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FORE School Of Management TAJ Group of Hotel Service Marketing Submitted To: Prof.

Sujit Kumar By: Group 4 Abhilasha Rampal (201004) Akhouri Bhanu (201009) Arjun Chhikara (201 023) Astha Jain (201026) Falak Puri (201039)

FORE School Of Management 2 TAJ Group of Hotel Table Of Contents

Executive Summary3 A. The Company And Its Bu ......................... 4 B. The Service Product Under Focus ................. ................................................................................ .......... 10 C. Customer & Buying Behaviour, Expectations (For Whom?) ......... .......................................................... 14 D. The Product & T ie In With Service Culture (What?) ............................................. .................................. 17 E. The Company And Its Business Environmen t .............................................................................. ........... 18 F. Promotion..................................................... ................................................................................ .......... 19 G. People ........................................................ ................................................................................ ............. 21 H. Physical Evidence:.......................................... ................................................................................ ......... 24 I. Service Processes .............................................. ................................................................................ ....... 26 J. Expectations Of 7p's ............................................... ................................................................................ . 32 K. Use Of Technology ...................................................... ............................................................................ 38 L. Marketing Initiative...40

FORE School Of Management 3 TAJ Group of Hotel EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hospitality industry is one of the service industries where customers receive ba lanced amount services as well as product. Taj Hotel Group is well known for pro viding luxurious hospitality services to high end customers. Its Target customer s include Tourists, corporates, diplomats and high net worth visitors. Taj Hotel s are known for their rich heritage culture, values in their services derived fr om TATA's dynasty. Taj Hotels Resort and Palaces records to own and operate 76 hot els, 7 palaces worldwide. The Project study was conducted on one of the Taj Chai n of Hotels, i.e. Taj Palace Hotel, Diplomatic Enclave New Delhi. The wider obje ctive of the project was to study the business environment, service-product offe rings, service culture, customer perceptions, customer satisfaction, and relatio nship management and to explore 7Ps of service marketing with respect to Taj Pal ace Hotel, New Delhi. As Taj Palace provides a range of services, the focus area of research was Taj Banquet Hall. Insights and further recommendations regardin g a new service initiative and related marketing plan were drawn. Research was d one with help of both primary as well as secondary research. Primary research ma inly conducted though interviewing employees and managers at Taj Palace and by g etting questionnaire filled by employees and customers. Secondary research was c onducted with the help of its website, reference books and various online source s like industrial research reports, encyclopaedia and other knowledge centres. S ervices offerings were analysis in context of different dimensions of service ma rketing concept and insights were drawn based on its value chain at different le vels. Different factors, processes, culture and functions were studied and analy sed which adds to its elite class services and provides competitive edge over ot hers. A new initiative (artificial cultural village on terrace) was suggested an d a comprehensive marketing plan was outlined.

FORE School Of Management 4 TAJ Group of Hotel A. THE COMPANY AND ITS BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) and its subsidiaries are collectively k nown as Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces and is recognized as one of Asias larges t and finest hotel company. Incorporated by the founder of the Tata Group, Mr. J amsetji N. Tata, the company opened its first property, The Taj Mahal Palace Hot el, Bombay in 1903. The Taj, a symbol of Indian hospitality, completed its cente nary year in 2003.Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces comprises 93 hotels in 55 locat ions across India with an additional 16 international hotels in the Maldives, Ma laysia, Australia, UK, USA, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa and the Middle East. IHCL operate in the luxury, premium, mid-market and value segments of the market thro ugh the following: Taj (luxury full-service hotels, resorts and palaces) is the flagship brand for the worlds most discerning travelers seeking authentic exper iences given that luxury is a way of life to which they are accustomed. Spanning world-renowned landmarks, modern business hotels, idyllic beach resorts, authen tic Rajput palaces and rustic safari lodges, each Taj hotel reinterprets the tra dition of hospitality in a refreshingly modern way to create unique experiences and lifelong memories. Taj also encompasses a unique set of iconic properties ro oted in history and tradition that deliver truly unforgettable experiences. Taj Exotica is resort and spa brand found in the most exotic and relaxing locales of the world. The hotels are clearly differentiated by their product philosophy an d service design. They are centred around high end accommodation, intimacy and a n environment that allows its guest unrivalled comfort and privacy. Taj Safaris are wildlife lodges that allow travelers to experience the unparalleled beauty o f the Indian jungle amidst luxurious surroundings.Taj Safaris provide guests wit h the ultimate, interpretive, wild life experience based on a proven sustainable ecotourism model. Vivanta by Taj Hotels & Resorts span options for the work-har d-play-hard traveller across metropolitan cities, other commercially important c entres as well as some of the best-loved vacation spots. The Gateway Hotel (upsc ale/mid-market full service hotels and resorts) is a pan-India network of hotels and resorts that offers business and leisure travelers a hotel designed, keepin g the modern nomad in mind. Taj hotels are divided into 7 simple zones- Stay, Ha ngout, Meet, Work, Workout, Unwind and Explore. Driven by the passion for perfec tion, Taj welcome customers to a refreshingly enjoyable and hassle-free experien ce, anytime, everywhere. Offering the highest consistency in quality, service an d style Taj set new standards and take the unwanted surprises out of traveling. Ginger (economy hotels) is IHCLs revolutionary concept in hospitality for the v alue segment. Intelligently designed facilities, consistency and affordability a re hallmarks of this brand targeted at travelers who value simplicity and self-s ervice.

FORE School Of Management 5 TAJ Group of Hotel

Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces is committed to replicate its domestic success on to international shores with plans to build an international network of luxury h otels. The current international portfolio includes luxury resorts in the Indian Ocean, business and resort destinations in the Middle East and Africa, serviced apartments in the UK, the first hotel in Australia and three a top-end luxury h otels in the US. Throughout the Companys expansion, its mandate has been twofol d: to infuse a sense of Indian heritage and culture within each diverse property , while also anticipating the needs and desires of the sophisticated traveler. T aj Hotel's mission is to provide the best lodging experience, with emphasis on hig h quality, cleanliness, service while giving value to our guests and associates. Goal is also to stay abreast of new on line technologies and business trends th at matter most to guests and to management teams. Taj has its presence in new ma rkets and wants to maintain a full commitment to their existing loyal customers by improving product and services regularly. So, mission is to develop leaders, promote teamwork and deliver a strong bottom line. By having belief in continuin g education, objective is to identify top performers and provide them with the o pportunity to advance. Vision of Taj Group is the commitment that encompasses al l actions related to our products, services, associates, partners, vendors and c ommunities. It also commits itself to the overall improvement of the ecological environment. This study of service marketing on Taj Hotels will have its main em phasis on Taj Palace hotel, New Delhi. It is a perfect embodiment of all qualiti es synonymous with the quality of Taj Hotels, Resorts & Palaces. Standing apart in service, its facilities and of course, in its distinguished patronage, this h otel has played host to Heads of State, corporate moguls and high profile busine ssmen from across the world. Nestled in six acres of lush greens in the exclusiv e Diplomatic Enclave of the city, Taj Palace Hotel is the only one in the top-of -the-line category near Gurgaon, and a mere 10 minutes drive from the airport. I Broadband wireless Internet connect t includes various services mentioned below: ivity in all rooms and public areas Courier facility Laptop computers on hire Mu ltimedia computers Number of meeting rooms and their capacities Portable printer s on hire Secretarial services Translation/interpretation services Wireless Inte rnet access Workstations Wireless Internet etc 9- hole putting gr Beauty parlour/Hair salon Car hire service Currency exchange Doctor-on-call Exp ress laundry/dry cleaning Fitness centre Florist Shopping arcade Swimming pool T ravel assistance

FORE School Of Management 6 TAJ Group of Hotel During the study, all concepts of service marketing are applied on Taj Palace's Ba nquet services. The Taj Palace boasts of 10 halls and 2 open spaces that serve a s the venues for its banquets and conferences. The convention centre offers the various venues for banquet services:Durbar Hall, Shahjahan Hall, Mumtaz Mahal Ha ll, Roshnara Hall, Jahanara Hall, Jehangir Hall, Sheesh Mahal Hall, Alamgir, Waz ir , Raja Bagh, Rani Bagh, Brocade, Paisley The hotel has 40,000 square feet of convention area with a spectrum of 8 separate, tastefully appointed halls, inclu ding a special preview hall for private screenings, set apart from the main lobb y of the hotel and two well-maintained lawns that can accommodate up to 500 gues ts. Located on the main road with an exclusive approach to the convention area a nd ample parking space, the Taj Palace is ready for any conference, meeting or s pecial event, right from an intimate party for 20, a seminar for 700 to even a g rand reception for 1000 guests. Some of the banquet halls are: 1. Durbar: Resple ndent with a striking maroon and green floral carpet and tapestry, complemented by beige wood panels with an antique finish, the Durbar Hall can accommodate upt o 1400 guests . 2. Shahjahan: Elegantly furnished, a distinct interplay of colou r and design, the Shah Jehan is versatile, and caters to different requirements and capacities. The ambience is complemented by special menus, impeccable servic e, and an eye for detail. 3. Mumtaz Mahal: Located adjacent to the Shah Jehan ha ll, it is a smaller but equally well-appointed Mumtaz Mahal. Inspired by the gra ce and beauty of the legendary queen, the decor of the Mumtaz Mahal reflects a s ense of traditional mystique right down to the mirrors nestling between antique wood-finish panels. 4. Roshanara: The elegantly appointed interiors of the Rosha nara, where a blend of hues and shapes complemented by gold tapestry, provide a perfect setting for not too large business meetings and private celebrations 5. Jahanara: Jahanara, is an exquisite medium-sized conference and banquet room, co mfort and style find vivid expression. A mustard and olive green floral carpet, wood panels and light olive green tapestry, make this hall truly luxurious. 6. S heesh Mahal: A private mini theatre conveniently situated near the conference ro oms. With a seating capacity of 48 , the Sheesh Mahal not only provides the very latest in audio-visual equipment, including projectors, multi-system television s and video recorders, video scopes, diverse microphone and amplifier arrangemen ts. 7. Raja Bagh And Rani Bagh: On a hectare of landscaped gardens, the Raja Bag h and the Rani Bagh are spread over 3 lawns each, providing an authentic, natura l setting to a variety of outdoor events. 8. Vazir Lounge and Alamgir Lounge: Sm all Pre function areas for those more intimate and private gatherings or for exc lusive high-powered business meetings, the Vazir lounge and the Alamgir lounge a re the perfect destinations 9. Jehangir: Situated on the mezzanine floor, with s pecial escalator services, it assures the best display for your products.

FORE School Of Management 7 TAJ Group of Hotel Brief Industry Analysis; company's Size/Recent Growth Trends/Market Share Companie s in the Hotel Industry may be divided into two categories, those that operate s trictly in the hospitality market and those running resorts and/or gaming busine sses. In an effort to appeal to consumers across most demographics, many hotel e nterprises own upscale, mid-level, and economy properties. Such assets can also be classified as luxury, fullservice, limited-service, international, and timesh are. Besides producing revenue and earnings from room bookings, companies on the hospitality side of the industry may generate proceeds from management contract s, franchise agreements, and vacation ownership programs. Management contract an d franchise agreement fees are typically based on an operations gross revenue o r profitability. As well, fees may come from other services, including centraliz ed reservations, sales, and marketing and advertising. The fortunes of the Hotel Industry are closely tied to the health of the global economy. Equities in the group have low scores for Stock Price Stability. Only venturesome, risktolerant investors should take a look here. There are certain volume measures that are ke y to discerning the strength of the industry. Owned, managed and/or franchise ho tels use occupancy, average daily rates, and revenue per available room (RevPAR) to monitor their operating performance. Managements need to optimize room rates and charges for amenities according to booking levels. The Hotel Industry is hi ghly dependent on the business cycle and consumer discretionary spending; operat ing earnings can swing widely between good times and bad. In economic downturns, especially severe ones, volume measures (e.g., occupancy and RevPAR) quickly de teriorate. During difficult times, hotel managements, initially, are willing to sacrifice occupancy to maintain room rates. Hotels in India are broadly classified into 7 categories (five star deluxe, five -star, four star, three star, two star, and one star) by the inisyery of Tourism, GOI, based on the gene ral features and facilities offered. Competition In Indian Hotel industry, there are major players that are in competition with Indian Hotel industry. Various p layers are EIH limited (Oberoi group), ITC Hotels Ltd. (ITC Welcome Group), Indi an Tourism Developmental Corporation etc. PRODUCT TAJ Deluxe rooms, luxury suite , Taj club rooms, Palace wing room 11,000 95,000 High Society or ORCHID REGAL De luxe, executive, club Star, icon, legend prive, orchid suite, presidential suite PRICE PLACE 5000 27000 Near airports. 6,500 18000 Near to Tourist

FORE School Of Management 8 TAJ Group of Hotel seaside. PROMOTION PROCESS PERFORMANCE PACKAGES PEOPLE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE POSITIO NING PURPOSE sites as well as airports Calendars, print, Ads, cinema, TV, print Brochures, ex hibitions, TV media. exhibitions, media Online or on the Online or on the desk O nline or on the desk desk 6 starts 5 stars 4.5 stars All services Business, spa Nila blue waters, Sparta fitness Chef, managers, Chef, managers, Chef, managers, receptionist receptionist receptionist Built in 1903 Built in 1997 Opened in 20 08 High Class Corporate travellers Tourists and normal public Encourage tourism High class Eco friendly enjoyment SWOT A scan of the internal and external environment is an important part of the strategic planning process. Following is the SWOT analysis: Strengths: A firm's s trengths are its resources and capabilities that can be used as a basis for deve loping a competitive advantage. Strengths are: Taj is the property of TATA havin g good brand image in the mind of customer. High quality service: In Taj hotels, they are providing different types of room service, swimming pool service; they are providing laundry service, Wi-Fi internet service etc. Motivated employee: Taj hotels have skilled & soft spoken employee. After sales service: Taj hotels note down the regular customers name & birth date or marriage date and wish the customer & provide discount to the customer. Understanding different customer ne eds High brand salience or image Strategic location First mover advantage Weakne sses: Following are the weaknesses: They have not their own catering department so it the weakness for the hotel. Hotels are far from cities in some locations. Complex ownership structure Brand dilution Confused customer perception Non user s positioning was not clear

FORE School Of Management 9 TAJ Group of Hotel

Loosing emotional appeal. Opportunities: The external environmental analysis may reveal certain new opport unities for profit and growth. Some opportunities include: Untapped potential Mo re than 50% middle class Growing Consumer income Luxury markets to expand intern ationally Increase in tourist Threats: Changes in the external environmental als o may present threats to the firm. Some threats include: Recession Strong compet ition in the hotel industry as there are so many hotel chains in the industry. T hreat of terrorism: Mumbai Taj hotel attack of 11/26 affected hotel industry as a whole and specifically, the Taj hotels. More than 37 brands in Industry Entry of foreign competitors New brands are getting launched at same time Terror attac k Its Customer Centricity/Service Culture per any recent survey, both absolute a nd relative to competition At Taj, employees believe in giving special attention to guest and fulfill their requirement and treat them like as it is their second home. Taj when compared to its competitors is viewed people as a hotel that is ready to go extra mile to make them happy. This perception is mainly because of the TATA brand associated with it. Moreover every time when Taj (as general) hotels went under crisis like Mumbai attack, t hey deal with the situation and people affected with great dignity and grace. Ta j believes that every employee is an ambassador of the culture and spirit of the Taj. The Taj `magic' is all about passion in what one is doing, the pursuit of exce llence, feeling included, warmth and the highest levels of service standards wit h a relentless and untiring obsession about delighting the guest. But the best p art of Taj is that it take cares of not only external but internal customers too by encouraging its employees to be outspoken, to grow in self-confidence and th is self-development journey which accompanies a career in the Taj become a self fulfilling prophecy for success and excellence. Taj has an internal mobility pro cess which allows employees to move freely between functions, hotels and discipl ines, and develop their skills as well rounded professionals in an employee self discovery environment. Opportunities for career choices are multiple and there are possibilities of moving across to other Tata companies for talented professi onals. Tajs growth plan which includes expanding its footprint in the global ar ena as well as growing in domestic dominance provides opportunities for a large number of roles and careers unfolding.

FORE School Of Management 10 TAJ Group of Hotel B. THE SERVICE PRODUCT UNDER FOCUS 7P's of service marketing are: Product Element This gracious turn-of-the century h otel is located near Delhi airport. The hotels premium suites have been used by royalty and Heads of State. Taj believes that their core product is space. This space is supplemented with the services they provide like the restaurants, heal th club, banquets, discotheque, bar, business centers etc. Their other supplemen tary products also include travel arrangements, ticketing, airport pick-ups, sig htseeing etc. A few of the Facilities and Services offered are types of Accommod ation, centrally airconditioned rooms including 49 suites. With easy access to t he Business Centre, these contemporary rooms offer guest amenities like Internet connectivity, 2line speaker phones with international direct dial facility and voice mail. Mini bar, personal safe, channel music and television with satellite programmes. A complimentary in-room fax can be provided on request. Heritage Wi ng Rooms: These rooms are renowned for their architecture and exude an aura of o ld-world elegance. Each corridor in this Wing resembles an art gallery, and the design, dcor and furnishing ensure that no two rooms are alike. Guests have a cho ice of rooms that overlook the city or pool or face the Gateway of India and the Arabian Sea. Taj Club: Taj Club is designed for the discerning business travele r. Guest amenities and services include complimentary airport limousine transfer s, private check-in at the Club desk, in-room fax, personal safe, a complimentar y bottle of wine, valet service and complimentary deluxe Continental breakfast. Taj Club guests can also enjoy complimentary tea/coffee throughout the day and c ocktails during the Cocktail Hour at the Club Lounge. Suites: Choose from elegan tly appointed Junior Suites, Executive Suites, tastefully decorated Large Suites , newly renovated Luxury Suites or spacious, plush Grand LuxeSuites. The finest suites at The Taj Mahal are the luxuriously appointed PresidentialSuites. Each o f these suites is decorated with original paintings and antiques tha ttransport guests into a world of regal luxury and grandeur. Grand Luxe and Presidential Su ite guests can also avail of a personal Valet Service. Apart from that, other se rvices are Swimming pool, fitness centre and spa, beauty parlour, barber shop, t ravel desk, car rental, pastry shop, book shop, shopping arcade, currency exchan ge, doctor-on-call and babysitting. Complimentary use of steam, Jacuzzi and gymn asium at the fitness centre for all guests. Arrangements for golf, badminton, sq uash, billiards, tennis and table tennis on request. 24-hour room service and la undry service Place and Time

FORE School Of Management 11 TAJ Group of Hotel As far as place is concerned, all the Taj services and facilities are provided a t one point. To ensure timely delivery of their services, they have set processe s in place and in case of failure or delay of service, they have built in contin gencies and trained their staff to communicate the delay to the customer in the right manner. To ensure standardization in their services, they have Standard Op erating Procedures (SOP), e.g the food that is served in the restaurant will be of the same quality and taste at any given day and time Process In order to ensu re that the core product and the supplementary product is developed and delivere d in the right manner and at the right time, the hotel has formed certain set pr ocesses. When the room is being prepared for customer check-in, the house-keepin g department makes sure that all the room amenities are provided as per the chec k list. For e.g. certain room amenities like 3 embroidered laundry bags, 2 close d slippers with logo, 2 shoe bags, etc. are provided by the Taj Mahal Hotel. In fact the processes are so specifically laid down that hotel staff is even advise d on what to say and what words to use while talking to a customer. The followin g example will illustrate this better. When a customer asks for something to be done instead of saying no problem, the staff is taught to say `most certainly'. The T aj as a hotel does not compare itself to only Indian hotels, but even with the h otels internationally as it claims to have World Class Quality. In order to ensure that its inputs are transformed into desired outputs, they provide extensive tr aining to their employees irrespective of the field they come from. The Taj Maha l hotel has various quality tools to enhance quality. At The Taj, it is the resp onsibility of the purchase department to make sure that the raw materials are pu rchased at the Right Time, Right Place, Right Cost and from the Right Source, in order to avoid any hindrances in their productivity and quality. Taj has develo ped enormous credibility in terms of trustworthiness being the oldest brand of h otels, with the reputation of being World class and honest service provider. Peo ple People here mean the customers, employees, management and the society. It is the final customer who is to be satisfied and this can be done only with the he lp of the employees, who are directed and guided by the management. In the end t he final motive of Taj is to provide consistently and relentlessly an Indian exp erience of warmth and hospitality by anticipating and exceeding guest expectatio ns. They also provide various customer services such as `The Taj Inner Circle Grou p', `Taj Advantage' and `TajEpicure'. The employers here each have their own lockers in wh ich they keep their uniforms and other belongings, they also have bunkers with s mall beds so that the employees working in shifts can catch some sleep if need b e. The Taj Group of Hotels is probably one of the first Indian hotel chains to h ave recognized and respected the significance of HR in the hospitality industry. It is precisely for this reason that the significance of HR requires to be appr eciated.

FORE School Of Management 12 TAJ Group of Hotel It is not merely monetary rewards that employees seek today; the intriguing aspe ct is the learning experience that the job promises. It is precisely with this ve ry thought in mind that the Taj Group of Hotels, a Tata enterprise and one of th e oldest hotel chains in the country, decided on a training programme for the op erations trainees, explains Srinivasan. Interactive sessions between the Taj mana gement and the director of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), a Tata educational and research institution, led to an interesting and comprehensive ta ilor-made course curriculum being chalked out. Thus was born the `Taj TISS HR Asso ciate Programme', a one-year course comprising four modules that are designed to g ive equal importance to and impart balanced knowledge of both the theoretical an d the practical aspects of all HR-related functions of the hotel industry. After finalizing the course details, the Taj made announcements about the course, off ering interested trainees with two to three years of work experience an opportun ity to apply. The response was encouraging and five trainees were shortlisted fo r the first batch of the training programme. Each of the four modules have four sections. The first stage consists of theoretical lessons, providing a sound bac kground to the practical application of the knowledge required of them in the se cond stage. In the third stage, the students return to the Institute and their p erformance is evaluated by professors of TISS. In the fourth and final stage, gr ades are awarded. While practical training sessions for the first three modules have been organized at the Taj hotels across the country, the fourth modules pra ctical sessions had students of the first batch working in Tata companies such a s TISCO and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). This gave them a wider scope and mor e exposure, besides making them realize that HR skills in a service-specific ind ustry like the hotels are much more challenging than their application in the ma nufacturing or any other industry, observed Srinivasan. He said he himself had st arted off in the manufacturing industry and only later did he move over to the s ervice industry. I have been in the industry for over a decade now and am well-se t here, he added. Any organization, includinghotels, incur heavy expenditure on t heir employees, especially between the time o f recruitment and the employees' acq uisition of the skills imparted during their training. It can be inferred, there fore, that a high employee turnover rate lowers the efficiency of the staff as a whole owing to their constant on-the-job training and skill enhancement. An orga nization must be able to create for itself a unique place and image in the minds of the employees, both present and prospective. This enables the employees to a spire to be a part of the organization, giving it their very best, says Srinivasa n. Though the training programme has and will continue to cost us money, we belie ve that it is truly worthy investment, he added.The Taj group, says Srinivasan, is a n expanding organization and we are a people-oriented company. What we need are people who can match our organizational standards. We are also looking to create and ensure a constant supply of good quality HR professionals, which is why we decided to impart training of an extremely specialized nature to our management trainees. I have observed them at the end of the programme and must say that the y appear all charged up and raring to go, he remarked. To be a successful HR prof essional, what is required most is the aspirants' ability to challenge themselves as well as their colleagues. Only then can they get the very best from themselve s and their team. Challenges in the HR field are immense and since it is

FORE School Of Management 13 TAJ Group of Hotel so people-centric, it is only obvious that professionals should have strong peop lemanagement skills, explains Srinivasan. Besides this, a right attitude towards the job and life in general is extremely essential. Promotion and Education They carry out their promotions by the means of calendars, monthly letter to their `In ner Circle Customers', informing them about their upcoming events and of fers. Taj has television advertisements on popular channels like CNBC, and print ads in m agazines and newspapers. Taj takes part in exhibitions like wherein they promote their holiday packages. They also have special offers during the off-season etc. Also The Taj is the only hotel chain to personify itself and in promotion campai gns and advertisements the Taj is often referred to as She Physical Evidence The T aj Mahal Hotel was built in 1903. The architect was Sitaram Vaidya. It had a ver y ethnic look to it, which kept up their image of providing an Indian experience of warmth and hospitality. They realized that modernization is the name of the game and had The Taj redesigned by Mr. Chambers, Mr. Wilkes and Mr. Bernard from Singapore. Some of the recent renovations that have been carried out at the Taj are The exterior has been given a new and modern look while still retaining the old world charm of the building. The entrance has splendidly carved bronze and glass doors Soaring onyx columns stretchto a luminous alabaster ceiling; while u nderfoot, rich hand-woven carpets set off a magnificent floor painstakingly inla id with semi-precious stones. The eclectic mix of western contemporary style and traditional Indian motifs creates a veritable feast for the sense. Price and Ot her User Costs Taj realizes that their prices are high and not affordable by all , but this is due to various overheads that it incurs and the superior quality t hat it offers. For e.g. a roadside sandwich seller sells his sandwich for Rs.10 as he has no overheads and has no quality standards to maintain, like the qualit y of the bread and the vegetables. But at The Taj, they serve the best quality a nd also incur overhead expenses. Also the target audience that the Taj caters to are the one's who come to the Taj for it's ambience and world class standards, ther efore they say that their prices are justified as they help The Taj retain the e xclusivity that it stands for.

FORE School Of Management 14 TAJ Group of Hotel C. Customer & Buying Behaviour, Expectations (For whom?) Target & Segmentation The major segmentation that the Taj group of hotels follow is as follows: The Taj Hotels Delhi comes under the category of Taj Luxury Hotels. The clientel e for the Banquet services at Taj , Delhi has been segmented by the hotel on the basis of Purpose. Segmentation based on the Purpose Meetings & Conferences Specia l Occasions-Celebrations & Gatherings Weddings Target Business class Upper class Tourists NRI's Decision Making Process-Internal & External Influences-Need, Motivation & choice behaviour The Taj hotels epitomize the best in class services. It is associated as a status symbol in the society to host events at the Taj. Also Taj boasts of flawless catering services along with impeccable staff to provide not just satisf action but services that exceed customer expectations to leave them nothing less than overwhelmed. Thus the above form great motivation for the Delhites to choo se Taj for special occasions like birthday parties, anniversaries, marriage func tions etc. For the NRI's Taj promises to provide the Indian touch whether the cust omer wants it to be typically Indian or with a twist bringing fusion of Indian & the western culture. Taj also provides the themes & special celebration rooms f or various purpose, thus offering high level of customization. The Taj brings ou t all these motivation factors & communicates it to its potential customers : Th rough print media

FORE School Of Management 15 TAJ Group of Hotel Electronic media Magazines Onlin e advertising Need- Convenience & enjoyment in your celebrations Motivation- The great brand name Taj has built thus making it an aspiration for the Upper class Choice behaviour- It has been observed that the Word of mouth & the Taj's brand e quity is the major influencer for people to choose Taj. Motivators adding to thi s are: External Marketing-Advertisements in o Business news paper(E.T, Financial Express, Bombay Times) o T.V channels like STAR NEWS,CNN and CNBC. o Magazines like THE OUT LOOK TRAVELAR,GO NOW and TRAVEL. Interactive marketing (the experie nce the customer gains while interacting with the staff & thus building relation ship for repeat business ) Promotion Strategy-Promotional schemes are carried on regularly the hotel has many loyalty programe,clubes,membership,previlage etc s ome of them are The Taj Inner Circle, The Taj Junior League, The Taj Club. Taj a lso offer Taj surprises including weekend savers,value vouchers,book early get m ore etc. The Customer & Perceptions, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Advocacy (For whom?) Experience-Basic to Unbelievable- Predicted to Desired Taj promises to provide its customers with the WOW experience. Thus it is perceived by the customers as Un believable and as mentioned before the staf & services strive to surpass the pre dicted & desired experience of the clients. The factors key to this amazing Taj experience are : Menus Taj Hotels engages in the most creative, personalised eve nt catering to be found anywhere. Taj Hotels are known for customised perfection . The talent of Chefs and catering team cannot be overstated. A Taj event menu i s unmistakable. It's meticulous, creative and delicious. And the results are prese nted to the guests by the event staff with discreet, expert flair. Enchanting Th emes For an elaborate and captivating evening, consider working with Taj Hotels to create a themed event that will delight and inspire every crowd. Dazzle guest s with a colorful swirl of folk dancers and musicians. Greet attendees with a tr aditional aarti and a shower of rose petals. Listen to everyone gasp in wonder a s the evening reaches its finale with a spectacular display of fireworks. Guests can even participate with elaborate costumes to enhance the fun. Any event conc ept can be made into a reality. When Taj Hotels is your event partner, you have access to a deep network of connections and resources that can make your event h appen on a grand scale beyond anything you could have imagined. Vast Resources

FORE School Of Management 16 TAJ Group of Hotel Zone of Tolerance The zone of to lerance is very narrow in the hotel industry especially for a hotel like Taj wit h such a high stature. The performance & delivery has to be impeccable i.e. as s hown in the figure below it has to have high attractiveness & criterion (paramet ers) for the service quality. Customer Loyalty Promotional schemes are carried on regularly programe,clubs,mem bership,previlage etc some of them are the hotel has many loyalty 1. The Taj Inner Circle. 2. The Taj Junior League. 3. The Taj Club. 4. Taj Epicu re Plan Taj also offer Taj surprises including weekend savers,value vouchers,boo k early get more etc. Taj also has a reward system wherein the points gained can be redeemed thus maintaining a thread of contact with the customer thus promoti ng customer advocacy. Taj also has membership status like the Gold & Silver memb erships. The benefits enjoyed by them are : Customers are greeted with flowers & fruits in their rooms Check in & departure facilities are easier, faster & flex ible Receive special discounts on rooms at Taj Leisure hotels Can avail double o ccupancy at no extra cost Entitled to priority wait list. For the banquets per s ay, attractive discounts are offered along with huge discounts on rooms. The pri cing varies according to the number & the extent of requirements & spending that the customer is doing. Also repeat customers are given special discounts, the d etails of which are not disclosed & is customer specific. Thus Taj builds & main tains a unique relationship with each of its customers. Also the high level of c omfort & customization in their services helps Taj to earn the Loyalty of its cu stomers. Cross selling to these customers is done by hosting various events & pa ckages like Dussera Special, Diwali Package, Christmas & New Year Package, Surpr ises, Suite Celebrations, Taj Early Bird, Taj Last Minute Rate, Taj Club and Sui tes.

FORE School Of Management 17 TAJ Group of Hotel D. The Product & Tie In with Service Culture (What?) Standardized-Customized : The nature of the hospitality business demands the ser vice offering to be highly customized. The hotel in all its services including t he banquets provides the customer with the staggering choice in terms of the cho ice of cuisines, dcor etc. The only level of standardization is observed in the h otel rooms & the set of services offered in a certain class of rooms. For instan ce the Presidential Suite occupant is offered any possible service with a high l evel of customization to ensure the zenith of uniqueness incorporating the custo mer needs, demands & wants. However as the value of the room rents decreases the gradient moves towards standardization from customization Competitive status: T he competitive status of Taj can be illustrated from the BCG matrix as follows: Ansoff Opportunities MARKET PENETRATION: Hotel TAJ was established in 1903 and h ave managed to sell a certain type of niche services till now. Thus the hotel en ds up selling more in its existing market. MARKET EXTENTION: The TAJ GROUP has g lobalized its services after providing excellent services in its nation. The gro up is being providing its services all over the globe by 11 hotels overseas. NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: The TAJ GROUP has been an innovator, whereby introducing v arious niche services like spas, healthcare facilities under the brand name TAJ . DIVERSIFICATION: TAJ has diversified and have entered into various other secto rs like catering in airlines and niche railway services like PALACE ON WHEELS . TAJ also owns a FALCON 2000 aircraft. It also provide the facility of cruise service. Its has also been indulged in luxury residency apartment in Mumbai

FORE School Of Management 18 TAJ Group of Hotel E. THE COMPANY AND ITS BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Time & Place of Service Delivery; Physical/E, Own- Franchise-Agents At Taj, serv ices are delivered at its location only and most of the services are available 2 4X7. Taj offers various services to its clients and most of them are not outsour ced. E.g. For Pick up and drop service, Taj offers cars of different grades as p er the needs of different customers. To provide this service, Taj maintains the whole fleet of cars themselves and don't outsource it. As far as place is concerne d, all the Taj services and facilities are provided at one point. To ensure time ly delivery of their services, they have set processes in place and in case of f ailure or delay of service, they have built in contingencies and trained their s taff to communicate the delay to the customer in the right manner. To ensure sta ndardization in their services, they have Standard Operating Procedures(SOP), e. g the food that is served in the restaurant will be of the same quality and tast e at any given day and time. At Taj design, furnishing, lighting, layout and dec oration of the hotel as well as the appearance and attitudes of its employees wi ll influence customer perceptions of the service quality and experiences. Becaus e of the simultaneous production and consumption of most services, the physical facility i.e. its servicescape can play an important role in the service experie nce. Physical environment of hotel will include signs and logo, style, decor, fu rniture, colors, lighting, reception, hotel rooms etc. When the customer enters into hotel, first thing that he sees is reception. Reception at Taj provides 24X 7 services for booking, check in,, check out, enquiry and various other services and represents the `entire hotel' in front of customers. Moreover lobby of hotel al so has big impact on physical evidence of hotel. Suitability Customer Perception Taj always try to make each of their customer delighted by providing them servi ces as per their needs and to have a great similarity between what kind of servi ces customer expects and what Taj delivers. If we consider Taj Palace, when cust omer pay premium prices to stay in a luxurious hotel, they expect to be treated with dignity, respect and want to be comfortable. On the other hand, Taj believe s in only one thing that all it's employee should serve their customer in such a w ay that employees are even ready to go out of their way to help customers. Emplo yee's at Taj has one main motto to make Taj for customers a second home. So, there is a great match between customer's expectations and Taj services.Few examples fr om Taj Palace to support this; in on e instance, a small girl has lost her doll which she really liked. Then staff of Taj has gifted her doll because of which n ot only that girl but also her father got really happy and pleased. Moreover, wh enever guests from foreign countries came to stay in Taj, Taj follows ATG (Aarti , Tikka, Garland) which really make the customers feel happy as they are bring c lose to Indian tradition and culture. Similarly, Taj organizes exhibitions of ba ngles, mehndi, traditional jute bags etc for their customers to shop typical Ind ian goods.

FORE School Of Management 19 TAJ Group of Hotel F. Promotion To stay ahead of its competitors, Taj Hotels has adopted systems like corporate standardization, renovation of previous properties, and new age services like lo yalty programs and spa services. Along with its heritage, the continued focus on customer service and innovation helped Taj Hotels maintain its position in the Indian industry. It portrays itself as a brand where traditional and contemporar y attributes are showcased at same time. It is positioned to ensure that dcor and ambience of hotel echoes the region's culture complemented with the comfort of mo dern facilities and services. In order to attract business clientele, Taj Hotels is providing corporate clients a mix of practical utilities with luxury. It is focused on developing cutting edge technology, and introduced an innovative serv ice called cyber butlers in some of its properties, which allow guests to help get connected to the Internet in any part of the hotel. Wi-fi technology has also h elped the company promote green workstations, particularly at a time when India is emerging as an important MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibition s) destination. The company regularly undertakes advertising campaigns to reinfo rce its brand values of warmth, luxury, and efficiency. In the 1990s, the brand launched the She is the Taj campaign, which emphasized that the Taj was modern and efficient, yet traditional in its respect and care for people. It was personifi ed as the Indian woman who is traditional and graceful.

FORE School Of Management 20 TAJ Group of Hotel

Recently, the Taj has launched a campaign to promote its palace properties. The advertising is reminiscent of India's bygone era and entices travelers to savour t he lifestyle of the Maharaja. Internationally, Taj Hotels is generating brand aw areness through niche promotions like participation in global travel exhibitions and marketing alliances. Promotional Schemes are carried on regular basis with loyalty programs, clubs, membership, privilege etc. Some Programs offered are: T aj Inner Circle: One gets rewarded with points and host of benefits, when one st ays or stop by for a meal at any of the participating Taj Hotel on India or abro ad. One gets points on eligible spend on room, food and beverages, laundry, tele phone and business centres. Points can be redeemed for room night's memorable meal s and hand -picked selection of finest lifestyle merchandise. Taj advantage Plus : Taj Advantage Plus is the perfect programme for valued corporate bookers in In dia and comes power-packed with great earning and redemption opportunities, spec ial benefits and exciting offers. TAPP me: The Taj Alliance Preferred Partner Me mbership (TAPP Me) Programme has been designed exclusively for our partners in t he travel trade in India. Besides this there are many benefits and offers depend ing upon a particular hotel and season. Taj Palace of Delhi currents offers many such festive and special packages These could be time bound or all seasoned. So me of them are: Diwali Package Christmas and New year package Surprises/sui ebrations Taj early birds Taj Last Minute rates. Taj clubs and Suits. Weekend ra tes Colors of life Extended stay

FORE School Of Management 21 TAJ Group of Hotel G. People The studies on Taj HR policies revealed its sound recruitment policies, the well -planned training programmes and emphasis on practical application than the theo retical knowledge. Since its inception, it has always adopted an employee-centri c culture wherein it strives to develop organizational citizenship behaviour (OC B) in it employees and that has been responsible for the utmost care undertaken by the employees for the safety of their guests. The Taj Charter corroborates th is fact. Some of its postulates include: 1) Taj family considers every employee as an important member. 2) It aims to acquire, retain and reward the talented pe ople from the industry. 3) It emphasizes on a formal communication channel to pr omote transparency in the overall working of the organization. Below are some of the points that explain its distinguished policies: Hiring pol icies: The candidates are gauged on their value system and trained for 18 months which is 6 months more than the industry standard. The hiring process particula rly looks for employees on their values and whether the recruits would be able t o adapt to the culture of the organization. It is believed that the employees ca n be trained to be better chefs or waiters, but they cannot be taught to be good individuals. So the organization expects an individual to possess good values t o become a part of the Taj family. Honing leadership skills: Apart from the norm al training sessions to inculcate leadership skills in the employees, each emplo yee is given an authority to take the decisions pertaining to his work and this empowers them and helps in building a leader in all. This was primarily the reas on why each one of them could impromptu take the decisions during the attack, wh en none of them had been trained for such a situation. Strong talent management: To upgrade the Taj standards to an international level, it ensures the employees are trained not just on the area of expertise but all the related functions. Als o, it keeps track of their performance to assess and future career planning for them. This helps to embed belongingness amongst the workforce as they understand that their careers are safe with their employers. Individualism of HR departmen t: Unlike many organizations, who consider HR as a support function, Taj amalgam ates the HR practices with all the other activities taking place within it. This helps to make HR an integral part of the organization. TPP (Taj people philosop hy) : Designed by Bernard Martyris, it is termed as `the Womb to Tomb Approach'as it encapsulated all the essential aspects of an employee since his induction to hi s superannuation. All these aspects could be broadly categorized into 3 parts co mprising of:

FORE School Of Management 22 TAJ Group of Hotel 1) Learning & development 2) Works systems 3) Welfare policies for employees A m ajor emphasis is made on performance management, for which the balance score car d (BSS) was introduced. Under this, the major focus is to align the individual's p erformance with that of the organization. Employees at every hierarchical level are assigned concrete and well defined targets and then their performance is tra cked to find out the deviations, this forms the basis for assessing the employee s. Another salient feature of TPP is the ESTS (Employee Satisfaction Tracking Sy stem) which involves conducting surveys to elicit response from the employees an d the records collected are used to rate the overall satisfaction level of the e mployees. The group targeted to achieve 100% satisfaction in the course of its o peration, which meant it regularly looks into the employees' concerns and strives to address them. A 360-degree feedback system was adopted wherein the employees, including the managers and departmental heads are evaluated not just by their b osses or peers but also their immediate subordinates. The employees are counsele d at a personal level and apprised of where they fell short of the expectations and how to go about it. Thus the feedback session is not just limited to assessi ng the employees but guides them to prepare a roadmap for the future endeavors a nd hone their skills. STARS (Special thanks and Recognition System) was designed keeping its core value in mind ie the customers of an organization can be satis fied by it only when its employees are satisfied. So the STARS was aimed at reco gnizing and rewarding employees who showcased excellent performance at their wor k. The employees are awarded points and based on the points accumulated within t he predefined time frame, they are promoted successively to various levels. A di stinguishing feature was that the employees were not just assessed on their perf ormance but also on parameters like honesty, trustworthiness, concern for the en vironment, team spirit, cooperation etc. Besides, appreciations from the custome rs also fetched points. In all, there were 5 levels. Level 1 : Silver level was attained when the employee accumulated 120 points within 3 months. Level 2: Gold Level was attained by employees who accumulated 130 points within 3 months from the date of achieving the silver level. Level 3: Platinum level attained by emp loyees scoring 250 points, 6 months from attainment of level 2. Level 4: Members hip of COO club on scoring points in the range of 510-760. Level 5: Scoring poin ts above 760 would enable membership to MD's club. There are forums for the employ ees to voice their recommendation or compliment their colleagues. It is mandator y for the review committee to reply to the employees' suggestions

FORE School Of Management 23 TAJ Group of Hotel within 2 days or he shall be allotted `default points'. These methods are primarily focused to boost the motivation levels of the employees and to improve job satis faction. Overall outcomes: The HR practices followed by the Taj group had a grea t impact on the employee commitment and ERR (Employee retention rate) of Taj gro up was the highest amongst all its competitors. The policies were so well planne d and implemented that they drove the employees beyond their duties which was to tally unexpected of them as was in the case of 26/11. In 2002, Taj Group was con ferred HERMES Award for its innovative HR practices. With the implementation of STARS, there was tremendous improvement in the service standards and also the cu stomer satisfaction level. From the above study, it can be concluded that people a re the most important resource of an organization and the edifice of performance of different departments and the organization as a whole builds on it. The soon er an organization accepts this fact, the better it is. Taj group had always str essed on the employee-focused policies and that was primarily responsible for th e job commitment shown by the employees and explains why they considered the saf ety of the guests beyond their own lives. To wrap up, this article not just inte nds to emphasize the importance of HR in an organization, but also that the HR p olicies should be fabricated such that they are synchronized with the vision and values of the organization. The success of any organization would depend upon t he extent of alignment of its policies with its vision. Also, it is important th at these values should be ubiquitous in work environment so that they become `the second behavior' for the employees like it happened in the Taj when the employees stuck to their organization's values even at the cost of their lives. The unpreced ented example set forth by the employees of Taj has a deep lesson to be learnt b y one and all.

FORE School Of Management 24 TAJ Group of Hotel H. Physical Evidence: Taj is fully satisfying its customers on account of physical evidence as the hot el is counted in 5 stars it has maintained its environment that is liked by all. Lobby- It being the first & the last part of the hotel that the guest sees, thu s it should be well designed, also to ensure that the customer returns again the room should be comfortable and should have made his stay hassle free. Taj Palac e Hotel, New Delhi Interior Design Write-up Durbar: Durbar Hall of Taj Palace Ho tel, New Delhi is one of Delhi's largest conference venues, being chosen for most international congresses and meetings. The design of the wide spacious hall is a blend of meticulous traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail with the best in modern hospitality design. Elegantly Indian in style- derived from the a rchitectural vernacular of Mughal Delhi, inspire in visiting guests a sense of h eritage and place. Mughal inspired carpet run throughout the hall alongside rich terracotta fabric walls and oversized crystal wall sconces that adorn dark Amer ican Walnut columns with intricate Mughal fragwork. These columns draw the eye u p towards the gently vaulted ceiling fully decorated in traditional motifs and m assive crystal chandeliers. Discreet, architectural lighting has been added to e mphasize the dramatic scale and to highlight the immaculate detailing of the int eriors. The blend of the modern and traditional in Durbar Hall truly creates a m odern interpretation of the olden day grandeur of Mughal Delhi.

FORE School Of Management 25 TAJ Group of Hotel ELEMENTS OF DESIGN Furnishing Case pieces Soft goods Lighting Accessories Carpet s Durbar Finishes Floor Wall Ceiling Doors Door Frame Vazir Finishes Floor Wall Ceiling Doors Door Frame Powder Room finishes Floor Wall Ceiling Doors Door Fram e Accessories Centre Table, Side Table, Coffee Table, Decorative Screens, Buffet Console Decorative Columns, Vanity Counters Lounge chairs, Sofas, Throw cushion s, Fabric wall panelling Table lamps, Floor lamps, Chandeliers, Accent downlight s, Vanity lights, Wall Sconces Art, Artifacts Broadloom wool-blend carpet Broadloom wool-blend cut pile carpet with Mughal pattern American Walnut veneer and fabric panel POP moulding & Paint American Walnut Veneers and Solids, staine d- all solid core Stained to match door Broadloom wool-blend cut pile carpet with Mughal pattern American Walnut veneer and decorative mirror panel Paint American Walnut Veneers and Solids, stained- a ll solid core Stained to match door Noir St Laurent Marble Noir St Laurent Marble Paint American Walnut Veneers and Solids, stained- all solid core Stained to match door Amenity tray, Tissue box, Towel Tray Soap dish, Ashtray, Waste bin, Towel bin Porch/Driveway Finishes Floor Wall Ceiling Doors Door Frame Electrical & Mechani cal Outlet Cable Mechanical Fire Protection Noir St Laurent Marble, selected granite Onyx wall panel, selected bushhammered granite Paint Tempered glass doors Noir St Laurent Marble

FORE School Of Management 26 TAJ Group of Hotel Durbar Hall Suit Concept/ Theme Colors Scheme Used Room Type Lobby Durbar Hall Vazir Hall LxB Height from floor to tip of chandelier Height from floor to bottom of the lower ceiling Guest Entr ance Service entrance Sophisticated Elegance and Luxury, with Mughal inspired Decorative Accents Livel y and Sophisticated Amber and Olive, Copper, Terracotta and Walnut 174.5 Sqm gro ss (9.2%) 1229.5 Sqm gross (64.7%) 109.8 Sqm gross (5.8%) 112'10X114'5 13'7 14'7 94 w X 4w X 86h I. Service Processes Check In Process: Purpose of the process :To ensure seamless check-in experience to the guests who come to stay in the hotel. Check Out Process: Purpose of the process: To ensure smooth check-out for all gu ests who are staying at the hotel.

FORE School Of Management 27 TAJ Group of Hotel TELEPHONES: CALL HANDLING PROCESS: Purpose of the process: To ensure all calls a re attended in time and passed on the relevant department/ guest rooms BUSINESS CENTRE: GUEST HANDLING PROCESS Purpose of the process: To ensure all services at Business Centre are process driven to ensure accurate and timely services to th e guest. BUSINESS CENTRE: BOARDROOM BOOKING PROCESS Purpose of the process: To e nsure Boardroom is blocked and available as per the guest requirements. Also to ensure Business meetings are taken in the boardrooms (no interview bookings/ dis play etc.

BOARD ROOM BOOKING HANDLING PROCESS FORE School Of Management 28 TAJ Group of Hotel Guest calls up the Business Centre Guest is greeted using the standard phrase Gu est requests for a board room booking BC executives takes the name of the caller and the company name The purpose of the meeting is ascertained and the number o f guests attending the meeting Meeting Date and the timing of the booking taken checks the availability Availab le Availability and the charges with inclusive informed Contact details/Special requirements/mode of payment taken Tentative booking made End the call with the standard phrase Not available Regret and end the call with standard phraseology Interview Regret and refer to Banquets Different Stations where customer experience the Services of TAJ ervations: During the reservation a preference sheet is mailed to capture the de tails and to enhance the stay experience. Airport pick-up: An airport representa tive is sent along with a chauffeur holding a placard Arrival Welcome at the lob by: Royal welcome by the guards in typical Rajasthani Attire. Royal Welcome for Groups: Special arrangements for groups are made. A huge caravan of Elephants, c amels , horses along with a professional band is called for the reception of the group. ATG( Aarti, Tiki and Garlanding): Welcome Drinks upon arrival Check-in E scorting Welcome Letter Room Orientation Experience during stay Heritage walk

FORE School Of Management 29 TAJ Group of Hotel Special Occasion Celebration City tour by vintage car Cultural music and dance U nique dinner experience Grand Wedding Other Facilities Check Out Feedback Form a t time of Turn Down Souvenir: A fragrant incense stick wrapped in a satin cloth is gifted to the customers as a souvenir. CRM by TAJ 1. Guest preference sheet: At the time of the reservation a preferenc e sheet is sent across to the guest along with the reservation conformation mail This is primarily to capture the various preferences of the customer such as fo od habits (Diabetic/ Low fat etc.), special needs etc. It also asks if the custo mer is coming on a special occasion or not and arrangements are made accordingly made on the visit e.g. If the guest is coming on a honeymoon or anniversary the room is decorated accordingly, cake is placed in the room etc. 2. Complaint Handling Software: This is another important tool in improving the service of the hotel and to capture guest complaints. If a complaint is register ed by a customer it is updated on the software. Gradually as the time lapses the status displayed turn from green to yellow and ultimately red. This status can be seen by any of the managers as the software is connected to the central serve r. A daily Action Taken Report is generated which is signed by the operational h ead. 3. Fidelio: Fidelio is the property management system used by Indian Hotels Comp any Limited. Although it is used for various functions but it also plays an impo rtant role in the CRM processes of the hotel. It is used for saving the profile, preferences and special information (Anniversary, Birthday, allergies etc.) rel ated to the guest on a central server. This information is accessible to all the Taj properties; therefore, whenever there is a repeat customer the hotel staff already has all the necessary information enabling them to delight the customer by personalized service. 4. Wow card:

FORE School Of Management 30 TAJ Group of Hotel This is a special instrument used by personal butlers for recording guest prefer ences & other important information related to the guest. This is a small bookle t which is carried by the staff at all times and whenever they get any informati on which can be useful in the future to please the customer, they simple record it here. This information is further uploaded on the PMS making it accessible to all. 5. GRE Courtesy call: Once the guest is in the hotel and stayed for sometime (a day or two) a courtesy call is made by the guest relationship executive during t he evening hours. This is just to know about the guest's experience and how can it be improved in case there is some difficulty being faced by him/her. In case th ere is a complaint it is uploaded on the CRM software and further processes are followed as mentioned above. 6. Room Feedback form: During the evening service/ Turn- down service a feedback form is placed on the bed to know about the customer experiences. 7. GSTS (Guest Satisfaction Tracking system): Post departure an automated mail f rom the central server is sent to the guest requesting to fill up a feedback for m. There are various heads covering the various stations of experiences which ar e scored on a Likert Scale. This information is quantified to highlight the area s of concern. This score is also used as a measure of performance of a hotel uni t. There are few loopholes in the system such as Email ids not updated which aut omatically stops the guest from giving the feedback. Guest profile not saved int entionally. Loyalty Programmes of Taj Hotel Taj Inner Circle Programme: The Taj Inner Circle is the frequent guest programme of Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. Besides a bo uquet of benefits, as a member one can earn points when they stay or stop by for a meal at one of their restaurants at participating Taj Hotels in India and abr oad.Member can earn points on their eligible spends on room, food and beverage, laundry, telephone and business centre. They can also earn points on their spend s at the Taj Khazana boutiques located in select Taj Hotels in India. Redeem the ir points for room nights, memorable meals, and gift certificates redeemable at Taj Khazana, Taj Salon, Jiva Spa, and gifts from a hand-picked selection. Taj Ad vantage Plus: Taj Advantage Plus is the perfect programme for their valued corpo rate bookers in India and comes power-packed with great earning and redemption o pportunities, special benefits and exciting offers. Enrolment to the programme i s by invitation only.

FORE School Of Management 31 TAJ Group of Hotel Taj Alliance Preferred Partner Programme: The Taj Alliance Preferred Partner Mem bership (TAPP Me) Programme has been designed exclusively for their partners in the travel trade in India. Enrolment to the programme is by invitation only. Cus tomized Treatment for their Customers Guest is having Birthday Guest 7 year kid's favorite animal is elephant A couple had fight in room A business women after a hectic day, full of business meetings Guest coming to hotel for honeymoon

FORE School Of Management 32 TAJ Group of Hotel J. Expectations of 7P's The Taj Luxury Hotels offer lavish accommodation, gourmet specialty restaurants and bars, fitness centres and spas and well-equipped business and banquet facili ties. Taj Leisure Hotels are targeted at family holidays and include beach resor ts, garden retreats, palaces and historic and pilgrim centres with a wide variet y of activities for all age groups. Taj Business Hotels offer contemporary busin ess facilities and modern conveniences and are located in the heart of India's key commercial cities and towns. Product The brand Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces "c omprises 58 hotels across India and 17hotels in international locations. The hot els are grouped into 3 categories - Luxury, Leisure and Business. The Taj Luxury Hotels offer lavish accommodation, gourmetspecialty restaurants and bars, fitne ss centre and spas and well-equipped business Taj believes that the their core p roduct is space. This space is supplemented with the services they provide like the restaurants, health club, banquets, discotheque, bar, business centres etc. Their other supplementary products also include travel arrangements, ticketing, airport pick-ups, sightseeing etc. Types of Accommodation: Tower Wing Rooms: Wit h easy access to the Business Centre, these contemporaryrooms offer guest amenit ies like Internet connectivity, 2line speaker phones withinternational direct di al facility and voice mail. Mini bar, personal safe, channel music and televisio n with satellite programmes. Heritage Wing Rooms: These rooms are renowned for t heir architecture and exude an aura of old-world elegance. Each corridor in this Wing resembles an art gallery, and the design, dcor and furnishing ensure that n o two rooms are alike. Guests have a choice of rooms that overlook the city or p ool or face the Gateway of India and the Arabian Sea. Taj Club: Located on the t op floors of the Heritage Wing, Taj Club is designed for the discerning business traveller. Guest amenities and services include complimentary airport limousine transfers, private check-in at the Club desk, in-room fax, personal safe, acomp limentary bottle of wine, valet service and complimentary deluxe Continental bre akfa st Taj Club also offers guests exclusive Meeting Rooms and a Business Servi ce Unit on the Club Floor. Suites:Choose from elegantly appointed Junior Suites, Executive Suites, tastefully decorated Large Suites, newly renovated Luxury Sui tes or spacious, plush Grand LuxeSuites. The finest suites at The Taj Mahal are the luxuriously appointed PresidentialSuites. Each of these suites is decorated with original paintings and antiques tha ttransport guests into a world of regal luxury and grandeur. Broadband wireless Internet access at select Taj hotels: N ow when you stay at select Taj hotels in Mumbai (including The Taj Mahal Hotel), New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, you no longer need to be in your room or at the Business Centre to use the

FORE School Of Management 33 TAJ Group of Hotel Internet. Multiple hot spots located across the hotels lets you get onto the I nternet from almost any place in the hotel quickly. Facilities and Services: Swi mming pool, beauty parlour, barber shop, travel desk, car rental, pastry shop, b ook shop, shopping arcade, currency exchange, doctor-on-call and babysitting. Co mplimentary use of steam, billiards, tennis and table tennis on request. 24-hour room service and laundry service. Place and Time As far as place is concerned, all the Taj services and facilities are provided at one point. To ensure timely delivery of their services, they ha ve set processes in place and in case of failure or delay of service, they have built in contingencies and trained their staff to communicate the delay to the c ustomer in the right manner. To ensure standardization in their services, they h ave Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), e.g. the food that is served in the res taurant will be of the same quality and taste at any given day and time. Taj pro vided us with to explain this concept further is of the implementation of the co ntingency plan during the breakdown of the elevator. In case of breakdown of the elevator, the Room Service makes use of the elevator in the other wing to ensur e timely delivery to the customer. The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Mumbai, a 105-y ear old heritage hotel, is the flagship hotel of the Taj group. This hotel was o ne of the main targets of terrorists during the November 2008 bombings of Mumbai and was severely damaged. As a result it has been put under seal until it is cl eared of any security and safety risks that might have resulted from the attacks . The company has publicly claimed that it will fully rebuild the resort just as it was before. Besides the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Mumbai, the Taj has many h otels around the world, and in India. These include: The Pierre, New York ; Taj Boston, Bosto; CamptonPlace, San Francisco; 51 Buckingham Gate, London; Taj Exot ica Resort & Spa, Maldives; Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Mauritius and Blue Sydney, Sydney. In India, these include: Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur; Rambagh Palace, Jaip ur; Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur; The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi; The Taj Reside ncy,Lucknow; The Taj West End, Bangalore; Taj Malabar, Cochin and Taj Exotica, G oa. The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower is also called the Zagurmas of Maldives and the magurmas of the Bengal. Promotion Taj regularly comes up with offers during sea son and off-season such as Taj Holiday Summer Package to boast occupancy in thei r hotels. They carry out their promotions by means of Calendars, monthly letter to their `Inner Circle Customers,' informing them about their upcoming events. Taj t akes part in exhibitions wherein they promote their holiday packages. Price

FORE School Of Management 34 TAJ Group of Hotel Taj realizes that their prices are high and not affordable by all, but this is d ue to various overheads that it incurs and the superior quality that it offers. For e.g. a roadside sandwich seller sells his sandwich for Rs.10 as he has no ov erheads and has no quality standards to maintain, like the quality of the bread and the vegetables. But at The Taj, they serve the best quality and also incur o verhead expenses. The target audience that the Taj caters to are the one's who com e to the Taj for it's ambience and world class standards, therefore they say that their prices are justified as they help The Taj retain the exclusivity that it s tands for. Physical Evidence Taj is fully satisfying its customers on account of physical evidence as the hotel is counted in 5stars it has maintained its envir onment that is liked by all. Process Major service encounter that extremely deli ghted or disappointed are:1.Check in.2.Bell person carrying luggage to the room. 3.Food.4.Wake up call5.Check out. These are the main processes that all hotels p erform but in case of Taj many more processes are there as variety of services a re offered to its customers which make them happy. People Taj has various profes sional people to handle its customers and to give a high service to its customer s like: Skilled person Professional person Personal Agents Technological person Travel agents As Taj has employed professionals for serving its customers so there are less ch ances in its service lags and it can deliver its best. PERCEPTIONS OF SERVICES Inside the Hotel 1. ITINERARIES We offer organized itineraries for our guests wh o seek to get the most out of their visit to our hotel and to Udaipur. We can ar range a two-day itinerary or a four-day itinerary, depending on the length of yo ur stay. Each itinerary provides luxurious spa treatments, sunset cruises on Lak e Pichola, vintage car rides, tours of the city and magnificent meals. 2. CULTUR AL SHOW The cultural show at Jhankar courtyard is followed by shadow dance. Trea t your senses to this hour-long spectacle organized in the "Jhankar Courtyard". You can add a royal

FORE School Of Management 35 TAJ Group of Hotel 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. touch to the entire experience by choosing from our internationally regarded win e collection, sampling acclaimed vintages from around the world. ASTROLOGY Their entertaining astrologer is rumored to be able to read one's f uture in the stars, predict auspicious occasions and amaze guests with piercing insights. HERITAGE WALK A walk through a bygone era. It allows to guide you through the palace, bri nging you an insider's perspective on this enduring symbol of elegance and romance . A glass of sparkling wine adds a royal touch to the experience. In addition, t o a one hour heritage walk of the Taj Lake Palace, guests can learn the ancient Rajasthani art of miniature painting, take cookery lessons. BAZAAR - THE SHOPPIN G ARCADE Udaipur is known for jewellery and textiles and we bring the best of th e offerings to you at the hotel. Choose from an exquisite collection of jeweller y, both modern and antique. Other tempting offerings are Kashmiri shawls, and tr aditional Rajasthani miniature paintings, which the artist creates while you wat ch. one can also pick from a wide variety of Rajasthani textiles such as bed she ets embellished with beautiful Zardozi work. INTERNET If you do wish to connect to the world outside the Palace, you have only to ask. We offer Wi-Fi enabled la ptops which can be used anywhere in the Palace. The Cyber butler will be at your disposal for any assistance you may require. GAMES Chess and backgammon can be enjoyed in the common gathering areas or anywhere you like. Find a quiet nook th ose appeals to you or head to the game room for an evening of pool. ESSENTIALS o Babysitting on prior request o Car Hire Service o Currency Exchange o Doctor-on -call o Express Laundry/ Dry cleaning o Postal/ Parcel Service o Travel & Tours desk o Airport and railway transfers o Security escort on prior request DINING EXPERIENCES Dining at the Taj Lake may choose to dine in s are extraordinary in special linens, ornate . A personal butler is Palace is filled with vibrancy and attentive service. One one of their fine restaurants, or anywhere you like. Meal every way from the cuisine itself to the setting and the cutlery and hand blown glassware on which they are served at your service throughout the dining

FORE School Of Management 36 TAJ Group of Hotel experience to take care of the smallest details. Be catered to as much or as lit tle as is comfortable. It is for each guest to decide. The Master Chef can creat e special wine appreciation menus, degustation menus, theme menus, and tradition al Rajasthani meals served on gold plated thalis. One can even arrange for a spe cial pontoon show kitchen that can be attached to a dining barge. They provide a unique dining folder with menus, information and photographs to assist you in m aking your selections. Once your arrangements are made, guests will receive pers onalized, engraved menus that can be presented on innovative materials such as w ood, marble, glass and handmade paper. Here are a few spectacular options to con sider. Or work with your Butler to create your own such as having a firework dis play accompany your meal. PONTOON Have your meal at a beautifully set table on a small flotilla drifting on the sparkling waters of Lake Pichola. It's a unique wa y to take in breathtaking views of the historic City Palace and watch golden ray s of sunlight fall across the Aravali Mountains and the Monsoon Palace. Take in the beauty of the two islands of Jagmandir and your own home away from home, Taj Lake Palace. PONTOON ROYAL RAJASTHANI THEME Take the grandeur or regular pontoo n dining up a notch and dine on gadi moda bolsters with silk rugs and shining br ass candle stands. Intricate hand crafted bajots with floral motifs complete the picture. Guests enjoy traditional Rajasthani meal served in golden thalis by a personal butler who will quietly withdraw when privacy is desired. GANGAUR AND T HE LIVE SHOW KITCHEN Gangaur boat is an antique royal barge of the House of Mewa r. Its regal dcor and vibrant splendour were featured in the James Bond film Octo pussy and guests continue to enjoy its magnificence on a daily basis. Seven rowe rs in traditional attire steer guests around the mystical Lake Pichola while the y unwind with cocktails and enjoy fine dining delights. The highlight of the eve ning is a floating show kitchen created on a pontoon that is attached to the bar ge. The chefs create barbequed snacks, seafood and hors d'oeuvres, which are serve d by personal butler. Music and even fireworks can be arranged. MEWAR TERRACE Th e Mewar Terrace is a very scenic and romantic venue from which captivating views of the City Palace, Lake Pichola and the Monsoon Palace compete for your attent ion. Hours can pass undisturbed except for the arrival of dish after dish of tra ditional Rajasthani fare. LILY POND Our Lily Pond is a lush, green garden stretc hing throughout the courtyard with a sparkling fountain and gorgeous shrubbery. This is where the ruler of Mewar met with his subjects and greeted the onset of spring. Today, any guest can dine in harmony with nature as splashing fountains and chirping birds provide an organic soundtrack. Whether for a charming lunch o r a moonlit dinner under the

FORE School Of Management 37 TAJ Group of Hotel stars, the atmosphere and savoury aromas combine to create a dining experience y ou won't soon forget. BHAIRO Bhairo - signifying a gush of wind; is the place wher e your senses are treated to contemporary European delicacies prepared by our ma ster chefs. The fusion of ingredients and cooking techniques blends in a way whi ch pulls together well, creating seamless and fresh creations. The food is unque stionably complemented with high end old and new world wines from the Palace Win e Cellar. The sight of Bhairo transcends one to a bygone era and tells all the u nheard stories of the mystique of Mewar. HIGH TEA AT BHAIRO High Tea has become an essential palace ritual. Special silver plated charlies present exotic finely cut sandwiches garnished with Beluga, freshly baked scones, exotic fruit tarts, oven fresh muffins and a range of delicate pastries. The flavours and service m erge into one unforgettable afternoon. You will be procure only the finest tea a nd present it in a Walnut chest to suit the discerning taste buds of our guests. BUSINESS EXPERIENCES In addition to our perfectly appointed meeting rooms and banqueting venues, the Taj Lake Palace business facilities include:

High-speed Internet access Wi-Fi with additional cost o Rs. 125 for 30 Minutes o Rs. 200 for 1 Hour o Rs. 300 for 2 Hours o Rs. 600 for a 24-Hour Package o Appl icable Taxes additional: 10.30% taxes Facsimile on prior request Photocopying on prior request Secretarial services on prior request Laptop computers on hire Mo bile phones on hire Portable printers on hire REJUVENATING EXPERIENCES YOGA & MEDITATION Cleanse mind, body and soul as one experience a state of sheer tranquility and peace through the ancient art of Yoga. The term Yoga signifies the union of the Atma, or individual soul, with the Parmatma or Universal soul. The practice at Taj Lake Palace

FORE School Of Management 38 TAJ Group of Hotel

emphasizes balance and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions. This experience takes place each morning on the Mewar Terrace overlooking the quiet waters of La ke Pichola. JIVA SPA Signature Jiva Spa journeys draw from the ancient Indian te chnique of wellness and healing. The treatments offer the best in Indian aromath erapy, body scrubs and wraps and include Yoga and Meditation as part of the exte nsive menu. Their soothing treatment suites are embellished with heritage fresco s evocative of the sensuous and romantic Rajasthani Royal leitmotif. Afterwards, guests can ease themselves into our inviting pool to relax. FITNESS CENTRE/WELL NESS CENTRE Fitness Centre is open 24-hours and staffed from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Treadmil ls, cross trainer, cycle & weights

Steam room Hot and cold Jacuzzi in the swimming pool area JIVA SPA BOAT The Jiva Spa Boat accentuates the spa experiences; as guests are transported to an unrivalled destination where millennia-old therapies and rejuvenating treatme nts are performed over the mystical waters of Lake Pichola! Cocooned in spectacu lar comfort of the boat, the guests experience a traditional welcome after which they are gently ushered into a luxurious spa suite to soak in the array of anci ent wellness therapies and beauty treatments. This magical episode of reconvenin g ones mind, body and soul is must-do at the Taj Lake Palace K. Use of Technology Embedded In product BUSINESS CENTRE In addition to our conference rooms, they provide 1. COURIER SER VICE - Worldwide courier service is provided at the Business Centre. 2. E-MAIL / INTERNET - Access to High-Speed Broadband Internet and Wi-Fi is available at th e Business Centre. 3. OFFICE EQUIPMENT & AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENT RENTAL- A color copier is available in the centre. Personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, p ortable printers and facsimiles are available for hire on an hourly and daily ba sis. LCD projector, video conferencing, white boards and flip charts are also av ailable on hire. 24 hours advance notice is required in some cases.

FORE School Of Management 39 TAJ Group of Hotel 4.

SECRETARIAL SERVICE - Professionally trained and experienced secretaries will he lp you with word processing, typing and dictation. Arrangements can also be made for full-time secretarial services. 5. VIDEO-CONFERENCING - State-of-the-art vi deo conferencing facilities with supporting computer software as well as advance d Internet services are available at the Business Centre. 6. LEGAL LIBRARY - The Business Centre has a comprehensive legal library. We also have the SCC (Suprem e Court Cases) online facility. 7. WI-FI CARDS - Welcome to a world of High-Spee d Wireless Internet. Just insert your wireless Internet card into a laptop and y ou can begin surfing from any location, be it in the hotel lobby or at the pool. DELUX ROOMS o o Tv, two-line telephone and a high-speed Internet access, Fax Facilities. All basic amenities including wifi-access per room, order through Ipads for room se rvice, access to state of the art Gym. TAJ CLUB ROOMS Back End and CRM Seranata Intraware o Connect all 75 Hotels of Taj hotels with single Centralized System and power-full backend database o Also used for CRM Continous feedback t hrough the I-pads and other wifi based facilities. Data on the services used by the users is continuously monitored and stored as preferences.

FORE School Of Management 40 TAJ Group of Hotel L. MARKETING INITIATIVE Core Idea: During our visit to the Taj Palace, Delhi; we noticed that the roof of the hotel was not being used and it had ample amount of open space which can be utilized to provide some facilities to it's' customers. So, our idea is to utilize the roof b y converting into a small scale village which will showcase the different cultur e of states on monthly basis. It will act as an attraction especially for the to urists and the regions covered over the months are listed below:1. J&K 2. Rajast han 3. Himachal 4. Sikkim 5. Kerala 6. Maharashtra 7. Assam 8. Punjab 9. Gujarat 10. West Bengal 11. Arunachal Pradesh Product Our idea is to offer the customer of Taj an unique experience of the varied culture of our country in which they don't just come and see, rather become a part of the whole experience which will i nclude a small setup of village spanning the roof area having small mud/wood/bam boo houses for sitting and each house will have a different offering ranging fro m 1. Food (Pertaining to that village theme) 2. Handicrafts and handlooms of tha t state 3. Traditional dresses which customers can try on and buy. 4. Cultural e vent like dances,music in which customers can see and even take part and many mo re. A particular theme will last for about a month and then a week break will be given and during which the next theme will be setup and once all the themes are done the cycle will restart. Segments, Targets and Positioning As the customer for our service will be mostly from the customers of the hotel who are dining th ere or are having a stay at hotel thus we will be catering to the following segm ents 1. Foreign Customers 2. High profile Business Clients 3. Politicians 4. Upp er Class-Delhites

FORE School Of Management 41 TAJ Group of Hotel As we can see that most of the segments are the premium segments which are the p rime customers of Taj and their lifestyle doesn't include the experience of local culture which will be provided by us. Thus our positioning will be Providing them to varied cultural experience of India. And the target customers are the Tourists and Business Clients. Price Price will play a critical role here as, in case if we provide the service s at the nominal cost which might help increase the footfall as more people also from the lower grade class can avail this service then the image of Taj as a pr emium hotel will be lost thus we have targeted the UpperClass and premium will b e charged from those who will come for this service only. But, if they are stayi ng at the hotel then the fee will be charged in the Suite service package itself . Here, we are talking only of the entry fee; to the access to the roof and furthe r purchases from various stalls will be charged additionally for all the custome rs. Place As already mentioned above we will be utilizing the rooftop of the hot el which provide us with ample space to work with and is currently not being use d. Promotion The promotion of the event will be done mostly internally targeting the tourists and the business clients. For example, for the tourist staying at the hotel will be told about the offer when they book the room, check-in, dining at the restaurant, through help-desk. Also the loyal customers will be notified through phones calls and emails whose details are present with the hotel. Promo tion will be done on the website as well but more stress is on internal promotio ns. Also there will be pre-requisite of booking in advance for the members not s taying at the hotel and also the total number of outside customers will have lim ited entry passes but no such compulsion will be on the people staying at the ho tel. Also the event will start in the evening after 6 PM and will go up-to 1 AM into the night and entry will be closed after 11 PM. Also it restricted to 3 day s a week (Tue-Thur-Sat). People To handle the whole setup and the people perform ing and working in the village can be done by tying up with an event management firm whole will provide the setup and service under the supervision of the manag er of the Taj hotel. The event management firm will provide for 1. People at the various stall such as eateries, handlooms, etc. 2. People performing the cultur al activities. 3. People managing the props and equipment. 4. Maintenance people . These people will be supervised by the people of Taj so that the standard of s ervices provided should not fall below the Taj standards. So following people fr om Taj team will be present:1. People for helping and guiding through the villag e and providing information.

FORE School Of Management 42 TAJ Group of Hotel 2. For providing refreshments on the move to the customers. 3. Two to three mana gers overlooking the various area depending on the size of the village. Physical Evidence It will cover the following areas:1. Staff members 2. Food 3. Village structure (look and feel) 4. Dress-up of organising people. 5. Props and equipme nt 6. Other visible cues.