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As of: 17FEB07


Mission: Team Bravo defends from BP Bravo vic. ND 540400, NLT 060600 JUN XX to Destroy the 49th
BTG Exploitation Force IOT facilitate TF 1-4 AR destruction of 49th BTG and maneuver of 1BCT attack.

Intent: The purpose of the operation is to facilitate the TF direct fire plan (DFP) allowing the destruction
of the Assault Force and Exploitation Force through TF combined fires. We will conduct a deliberate
defense, platoons in BP’s, oriented into Task Force Engagement Area (EA HOT) to destroy the enemy
using mutual supporting platoon battle positions massing direct fires at the Team Decisive Point vic.
ND560420. This event is decisive as it enables the destruction of 21/7 (21 tanks/7 BMPs) armored vehicles
of the Exploitation Force thereby facilitating the TF 1-4AR mission.

Endstate: Team Bravo consolidated in BP with 70% combat power FMC prepared to conduct offensive

Concept: Team Bravo will defend from our BP with 2nd platoon armor in the North, 1st platoon mech in
the center, and 3rd platoon tank in the South. The dismount squads, under command of the 1st platoon
leader, will be consolidated in BP’s to the North flank of 2nd platoon armor IOT deny enemy dismount
FOM on our team flank. We will use the TF TRP’s to control our direct fires and we have responsibility of
overwatch for all obstacles within our sector. By integrating our DFP (TRP 2 to 4, % TRP 3 to 5), the
engineer effort and indirect fires we will be successful if we are able to effectively destroy 21 enemy tanks
and 7 enemy IFV’s. We will utilize the same DFP against the Exploitation Force as is planned for the
Assault Force fight.

Guidance for fires:

• Plan an FA target in EA HOT to augment group A2B to disrupt the Assault Force. I’m very
concerned with the enemy AT-5 standoff distance. You need to do some terrain analysis/weapon
capabilities analysis and deny the enemy the ability to establish firing lines and AT firing points
on the key terrain on and around BM 383. Let’s use indirect fires to influence the enemy
maneuver off of that terrain and cause them to maneuver into EA HOT where we can mass our
DFP weapon systems and use the Engineer Effort to meet the Teams mission requirements.
• Reinforce the effects of A1B and A2B with a smoke target that facilitates a separation of enemy
Assault and Fixing Forces.
• Plan fires to disrupt the enemy’s movement along AA4.
• Plan an FPF with focus on denying enemy dismounted infantry the ability to assault our position.
Take into account the likely enemy dismount point and the weapon systems their infantry will
have supporting them. You may be able to integrate this target with our protective obstacles to
gain some integration with our DFP capabilities and the Engineer Effort.