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CAMERA SCHOOL & Field Shoot Saturday and Sunday, April 12 1!

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$he Baltimore Camera Club i% plea%ed to pre%ent our annual Camera S&hool' E(pand your photo)raphi& *no+led)e' Learn the role o, %o,t+are in your ima)e pro&e%%in)' $ry out )reat in the ,ield te&hni-ue% ,or &reatin) and your ima)e ma*in)' /ain &reati.e &ontrol0
CREA$12E 3EC1S1O4S Saturday 56!" AM 7 126"" 8M $he te&hni&al %ide o, &amera +or*' Compo%ition' 8lannin) the ima)e' E(po%ure te&hni-ue%' Learn to ma*e &reati.e de&i%ion% ,or better ima)e%0 1MA/E E31$14/ Saturday 16"" 7 #6!" 8M 9or*in) +ith di)ital ,ile%' 9or*,lo+' 3emon%tration% o, te&hni-ue% and tip% in .ariou% %o,t+are pro)ram%' 1ma)e pro&e%%in)' Be%t pra&ti&e%' F1EL3 SHOO$ Sunday 56!" 7 116!" AM Brin) your )ear0 8ra&ti&e +hat you:.e learned' ;oin our ,ield e(pert% at a lo&al %ite and learn ho+ to %hoot in the ,ield to &reate po+er,ul and uni-ue ima)e%' <Rain or %hine'=

Baltimore Camera Club

4et+or*in) Lun&h6 3eli tray lun&h pro.ided on %ite Saturday' Eat, tal* and rela( +ith ,ello+ photo)raphi& enthu%ia%t%' Brin) your &amera and manual and %hare your -ue%tion% and idea%' Cla%%room Lo&ation <Saturday=6 Mt' 9a%hin)ton >nited Methodi%t Chur&h ?5"" Cotton+ood A.enue, Baltimore, M3 212"@ ;u%t o,, Fall% Road A Free par*in) http6AABaltimoreCameraClub'or)Aabout'html Field Lo&ation <Sunday=6 Cylburn Arboretum #@1? /reen%prin) A.enue, Baltimore, M3 212"@ O,, /reen%prin) A.e' near 4orthern 8*+y A Free par*in) http6AACylburn'or)A.i%it u%Ahour% dire&tion%

Bue%tion%C 8lea%e &onta&t Daren 3illon #1" #E1 1?F5 or *adi&li&*%G)mail'&om

RESER2E HO>R 8LACE0 <Cla%% %iIe i% limited to 2" %tudent%=

J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J <deta&h here and mail +ith &he&*= J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J


;O14 Baltimore Camera Club and apply the Member Rate0

<Member%hip .alid throu)h Au)u%t 2"1?=

Already a member0 K?" member%hip

Camera S&hool Fee% 7 8lea%e &he&* the appli&able bo(e%

4on member Member

K12" K@" K?" K1"" K5" K#?

All ! Se%%ion% 7 Saturday Camera S&hool and Sunday Field Shoot

$+o Se%%ion% <&hoo%e any 2=

Sat' AM Creati.e 3e&i%ion% Sat' 8M 1ma)e Editin) Sun' AM Field Shoot

Sin)le Se%%ion <&hoo%e only 1= Sat' AM Creati.e 3e&i%ion% Sat' 8M 1ma)e Editin) Sun' AM Field Shoot

Mail your re)i%tration and &he&* payable to6 Baltimore Camera Club, &Ao Mr' ;' M' Boardman, E21F 4orth+ood 3ri.e, Baltimore, M3 21212