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Term 1 2014
Thursday 20 March Uniform Shop 8.45-9.15am Monday 24 March Breakfast Club 8-8.30am Tuesday 25 March Visit from Wanneroo Secondary College music group Wednesday 26 March P&C Annual General meeting (AGM): Staffroom 7pm Breakfast Club 8-8.30am Thursday 27 March Uniform Shop 8.45-9.15a Friday 28 March Room 15 Assembly Harmony Day: Gold coin donation to come dressed in orange. Monday 31 March Breakfast Club 8-8.30am Tuesday 1 April Room 9: Wanneroo Museum Eagles Rock: 9.00-9.30am Proposed Industrial Action by Unions Wednesday 2 April STRIVE program information session 9.00am Breakfast Club 8-8.30am

At a recent assembly the 2014 Year 6 and 7 Student Councils were announced. Congratulations to Bailey T, Cathy, Taylin, Dion, Jade and Bailey H who were elected for Year 6 and Ben, Jack, Shye-lily, Madison, Ashlen and Oceana who were elected to represent Year 7. As coordinators of student leadership, Mrs MacDonald (Year 6) and Mrs Castle (Year 7) will build the capacity of the councillors as leaders and work with them as a team to undertake special activities to support the school and students. The two councils will alternate each fortnight to take responsibility for conducting the assembly.

Congratulations to the 2014 Student Council

Our School Values Respect Tolerance Self Discipline Courtesy Cooperation Confidence

Last week, ACARA released the 2014 My School data with information to monitor the effectiveness of schools. As in previous years, it will enable us to compare ourselves with like schools across Australia that serve similar students and also compare our progress over the years with those schools. I encourage you to go to the My School web site at and feed back your thoughts to the Wanneroo Primary School Board. The School Board will use the data to review the progress of the school and make recommendations for the 2014 2016 Business Plan. The Department of Education has updated the system for monitoring student attendance. A new code has been added to identify students whose parents take them on an in-term holiday. It is important for you to be aware taking your child on an in-term holiday is now classified as an unauthorised absence. Next Wednesday the P&C will conduct its AGM at which key decisions will be made for the year ahead. I would urge you to attend the meeting and become actively involved in the P&C. Not only is it a great way to contribute to the school but it is an opportunity to meet other parents which can lead to lasting friendships. On behalf of the school community I would like to thank the outgoing committee for their special contribution to the school over the past year. Penny Halleen Principal Week 7 19 March, 2014

Our School Vision

The Wanneroo Primary School Community will be highly regarded for its strong partnerships creating an inclusive learning environment where students are supported to achieve and successes are celebrated.

Issue Number: 4

Term 1

area followed by tea and coffee with the school chaplain.

The following students and classes were presented with certificates and awards at our recent assembly Aliesha, Marley, Mia-Rose, Habab, Year 1 Tyson, Jaron, Alyssa, Kayla, Aidan, James, Stephanie Joel, Ella, Jacob, Liam, Daniel, Year 2 Saoirse, Tahj Gemma, Maria, Jennalee, Year 3 Jasmine, Kori, Praise, Elijah, Tyrell Ayden, Josie, Mikaia, Hekmat, Year 4 Connor, Isaac, Ryfkah Chelsea, Erin, Chloe, Zac, Jay, Year 5 Lara Harmony, Kayla, Dion, Levi, Zane Year 6 Jack, Haylee, Tommy, George, Year 7 Ben, Ashlen

Thank you Parents

A big thank you to our wonderful parents who have given their time to help cover books for the library. The books are key to the STRIVE program which we have implemented this year to develop the capacity of students to engage in sustained reading. Research indicates sustained reading leads to improved outcomes in the NAPLAN testing. Mrs Orzel will be presenting a parent information session about the STRIVE program on Wednesday 2 April commencing at 9.00am. If you can assist with book covering please see Mrs Orzel or Mrs Smith in the library.

Harmony Week
Harmony Week is an opportunity for all Western Australians to celebrate our vibrant multicultural state. The week runs during March every year and encourages everyone to experience, explore and appreciate WA's wealth of cultural, religious, linguistic and ethnic diversity. As part of these celebrations our school will be involved in a variety of activities on Friday 28 March. Students will draw a template and be encouraged to illustrate the clothes that represent their culture or their favourite pastime. This will then form bunting that will be displayed in the covered assembly area. Students and staff are invited to wear orange on the day for a gold coin donation. Funds raised will be forwarded to The Smith Family.

This fortnight we focus on the virtue

courtesy cortesia.
Courtesy is having good manners. It is a way of speaking and acting which gives others a feeling of being respected.

2014 SMS Attendance Room 18 Assembly

Congratulations to Mrs MacDonalds Year 6, Room 18 class for their informative assembly last week in which they shared information about Noise Induced Hearing Loss. Through the use of props including a large decibel counting meter, Room 18 educated the audience on the dangers of loud noises and ways of preventing hearing loss. Did you know that 18% of teenagers have already sustained permanent hearing loss. Even if you only use an iPod occasionally, you can still lose your hearing. Is your childs personal music player a deaf trap? Our next assembly will be conducted on Friday 28 March by Mrs Lilburnes Room 15 class. Parents, grandparents and friends are welcome to join us in the covered assembly If your child is going to be absent and you know in advance you can SMS the school or let the teacher know before 9.30am by SMS only on 0417097435 or by phoning the school on 9306 0500. Notes will be sent home for parents to respond to any absences that are outstanding. Kevin Simmonds Deputy Principal

Support-A-Reader Program
Thank you to the wonderful group of volunteers who have joined our Support-AReader program this year. Support-A-Reader is a highly valued program at our school and is set in place to encourage fluency and love of reading in reluctant readers. We are still seeking volunteers to join us. Any parents, grandparents and interested people from the

community are welcome. Please contact us on 9306 0500 if you are able to assist.

Mathletics Gold Medal Winners

Congratulations to the following who have received a gold medal for Mathletics: Maxwill, Mikaia, Cameron, Noah, Cameron, and Kathy. A reminder to parents that the contribution for the Mathletics program is an annual fee of $5.00 and is due before the end of term. Payment can be made through your childs class teacher. Miss Kelley Deputy Principal

years State Budget. The Government has made it clear that it has no intention of changing the Budget. The Department does not endorse any form of industrial action and all public sector staff has a responsibility to implement and work within any decisions taken by the government of the day. As we get closer to this date, you will be kept informed about any implications for your child(ren).

Evacuation Practice
As part of our risk management processes, the school recently practised evacuation procedures to ensure the students and staff were prepared in case of an emergency. If you have any queries about the practice please see Mrs Halleen.

Parking in the Staff Car Park Not Permitted

Under no circumstances should parents/carers/guardians park or drop students off in either of the staff car parks. Unfortunately, despite the intervention of the local ranger we continue to have serious concerns about the safety of our students particularly with a small minority of parents who engage in parking behaviours that put others at risk. It is important to be aware that the car park off Church Street is only for early childhood parents who have been issued with a parking permit. It is strictly not a Kiss and Drive zone. The guidelines for parking will only work if everyone is considerate of each other.

Evidence Files
All students are required to have an evidence file that will stay with them for the duration of their primary schooling. Evidence files are available for purchase through your childs classroom teacher at a cost of $3.00.

Photo Permission
Any parent/guardian who wishes to revisit permission preferences for the use of visual images for their child/children in newsletters or other publications, is asked to contact the office to make the relevant changes.

Voluntary Contributions
A schedule for the 2014 Contributions and Charges was sent home with students at the end of last year. Reminders are currently being posted home regarding contributions and outstanding charges. If you have recently paid please disregard the reminder. The Wanneroo Primary School voluntary contribution is: Kindergarten & Pre-primary $60 per child Year 1 7 $30 per child The payment can be made by cash, cheque or eftpos at the front office and a receipt will be issued. Please note that the P&C contribution must be kept separate from all other school payments.

Head Lice
The presence of head lice in schools is an ongoing community problem. When present, the child, school and family are all most inconvenienced. By working cooperatively as a school community, the presence of lice at school may be reduced. Please check your childs hair on a regular basis and if lice are found treatment must be commenced. Children with long hair should keep it tied up. More information is available at the Department of Health website

Term Dates for 2014

The School Board has approved school development days for 2014 at Wanneroo Primary as follows: Friday 30 May, Monday 21 July and Monday 13 October. As staff will be involved in professional development on these days, students do not attend. Term 1: Mon 3 FebruaryFriday 11 April Term 2: Monday 28 AprilFriday 4 July Term 3: Tuesday 22 JulyFriday 26 Sept Term 4: Tuesday14 Oct-Thursday 18 Dec

Proposed Industrial Action by Unions on Tuesday 1 April 2014

The State School Teachers Union, CPSU/ CSA and United Voice have announced a community day of action on Tuesday 1 April 2014. They indicate that this action is being taken in response to this years State Budget for public schools and to ensure further funding reductions are not made in next

Wanneroo Primary School App and Web Page

Both the app and web page are a valuable means of communicating the special things that are happening in our school. It will also be our key means of distributing information to parents electronically. The Wanneroo Primary app can be downloaded to your phone, iPad or tablet. The school web page can be accessed at

Canteen Update Please note that from Term 2 the canteen will only be available on Thursdays. An updated menu will appear on the schools app and website and copies will be available from the school office. If you have any concerns please contact me via email or see me at the canteen from 8.30am Tuesdays (this term) or Silvana on Thursday mornings. Please do not contact the high school direct. Thank you, Deb Festa, Canteen Coordinator.

Wanneroo Dental Therapy Centre Bookclub

Thanks to Karen Mullumby who has kindly offered to organise Bookclub for the whole school. It is a huge job so cut off dates must be final. No late orders can be accepted. Please make sure you send the fully completed order in a clearly marked envelope to the office with the correct money or payment details. To make Karens job a little easier please try and include notes where possible rather than lots of small change. The Wanneroo Dental therapy centre is open from 8.00am-4.00pm Monday to Friday 94053178.

Wanneroo Secondary College

Wanneroo Secondary College 2015 Year 7 and 8 Specialist and Elite Programs Interested students and parents are invited to our information evenings at the following times: Year 6 on Tuesday 25 March 2014 and Year 7 on Thursday 27 March 2014 Australian Rules Football (6pm) Performing Arts (6pm) Instrumental Music (6pm) Academic Extension (7pm) Robotics (7pm) A scholarship will be awarded to the highest performing student in each of the above specialist programs. Applications close Friday 16 May 2014. Application forms may be obtained from the college or by phoning Katrina Smith on 92066562

Health Awareness
Reports of Impetigo (school sores) have been made to the school. A range of publications and information can be accessed through the Department of Health WA website

Chaplains Chat
Please feel free to email me or phone the office and leave a message. Carolyn Campbell YouthCARE School Chaplain Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Community Notices
City of Wanneroo School Holiday Program A variety of activities and excursions are available during the school holidays through the City of Wanneroo. Bookings are essential. Visit or phone 9405 5600. If you would like information about upcoming children and youth programs please send your email address to

P&C Notices
P&C Annual General Meeting (AGM) Our P&C AGM will be held in the staffroom on Wednesday 26 March from 7.00pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and we look forward to seeing you there. Easter Bun Fundraiser Orders together with payment need to be returned to school and placed in the P&C letterbox by Monday 31 March. Orders will be delivered on Thursday 10 April. We look forward to your support.

by Michael Grose - No. 1 parenting educator

Kids who are mentally healthy are equipped to handle many of lifes curve balls that come their way. They also dont let their emotions overwhelm them. As a result, they learn better and have more friends as well.
It seems strange to talk about promoting good mental health in children. Shouldnt all children naturally have good mental health habits? After all, childhood is supposed to be a pretty relaxed time of life, free from the pressures and stresses that can come with adulthood. Sadly, it doesnt seem that way. According to the Australian Psychological Society one in seven Australian children experience some type of mental health issue, with ADHD, anxiety and depression being the most common kind. Having good mental health doesnt mean that kids dont experience difficulties or worries. Feeling worried, sad or fearful is normal. Kids who are mentally healthy are equipped to handle many of lifes curve balls that come their way. They also dont let their emotions overwhelm them. As a result, they learn better and have more friends as well. As a parent its useful to reflect on the mental health habits that you promote in your kids. Here are five basic mental health habits that you can consider right now: 1. Sleep: Sleep is the one of the building blocks of mental health and well-being. Many children and just about all teenagers are sleep-deprived at the moment. Many parents are sleep-deprived as well!!!!! Children need between 10 and 12 hours sleep to enable proper growth and development, while teenagers need a minimum of nine hours. One of the single, most powerful strategies to improve kids ability to cope with stressful or changing situations is to ensure they get enough sleep. 2. Exercise: When my mum told me all those years ago to turn the television off and go outside and play she didnt know that she was promoting good mental health. She just knew that physical activity was a good thing for an active, growing boy. Kids today get less exercise than those of past generations, which is an impediment to mental health. Exercise stimulates the chemicals that improve mood and release the stress that builds up over a day. An hours movement per day seems the minimum for kids. How much exercise does your child receive? 3. Help others: Social isolation is a huge predictor of poor mental health. Encourage your child to be connected to others and to help others in any way possible. Helping others reinforces social
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2011 Michael Grose

5 mental health habits to promote in kids

connectedness and the importance of being part of a community, as well as providing opportunities for positive recognition. 4. Talk: A problem shared is a problem halved! Talking about whats worrying you is a great way to remove the burden of worry and reduce anxiousness. Some kids bottle up whats inside, while others will catastrophise a situation, which can make matters seem worse. If your child or young person has a problem let him know that his concerns are important to you. Kids often cant tell you what may be wrong, so be observant and gently ask questions to help you get a clearer picture of how they may be feeling. 5. Relaxation: Make sure your child or young person has a hobby or activity that relaxes them. The ability to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life is essential. Some children who have real difficulty switching-off may benefit from practising meditation or mindfulness, but most kids just need to have the time to chill out, and theyll relax quite naturally. These five habits are basic common sense. However, as kids lives get busier these essentials get squeezed out. Heres my recommendation to ensure that mental health habits dont get overlooked or neglected. First, see these habits as the building blocks of mental health. Dont ignore them or trivialise them. Talk to your children and tie these activities to their mental health but do so in your own way and in your own timeframe. Second, assess which of these five essential habits need your attention and make some adjustments over time to push the pendulum back, if necessary, in favour of your childs mental health.

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