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3 sobres de gelatina sin sabor 100 ml de leche descremada 3 cucharadas soperas de miel 3 cucharadas soperas de semillas de Cha 200 g de queso ricota 100 ml de vino blanco 2 higos frescos Menta fresca como decoracin Preparacin

Llevar a ebullicin la leche con la miel de!ar enfriar un poco" #isolver la gelatina en esta me$cla" #e!ar enfriar un poco m%s a&adir el queso la Cha" 'ntroducir la preparacin en moldes individuales de!ar en el refrigerador durante la noche" Calentar el vino blanco" Cortar los higos en roda!as de!ar que se cue$an un poco el vino" #esmoldar el mousse sobre platos servir !unto con los higos las ho!as de menta"

(iltered )ater* +Locall ,ro-n Potatoes* +Locall ,ro-n Carrots* +Locall ,ro-n .nions* +Chia /eeds* Cashe-s* ,arlic* +Locall /ourced Lemon 0uice* +Locall ,ro-n 1ed Peppers* #i!on 2-hite vinegar* mustard seed* sea salt* nutmeg3* +1aCold Pressed /afflo-er .il* +4gave* +/pices* /ea /alt* 5aturall /ourced Citric 4cid Mission Our mission is to produce plant based e!an "oods t#at are #ealt#ier "or $ou and better "or t#is planet% Al&a$s 'e!an% Al&a$s Sustainable% 6ision 7o become an emplo ee o-ned compan * our families -ill lead in stimulating local economies around the globe8 to bridge the bond bet-een farmers and food* ultimatel strengthening communities* b pioneering the ne- path for food production and distribution -ith our planet in mind" Careers Loo9ing for an e:citing ne- !ob opportunit -ith a Portland;based* vegan compan < Chec9 our listings belo-" Store Demo()rand Ambassador )e are loo9ing for a qualified vegan to independentl represent our brand of vegan food products at retail stores in and around the Portland 4rea" =ou -ill be responsible for pic9ing up product at our production facilit * set up>brea9 do-n of each demo* stoc9ing our mar9eting and sales materials* memori$ing our sales pitch and information about our compan * trac9ing and logging pertinent information* trac9ing mileage* trac9ing hours* and trac9ing sales from each demo" 2 da s per -ee9 ? 1@ hours per -ee9 ? A demos a -ee9 ? A hours each demo B hour to set up first location

3 hour demo B hour to brea9do-n B hour brea9 C unpaid B hour to go to ne:t location 3 hour demo B hour to brea9do-n =ou -ill get reimbursed for mileage from production facilit to first location" 4lso from first location to second location and second location bac9 to production facilit " =ou MD/7 have our o-n vehicle> valid #riverEs License Must be available to -or9 one -ee9end da and one -ee9da per -ee9 Please send our resume along -ith -h ou thin9 ouEd be a good candidate for this position to thebossFheidihoveganics"com" 1esumes -ill be revie-ed and intervie-s -ill be set up if -e thin9 ou qualif " Suppliers )ea erton *oods (or almost eight ears and three generations* Geaverton (oods has been committed to giving the food industr both unparalleled products and outstanding service" Geaverton (oods is a recogni$ed pioneer in the development of necondiment flavors" 7oda * the are the largest producer of non;refrigerated horseradish and specialt mustards in the Dnited /tates" 4t Geaverton (oods* qualit is more than the famil philosoph " 'tEs a famil passion" 7o ensure their standard of qualit * -e personall perform each and ever step in the creation of our gourmet condiments" Meridian Or!anic Ha+elnuts Located in 4urora* .regon* our local organic ha$elnut producers are a s-eet famil -ith an abundance of acres of beautiful ha$elnut trees" )e have visited the farm personall and communicate -ith the famil directl " )e often hear H#ad is out in the orchardE -hen -e call to place our orderI ,reat people* great ha$elnutsI Surata So$"oods /urata /o foods has been a Jugene* .regon institution since March of 1KLL" 7hroughout its histor * /urata has maintained a steadfast commitment to using onl organic* non;,M. so beans and other ingredients in all its products" 4ll their beans are purchased from certified organic gro-ers inside the D"/" Gat#erin! To!et#er *arm ,athering 7ogether (arm is an enterprise in certified organic vegetable and fruit production that began in 1KML" 7heir home base is !ust south of Philomath* .regon on ,range Nall 1oad" 7heir fields are small odd shaped parcels of land* 1 to O acres in si$e* hugging the Mar Es 1iver" 4ll totaled* the farm over O0 acres" ,athering 7ogether is o-ned b 0ohn Jveland and /all Gre-er" Mountain Rose Herbs /ince 1KML Mountain 1ose Nerbs has been 9no-n for its uncompromising commitment to organic agriculture and steadfast focus on the pure aesthetics and freshness of botanical products" 7hroughout all of these magnificent and developmental ears the have al-a s put an emphasis on conducting business in an ethical* responsible* clear* and ecological -a 8 hoping to pave a medium for other blossoming green companies" #uring this time the have al-a s found it in their nature to purport the advantages of organic agriculture* fund non;profit organi$ations* contribute time to numerous social and environmental groups* sta involved in communit action campaigns* and develop cultivation programs for endangered botanicals" =et* in the midst of these e:citing and sometimes tumultuous times* the have al-a s guaranteed their customers the absolute best in qualit organic herbal products at ver competitive prices" )ob,s Red Mill GobEs 1ed Mill 5atural (oods produces more than A00 products* including a full line of certified gluten free products and an e:tensive line of certified organic products" )ith a -ide variet of -hole grain products* from flours and hot cereals to ba9ing mi:es and grains* GobEs 1ed Mill has P-hole grain foods for ever meal of the da "Q GobEs 1ed Mill is the nationEs

leader in stone milling and offers the -idest diversit of -hole grains found an -here" 7he are dedicated to producing natural foods in the natural -a " Columbia Gor!e Or!anic Columbia ,orge .rganic is an honest;to;goodness famil farm" /ince 1KMK* the /te-art famil has farmed 1M0 acres in the beautiful Nood 1iver area of .regon" 'n fact* the -ere the ver first organic farmers in the area" #adEs no longer -ith them* but brothers 0imm and 1onn and mom* Cher l* have 9ept his spirit alive -ith hard -or9 and dedication to organic farming* sharing the fruits of their labors and a positive message -ith as man people as possibleI 'n addition to gro-ing more than @0 varieties of fruit* including stone fruit* pears* and apples* the ma9e pure squee$ed and pressed !uices right here on the farm" Dnli9e the big gu s* the do ever thing ourselvesR the squee$e* press* or puree our o-n fruits and veggies* compost green-aste* and bu directl from small organic farms -hat the canEt gro- on our land" Columbia ,orge .rganic (arm has been the recipient of a number of a-ards* including t-o times P(armer of the =earQ from .regon 7ilth and PNandler of the =earQ and P(armer of the =ear*Q from the .regon .rganic Council" Eart#l$ Gourmet Jarthl ,ourmet is an independentl ;o-ned* -holesale distributor of vegan and gluten;free gourmet foods in .regon and )ashington /tate* catering to restaurants* ba9eries* independent cafes* food carts* and natural food stores" 7he strive to bring independent businesses naturall flavorful foods* consisting of onl the highest qualit ingredients* from independent* artisan food ma9ers" DreamHost #reamNost has been happil hosting their clientsE dreams 2and -ebsites3 since 4pril 1KKL C close to a centur ago in 'nternet earsI #reamNost is o-ned b its emplo ees and is dedicated to being carbon neutral" #reamNost is a great alternative -ebsite to other huge corporate hosting sites and it is located right here in Gridgeto-n P#S" One Inc# Round .ne 'nch 1ound -as bapti$ed in a bathtub of button parts" /ince 2000* .ne 'nch 1ound has been Psending buttons Eround the planetQ providing top qualit custom button manufacturing services to the masses" (rom the e:pert designer to the pi:el impaired* their intuitive -ebsite lets an customer en!o a convenient online ordering e:perience" 7he bac9 that -ith good old fashioned professional customer service" 4ll of their buttons are manufactured in;house in Portland* .regon from D/4 made materials" .ne 'nch 1ound is proud do its part in 9eeping Portland the most sustainable cit in the nation bet-een our comprehensive rec cling program* car free -or9place* and purchasing practices" 7he even got a 1ec cle-or9s a-ard from the Cit of Portland for their effortsI Copacetic Desi!ns .ur ama$ing graphic designer* 4nnileeEs design studio* -hich is committed to clear communication and aestheticall appealing -or9" Green C#air Studio 4 dear friend and phenomenal photographer* Neaven Mac4rthur* is trul an incredible artist and has a unique e e through the lens of a camera" )e are proud and luc9 to be able to -or9 -ith herI -aula Austin Desi!ns Paula not onl is one of our closest friends in Portland but is also completel responsible for creating this fabulous -ebsiteI /he is the o-ner and operator of Paula 4ustin #esigns and has -or9ed -ith man small to medium si$ed business and entrepreneurs* helping them leverage the full benefits of their -eb presence through beautiful* clean and functional -eb design* and intelligent internet mar9eting strategies"