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1.Factors influencing African continental development during ancient times 2.

Africans earliest arrivals in the Americas (who was involved, when, where, why) 3.Characteristics of African civilizations (Egypt, Ghana, Mali, Songhai) 4. Islamic influences on continental development 5.Characteristics of West African and West Central African societies before European encroachment (social organization, government, culture, physical landscape, etc.) 6.Similarities and differences across West African and West Central African societies before the transatlantic slave trade 7.Africans varied roles in the transatlantic slave trade 8.Transatlantic slave trade (origins, time frame, goods traded, persons involved, motivations for participation) 9.Similarities and differences between the transatlantic slave trade and Muslim-controlled trade in northern Africa 10.Middle Passage (including slave ship conditions, resistance) 11.Olaudah Equiano (Middle Passage experiences, physical and psychological journey) 12.Seasoning in the Americas 13.Characteristics of Africans enslavement in Spanish and French colonies (labor performed, status of people of African descent, interactions with Native Americans, avenues to freedom) 14.Colonization 15.Indentured servitude (indentured servant population, labors performed) 16.Explanations for Africans enslavement in the North American British colonies 17. Institutionalization of slavery in the North American British colonies (when, why, how) 18.Racialized slavery (when, where, why, and how it began in the colonies) 19. Provisions of early laws regulating slavery 20.Anthony Johnson 21. Elizabeth Key 22. Early arguments against slavery and connected practices

23. Bacons Rebellion and the development of colonial slavery 24. Chattel slavery Characteristics of Africans and their descendants lives in the coastal Chesapeake 25. 17th century survival strategies of people of African descent in North American British colonies 26. 18th century survival strategies of people of African descent in North American British colonies 27.Characteristics of enslaved peoples lives in the 18th century 28. Influence of gender on colonial Blacks experiences 29. Main argument and evidence in Breen and Innes work 30.Significance of African ethnicities in colonial British North America 31.African cultural continuities (examples, how and why practices were preserved) 32.Spiritual beliefs of Africans & their descendants in the colonies 33.Similarities and differences between enslaved mens and womens experiences 34.Colonial resistance (examples, factors influencing practices, motivations, intent, impact) 35. Forms of colonial slave resistance and their goals 36.Reasons why Blacks participated in revolutionary era activities 37. Blacks contributions to revolutionary era ideas and events