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Tajuk bahan No 3. Ensuring Meaningful Access to the Science Curriculum for Students With Significant Cognitive Disabilities Teaching Exceptional Children,Vol , !o" #, pp" $#%&'" Cop(right )ul(*Aug &+$& CEC" ,riget Miller Explore ho- the( might integrate science content -ith his current goals of dail( functional s.ills" John /ndividuali0e Education 1rogram 2/E13" Sixth%grade Student
.S!I"N!" !#NT"NT /ntegrate science content into his instruction, but )ohn4s current goals center more on independentl( performing basic dail( living s.ills such as brushing his teeth" $. IN%&I'( M"T)#DS Emerging literature suggests that in5uir( methods ma( have success -ith students -ith moderate to severe intellectual disabilities in ac5uiring both in5uir( s.ills and content" 3. INST'&!TI#N *IT) M"+NIN,-&. #&T!#M"S The goal for special education teachers should be to create meaningful access to general curriculum" /. -&N!TI#N+. S!I"N!" "0P"'I"N!"S Students initial observation and beliefs about a concept set the baseline for teachers and can provide a guide for ongoing instruction" 1. INT",'+TIN, S!I"N!" !#NT"NT T)'#&,) IN%&I'( M"T)#DS 2. INT",'+TIN, S!I"N!" !#NT"NT T)'#&,)T T)" -&N!TI#N+. !&''I!&.&M

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Instrumen /n5uir( Methods 1roblem Solving S.ills Testing and using 1roduct Experiment

. John 3ould test and use di44erent toothbrushes and products 2such as an electric toothbrush, and a mouth-ash that sho-s pla5ue3 on his teeth, and also on eggshells" 6e could purchase these items during their communit( instruction time, incorporating shopping and purchasing s.ills" $" )ohn -ould have the opportunit5 to dra6 3on3lusions and make de3isions about -hat toothbrush or products he -ould li.e to continue to use, and to explain his findings to his peers" 3. Ms" -as able to incorporate measurement, cleaning chores, and other functional s.ills into her science in5uir( instruction and she gained valuable experience about ho- to blend some o4 these ideas 6ith the general edu3ation s3ien3e 3lassroom. /. "du3ators must keep 4un3tional 3urri3ulum the aim, along -ith access to academic content individuali0ed to meet the goals and ob7ectives appropriate for the individual student" 1. Tea3hing students the pro3ess o4 engaging in in7uir5 or other instru3tional approa3hes prior to integrating nematerial or ne- settings -ill help students4 transition to content integration"

Tema 1enga7aran Sains .e dalam 8emahiran ,erfungsi bagi Murid%murid 8urang 9pa(a 8ognitif"