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capabilities, allow us to pass along to. the viewer a reasonable
facsimile of the picture we're trying to portray. This issue, however,
DENNIS W. STACY is an exception, in that we have a remarkable cqlorphotograph, the
Editor hues and subtlety of which can hardly be translated into brute black
WALTER H. ANDRUS, JR. & white. I refer, of course, to the photograph taken by George Lutz,
International Director and assistant director of the Pennsylvania Association for the Study of
Associate Editor the Unexplained (PASU), which appears on page 10 of this issue.
THOMAS P. DEULEY Aside from its inherent beauty, however, it's also an important
Art Director piece of ufological evidence in a negative sort of way. Because it
MILDRED BIESELE shows what kind of photographic evidence can be produced from a
Contributing Editor man-made phenomenon, given advance knowledge and time for
ANN DRUFFEL preparation. Unfortunately, UFOs fall into neither category; in fact,
Contributing Editor they have an almost perverse proclivity for not posing for pictures.
Nonetheless, some startling photographic records have been made
PAUL CERNY over the years. We're proud to share one of these occasions with our
Promotion/Publicity readers, despite the fact that the subject source is decidedly
Public Relations
Religion and UFOs In this issue
UFOS: WHAT WENT WRONG? by All Aabutaha 5
Promotion/Publicity TRIANGULAR UFO SIGHTED, by John Melesciuc 11
T. SCOTT CHAIN IN OTHERS' WORDS, by Lucius Parish 12
Staff Writer PIONEER 10 PLAQUE 14
Staff Artists DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE, by Walt Andrus 20
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Medical Cases
UFO Crash/Retrieval
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By James Oberg

The 'McDivitt UFO photo' — the exhaust."

"tadpole" — had a life entirely, apart Once the Condon committee had like what I saw in space. The cameras
from the actual McDivitt UFO report. endorsed McDivitt's UFO in 1969, the were not, set properly or the lighting
Immediately after the end of the reputation of the photograph grew. wasn't, right or something."
mission, when, pressed by newsmen for Often reprinted in UFO books and The two most o u t s p o k e n
the photo which McDivitt had reported magazines, it .became an important advocates of the "true UFO" status for
taken of the object, officials at the piece of UFO evidence. In 1975, an the McDivitt UFO are James Harder,
Public , Affairs Office at .NASA official of NICAP in Washington, D.C. an engineering professor at the
headquarters went through the just- selected it as one of the four best UFO University of California at Berkley and
received flight film and selected shots photographs ever made. His choice the director of research for APRO, and
which they thought might have been was based on a penciled note on the his young associate Brad 'Sparks. The
the object. This was long before back of their print, which reported that main pillar of their argument seems to
McDivitt had a chance, to review the McDivitt had told someone that this be studies of the "tadpole" films and an
film itself. showed his UFO. Nobody at NICAP uncritical acceptance of the Condon
could remember when or where. report's conclusions.
NASA PHOTO McDivitt, elsewhere, consistenly claims At a UFO conference in Chicago in
just the opposite: the photo was June 1977, Harder showed slides of the
The original NASA caption on the selected before he could inspect the "tadpole" and criticized the official
photo (PAD ft 65-H-1013) was as film, and it does not show his UFO. explanation: "One of my misguided
follows: "This photograph...shows the critics (this author!) claimed. that
satellite McDivitt observed on the 20th MISSING? McDivitt...caught a reflection of some
revolution of his four-day space flight.... special bolt."
He said the Gemini-4 spacecraft was T h e r e h a v e b e e n some In a Playboy interview the
turning and the sun coming across the controversies and insinuations over following January, he was quoted as
window when he filmed the object." what became of the shots McDivitt saying that "that sort of 'explanation'
Later, after consultation with the really had made. Some UFO promoters really shows how bankrupt the critics'
astronaut, NASA press officials have implied — even stated explicityly arguments can get."
changed the caption to read: — that the actual films were squirreled Harder and Sparks had difficulty
"Astronaut James McDivitt away by NASA and that McDivitt was getting their own arguments straight:
photographed this sun flare through the never allowed to see them. That's how Sparks, in a special privately-circulated
spacecraft window.... McDivitt author Tony Scaduto told the story in report (Refuting the Skeptics, 1977),
explained later after the flight that the Penthouse in October, 1978: "In wrote that the bolt "would have to be
sun was.coming across the window as interviews McDivitt makes it clear that flat and mirror-like"; Harder, speaking
the spacecraft rolled, the sun rays what NASA showed him and released at the Chicago UFO conference,
struck a metal bolt, causing the flares in to the public were not the photos he reported that "the bolt had to have a
the camera lens." took; the acutal photos have been convex reflecting surface of a very
, This is hardly a useful photo to squirreled away." special sort." And neither UFO expert
print. It is the kind that. amateur But McDivitt himself disagrees: "In addressed the fact that McDivitt
photographers prefer to throw out. But those days we didn't number the film himself — not the UFO skeptics and
under pressure from reporters ..who magazines, we couldn't go back and say critics — had given precisely that "bolt
wanted to see "McDivitt's UFO," it was which pack of film it was on. But I reflection" explanation for the "tadpole
the .best that NASA HQ could come up looked through each and every film that photograph."
with. we had and it just didn't appear there at Harder seemed to have paid little
With just the photo and their all. .But there are a lot of photographs attention to McDivitt's testimony
imaginations, many UFO writers soon that are blank or overexposed or anyhow, since he said that "he reported
integrated the blob into .the "astronaut underexposed." what he saw as being a cylinder with an
UFO mythology." For .example, Elsewhere, the . astronaut had antenna protruding, and it was clear it
George Fawcett reported that "Jim worded it this way: "I reviewed the film was close by...and closing in." In reality,
McDivitt reported he photographed myself a week or so later, frame by McDivitt never said "antenna," and
several strange objects, frame, and there was never anything
egg-shaped UFO with some sort of that I saw in the pictures that looked (continued next page)
McDIVITT, Continued to it," he told the Chicago convention, tales loosely based on the McDivitt
"as you could expect of a turbulent or case, portraying both astronauts
explicitly he couldn't tell how far away it plasma jet... This is one of the great watching in fascination as a rocket ship
was, and only ventured that he thought unexplained pictures of the space circles them and then fades away into
it "might" have been closing. Harder's program." thin air. In one account, the UFO had
justification for ignoring McDivitt's just kidnapped an Air Force cargo
t e s t i m o n y is t h a t " M c D i v i t t ' s DISTANCE & SIZE plane over the Bermuda Triangle.
consciousness was somehow changed Another distorted version of the story
and his perceptions were not what he Harder rejected the booster has been immortalized in widely
thought they were, which is not after all explanation: "To have mistaken his distributed comic strip form.
so uncommon with ordinary UFO own booster at a hundred yards is Meanwhile, the Condon
witnesses." He elaborated' with something I just can't believe," he told Committee investigator, Dr. Franklin
Playboy: "The UFO influenced the convention; to the Playboy R o a c h , has e x p l a i n e d — in
McDivitt's perceptions," Harder interviewer, he asserted that such a correspondence with me in 1977 —
suggested as one possibility. suggestion was "an insult to McDivitt's what he really meant by the provocative
On the other issues, Harder and intelligence and professional phrase "a challenge to the analyst." He
Sparks also seemed to have confused competence." But in order to conclude wrote, "I meant that someone with
their arguments. • Sparks happily this, he fallaciously required the more knowledge or patience than I had
accepted the sunglare and eye irritation booster to be at the same range it would should analyze what the report meant.
factors which reducd McDivitt's visual have had to have been at in order to My feeling was that the 'analyst' would
acuity: "These poor viewing conditions match the angular size of the tadpole, probably come up with a very natural
reduce the importance of McDivitt's and McDivitt never said the UFO had explanation... Congratulations to you
visual observations and post-flight even come near to that angular size. In for following up and making the obvious
recognition almost to irrelevance — fact, McDivitt's testimony suggests that identification as the Gemini-4 booster
that leaves the film." In contrast, the angular size of his UFO was at least rocket."
Harder attributed the perceptual gap to ten times smaller, on the order of a So Roach had never intended to
the UFO alone: "Eye irritation? tenth of a degree or less — which could endorse the unsolvable nature of the
Nonsense," he told Playboy. have been the booster about ten mi/es Gemini-4 UFO encounter in any case,
Although the full chronolgoy of the away, far enough so as to be easily and his letter clearly stated that he felt
Gemini-4 "tadpole photograph" clearly unrecognizable. the McDivitt case was closed with the
shows that there has never really been So Harder's confusion led to a p u b l i c a t i o n of my p r e l i m i n a r y
any evidence to tie the tadpole image to glaring fallacy in estimating the UFO's conclusions in 1976 (even though the
McDivitt's actual UFO encounter — range- and the consequent ability of conclusions had been a little hard on
and in fact just the opposite is true — McDivitt to recognize it. But that's not Roach himself for not following up leads
Harder and Sparks have accepted that the way Sparks described the that in hindsight were 'obvious').
connection as implicit and unarguable controversy of my own published
and have run with it from that point. accounts of astronaut UFO sightings: BEERCAN
Sparks described the UFO as "a "Oberg...has intentionally perpetrated
bright white ellipse with a curved bluish an anti-UFO fraud on the unsuspecting Is any conclusion possible after so
streamer do'ing a wavelike motion in public," he complained in 1977. many years, when much supporting
space," which was "in sharp- focus oh But who is really perpetuating a documentation has been lost and the
the film." Hence, wrote Sparks, "the fraud? Harder made this kind of eyewitness testimony has become
Gemini-4 space UFO remains statement in Playboy: "Movies of a fossilized by countless repetitions?
unexplained." UFO were taken by astronaut James The principal leg of the Roach/Condon
Harder was even more confused McDivitt. Yet his evidence, as far as we endorsement — that there weren't any
— and confusing: "The object (sic) itself know, was never taken seriously by any candidate objects within a thousand be an orangish oval, about government agency and is dismissed by miles — has been demolished by the
three by five degrees in apparent size; professional skeptics." recognized presence of the beercan-
the Titan booster stage would have had This claim is manifestly false: the shaped Titan-II stage.
to be within 100 have McDivitt movies do not show a UFO, McDivitt, more than a decade after
appeared that big." But McDivitt and McDivitt himself is the first to say the fact, refused to believe he could
refuted Harder: the tadpole never he doesn't think his "beercan" was have misidentified that object — but
appeared to be that size because the likely to be any alien spaceship or both his degraded eyesight and
astronaut never watched it — it had no similarly extraordinary phenomenon. different viewing angle at the time of the
connection with the real object To be fair, Harder and Sparks are sighting eliminate any reliability from
McDivitt watched. far from worst offenders (they did, that opinion — and years of UFO
Harder was undaunted and however, pass up the offer to review research have taught us the surprising
described motion in the image: "That and comment on this chapter).
bluish flare...actually has a turbulance Sensational UFO literature is full of (continued on page 17)
By AN Abutaha

Ali Abutaha is a senior In this article, the specifics of what Study of the Unidentified Flying
consultant in telecommunications went wrong are presented and Objects," and which was sponsored by
and computers who resides in discussed. It will be shown how the the U.S. Air Force as part of Project
Virginia. application of systematic and Blue Book. The Colorado group, led
established scientific techniques can by a prominent twentieth-century
Editor's note: UFOs, we lead to a genuine scientific solution. scientist, set out as their straw man
sometimes forget, are still a hypothesis the simple equation:
controversial subject, and nowhere SCIENTIFIC METHOD
is this more evident than in the area of UFOs = ETIs
their possible origins. It is one thing to Almost every serious work on the
say they are extraterrestrial, for UFO phenomenon deals with the w h e r e ETIs are the p o p u l a r
example, quite another to pinpoint so-called modern scientific method. extraterrestrial intelligences. The
their exact source, whether it be a There is no universally accepted intelligent content of some of the
remote planet light-years removed, or definition for the method. However, UFOs is obvious to the casual and
somewhere much closer to home. In there is agreement concerning its basic serious reviewer of the reports.
the following article Mr. Abutaha elements, eloquently stated by Whether the objective of the Colorado
presents his own approach to the Immanuel Kant as, "Concepts without Study was to refute or to prove the
problem and arrives at a surprising percepts are empty, percepts without straw man hypothesis was not as
solution. His conclusion is his own and concepts are blind," or simply: important as the clear recognition that
is not to be taken as that of the Mutual hypotheses and theories must be "UFOspETIs" was consistent with the
UFO Network or the editor of the supported by observations and tests. scientific method. "UFOs" were the
Journal. If his paper inspires others to Which comes first is not important, but percepts, and "ETIs" the concepts
propose alternative theories or to the two ingredients must be present to which were to be developed by the
disprove his own, however, account for a genuine scientific human mind.
constructive criticism in the field, we discovery. The Colorado group refuted the
believe, will have been served. We The UFO phenomenon produced simple equation, and both their
welcome both articles and letters of thousands of reports by people who conclusion and methodology were
comments in response. perceived and reported sightings of sanctioned by the National Academy of
seemingly unnatural phenomena. The Sciences. This, among other things, led
"descriptions" of the objects as given by to the termination of Project Blue Book
The Unidentified Flying Object the witnesses, and only those in 1969. There were other serious
(UFO) phenomenon actually refers to descriptions, represent the input, the scientific efforts, by individuals and
several phenomena, one of which is the true scientific input, to the problem groups from public and private
possible "intelligent" origin of the which cries out for a solution. The organizations but these did not achieve
objects. The latter is the most reports of the witnesses represent a set acceptable and satisfactory
significant aspect of the phenomenon, if of observations, or percepts, to which explanation of the possible intelligent
true. Despite numerous and serious the human mind must find equal and content of some of the UFOs.
attempts to decipher the UFO engima valid theories, or concepts. Beyond this If some of the reported objects
in the last four decades, a genuine short treatise, there is no need for were the product of nonterrestrial
scientific solution has not been further discussion of the modern intelligences, then two possibilities
achieved. This leads to the logical scientific method. The problem arise:
conclusion that either (a) the intelligent becomes one of "technique" to satisfy 1. The state-of-knowledge is not
content of the phenomenon does not the "method," and not the method sufficiently advanced for the
exist, or (b) the serious scientific itself. human mind to develop
a t t e m p t s , so f a r , have been satisfactory concepts, equivalent
unsuccessful. It is the author's opinion CONDON REPORT to the reported percepts, or
that the latter was the case. The observations, or
problem seems to lie in the scientific Perhaps, the most prominent 2. Something went wrong with the
techniques used by the serious scientific study of the subject was that scientific efforts so far.
researchers to solve the UFO enigma, conducted at the University of
and not in the scientific method. Colorado in the 1960's, "The Scientific (continued next page)
UFOS WRONG, Continued essence of the business of science. more than 100,000 cases. How many
When an alien spacecraft lands on Main more cases are needed to conduct the
In despair, some scientists concluded Street, USA, the layman will, not need analysis? .
that 1 above was the case. The next the scientists to tell him so; anymore
sections will show that the fault was in than he, or she, would need the STONES & FISH
the scientific techniques which were scientists to explain to them that the
used to solve the problem; admittedly, a Earth is spherical by using photographs The most often repeated historic
complex problem. of the planet taken from orbit and incident in UFO literature is that of the
clearly showing its spherical shape. stones that fell from the sky. Would it
THE PITFALL Rather than conduct systematic have made any difference whether 100
.scientific study of the phenomenon, the or 10,000 stones fell from the sky? Was
Almost from the outset of the race for that one case was on. A race 'the answer to be found in the
modern UFO era, the scientific that required no genuine scientific characteristics of the witnesses, or the
community was divided into three credentials. continent on which the stones fell? One
groups: two minorities, the proponents While1 the serious scientific efforts . can fill an encyclopedia with the varied
and the opponents, and a majority, the to solve the UFO enigma should have details of the witnesses, and the size,
indifferent. After sifting through many been directed at establishing trends in color, number, composition, angle of
reports, the proponents arrived at the the phenomenon, the trend has been fall,'and other details about the stones.
conclusion that intelligent content in "a case by case" study, as witnessed by . The statement of the scientific problem
the UFO phenomenon is a possibility. If the few serious studies of the subject. to be solved was simple: Stones falling
not, they insisted that, at the least, And while the specific trend to be from the sky is a perception
there is a phenomenon which must be established should have been that of (observed phenomena) to which the
dealt, with seriously and scientifically. the nature, or the essence, of the human mind had to find explanations
The opponents, on the other hand, objects as found in the descriptions of (hypotheses or theories), i.e., the
asserted that the mysterious objects the witnesses, the trend has been to disintegration of comets. Of course,
are not spacecraft from anywhere, and study and .classify the witnesses, their there were reports of fish falling from
that such possibility existed only in the background, occupation, and other the sky, a different phenomenon, and a
minds of some of the witnesses and the personal data; or the location, time and clear distinction had to be made
proponents, who were dubbed the frequency of the sightings, and so on. between the nature of the "stones" and
believers. Judging by the prevailing This is not to minimize the importance that of the "fish." . •.
attitude of the majority, the indifferent of such encyclopedic tabulations in the The proponents use the "stones"
group, it appears that the opponents' overall scheme of things. But, the incident, and rightfully so, to caution
viewpoint prevailed. . The burden of solution does not lie herein. These the opponents and, more importantly,
proof, and rightfully so, should have tabulations can only serve to establish the indifferent majority, to take heed
always been. on the proponents, and the credibility, or lack of it, of the from past experience. They should also
not on the opponents. Yet both groups sightings. Once the credibility of a take heed, for it seems that the problem
tried to solve the problem. sighting is established, multiple with the UFO phenomenon lies in the
Somehow and somewhere,. the witnesses and other criteria, then the abundance, and not scarcity, of cases. I
identification of that one genuine case, "descriptions" which were given for do.not mean to belittle the effort to
the clincher, was made a scientific that one case can be considered to be a collect and classify information, or to
requirement. In a scientific debate on data point. All such data points can seek more cases. Nor do I mean to
the subject in 1969, and in the writings then be combined to form a data set. minimize the importance of the other
of some serious scientists and The data set can then be processed possible natural causes of the
individuals throughout the modern using established and systematic phenomenon and their study. But, in
history of the phenomenon, the techniques in the hope of finding a the event that there is a solution to the
proponents were invited to select the genuine scientific solution. intelligent aspect of the UFO
one case which they agreed to contain I must add here that there is no phenomenon, then there are enough
the proof of extraterrestrial vehicles. hope in finding a genuine scientific cases, or data points, to work with
Even prizes were offered to anyone solution in the pursuit of a government already.
who could produce the case. That was cover-up. For if one hopes to find.that
the pitfall. one case, the clincher, in the classified ANALYSIS
files, then, as I said before, the scientist
SINGLE CASE is not needed. If, on the other hand, the Modern scientific techniques and
intent were to add more cases to the i n s t r u m e n t s have m a d e t h e
By imposing the single case existing ones in the hope of conducting achievement of a high degree of
requirement, scientists and science better statistical analysis, then, based accuracy possible. This is particularly
were no longer needed. One case does on past experience, the effort will not be true when dealing with quantitative
not establish a trend, and studying productive. There are more than 50,000
trends in observed phenomena is the cases in the public domain. Some say (continued next page)
UFOS WRONG, Continued size, p h e n o m e n a l speeds and In the visible spectrum, the
maneuverability, instantaneous appearance of an object depends on its
data. The UFO problem is highly appearance and disappearance, and temperature. The metallic appearance
empirical. The input consists mainly of many others. Before we study the of metals and alloys, for example, is
descriptions given by human witnesses, manner in which they perform the easily recognized in the light, but
of varied background and ability to reported superior -technological feats, unseen in total darkness. When the
articulate their experience. • . • . • we should like to know something temperature of a , metal sample is
The descriptions .represent1 the about their nature, which may lead us increased, a point is reached when a
true scientific input to the problem, and to identifying them and their home. The source of light, the reflection of light, is
only qualitative analysis can be nature of the objects can be found in not needed for the human eye to see the
conducted. Such analysis should lead their appearance to the human eye sample as it. becomes visible in total
us to a normal trend, a first which is, scientifically speaking, darkness. Here, the sample appears to
approximation solution. In this manner, reasonably calibrated as discussed us to glow, and described as self-
the effects of bad data points can be next. luminous, and fire-like; as seen in heater
minimized, or hopefully eliminated. The human eye sees only a narrow or kitchen stove elements. Eventually,
This is the best scientific approach as band in the electromagnetic spectrum, the glow itself becomes a source of light
further analyses, iterations, can only the visible spectrum. The longer making other objects around it
lead us closer to the correct answer. wavelengths of the infrared spectrum perceptible to the human eye. The
Until such analysis is performed and a are invisible to us, though these are glowing color of the sample will undergo
region of gravitation, or a normal trend, perceived by our skin as heat. Also, the changes as temperature is increased,
for the data points is found, any attempt shorter wavelengths of ultraviolet glowing red, then yellow, and then blue.
to deal with a single data point (sighting) radiation are not seen by the human The color of glow has even been
would not preclude the possibility that a eye. calibrated to tell us the approximate
bad data point, a wild point, is selected. Vision requires the eye, a temperature of a hot object by merely
The objective of our analysis, then, conscious observer, and a source of looking at it.
will be to find if a correlation exists light. The reflection of light from So far, we said.that a sighting is
between the data points (the sightings) surrounding objects makes them considered a data point and we selected
and some other variable, which may perceptible to the human eye. The the visual appearance of the objects as
assist us in establishing a reasonable snake, on the other hand, sees a rabbit the variable for our analysis. But, how
hypothesis concerning the. mysterious in total darkness. What the snake sees many sightings shall we select for the
objects. Let us attempt a systematic is the "heat" of the rabbit's body. The analysis, and which ones shall we use?
scientific analysis of the phenomenon. body heat of the rabbit makes it appear With the exception of the most obvious
to, the snake to be bright and self- misperceptions and hoaxes, a true
HUMAN EYE luminous. This is possible because the scientific analysis must include all of the
snake's thermal eyes see in the infrared sightings reported over a period of time.
Each sighting will be considered a spectrum. The snake, knowing that it is Ancient and historic cases must be
data point. All the sightings combine to perceiving in the infrared region and avoided as the time element would have
form a data set which shall be the distinguishing the appearance of the rendered these obsolete. The modern
subject of this analysis. To avoid rabbit from surrounding cooler objects, sightings, say, those made in the last
cluttering of the data, and in order to can then make the judgement that the forty years, can be included, as the level
facilitate a solution, one, and only one, rabbit is a warm-blooded animal. The of confjdence in these should be higher.
common characteristic of the objects bee, on the other hand, knowing that its To discard any sighting will be
shall be selected for the analysis. Which eyes perceive ultraviolet radiation and interpreted as tampering with, or
characteristic, of the many, shall be seeing this radiation in certain parts of a f u d g i n g , data — s c i e n t i f i c a l l y
select? We should like to select a plant, make a quick judgement,and flies unacceptable. It then seems that any
variable which is collected with a directly to the source of,nectar. The scientist who may. be interested in
reasonable accuracy. The validity of appearance of an object depends not trying out his or her luck with the UFO
scientific and technical data depends on only on its nature, but also on the engima must cope with tens of
the accuracy andi calibration:, of method of observation. (. thousands of cases. But, that need not
measuring instruments and the visual Since we are interested in the be the case.
acuity of the observer. The major nature of the UFOs, we know our The serious investigators of the
source of information about the UFOs method of observation, and we have UFO phenomenon, pros and cons,
has been the human eye. There were numerous visual descriptions of the have culled through the tens of
other characteristics perceived by the objects, then the variable we shall select thousands of sightings which have
other senses, but these senses are not for the analysis will be the "appearance" been reported in the last four decades.
as accurately calibrated as the vision of the objects to the human eye. They eliminated obvious mispercept-
sense. ions and misidentifications of natural or
The reported characteristics of the LIGHT SOURCE
objects are many, including shape and (continued next page)

man-made objects, single-witness Shiny Huge fiery-orange sphere

cases, hoaxes, and others. In the Blinding Reddish yellow light
process, they must have eliminated Red flame Great amber-rust light
good data points; but this was done Very bright Diffused and whitish in color
randomly. Whether the good sightings, General glow Brilliant gold device
or the unsolved cases, are 20%, 10%, Self-luminous A phosphorescent golden sphere
5%, or even one percent of the total As a welder's torch Odd tongues of flame
sightings, this is sufficient to conduct Terrific bright light Silhouetted by a bluish glow
reasonable statistical and scientific As a hot electric stove Glare of an oxy-acetylene torch
analysis. Brilliant blue Real hot looking
Glowing orange • Red glowing ball
DATA INPUT A light so powerful With color of fire
Bright orange object Blazing with light
When the descriptions of the Bright flash It light up the pasture
objects are entered into a computer Intense blinking lights Huge light
program as input to the problem, the Amber-colored Light of varying intensity
resulting data set is the most Rising on flames Brilliantly glowing
unscientific looking data set that a Ball of fire Big bright light
scientist has ever seen. The data set Bright blue-white light The source was extremely intense
does . not lend itself to standard Blinding bluish light Very, very bright
analytical, empirical, or finite-element Very luminous Fiery round device
techniques. Even graphical Luminous ball A saucer-shaped glow
presentation appears impossible. Yet, Very brilliant circle A diffuse luminous object
as the appearance of the engimatic Dazzling sphere Glowing in silence
objects may betray their nature, let us Disk of fantastic brilliance Abnormal blinding flash
review some of the words selected by A ball of intensely white light Very luminous cylindrical object
the witnesses to describe the objects. Halo around the edges Very brilliant circle
The descriptions are in the actual A sort of luminous tomato Fantastic brilliance
words of the witnesses and should Very bright shining disk Supernatural brilliance
represent the true scientific input to the Illuminating the whole town Brightly shining disk
problem. I must emphasize that there Extraordinary source of light Fiery spheres
were cases in which the objects A luminous plate Self-luminous sphere
appeared to ,the witnesses to be of Color of a red-hot iron Self-luminous object
metallic or other identifiable character, Glowing with iridescent glow A red sun-like light
but these were fewer indeed. The most
common description of the objects, as
seen by the human eye, is given in general polynomials from the raw data. existing instruments. Any solution that
Table-1, The UFOs Data Set. We cannot calculate a standard we can obtain from the UFOs Data Set,
This is but a small fraction of what I deviation, a variance, a probable error, and irrespective of the level of
have in my computer. Many of the a confidence limit, or any other accuracy, is better than no solution at
words seen in the Table were repeated meaningful statistical value. all. No computer, short of a well
over and over by different witnesses, or The prevailing scientific view today developed Artificial Intelligence (AI)
different background, in different is that genuine scientific analysis must computer, can deduce the desired
locations, and at different times in the be supported by exact calculations; solution from the data set. Even when
last forty years. Again, there were many else, the analysis is considered AI is fully developed, it may not be
cases where the objects were described nonscientific. This is akin to saying that capable of deciphering the enigma. The
as metallic in appearance. These the separation of water into hydrogen mind which is already an advanced AI
represent but a small fraction of the and oxygen was not science, but that system, can be, and could have been,
total number of sightings. the quantitative analysis of the ratio of applied to the problem on hand.
Today, great emphasis is placed on the two elements was; or that the
quantitative analyses and their Copernican heliocentric hypothesis A NORMAL TREND
accuracy. But, how do we handle the was not science, but that the Keplerian
UFOs data set quantitatively? What orbital equations were; and so on. Can we make a prediction
can we calculate from it? There are no Almost all genuine scientific discoveries concerning a normal trend, or a region
values to deal with and no acceptable begin with a qualitative solution which of gravitation, for the appearance of the
scales to use. We cannot use the least- can then be refined to. the highest
squares method nor can we develop accuracy desirable, or attainable with (continued next page)
UFOS WRONG, Continued LIFE SUPPORT Sun, then everything inside our
enclosure would melt, boil, evaporate,
UFOS? It seems that the answer is yes. The most important element in and disintegrate in a split second
We set out to see if a correlation space travel is the life support system. leaving no "nuts and bolts" to tell of the
can be established between the In our case, the spacecraft and the mission.
sightings and the appearance of the space suit. The life support system Just as the snake can reason, from
objects to the human eye. A careful must contain and maintain the the glowing appearance of the rabbit
study of modern cases shows a clear environment and provisions which are and the infrared method of observation,
normal distribution in the description of necessary for the preservation and the nature of its prey, so shall we be able
the objects. The partial UFOs data set maintenance of life and equipment. If to reason from the "glowing, self-
listed in Table 1 is given to show where the reported "glowing, self-luminous, luminous, and fire-like" appearance of
the area of intense population of the and fire-like" objects were the product the UFOs and our visible spectrum
data exists. Titanium-, aluminum-, and of some nonterrestrial intelligence, method of observation the nature of the
stainless steel-like unidentified flying which is conducting space travel, then a objects.
objects constitute a sparsely populated life support system is as necessary for It is reasonable and logical to
area of the data set. them as ours is for us. Their designers conclude from the appearance of the
The normal trend of the data is that must contain and maintain the objects, as described in the data set
the objects appear to the human eye, environment and provisions which are above, that their temperature is 2,000°,
and within the visible spectrum, to be necessary for the preservation and 5,000°, or an even higher value, and that
"glowing, self-luminous, and fire-like." It maintenance of "their" life and "their" living organisms and equipment in
should be noted that in most cases the equipment. these enclosures must also be at said
whole object appeared to glow and to If they normally exist in sub-zero temperature. Whether developed in
be on fire, and not only some temperature, then that temperature accordance with the theory of
appendage associated with thrust or must be maintained throughout their evolution, or created, these living
power. The whole object appeared trip. And if they normaly exist at a beings would have evolved in the higher
brilliant and fire-like, not unlike the temperature of 3,000°, or even 6,000°, temperatures. The minimum
appearance of the rabbit to the snake's then that temperature must be temperatures measured for the Sun are
eyes. This is the essence of the nature contained and maintained in their life in the range of 4,000°K to 6,000°K, and
of the mysterious UFOs. support systems to preserve their this should not go unnoticed.
If we ad to this the claim of many bodies and their equipment. In the case Such statements run contrary to
witnesses that the object appeared to of u n m a n n e d s p a c e c r a f t , the the prevailing common sense of our
be under superior intelligent control, temperature constraints may be time. Here, we must be cautious, for the
then we have a well defined scientific, or relaxed; but there is a limit to allowable built-in bias in our collective common
technical, problem to solve. How can temperature variations. sense can have more influence on our
we mentally explain the intelligently judgement than our knowledge. This is
controlled "glowing, self-luminous, and HIGH TEMPERATURES the very same common sense
fire-like" objects? The glow of the remember, which refused for centuries
objects and our method of observation We should not be so inflexible as to accept that the Sun is at the center of
should immediately tell us that the not to allow nonterrestrial intelligences the solar system, that the Earth is
objects could not come from Earth-like the ability to contain and maintain such spherical in shape, and so on with many
planets, that they are not temepratures for long durations. We, other phenomena.
extraterrestrials, and that they are, perhaps infants in the vast universe, But, how? How can living beings
very likely, nonterrestrials. If any of our have been able to contain temperatures exist at such high temperatures? Can
own spacecraft appear "glowing, self- in the order of millions of degrees, we use the laws of science to show if
luminpus, and fire-like" to though for short durations; but we hope such a fantastic possibility is possible?
n o n t e r r e s t r i a l beings, we can to maintain and control fusion- Is it possible that the designers,
immediately deduce that they do not generated temperatures in the builders, and operators of the
see in the visible spectrum like we do. foreseeable future. The same field that mysterious objects come from the Sun?
So, before we begin speculations we use to isolate ourselves and our The Sun reached a thermo-
about parallel worlds and universes, surroundings from the fusion inferno dynamic state of equilibrium much
faster-than-the-speed-of-light travel, may, at some point in the future, be sooner than did Earth. If we can
and other possibilities in search of used in reverse; namely, to isolate us conceive a mental picture of a
Earth-like planets in our and other and our equipment on the inside of a "Darwinian Pond" on the Sun, where
galaxies; and before we search for anti- toroidal structure from externally simple living organisms could have
matter existences, psychological imposed harsh conditions. Such a formed and evolved to the complex
stimuli, and others, let us first reflect on reversed tokamak may even be used to level seen here on Earth, then the same
the normal trend of the UFOs data set travel into the Sun and back safely. If processes which we use to explain how
and see if it tells us something about the the protective shield of such a device
objects. were to fail while in the vicinity of the (continued on page 18)
By Stan Gordon

Stan Gordon is MUFQN's

State Director for Pennsylvania. He
lives in Greensburg and is co-
director of PASU, the Pennsylvania
Association for the Study of the

•It. was about 5:30 a.m.,, on the

morning of November 20, 1985 when
. the PASU, Pa. Hotline began to, ring.i
The first calls from observers gave
descriptions of an object that initially
sounded like a brilliant meteor. But as
reports began to come in from many
sections of the state, it was soon
apparent that . something besides
meteors was involved. Truckers, police
.officers and other early morning
travelers described seeing towards the
Southeast part of the sky a pinpoint of
light that gradually grew in size until it
was about 5 times the diameter of the NASA'S CHEMICAL CLOUDS
full moon. This bright circle of light — Photograph by George Lutz
expanded and was described by some
viewers as like a silent explosion of light
in the sky. This light dissipated and left a ROCKET LAUNCH created the strange, colored clouds.
somewhat fan-shaped, greenish cloud. To complicate matters, during the
After interviewing a number of the time of the rocket launch it seems quite
SECOND CLOUD observers, we felt what had occurred likely that some people in various
was explainable and was likely locations were also observing bright
In a short time, a second connected with the space program. meteors, some of which fit the
appearance of a similar light explosion PASU first contacted the FAA, which description of a Bolide, which is much
occurred in the same part of the sky, had no . i n f o r m a t i o n on the brighter than the normally observed
and produced a similar cloud below the phenomenon. A call was then placed to meteor. The Leonid annual meteor
first one. These brilliant, green cloud NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain, shower had jusr recently peaked, and
formations remained visible in many Colorado. They asked me to call back PASU had been receiving other bright
areas for over half an hour. after the information was cleared. fireball sightings during the preceding
The bizarre appearance of these I then dialed up the NASA facility couple of weeks.
lights created fear in some of the early at Wallops Island, VA., a good source A careful investigation of UFO
risers. Reports of newspaper delivery for IFO reports. It was here we found incidents normally results in a natural
boys asking to come into local homes, the source of said UFO reports. At 5:19 or scientifically explainable occurrence.
some thinking we were under nuclear a.m., NASA launched from this facility There is no doubt, though, that there
attack, were not uncommon from . a three-stage, sub-orbital sounding are strange UFO encounters that are
information we received. Police radio rocket known as a Taurus Nike not easily identifiable, and that is what
communications systems buzzed with Tomahawk. makes UFOlogy so interesting.
reports. PASU, recognized as a At an altitude of 230 miles the
statewide clearinghouse for UFO
reports, was deluged with inquiries
rocket released a compound of
titanium, boron, and barium. And at an MUFON
from the public as well as law altitude of 325 miles, a compound of
enforcement agencies and news- titanium, boron arid lithium was 103 OLDTOWNE RD.
reporters. released. The various chemicals SEGUIN, TX 78155
By John Melesciuc

One of the interesting aspects of

this case is the credibility of Ana and
Per Hoel. Due to their professions, both
are trained to observe and memorize
detail. Ana is a professional artist and
Per an industrial designer. At 1815
hours on 26 November 1984 while
dinner was being cooked, Ana and Per
were out for a refreshing walk
accompanied by Patrick, their Irish
Setter. It was a routine they enjoyed for
five years. The night was clear, 57°, and
the water of Magnolia Bay was calm.


On entering Shore Road, Ana and

Per noticed a wedge of yellow light
being aimed at the surface of the ocean.
Ana thought it must be a reflection of
moonlight which proved negative for
the moon was more southerly. They
also thought it might have been a Coast
Guard rescue operation but there were
no helicopter sounds. This investigator TRIANGULAR UFO SEEN BY
verified through the Gloucester Coast ANA AND PER HOEL
Guard that there was no resuce As it neared the shore the red town, a five-story condominium. The
operation in progress. Also the lights stopped blinking and they now Hoels now were running after the
elevation of the light was too high for a noticed four white lights lined up object which was about a quarter mile
ship's marking light. between the two red lights at the rear of away. As it approached the roof of the
Patrick is a very impatient dog. If the triangle. They now estimated the condominium, they could judge the
Ana and Per decide to interrupt the object to be 125 feet in altitude and they scale of the object — 150 ft. across the
walk to converse or to observe a snowy both could see a canopy-type structure rear section and 130 ft. from front point
owl, the dog will bark continually underneath. It was the same type of to rear.
until the walk is resumed. It must be bright yellow light shining through this
made clear that there was no animal framed transparent structure as the VANISHES
reaction to the UFO on Patrick's part. front light. The triangle itself seemed to
So while the Hoels were observing the be of non-reflective material with the When the object was about 100
light, Patrick started one of his barking outer edge darker. feet from the rooftop, it vanished. This
fits and it was quite annoying. At this point, a low droning sound halted Ana and Per in their tracks. Ana
After six minutes of continuous which was very consistent could be asked Per if they were both "flipping
barking, Ana jokingly said to Patrick, "If heard. She said the sound was as out." It must be made clear that the
you don't stop barking I'm going to have muffled as her dryer. It passed over whole object, not just the lights,
this light beam you up." Upon making trees and t h e r e was no air vanished for approximately one
this statement, two red lights, one on displacement. minute. Upon reaching the
the left and one on the right began condominium, they spotted the
blinking alternately. It was now obvious TURNS formation of lights through trees. This
to the Hoels that the object was moving formation of lights, four white lights
towards the shore very slowly and that The object now made a 90-degree between two red, was heading back out
the initial light was at the front point of turn toward the center of Magnolia. It
the object. was heading toward the highest point in (continued on page 16)
In Others' Words
By Lucius Parish

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER'S Okay, here we go again! For those SOURCE BOOK
December 3 issue reports on the 1948 who are still with us after all the furor
Directorate of Intelligence report on about the Eduard ("Billy") Meier case The latest volume in the Catalog of
1947-48 UFO sightings which has been ' from Switzerland, we can report that Anomalies series from William R.
declassified and released through the two excellent videotapes are now Corliss' Sourcebook Project is THE
Freedom of Information Act. This available which detail the original MOON AND THE PLANETS,
report has been reprinted in the investigators' findings. The material detailing astronomical anomalies within
JOURNAL. was gathered by a Japanese film crew our solar system. Anything and
The "Anti-Matter/UFO Update" headed by Jun-Ichi Yaoi, which filmed a everything of an unusual nature which
column in the January issue of OMNI documentary for Nippon TV in Japan. has been reported on or near the Moon
deals with the CNES/GEPAN UFO Lee Elders has edited the original tapes and the nine planets is examined in this
investigative agencies in France. Some into three videocassettes. The first two, volume. Two later volumes, THE SUN
with GEPAN during the past eleven and BEAMSHIP: THE METAL, are and STARS, GALAXIES, AND
y e a r s , 38% of w h i c h r e m a i n priced at $59.95 each. As the titles COSMOLOGY, will: cover other
unexplained. suggest, these tapes deal with, astronomical subjects. As with all other
A little-known UFO (or "mystery respectively, all the 8mm motion publications of the Sourcebook
aeroplane") wave during the months of picture footage shot by Meier, plus an Project, this latest one is replete with all
January-February 1916 is detailed by analysis of the footage by the Japanese manner of data evaluation scales,
Michael T. Shoemaker in the film crew who shot the documentary, indexes, extensive lists of references,
December issue of FATE. The events and the metal samples allegedly given to illustrations, etc. Pyramids on Mars,
were reported from the states of Meier by extraterrestrials. kinked rings of Saturn, transient lights
Pennsylvania, Delaware and New The films are extremely interesting on the Moon — all these subjects and
Jersey, with additional reports coming and the analysis certainly suggests that many more are covered.
from Canada. The January issue of something out of the ordinary was I have only one "gripe" concerning
FATE has an article by Dr. Bruce taking place when the films were shot the evaluations (tentative though they
Maccabee on three large and briliant — something not easily explained by may be) of anomalies; at no time is it
UFOs seen in Connecticut on models, superimposition of images or seriously considered that some of these
December 4, 1981. any of the other "answers" provided by phenomena might be due to the actions
the critics. The metal samples are of "other intelligences." Considering
CORRECTION examined by Dr. Marcel Vogel, a some of the events which have been
chemist for IBM. It would be helpful to reported, I fail to see how this very
A correction and apology to those have a background in chemistry and/or definite possibility can be ignored. Still,
who may have ordered any of Zecharia metallurgy while viewing this tape, but THE MOON AND THE PLANETS
Sitchin's three books from the Avon the end result is that, once again, there is an outstanding contribution to the
Books address given in a previous are some decided anomalies which literature of anomalies and I can only
column. This was the editorial address suggest that the metal samples were give it my unqualified recommendation.
and, although orders to this address produced by a very advanced Copies are available at $18.95 from:
should have been forwarded to the mail technology. The Sourcebook Project - P.O. Box 107
order division, this does slow up the The third tape in the series, - Glen Arm, Maryland 21057.
process. For those who may want BEAMSHIP: THE MEIER CHRONI-
copies of THE 12TH PLANET ($4.50), CLES, will be available later in the year.
THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN ($3.95) As I say, if you haven't already made up
or THE WARS OF GODS AND MEN your mind on this case, I can highly
($3.95), the correct address is: Avon
Books - Dept. BP - Box 767, Route 2 -
recommend the videotapes. They are
availabe in either VHS or Beta format
Dresden, TN 38225. Please include (please be sure to specify which when 103 OLDTOWNE RD.
$1.00 per book for postage & handling; ordering) from: Genesis II Publishing,
allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Inc. - P.O. Drawer JJ - Munds Park, AZ SEGUIN, TX 78155

This report is a reconstruction base spokesman. No military flights traffic controllers. Davis-Monthan Air
from events reported by TV station were known to be in the area, she said. Force Base says that military planes
KVOA in Tucson, during their news Authorities are not investigating that pass more than five miles from a
program on October 7, 1985, and from the occurrence because "if they were military field don't have to check in
articles which appeared in the Arizona airplanes, they didn't break any laws," either.
Daily Star and the P/ioenix Gazette, on O'Sullivan said. It's not unusual seeing "But 60 of them? Flying in
Wednesday, October 9, 1985. airplanes going across the scope who "waves"? Somebody knows."
A local air-traffic controller and a don't talk to us," he added. (Associate MUFON is indebted to several
police helicopter pilot tracked about 60 Editor's note: The speed of 250 knots or members in the Tucson area who
unidentified aircraft over Tucson 288 m.p.h. is within the range of some submitted newspaper clippings and
Monday morning October 7th at 12:15 private planes, however it is unlikely telephoned, including Allen Benz in
a.m. Tucson International Airport that sixty such aircraft would be flying Tucson and Thomas R. Taylor in
radar picked up the aircraft southwest in groups over Tucson after midnight Tempe.
of the city, near Ryan Field and lost with none of their transponders turned Coral Lorenzen, when being
them as they flew northeasterly on.) interviewed on television, requested
through Redington Pass, said Patrick that all witnesses should call APRO.
O'Sullivan, Air Traffic Manager for the EDITORIAL She said that she fielded about 20 calls
Federal Aviation Administration. from people who claimed to have
The air traffic controller on duty The Arizona Daily Star (Tucson) sighted the aircraft Monday, but she
that night reported to O'Sullivan that in an article on Sunday, October 13, said she unplugged her telephone about
they monitored the objects for about 90 1985, asked some provocative 2 a.m. to get some sleep. (Considering
minutes as 15 groups of four or six questions. "Somebody knows why the present status of APRO, these
objects each were tracked on radar those 60 flying machines washed over individual reports to Coral may never
traveling at about 250 knots or 288 Tucson in waves in the wee hours on see the "light of day." Associate Editor's
mph. Monday. comment.)
"But why does no one seem -Walt Andrus
RADAR TARGETS especially curious to find out? The
uniform shrug of shoulders from the Air " 1 7 T H ANNUAL
The controller asked a police Force, the Federal A v i a t i o n

helicopter pilot to try to identify the Administration — even from Jim and
objects, but he was unable to do so. Sgt. Coral Lorenzen at Aerial Phenomena
Doug Russell of the Tucson Police Research Organization — reads like
Department said the pilot told him what the opening scene of a Steven Spielberg
happened. "The tower called and said script.
they had some targets but no "Officialdom agrees that there SYMPOSIUM
transponders." Transponders are were no reports of U.S. military activity
radar receivers that automatically in the area at that hour. The idea that it
identify individual aircraft for air traffic could have been foreign aircraft is J U N E 27-29. 1986
controllers. "If you don't turn your dismissed out of hand. Foreign aircraft
transponder on, all it shows on radar is would have been detected somewhere PRESENTED BY
a blip," Russell said. else in the nation before being spotted
The helicopter pilot tried to follow over Tucson. Surely they would have
the objects and did see some lights, but been picked up by scanners at the
was unable to catch up with them, N o r t h A m e r i c a n A i r Defense MUTUAL UFO NETWORK
Russell said. The pilot was at about Command in Colorado Springs, as they
4,000 feet altitude and estimated that headed northeast from Tucson. But not
the lights were at about 7,000 feet. a peep of explanation from NORAD KELLOGG CENTER
David-Monthan Air Force Base, was forthcoming, either. FOR CONTINUING
only four miles away from Tucson "The F.F.A. says that aircraft EDUCATION
International Airport, stops flying jets going over a city at 7,000 feet or so don't MICHIGAN STATE
by 10:30 p.m. said Lt. Julie Fortenberry, have to check in with that city's air- UNIVERSITY
PERSPECTIVES media articles and programs portraying toward a solution to this vital enigma,
the UFO subject seriously .and and to cooperate with other serious,
By Marge Christerisen objectively and we witnessed some' UFOlogists toward the end. Let .it be
genuine dedication to the UFO subject the year that we are all able, to rise
As we begin a new year, it is a good by many..of our State Directors and above petty egotistical needs, and both
occasion to take sortie time to put the members who gave generously of. individual and organization rivalries and
last, .year, into .perspective and to take themselves both in effort and funds as battles. Let,it be the year that we give.
measures to ensure progess in the year well as time in order to promote public the skeptics a real run for their money
ahead. It may.,be said that 1985 will be education. ',/ , . ' ' • . ' • ' , ' . and stop .assisting thenrby giving them
remembered as the year that the first things to attack us for. " ' -.
National UFO Information Week was ; DECLINE Let 1986. ( be the year of
observed, and the year that MUFON PROFESSIONALISM IN UFOLOGY.
began to, really function as a mutual As 1985 came to a conclusion, . It is time .we stopped being our own
network .with a greater degree of however, we witnessed some less than .worst enemies and started to'become
organization than in prior years., credible media articles and a general . our own best supporters. Dpesn't that
We will also remember 1985 as the d e c l i n e , in" high caliber public make a great deal more sense? Only we
year that the Field Investigators' Exam information on the UFO subject can make it happen.
was instituted and standards .for our throughout the country. Why this Let our slogan for the year be:
field investigators began to become occurred after such a successful media BECOME A PART OF THE
tightened,. and to reflect greater blitz as we achieved • last August, is SOLUTION, NOT A PART OF THE
professionalism and compentency on difficult to comprehend. PROBLEM.
our parts. In 1985 we also saw a The only sensible, constructive
significant document release from Air avenue open to serious UFOlogists at Marge Christensen is a high
Force Intelligence; we witnessed a 5- this time is to turn this situation around school English teacher and
part documentary on an important entirely. MUFON's Director of Public
UFO case on Cable News Network, as Let 1986 be the year UFOlogists Relations. She was the driving force
well as a fairly good UFO documentary come of age! Let it be the year that a behind the first National UFO
on HBO. genuine concentrated effort be made I n f o r m a t i o n Week and has
Also, during National UFO by everyone who calls himself/herself a frequently contributed articles to
Information Week, we saw several serious UFOlogists to work selflessly the Journal.

National Aeronautics and
Space Administration
25th Anniversary

Pioneer 10 Plaque to roughly deduce the time Pioneer was launched. Thus, we have
placed ourselves approximately in both space and time. The drawing
The Pioneer 10 spacecraft, destined to be the first man-made object to at the bottom (6) indicates system. The ticks accompanying
escape ibur'solar system, carries this plaque. It is designed to show each planet are the relative distance in binary form of that planet to the
scientifically educated inhabitants of some other star system—who Sun. Pioneer's trajectory is shown as starting from the third planet,
might'intercept it/millions of years from now—when Pioneer was Earth. ,. , ..
launched, from where, and by what kind of beings. The design is
engraved into a gold-anodized aluminum plate, 152 by 229 millimeters
(6 by 9 inches), attached to the spacecraft's antenna support struts in
a position to help shield it from erosion by interstellar dust.
At the far right, the bracketing bars (1) show the height of the woman
compared to the spacecraft. The figure indicated by (2) represents a
reverse in the direction of spin of the electron in a hydrogen atom. This
transition puts out a characteristic radio wave 21 cm long, so we are
indicating that 21 cm is our base length. The horizontal and vertical
ticks (3) are a representation of the number 8 in binary form. There-
fore, the woman is 8 x 21 cm = 168 cm. or about 5'5" tall. The human
figures represent the type of creature that created Pioneer. The man's
hand is raised in a gesture of good will.
The radial pattern (4) will help other scientists locate our solar
system in the galaxy. The solid bars indicate distance, with the horizon-
tal bar (5), denoting the distance from the Sun to the galactic center.
The shorter solid bars represent directions and distances to various
pulsars from our Sun, and the ticks following them are the periods of
the pulsars in binary form. Pulsars are known to be slowing down and if
the rate of slowing is constant, an other-world scientist should be able O • - ^
By Budd Hopkins

Budd Hopkins is a New York-

based artist who joined MUFON in
1975. He specializes in abduction
cases and is the author of "Missing

In March of 1984 I receieved, in

response to my book Missing Time, a
letter from a woman I shall call
Margaret Bruning. Margaret, or "Meg"
as she prefers, is a registered nurse
living in central Ohio, and her letter
detailed several "childhood dreams" —
her phrase — which paralleled UFO
abduction accounts she had read about
in my book. She hope that by relating
these "nightmares and dreams" she
might "finally lay .the ghosts of. (her)
childhood to rest." She would like to
end her "embarrassing habit of
becoming hysterical whenever an
inanimate object vibrates or hums."
Meg's letter was precise, neatly-
written but rather sadly desperate, a
not unexpected emotion considering
what she has gone through. The first
experience she related was a "dream"
that occurred in 1952 or '53 when she
was about five or six years old.


"Everyone — my parents and

sister — are asleep. I can't sleep
because of the humming. It seems to
come from the back yard. I get out of
bed, walk into the kitchen and look out BUDD HOPKINS AT ST. LOUIS SYMPOSIUM
the back screen door. There were three — Dennis Stacy
men on the back porch. As with most pajamas had dried blood all over them. explanation. I've never been cut there
dreams the rest of it doesn't make I'd had a pip of a nosebleed in my sleep that we can recall. We've always called
much sense. Somehow the three men — it had clotted in my braids and a bit it stigmata."
were suddenly in the kitchen. They had pooled in my ears." Meg stated rather firmly that she
were standing around me, pinning me did not want an investigator to contact
down on the kitchen table — literally. SCARS her; she merely wanted to put her
They pushed a huge needle into my recollections down on paper in hopes
stomach. The pain was terrible. The There were other, similar that they would somehow be
overhead kitchen light (which was off "dreams" and memories included in neutralized by the telling. I was aware,
when I walked into the kitchen) seemed Meg's letter. She also mentioned that of course, of the implications of Meg's
bigger — brighter — blinding. I tried she has two odd scars — "Right temple descriptions, but I was also aware that
screaming — couldn't move. When I 1-2" long, right forearm 4-5" long, for
awoke in the morning, my shorty which neither my parents nor I have any (continued next page)
ABDUCTION, Continued occurred, and more than once. Meg was shoring as usual.
always worked the night shift, she Meg: There's a noise. It's like a
despite her disclaimers she seemed to explained, because of her terror of humming. (Pause) Somebody's talking.
be asking for some kind of help. I wrote falling to sleep after dark. Even during Doesn't sound like Daddy. So how do
to her, inquiring further about her daylight hours she said she sometimes you know my name? I'll make sure the
childhood "dream." "awakened screaming, gasping for air door's locked. (Pause) If I get up Mom'11
I wanted to know if, the next or unable to move a muscle — yet be mad. Uh oh. (Pause) How'd they do
morning, she had told her mother about unable to remember what terrified me." that? A lock doesn't do that. Not
her nightmare. She could not without somebody touching it. (Pause,
remember, but she recalled that her MEETING and then, nervously) Can you turn it
mother "was awakened by the sound of off?
my vomiting. Not only had the blood In the fall of 1985 I was invited to
pooled and clotted in my ears, hair, Denison University in Granville, Ohio, (To be continued)
face, and on my pajamas, but I had as a visiting artist. I wrote to Meg, who
swallowed a great amount in my sleep." lived not far away, and proposed a
She went on: "The night following meeting. In late October she came to TRIANGULAR, Continued
the nightmare I woke mother and our Denison with a woman friend and we
neighbors across the street screaming spent the morning chatting about her to Magnolia Bay.
for help in my sleep. All I could recall recollections, and about the idea of Again Ana and Per raced towards
was a man in black and pain." using hypnosis to re-experience her the triangle trying desperately to catch
."dreams." She agreed, finally, that it up. On reaching Shore Road they now
MEN IN BLACK would be better to explore the past than noticed the object drifting slowly and at
never to know what had, and what had a lower altitude toward Kettle Island
I had inquired about the three men not, actually happened to her. I told her about one mile out. At this time the
in the first "dream." "I do remember the my belief that knowing for certain might triangle seemed to come to rest above
appearance of the men in black. They lessen the power of her fear. The^ the water with the lights becoming dim
were dressed in similar black uniforms edgeless unknown always seems to be then bright. Ana and Per observed this
that creaked like leather or plastic with far more terrifying than the finite action for 40 minutes and believed the
their body movements. I never known. object was still there when they left to
understood why their clothing made The hypnotic session took place check on their now burnt dinner.
sounds but their footsteps didn't. the following morning in my room at the As reported earlier, there were no
"One of them wore a scarf. He was University guest house. It was Coast Guard operations at this time.
the one that told me to be still — you are remarkable not only for its content but This was verified by calls made to both
fine — be still. He had a crease where also for the vivid way Meg reenacted Boston and Gloucester Coast Guard
his mouth should have been — the her experience. Everything she said Stations. This investigator also
crease didn't move when he talked to and did was exactly appropriate for the contacted Hanscom Air Force Base,
me. He had dark slanted eyes that five- or six-year-old child she had been Otis Air Force Base and Camp Curtis
reminded me of a shark. I had a book on at the time. She had no idea, for Guild which verified no unusual military
sea creatures. His eyes were like the example, of UFOs. Her descriptions maneuvers. Subsequent checks were
shark's in the book. All of them had were limited by the knowledge and made at Beverly, Lawrence and
grayish white skin — odd shaped heads vocabulary possessed by an intelligent Newburyport Airports for advertising1
(egg-like). They had hands but the five-year-old girl living in central Ohio in and ultra light aircraft. This also proved
fingers didn't seem right. They were the 1952. negative.
size of grown-ups — big. I'm not sure1 if For the hypnosis I used the device Due to media and press coverage
the humming sound came from them or of an imginary movie theater, a place on this sighting, three more witnesses
the air. It made my skin crawl and feel where Meg and I and a friend of hers were contacted but were reluctant to
numb." could sit in comfort and safety to view a be interviewed for fear of ridicule. This
Meg and I exchanged letters and I film made years before of a strange investigator feels it should be noted that
phoned her on several occasions. She experience she had had as a child. It is a Per Hoel went through a period of
steadfastly maintained that these method that helps to keep traumatic ridicule from his co-workers. A
recollections — and other, equally experiences at some distance, and newspaper headline was latered
disturbing memories which have yet to offers the subject control over the stating, "Drunk couple see UFO," and
be explored — were nothing more than images: the "film," I explained, can found in his office. Also, a model of a
"the unpleasant phantasms of a very ill employ closeups, long shots, it can be saucer dangling from a hat was pinned
child" or perhaps the result of "mass dimmed, shut off altogether, and so on. to a bulletin board. Despite these two
hallucination," however that concept I set the scene and Meg described disturbing instances, Ana and Per still
might apply. her house, her bedroom, and the image felt this experience should be made
The one indisputable fact was that of her sister and herself asleep. She known to the public.
something deeply traumatic had mentioned the fact that her little sister
virtual renaissance in the understand- certain, it at least cannot any longer
LETTERS ing of our world and universe is
possible. Our present anthropocentric
stand as a particularly valuable piece of
UFO evidence. It shows how the
thinking will be shattered as it is tapestry of modern spaceflight legendry
immeasurably broadened to include can grow to cosmic proportions even
understandings that can change human when woven only of individual prosaic
relationships and result in an strands.
unprecedented harmony and All it has really proved is how
Dear Editor, reverence for life. readily some UFO researchers can
When I recently told a respected With every new discovery, new adopt — and adapt — useful material to
judge, who is a personal friend, of my vistas of exploration are revealed. We "prove" whatever they originally
interest in the UFO phenomenon, he in the UFO movement have a foot in i n t e n d e d to prove, e v i d e n c e
surprised me with his encouragement each of two worlds — the world of the notwithstanding, and how certain a
and support. In this violent, unstable present and the world yet to come. Our UFO witness (of impeccable technical
world threatened with nuclear efforts are relevant, and there is room credentials and personal integrity) can
holocaust, he regarded the pursuit of a for everybody. Science, religion, be of a distanct, drifting memory.
higher order of intelligence suggested philosophy, politics, education, social The Gemini-4 case may be
by the UFO phenomenon as more than service, business, industry, all modes of evidence for many things, but UFOs
worth the effect. productivity, and every honest are not one of them.
When individuals approach the observer are included.
UFO phenomenon with an almost Open-minded honesty, becoming
religious devotion and fervor, we
should be reminded of how vital their
efforts are for overcoming the
like a little child to learn at the feet of
Nature, and courage are required.
Insight and discovery then come like a
resistance and suppression from gift. We must work hard, think clearly, will keep you informed of all the latest
elements in society that consider as and build upon the efforts and United States and World-Wide UFO
false any phenomenon that cannot be contributions of those who already activity, as it happens! Our service was
explained by presently accepted have given so much dedication, skill, started in 1969, at which time we
c o n t r a c t e d with a r e p u t a b l e
principles and points of view. The time, and penetrating thought to this
international newspaper-clipping
vanguard of any successful movement perplexing and promising phenom- bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
toward change requires such bold and enon. New discoveries will come. Some find UFO reports (i.e., little known
forceful individuals for its success. will amaze us at their simplicity and photographic cases, close encounter
We have here a phenomenon power. Thinking in new and untried and landing reports, occupant cases)
supported by substantial empirical ways is a virtue. We must pursue it with and all other UFO reports, many of
evidence. Even the integration of such diligence, pride, and circumspection. which are carried only in small town or
knowledge with current scientific views We will not be disappointed. foreign newspapers.
"Our UFO Newsclipping Service
can be exceedingly painful. There is issues are 20-page monthly reports,
ample evidence of this phenomenon in L. Bechtel reproduced by p h o t o - o f f s e t ,
the context of ancient religious Maine containing the latest United States and
experience that often has been treated Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
lightly in the modern world. We need bur foreign section carrying the latest
enlightened integration. Old concepts, McDIVITT, Continued British, Australian, New Zealand and
other foreign press reports. Also
worn threadbare over the ages, will be
included is a 3-5 page section of
instilled with new life and realism. Such lesson that pilots are, in truth, among "Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot and
integration with science and religion the poorest observers of UFOs other "monster" reports). Let us keep
could result in new, uplifting, and because of their instinctive (and entirely you informed of the latest happenings
constructive understanding with great proper!) pattern of perceiving visual in the UFO and Fortean fields."
heuristic value in social, scientific, and stimuli primarily in terms of threats to For subscription information and
religious endeavors. their own vehicles. sample pages from our service, write
Much of society's present outlook Lastly, this coincidence must be today to:
will need penetrating reconstruction. considered: that Gemini-4 was the only
Established and institutionalized ideas one of ten manned flights of that series Route 1 — Box 220
cannot be expected to yield politely to in which a rendezvous was attempted Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
the advance of new and revolutionary (and nearly accomplished) with a
knowledge. Individuals and institutions beercan-shaped target; and that
can, in fact, be expected to erect Gemini-4 was the only flight on which a
roadblocks and throw more than a few crewman reported seeing any
obstacles in the way. But the time will unidentified beercan-shaped object.
come. The foundations are being laid. A If the case cannot be closed for
. i .,' '' ' *\ ,"•' " •' "
Homo,' t sapiens evolved ;frorri the
'"'-'"• • •' • ' , , , , - T ''''"
V •' • ; By,Walter N. Webb;
•simplest organisms on our planet can MUFON Astronomy Consultant .
.;be ;used tor show how intelligent and
.technologically advanced Sob sapiens
\are also.po'ssible. ' '•• ; , '',• . ' ; , , . ;
, Considering the estimated ages of,1;
the Sun and the .Earth, Solo sapiens
would have started on the ladder of FEBRUARY 1986
evolution sooner than . did. [., Homo
sapiens. If Solpr sapiens embarked ipn Bright Planets (Evening Sky); , : , :
space , explorations, then, 'isqlar •
aerospace > engineers must .have Venus emerges' in the evening twilight,late in the month, setting in the;west
designed, life support systems capable three-quarters of an hour after the sun. ' , . ' . ' . . ''.,''••,
of - containing and maintaining their
environment:' high temperatures/ high , Jupiter, in Capricornus, is very low in the WSW early in the month and sets only
: pressures, magnetic fields and an hour after, the sun. Thereafter, if vanishes into the solar glare. The giant
;Other variable which are necessary to planet moves into the'rhorning sky on,the 18th, although it will not be visible
keep the. molecules of their astronauts until around mid-March. v- ; 'i.'.'.., . :.
and their equipment intact-. ' • ' :'.
' The temperature of the objects, Bright Planets (Morning Sky): ;'.,.:,,, •• ...... ' . .-.,
and, .even 'themselves, makes them
appear to bur eyes, within the visible Mars and Saturn appear near each other this, month, rising in the ESE about
. s p e c t r u m , to be "glowing, self- , 1:45 AM oh'the 15th. Mars passes just below trjie Srd-magnitude star Beta
luminous, and fire-like," just as our, Scbrpii on the 7th, 5° above the Ist-rriagnitude star Antares on the 17th; arid
analysis has shown to be the case with, about 2° below Saturn on the;18th: Antares means "rival of Mars," a reference
the mysterious objects. . ;\, to the reddish color of each object. This month affords a good opportunity to
; '. "It is: possible that we are dealing compare the color and brightness of both planet and star. Mars and Saturn are
with intelligencethat is vastly superior almost due south at dawn in midmonth. „ . . ; ,
' ' \ l v '' ' Y ' - ' '
' w i t h intelligence that is vastly superior Halley's Comet:
; to ou'rpwn and only some eight-lightr
minutes away from Earth? Such Halley will not be visible from the earth's surface during most of February as it
possibility explains many dilemmas and swings around behind the sun. Perihelion, or closest approach to the sun,
paradoxes associated with the UFO occurs on the 9th (separation 55 millionimiles). During the last week it might be
phenomenon: possible to glimpse the comet rising tail-first south of east as morning twilight
(To be continued) begins ;.(about 5 AM). But full moonlight; will interfere, and observers have a
better change of seeing both the comet's head and tail next month.
' • • * ' ' . ' ' , ' • ' ' ''

Moon Phases:

Last quarter-Feb. 1
MUFON New moon-Feb. 8
First quarter~Feb. 16
Full moon-Feb. 24
The Stars:
By February evenings, Orion the Hunter-since November a prominent part, of,
the evening sky-has moved into its highest position in the south. Reddish
EVERY SATURDAY Betelgeuse marks the right shoulder of the warrior, bluislvwhite Rigel marks
the left leg,.and stars of lesser brilliance indicate the head, left shoulder, belt,
MORNING sword, and right leg. Orion justifiably can be called the perfect constellation
AT 0800 EST (OR DST) because it so precisely outlines its namesake. .
ON 7237 KHzSSB
To the SW of Orion lies that brightest of (nocturnal) stars Sirius. At midmonth it
is low in the SE at dusk, transits south at 9 PM, and sets WSW about 2 AM'.
UFO investigators should be thoroughly aware of this infamous IF.QJ
MESSAGE, Continued James W. Deardorff in the November disbanded."
1985 issue number 211 has already * * *
Journal. resulted in 14 readers asking for Dale Goudie has taken over the
Even though the Field Investigat- additional sources and material. management of the computer
or's Examination has a few questions Background information on the author operation known as UFO Information
that are not covered in MUFON's Field was inadvertently not included. The Service from Michael Hart. Their
Investigator's Manual, the third edition author has a Ph.D. degree, is a address is UFO Information Service,
published in 1983 (161 pages) is still the professor at Oregon State University P.O. Box 219, Mercer Island,
recognized authority and tool for all and a Consultant to MUFON in Washington 98040-0219. It is still
people conducting UFO sighting Atmospheric Phyics. Even though most functioning as a UFO Bulletin Board
investigations. The price to current of us have declared that this case is using voice line (206) 721-5035 and
members is $6.00 and to all others basically a hoax after studying it since computer line (206) 722-5738 with an
$10.00 plus $1.50 for postage and 1978, your International Director IBM-XT as the main computer. Bob
handling in U.S. funds. invited Mr. Deardorff to write an article Gribble of the National UFO
* •*• * explaing what he learned first-hand Reporting Center has been submitting
MUFON still has an adequate from Eduard "Billy" Meier during his UFO sighting reports to the bulletin
supply of the MUFON 1985 UFO visit to Schmidruti, Switzerland in June, board.
Symposium Proceedings that was held 1985. Dr. Deardorffs contribution is We are happy to report that Bob
in St. Louis, Missouri with the theme appreciated, since only a few people Gribble is again referring UFO sightings
"UFO: The Burden of Proof (180 have been able to meet Eduard Meier to MUFON in Seguin, Texas for
pages) for $10.00 plus $1.50 for postage personally. However, his meeting with assignment to appropriate investigat-
and handling if ordered separately from Mr. Meier was inadequate to obtain the ors for interviews and investigation.
other books. Symposium Proceedings information that he sought. State Directors are receiving a copy of
are still available from 1975 through John Brent Musgrave, the the half-page report so they may follow-
1984 at various prices from $4.00 in current director of the North American up with their investigators. To be
1975 to $10.00 starting with 1980 and UFO Federation (NAUFOF), advised effective, prompt responses are
thereafter. The postage for combined that a ballot was circulated in the Fall of essential.
orders is only $1.50 at the fourth class 1985 among the Board to determine Donald A. Curtis, State Director
book rate. whether it would be best to formally for Iowa, recently mailed 146 letters and
As we enter 1986, marking disband NAUFOF. Four of the six sighting referral notices to the
MUFON's seventeenth anniversary members on the Board responded to Department of Public Safety, Iowa
and the 19th year for SKYLOOK and the ballot (Druffel, Manak, Musgrave, Highway Patrol, 99 County Sheriffs and
the MUFON UFO JOURNAL, you are Wilhelm). Two (Haines, Mazzola) 25 of the larger municipalities (Police
encouraged to read the article in this abstained. All who replied expressed Chiefs) in the state of Iowa as phase one
issue titled "Perspectives" by Marge their wish that the organization had in his program to advise them where to
Christensen, Director of Public flown, but all felt that at the present time refer UFO sighting reports. This
Relations. there is no viable alternative, but to mailing included printed sighting
* * * close shop and formally disband. In his reference cards for easy referral. Mr.
Over the past five years, the letter of 26 December 1985 and Curtis is to be congratulated for this
MUFON UFO J O U R N A L has received on 22 January 1986, John important and positive step. Last year,
published aritcles about the Billy Meier stated "Given the results of the poll, I Mrs. Jean Waller, State Director for
Case both pro and con as to its validity. believe I have no alternative but to Oklahoma, conducted a similar mailing.
The article titled "The Meier Case" by declare that NAUFOF has in fact



Walt Andrus

Effective February 1, 1986, the area of the Freedom of Information Act The survey of the MUFON Board
MUFON Board of Directors has (FOIA). By specializing in the F.O.I.A., of Directors taken in October for ideas
increased the annual membership/ Mr. Todd has probably been the most and suggestions to improve the
subscription dues to $25.00 in the successful researcher in obtaining professional caliber of the MUFON
U.S.A. and a single copy to $2.50. government and military documents UFO JOURNAL emphatically noted
Second Class mailing to all foreign related to UFOs. It is a privilege to have that more of our Consultants, Research
countires is now $30.00 in U.S. funds, Robert represent MUFON in this Specialists, State and National
payable by International Postal Money significant field. Richard M. Neal, Jr. Directors, Staff Specialists, and Journal
Order or a check written against a U.S. M.D., a speaker at the MUFON 1983 Staff members should be submitting
Bank. Cash in U.S. dollars is UFO Symposium and a Consultant in articles for publication based upon the
acceptable. Since the study of the UFO Physiological and Psychological effects, accomplishments in their specialized
phenomenon is frequently a family is concentrating his research on fields, speculative proposals to
affair, additional members in the same medical cases. Dr. Neal plans to submit resolving the UFO enigma, book
family, that is, identical home addresses future articles on his work to the reviews and reports of the activities in
may become members for $10.00 each MUFON UFO JOURNAL. their State or Nation.
when one member in the family * * * All members are invited to submit
subscribes at the regular rate, provided The theme for the MUFON 1986 narrative reports for publication of
they so designate when submitting their UFO Symposium at Michigan State UFO sightings that have been
dues. Air Mail postage to foreign University, East Lansing, Michigan on thoroughly investigated and definitely
countries is an additional fee. June 27, 28 and 29, 1986 is "UFOs: found to be UFOs — not IFOs. If the
* * * Beyond the Mainstream of Science." MUFON UFO JOURNAL is going to
We are confident that members The following speakers have selected continue to be the leading monthly
will feel that 12 monthly issues of the these titles for their presentations: UFO magazine in the world, it is
MUFON UFO JOURNAL (20 pages) John F. Schuessler, M.S., "Cash- imperative that the finest material be
for $25.00 is an exceptional value Landrum UFO Case File: The Issue of made available for publishing. Until we
compared to the International UFO Government Involvement;" Dr. can keep the Editor and Associate
Reporter, which publishes only 6 issues Richard F. Haines, "Detailed Report Editor inundated with credible material,
per year for the same price. Both on the Vancouver Island Photograph;" none of us has the prerogative of
CUFOS and MUFON recognized the and Marge Christensen, "Scientists complaining about the caliber of
necessity for evaluating their financial and Anti-Scientific Thinking in Regard material being published.
positions in order to remain viable UFO to the UFO Subject." Other speakers * * *
organizations. are Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., Harley Dan Wright and Shirley Coyne
* * * D. Rutledge, Ph.D., Michael D. have indicated in a preliminary report
Tom Benson, recently .elevated Swords, Ph.D., David M. Jacobs, that the new Field Investigator's
Ward C. Campbell from a State Ph.D., Robert H. Bletchman, J.D., Examination response has been very
Section Director to the Assistant State and Alan C. Holt, M.S. good and of those responding thus far,
Director for New Jersey. Mr. Benson An award for the individual who the great majority have scored well.
has selected Fred Schaefer to replace has done the most for the UFO subject Before they can assess the overall
Mr. Campbell as the new State Section in each calendar year will be awarded. achievement, they must factor in the
Director for Gloucester, Camden, and The individuals who have been nonresponses. For those of you who
Salem Counties. Ward Campbell has nominated for the 1986 award are as have not returned your answer sheet to
been a member of MUFON since 1974. follows: Barry Greenwood, Budd Mrs. Shirley Coyne, please comply so
* * * Hopkins, Marge Christensen, Dan that we may progress to step number
Leonard W. Sturm, State Director for Wright and Bruce Maccabee. A two. A few of the respondents have
Illinois, has appointed William A. ballot will be included in the March 1986 offered substantive suggestions to
Leone to the position of State Section issue of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL reword or otherwise improve perhaps
Director for Cook and DuPage so that members may cast their votes half a dozen questions prior to
Counties. Mr. Leone resides in and submit them to Walt Andrus for finalization of the exam as an ongoing
Westmont, Illinois. tabulation. The award will be presented document. Dan and Shirley will prepare
Robert Todd of Ardmore, at the MUFON 1986 UFO Symposium a findings report for publication in the
Pennsylvania has volunteered his at Michigan State University.
expertise as a Research Specialist in the (continued on page 19)