: 6, 7pg.65) Listening Gist (CB Ex: 3a-pg.93 3a-practising listening pg96) sub-skills (skimming and scanning) Specific information (CB Ex: 3b-pg.93, 3b-pg.97 / WB 6,7-pg.67) Speaking Fluency (CB Ex:5a-pg.95) -practising speaking sub-skills (fluency and Accuracy (CB Ex:7-pg.93) accuracy) Writing (CB -developing writing Ex:4,5,6,7a,7b,8,9a,9b,10skills for writing a pg.99) report Omission Ex: 1,2,3a,3b-pg.98 in Language Leader

LL-CB Ex: 4,5,6-pg.93 LL-WB Ex: 2,3-pg.64


LL-CB Ex:5a,5b,6a,6b,7-pg.86-87 of LL-WB Ex: 2,3-pg.60


-sharing information Pre-reading activity -learning second about sport sharing information about conditional sport (CB Ex: 1a(1,3)pg.100)

LL-CB Ex: 4,5-pg.101 LL-WB Ex: 2,3-pg.70

Vocabulary LL-CB -learning the use of too Ex: 4a,4b,4c,4d,5-pg.102-learning and sport (CB Ex.1(2)-pg.100, and enough / WB Ex.1103 practising the 1b-pg.104 LL-WB vocabulary connected pg.70, 1-pg.72) Ex: 2,3,4-pg.72 with sport Reading FOG Gist(CB Ex:2a-pg.100-101 Unit 42 Ex.1,2-pg. 431-432 2a-pg.102) -practising reading sub-skills (skimming Specific information (CB and scanning) Ex:2b-pg.100 2b,2c,3pg.102/ WB Ex: 4, 5pg.70-71) Listening Gist (CB Ex: 3a-pg.101, 2b-practising listening pg.105, 2a,2b-pg.106) sub-skills (skimming Specific(CB Ex:3b-pg.101, and scanning) 2c-pg.105, 4a-pg.105 / WB 5,6-pg.73) Speaking Fluency(CB Ex:1-pg.102 -practising speaking 6a,6b-pg.103) sub-skills (fluency and Accuracy (CB Ex:6-pg.101) accuracy) Writing Analysing and writing a formal email to a language -developing writing school (CB skills for writing a Ex:6,7,8,9,10,11,11bformal email to a pg.107) school Omission Ex:1,2a,2b,2c,3a,3b,4a,4b,5 -pg.106 in Language Leader