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Women Security Module

Jithin K. Joy, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mount Zion College of engineering Kadammanitta Pathanamthitta,Kerala
Jesly Serin Jose

Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mount Zion College of engineering Kadammanitta Pathanamthitta, Kerala

AbstractIn the light of recent outrage in Delhi which shook the nation and woke us to the safety issues for our daughters, people are gearing up in different ways to fight back Here we introduces a device which ensures the safety of women. This helps to identify defend and call on resources to help the one out of dangerous situations. Any time you senses danger, all you have to do, is press on the button of the device. The project has 2 parts. A women security device (client side) and a server unit. The device consists of a PIC microcontroller, GSM module, GPS modules and a shock circuit.

II. HARDWARE DESIGN The PIC microcontroller plays a vital role in the women security device. All the peripherals are controlled by the PIC microcontroller. It is a low power high performance controller. A. PIC microcontroller Design In this device we use PIC18F24K50.It has 16k bytes flash memory and 1024 bytes SRAM.Software, numbers and message for informing friends, family and neighbors are stored in the flash of the PIC.PIC is more efficient controlling the peripherals. To this controller we are connecting a GSM module, a GPS module and a shock circuit. The Enhanced Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (EUSART) module in the PIC is used to communicate with GSM and GPS modules. The communication with peripherals is serial I/O communications. B. Block diagram

Keywords- women security,PIC microcontroller,servre, data base



Women are adept at mobilizing diverse groups for a common cause. They often work across ethnic, religious, political, and cultural divides to promote peace. We are all aware of importance of women's safety, but we must realize that they should be properly protected. Womens are not as physically strong as men, in an emergency situation a helping hand would be a relief for them. The best way to minimize your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime (robbery, sexual assault, rape, domestic violence) is to identify, defense and call on resources to help you out of dangerous situations. If you're in trouble or get separated from friends during a night out and don't know how to get back home, this device with you will protect you and can reduce your risk and bring assistance when you need it. There are several apps developed to reduce the risk of sexual assault on women by informing control center and their friends through SMS, but in place of those this device have much more efficient way to inform respected personals and also has a defending system which cannot be provided by existing app.


In this block diagram, mainly five processes will takes place. First is a shock given to the attacker, second is a loud sound made by a buzzer. Third is the messages to the numbers stored (numbers of friends, family and neighbours) in the PIC controller, fourth is an automatic call to a particular

friend whose number is stored in the PIC controller and the fifth is sending location of victim to the nearby Police Station and other numbers which stored in the database of server. All these operations can be done by using a single push on a button. The block diagram mainly consists of two parts. 1) Client side .2) Server side In the client side (the device), when the switch is pressed, the shock circuit and buzzer gets activated by the microcontroller (PIC). Shock circuit gives shock to the attacker by using of low current with high voltage as seen in the taser or a stun gun. The loud sound of buzzer will get the attention of the surrounding peoples. Microcontroller process the signal according to the program set by the programmer. `The third fourth and the fifth processes can be done by GPS module and GSM module. GPS used to trace the victim location. GPS receiver gets the location from satellite. GSM is a digital cellular communication system. It is used for transmitting messages or voice call to the receiver side. The output of the microcontroller is transmitted wirelessly by using GSM module to the receivers Mobiles and server. For connecting GSM module to the microcontroller, IC MAX 232 is used to interface the serial communication port RS 232. This RS 232 is directly connected with the GSM module. All the operation except the fourth are done by the device alone. For doing the fourth operation it need the help of the server. In the server side, there will be a GSM module to receive the signal coming from the device (client side).The server has a data base in which lots of numbers were saved based on region. The incoming signal consists of GPS coordinates. By comparing this with the database, the server

.Suppose the server receive the message 180N125S then using its database the server will find out that the location of the victim is Thrissur. Then it will automatically sent message to those numbers stored in the Thrissur (the first number will be police stations number in Thrissur circle and others will be individual persons in Thrissur).This is done by the server by the program written in it. III. SOFTWARE ASPECTS We used different types of software for the full functionality of our entire system. In the client side (the device) for programming the PIC microcontroller, we are using MPLAB X. It is the latest version of Micro chips MPLAB version. For checking the program is correct or not we use the PIC simulator. The simulator simulates the program and checks the output is coming or not. JAVA is used to program the server. The data base in the server is developed by using SQLyog. The toughest part in the project is creating a database. For this we need GPS readings of all the places and numbers of police and other individuals registered in that location.

PLACE Thrissur Kochi Kottayam Kollam Chennai Erode Mumbai

7293944 072 8563254 125 9854754 521 7584585 554 8456987 545 9875545 588 8456254 554

960513 2344 874596 5458 789545 6584 854544 1541 985485 2485 985484 5214 855245 5557

9854752 454 9585455 485 7545568 842 9524841 548 7584585 458 8458225 875 9632547 452

8546987 452 7854558 655 7858965 485 8547856 982 9658548 754 8542159 854 9252254 568 Fig 3: FLOW CHART

180N125S 458N587S 548N475S 458N589S 582N584S 582N458S 584N664S


will find out the corresponding place and sent information (message and location) to those numbers saved along with that location. These numbers consist of Police station numbers of that region and others in that region so that they can respond in the incident. An example of data base is shown above

IV. CONCLUSION With crime rate going up like never before, it is need for women to arm and protect themselves in a way that gives

them a true sense of safety and security. While the society may or may not change for the better, the power to be independent, confident and truly free can come with arming oneself with the best possible device. We hope our project is capable for doing that. The cost of the device will be less than the cost of a branded spray when it produced bulky. ACKNOWLEDGMENT We thank god almighty for give us the idea of this project. We would like to thank my teachers who helped us to do this project. REFERENCES [1] WWW.WIKIPEDIA.COM [2]WWW.MICROCHIP.COM [3] Di Jasio, Wilmshurst,Ibrahim,Morton,Bates,J Smith. D.W Smith and Hellebuyck: PIC micro controllers know it all [4] Lucio Di Jasio: Programming 16 bit microcontrollers in c [5] Byron Gottfried, Programming with C, Schaums Outlines, Tata Mc.Graw Hill. [6] Kernighan & Ritchie, The C programming language:, Prentice Hall of India.. [7] Venkateshmurthy, Programming Techniques through C:, Pearson Education. [8] Aditya P Mathur, Introduction to Microprocessor,

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