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As of: 17FEB07


Mission: Team Charlie defends from BP Charlie vic. ND552389, NLT 060600 JUN XX to Fix the 49th
BTG Assault Force IOT deny massing of enemy direct fires against the TF 1-4 AR main effort. O/O
reinforce Team Mech vic. BP Mech oriented North towards AA2C/TRP7-5.

Intent: The purpose of the operation is to facilitate the TF direct fire plan (DFP) allowing the destruction
of the Assault Force and Exploitation Force through TF combined fires. We will conduct a deliberate
defense, platoons in BP’s, oriented into Task Force Engagement Area (EA HOT) to destroy the enemy
using mutual supporting platoon battle positions massing direct fires at the Team Decisive Point vic.
ND562415. This event is decisive as it enables the destruction of 3/20 (T72/BMP2) armored vehicles of
the Assault Force thereby facilitating Team Bravo’s mission.

Endstate: Team Charlie consolidated in BP with 70% combat power FMC prepared to conduct offensive

Concept: Team Charlie will defend from our BP with 1st platoon mech in the North, 2nd platoon armor in
the center, and 3rd platoon armor in the South. The dismount squads, under command of the 1st platoon
leader, will be consolidated in BP’s to the North and West flank of 1st platoon mech IOT deny enemy
FOM on our team flank. We will use the TF TRP’s to control our direct fires and we have responsibility of
overwatch for all obstacles within our sector. By integrating our DFP (TRP 3 to TRP5), the engineer effort
and indirect fires we will be successful if we are able to effectively destroy 3 tanks and 20 BMPs. Once the
Assault Force is destroyed we will then Fix the Exploitation Force, utilizing the same DFP, to facilitate its
destruction by the TF ME. Upon identification of MDCOA, we will displace, OOM 3-2-1, and tie into the
Eastern side of BP Mech to deny enemy Assault Force and Exploitation Force (MDCOA) FOM along
AA2C (TRP 7 to TRP 5). BPT reinforce Team Mech should the TF CDR decide we are facing the
MDCOA. We will either 1) displace from BP C and establish ABF Rock1 vic. ND600390 if Team Mech
still occupies BP Mech with our DFP TRP 7 to TRP 5, OR 2) we will conduct a reverse slope defense by
occupying BP C2 vic. ND586389 oriented North-Northeast to Contain enemy Fixing Force and
Exploitation Force IOT deny the enemy crossing sites along East Cache Creek (deny enemy FOM against
TF Flank).

Guidance for fires:

• Coordinate with TM Mech FSO to ensure triggers for A1B are observed by both our Teams.
• Plan a mortar target to augment A1B IOT disrupt the Fixing Force maneuver North and West out
of Team Mech’s sector. I don’t want the Fixing Force bypassing A1B North which will allow
them to mass forces with the Assault Force against TM A and TM B.
• Plan a smoke target to support our displacement from BP Charlie to reinforce Team Mech. I’m
concerned about the open area (“seam”) between us and BP C2/ABF Rock1.
• Plan an FPF to deny any enemy assault on BP Charlie. Integrate the location with our mounted
DFP and the engineer effort, I want a focus of our mounted section’s fires at 2000m from our BP.