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Fabric BaJ(§.

Short bottom bae::

Cut from fabric:
1-8 ~ x14 ~ piece(this will be the bottomof bag)
2-2 x 14 ~ strips(for the stripeson the bag)
2-8 ~ x 14 ~ (this will be for the top of the bag)

Sewthesepiecestogether(1/4 inch seamallowance)


This pieceof fabric (the outsideof the bag)shouldbe 14 ~ incheswide by 28 inches

long. Lay this pieceon top of your fuseshadeandcut the fuseshadeto match.Iron on
with shiny sideagainstthe wrong sideof the fabric on the wool setting. Do not movethe
iron backand forth but placethe iron in placefor 10 secondsor so andthenlift up and
repeatin anotherareauntil you haveironedit on completely. . m

Sew pieces of fabric together to make the inside of the bag the same size 14 Y:zinches
wide x 28 inches long. Cut the same size fuse shadeand iron it on with the shiny side
against the wrong siac of the fabric.

Pocketsaremadeby sewing2 piecesof fabric with right sidestogetherleavinga small

openingwhereyou canturn the pocketright sideout andpressandstitch on the pieceof
fabric that will be the insideof the bag. Makeany sizepocket(5x5 inch is the usualsize)
andsew it on 3 inchesbelow what will be the top of the bag.

With right sidestogethersewup the sidesof the bagusing seamallowance. With a
handinsidethe bag pokethe comersout anddraw a straightline 2 inchesin trom the
point. Stitch alongthis line on both points of the outsideof the bag. Do the samething
with the points on the insideof the bag. Turn the outsideof the bagright sideout and
smooththe points so they arefacing towardseachother. Put the insideof the bag into the
outsideof the bagand tuck the pointsdown so they arefacing towardseachotheralso.
Fingerpressthe top edgesY4"down pinning edgestogetheran aroundthe top edgeof the
bag. Don't forget to makethe bagstraps(seebelow) andtopstitcharoundthe top edgeof
the bagpositioningthe bag straps3 inchesfrom the sideseams.
For the bag strapsyou will needto cut 2 piecesof fabric 2 Y2"wide by 22" long and2
piecesof fuseshadethe samesize. Iron on fuseshade(shiny sideto wrong sideof
fabric). Fold strapsin halflengthwise andthen fold edgesto insidecreaseagain. Fold
togetherandtopstitch. Stitch straps3 inchestrom side seams.

Tall bottom bat!:

Cut from fabric:
1-14 Y2"wide x17" long (for the bottom)
2-14 W' wide x 2" long (for the strips)
2-14 Yz"wide x 3 Y2"long(for the tops)

2-2 Y2"wide x 22" long (for the bag straps)


Usea variety of fabricscut and sewntogetherto make

the insidelining of the bagthe samesizeasthe outside.

Follow the basicdirectionsfor the short bottombag

althoughthe dimensionswill be slightly different.

Lal"2er middle ball:

Cut from fabric:
1-8 W' x 16" (bottomof bag)
2-8 W'x 16(largermiddle of bag)
2-2 ~"x 16" (top of bag)

2-2 W' x 22" strips(for bag straps)

Usea variety of fabricscut and sewntogetherto make

the insidelining of the bagthe samesizeasthe outside.

Sew following the basicdirectionsfor the short bottom

bag althoughdimensionswill be slightly different.

P.S.If you haveany questionspleasecall Paulaor JaneMcKinlay.

Almost any questionyou havethey can answerover the phone.